Prophetic Countdown to the Covenant with the Many

  • The Hate and Jealousy of Israel Unites the Muslims.
  • Contention for the Land of Israel and Jerusalem is a Spiritual War.
  • Paramilitary Factions, not National Armies that will attack Israel.

by Luis B. Vega
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‘O Elohim, do not remain silent; do not turn a Deaf Ear, do not stand aloof, O LORD see how your Enemies growl, how your Foes rear their Heads. With cunning they Conspire against your People; they Plot against those you cherish. Come, they say, let us Destroy them as a Nation, so that Israel’s Name is remembered no more.’ –Psalm 83:1-4

The purpose of this study is to examine the many Theories, Variables and Speculations of what has, is and/or will constitute the Psalm 83 War. The Bible states most definitely that there is coming a time when 7 major People Groups, all Enemies of YHVH’s Earthly People will Confederate to attack Israel to have the ‘Name of Israel be remembered no more’. What is unique about this Prophecy is that the Coordinated Attack is unified and comprised of the Nations bordering Israel that are all Muslim and Arab, in general. However, this study will suggest that although the Nation that this study calls the Inner-Ring of Muslim Nations will be involved, there are various Ethnic Peoples within those Nations that Psalm 83, specifically names.

What this study foremost wishes to establish is that this Conflict is essentially a Spiritual one. It pegs one Religion against another but more precisely and distinctly from all other Religious Conflicts. There are 2 Religions that are vying for Zion, the same Biblical and Spiritual Birth Right of the Bible pertaining to what YHVH promised to Abram. These 2 Religions are Judaism and Islam. Why is this a big deal? The outcome of whom will eventually prevail will have the Birth-Right, the Land, the King, Jerusalem, Temple and the whole World to rule. Such a People would be the ‘Head’ and not the ‘Tail’ of the World in the New Word Order to come or ‘New Age’ to some. There is a 3rd Dimension, that of the Church of Jesus Christ. In this narrative, this Birth-Right has already been secured by Jesus Christ.

This study thus strongly suggests that it will be the various Muslim Para-Military Factions within the various adjacent Inner-Ring of Muslim Nation States will attack Israel. One has to realize that 2 out of the 5 Nations that border Israel have an official Peace Treaty, that being Egypt first made by Sadat and Begin. Then King Hussein of Jordan made Peace with Rabin of Israel. The point is that the various Ethnic Peoples that make-up the Modern Nation-States will be coming from various adjacent Muslim Nations as Mercenary Factions that align with the Ethnic listing of the Psalm 83 Prophecy. In the West, most think that the Middle East is all ‘Arab’ and Muslim. To a degree is this true but the Muslim World is not entirely made up of Arabs, ethnically. Sure, there has been a lot of Interracial Mixing but so has it been with the Jews.

Muslim Confederations
Nonetheless, given that the Bible in Psalm 83 specifies 7 main People Groups, it is rather interesting that there is currently 7 main Para-Military Factions within Islam that are vying for the Total Destruction of Israel. This study suggests that the Inner-Ring Invasion will be the Muslim Peoples that constitute the various Paramilitary Fronts. Such Muslim Alliances have occurred before against Israel and for that reason, many End Times Biblical Scholars are skeptical that the Psalm 83 War is yet to occur in the future.

Many propose and believe that such an Alliance occurred already, for example in 1948 with Israel’s War of Independence, or during the Yom Kippur War of 1973. Although such were the case, not all the Arab countries were present as the Psalm 83 list specifies. As in all Ethnic Groups, there are varying degrees of unity and dedication. In the case of the Arabs at large, this has been true as the expanse of the Territorial Dominion of the Muslim World stretches from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean and on the 3 main Continents of Europe, Asia and Africa.

However, there is no single issue that unites the Muslim World than possession Zion; Israel, Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. Aside from the cause of the Palestinians, most other Muslims in the World only pay lip-service and provide funds. However, in the last decade, due in part to the Syrian Civil War, the Syrian Civil War will be used to start the Countdown to Armageddon. To a large extent, the Muslim Mercenaries that are already in Syria from all over the Muslim World will converged upon Israel. Due to this Threat, there will be a necessary action on the part of Israel.

Such an event will rally the various Arab Fighting Factions that in some cases are fighting each other will unite to Confederate themselves against Israel in an Open Militaristic and Coordinated Attack. Such will militarily coordinate an Attack on 7 Fronts by the 7 Ethnic Muslim Para-Military Groups. The following listing is the suggested correspondence of the Psalm 83 Ethnic Peoples to the Modern Muslim Para-Military Factions.

1. Edom          = Peoples of Jordan                    Fatah  
    Moab           = Peoples Central Jordan           Fatah  
    Ammon       = Peoples of Northern Jordan     Fatah

2. Ishmaelites = Peoples of Saudi Arabia          Muslim Mercenaries

3. Hagrites     = Peoples of Egypt                       Muslim Brotherhood
    Amalek       = Peoples of Sinai Peninsula        Muslim Brotherhood

4. Byblos        = Peoples of Lebanon                  Hezbollah       
    Tyre            = Peoples of Lebanon                  Hezbollah

5. Philistia      = Peoples of Gaza                       Hamas

6-7. Assyria   = Peoples of Syria and Iraq         ISIS, Al Shabaab  

War Footing
It is interesting that the factor of 7 always seems to occur when there is a major War or Prophetic Move in the ‘Chess Board’ of the Prophetic Middle East concerning Israel, Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. This Numerical Factor of 7 Muslim People Groups or Nations occurred in 1948, 1967 and 1973. Such People Groups would be seen as Arab and Muslim, but there is a Biblical distinction based on location. The following are some Geo-Political observations regarding why the Psalm 83 War is not yet fulfilled.

Although the ‘Prophetic Pattern’ is there and has echoed down through History concerning Israel’s Invasions. This study suggests that in the End of Days, it would appear that the Isaiah 17 Burden of Damascus will set the stage for the Domino Effect of ‘Prophetic Wars’ that will center on possessing Zion, the Land, Jerusalem and Temple. This study suggests that the cause for this Confederated Muslim Unity is to be caused by the Isaiah 17 Prophecy concerning the Total Destruction of Damascus.

In fact, this Psalm 83 War of the Inner-Ring of Muslim People Factions is what this study strongly suggests will pave the way for the Covenant with the Many. It will be when Israel will ‘Confirm’ a Peace and Security status presented by the False Messiah, as it will be miraculously victorious over such Muslim People Factions. The Psalm 83 verse in the Bible discloses the real Heart of the matter for the Muslims in particular. The talk of accepting a 2-State Solution, is a farce.

However, the defeat of this Inner-Ring of Muslim Nations will emboldened the Outer-Ring. The Muslim track record of reactions toward Israel’s mere existence tells a different narrative though. The truth is that the Muslims do not want a 2-State Solution. During the UN Partition Plan of 1947, the Arabs wanted all the Promised Land for the ‘Palestinian’ Muslims only. Both the Bi-Laws of the Charters of the PLO, then Hamas and Fatah, particular to the Palestinian cause call for the ‘Destruction of Israel’.

The Palestinians originally rejected the 2-State Solution in 1947. The whole Muslim World specific to the Inner-Ring of Muslim Nations bordering the new State of Israel rather went to War but not as Para-Military Factions as one in particular become the PLO, for example. The following is a suggested War Timeline that centers on Jerusalem of the coming Prophetic Wars between the Jews and Islam.

                                          1                                2                                      3                                                    4
      Isaiah 17           Psalm 83 War      Gog-Magog War I        Battle of Armageddon                 Gog-Magog War II
---------|--------------------------|--------------------------|---------------------------------|-----------------(1000 Years)---------|
     Damascus             Jerusalem                 Jerusalem                        Jerusalem                                       Jerusalem
                                                                                              |----------Daniel’s 70th Week--------|
                                                                                      Beginning               Middle                    End  
Political Preludes
The Muslims would rather not have a Free Sovereign State of Palestine but as a Sacrifice to deny Israel having one. Since 2005, when Israel withdrew from Gaza in a ‘Land for Peace’ deal, there have been constant Rocket Attacks from Gaza still and major Military Bombings by Israel as Tunnels and Armed Incursions by the Palestinians continue to this Day. After the Psalm 83 War, as noted there will be a ‘Confirming’ the Covenant with the Many that will instill a false sense of ‘Peace and Security’ for Israel.

Israel will let its Guard down much as it did prior to the Yom Kippur War of 1973. One has to consider that attacks on Israel are also coming from the North, a foreshadowing of the Gog-Magog War. The Invasions of Israel have traditionally come from the North as it follows the Natural Geographical Lay of the Land and Ancient Trade Routes. The end of the 7-Year Tribulation Period will culminate in Armageddon. This War starts in the Valley of Megiddo as the World Coalition of Armies meet there to possess Zion as march toward Jerusalem.

The World Armies that amass in Megiddo ends-up in Jerusalem to confront Jesus and His Warrior Bride, the Raptured Saints on the Mount  of Olives, etc. As Jesus establishes His Davidic Throne and Earthly Kingdom for 1000 Years called the Millennial Reign, thereafter Lucifer who was chained will be set free for the Last Revolt as he amasses a last Human War against the Eternal King and His Holy City, Jerusalem or Zion. It is very interesting that the majority of the Muslim Mercenaries are also in the North, specifically in Syria. Many of these factions along with Hezbollah in Lebanon are really a Proxy of Iran.

Such will play a direct role in the Outer-Ring of Muslim Nations led by Russia that will invade Israel as the Gog-Magog War 1. Iran has attempted to ship arms to such Muslim Para-Military Factions by convoys and ships at Sea. Although the Iranian Revolutionary Guard is Shi’ite as is Hezbollah, Iran with its pledge to help the Palestinian cause has also attempted to ship Armaments to Hamas, for example. In some cases, the Israeli Navy has intercepted various Vessels at Sea with shipments of Arms to Palestine from Iran. Since the late 1960s, the main Muslim Para-Military Faction fighting directly against Israel was the PLO. Hezbollah has also had a direct Micro-War with Israel.

What this study suggests is that the Outer-Ring of Muslim Nations led by Russia and Iran are essentially coaching the Inner-Ring as a ‘2nd String’ or B-Team to weaken Israel. Such a Para-Military Religious Faction as Hezbollah is said to have been stockpiling over 100,000 Rockets of various calibers and some now have Sophisticated Guided Electronics. In essence, Hezbollah's Military Strength in Conventional Warfare is on par with any sort of other Militaries in the Muslim World. The following are the 5 Muslim Nations bordering Israel.

1. Egypt
2. Arabia
3. Jordan
4. Syria
5. Lebanon

A Prophetic War

In comparison to what Israel has, it may be laughable to some but the sheer number of Rockets means that it will overwhelm the Israeli Iron Dome. At best, it is estimated that only 10-20% of such Rockets that Hezbollah alone could be neutralized. It is considerably more than most countries have and mind you, this is just a small Para-Military Religious Faction of the so-called ‘Religion of Peace’. It is estimated that Hezbollah has more than 25,000 Full Time Fighters and perhaps 20,000-30,000 Reservists. They are financed in part and trained by Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards.

It is estimated that Hezbollah's Military Budget runs about 1 Billion Dollars per Year. As the Palestinian Authority ruling class also receive Billions combined from the UN, EU and the USA, the Gaza Strip continues to deteriorate from lack of Investment of such funds as the Infrastructure is collapsing. Since the Egyptian Peace Accords of the late 1970, nearly 1 Trillion Dollars has been given to the Palestinians. Imagine what type of place the Gaza Strip would be if all that Money would go to Schools, Infrastructure, Tourism and Trade, etc.

The Palestinian Authority has vast amounts of Money but it has been used for War against Israel and establish Secret Swiss Accounts for its Leaders. The following Rationale is set to consider why the Psalm 83 Prophecy has not yet been totally fulfilled. Scriptures from the Bible pertaining to Prophecy do have Multiple Layers and a Foreshadowing Element. Many attacks have occurred against Israel and Jerusalem has been destroyed numerous times. In fact, the ruins of Jerusalem have been such that it takes layers of nearly 20 Feet of rubble to get to some places where the street level was in the times of Jesus.

The various Attacks on Israel, Jerusalem and the Temple in Ancient Times were solely the effort of 1 Nation, at a time and at a particular time. They were the Egyptians, the Assyrians, Persian, Greeks, Romans, etc. In those times, Israel was on the Map as Judea primarily but no Confederation of Nations or Peoples ever came against it, all at the same time as Psalm 83 specifies. It was only after the Romans Exiled the Jews from Judea and Samaria that then it was ruled by the Romans, Byzantines and later on by the Muslims. Such were the true ‘Occupiers’ of the Promised Land as the Romans changed the Name from Judea and Samaria to ‘Palestina’.

In Modern Times the Ottomans and the British were the only Nations that came-up against the Promised Land but in a Time when Israel was not Sovereign nor 'On the Map’, etc. Neither during this Time was the Promised Land invaded simultaneously by 7 Ethnic Peoples all of the same opposing Religion of Islam. It was not until the UN Partition Plan that the neighboring Muslim Nations and their Ethnic Peoples objected to Israel’s Rebirth. In the first example of a Confederation of Muslim Nations did come against Israel in 1948, which became the War of Independence. At this time, a State of ‘Palestine’ did not exist. The Ethnic Peoples of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, Ancient Judea and Samaria considered themselves Arab.

Such People, also for the most part have been Muslim under the Caliphate of the Ottomans, then Egyptians and Jordanian Rule. There was never a ‘Palestinian’ Ethnic Identity or Movement in protest under these Ruling Empires. It was only after the Victory of Israel during the War of Independence that all of a sudden, the ‘Palestinians’ now existed and demanded a State of their own. They actually were given one by the UN but it was rejected. Thus, the 1948 Confederation of Muslim Peoples could not fit Psalm 83. Next, the Muslim Confederation of Peoples had no chance at a Confrontation during the 1957 Suez Canal War.

In fact, it was Israel with the consent of the British and French that took over the entire Sinai Peninsula. Then in the 1967 6-Day War, it was Israel again that pre-empted with a Military Strike, as it was evident that the Confederation of Muslim Nations led by Egypt to include Syria and Jordan were poised to strike at Israel. The only Time that the Psalm 83 Prophecy came close to being fulfilled was during the Yom Kippur War of 1973. In this case, there were 7 Muslim Armies, ‘armed to the teeth’ with the latest Soviet Weaponry. The Muslim Confederation did initiate a Preemptive Strike on Israel. However, the Palestinians were sidelined. ‘Philistia’ had no formal fight nor Military Divisions other than Local Militias, poorly armed.

This War was set between Nation-States against Israel, not any Para-Military Faction like the Palestinian Liberation Organization PLO that was not founded until 1964. It would be later on that such a Group, with Arms and Support from all the neighboring Muslim States will aide this cause. Since the 6-Day War, the PLO fought directly not only against the IDF, but Jewish Civilians and not just in Israel. The PLO then entrenched itself in Jordan then in Lebanon as it nearly took over Jordan. This led to the Invasion of Southern Lebanon during the 1980s by Israel. Under the command of Yasser Arafat, the PLO then went to Tunisia. At no other time did the PLO join such a Military Operation to be part of the Coalition to destroy Israel, collectively.

The Key to the Psalm 83 Muslim Confederation is the Ethnic Group of ‘Philistia’ that joins on an equal footing to the rest of the other Para-Military Muslim factions. Although the Arab League formed the PLO, it has been helpless in formulating any direct Military Alliance against Israel, although it has construed Arab Military Coalitions in the past. In addition, Oil-Rich Nations like Qatar do seek to have an EU style Defense Pack in a unification attempt to bring the Muslim World together in defense of ‘Palestine’. The problem with ‘Palestine’ is that there is no Historical Precedence of such a Nation-State wherein ‘Philistia’ or Palestine was ever Sovereign as Israel was and is.

The Gaza Strip had always been incorporated in the various conquering Empires. Again, coincidently the Palestinians never demanded a State of their own nor where the Muslim Empires ever thought of granting one during those ‘Occupying’ Times. There was never a Formal or Informal ‘Palestine’ to speak of. Only in these Last Days, coinciding with Israel’s 70-Year Anniversary is there an Informal State of Palestine. However, the only real issue concerning any possible legitimate cause for the Palestinians would be pertaining to the Gaza Strip.

Pledge of U.S. Allegiance
This Strip is and was the historical home of the Descendants of the Modern Day Palestinians, the Philistines. However, with the Arab Invasion and occupation of the Promised Land since the 600s, the Ethnic Mixing has been such that it has eclipsed the Bloodlines. The Arabs in the West Bank, which is ancient Judea and Samaria, is a stretch as those Ethnic Peoples are Arabs (Ammonites) and are really the ‘Occupiers’ of the Promised Land. Even in Ezekiel, it foretold that YHVH was going to regather Israel in the Last Days in which the Enemies of Israel would occupy the Hill Country. This is exactly the case now as Samaria and Judea are occupied by the Palestinians. The Palestinian pretext for a 2-State Solution cause is not a front-and-center prerogative for the Muslim World.

What is the Prerogative, is the Spiritual Birth Right, the Promised Land, Jerusalem, and Temple, World Rule and the coming Savior. At this point in time, since the USA recognized the Capital of Israel as being Jerusalem by the Trump Administration and having cut the UN Funding for the Palestinians along with the CIA supported ISIS in Syria, the ‘Philistines’ have no other choice but to join such a Psalm 83 Para-Military Muslim Coalition against Zion. What is very interesting and telling perhaps is that the coming Psalm 83 War will be allowed to occur without the objection from the USA or Europe even. The Scriptures are not clear as to this effect but perhaps as many have speculated, the USA, which has supported Israel may not be in a Political, Moral nor Militarily position to assist and/or defend Israel.

What could be the Factors that could cause these Scenarios to occur? The Prophetic Relevance of the USA is that it has been the Supporter and Protector of Israel in the Last Days. From Truman to Trump, 1948 to 2018 has spanned 70 Years of an ‘Unbreakable Bond’ between the USA and Israel. This is how America has been part of Biblical Prophecy. The support has come because the Heart and Mind of the American People had been directly influenced by the Judeo-Christian Heritage of the Bible.

It is about the Belief in Jesus Christ as the Messiah and the Gospel of Peace and Individual Redemption. It has made way to be also sympathetic to a Nation in route to its own Redemption that Israel has yet to experience, thus the Time of Jacob’s Trouble. YHVH will be Faithful to bring Israel through the ‘Refiner Fire’ and once and for all deal with Israel’s Wayward Heart and Rejection of Jesus as the true Messiah. The USA may not be however, available to help during this Psalm 83 War of the various Muslim Ethnic Peoples against Israel.

One possible reason could be that like Russia, the vast amount of Money spent on the Military at the expense of its People’s Needs back home made it go Bankrupt and thus economically unable to assist Israel in any capacity. Also, there is a change in Morals in the USA. The other reason could be that there is no Political Will, as the Generation that is now taking Power and Transitioning the Political Landscape of the USA is one that is not sympathetic towards Israel and in fact pro-Palestine. Other reasons could be that due to its Morally, the USA will have reached a Saturation of Sin. It Morally cannot stand as a Bastion of what it once was, an ‘Honest Broker’.

Controlled Demolitions

There is also much Corruption and Moral Decay at the highest levels that is being exposed. One of the reasons why Trump won the U.S. Presidency was to ‘Drain the Swamp’ of the Pedophiles, the Evil Luciferians and the Fake Synagogue of Satan Talmudic Warlocks and Wizards that are choke-holding the USA and the World. The other possible reason why the USA is not coming to the Aid of Israel in this Psalm 83 War is because the Rapture event occurred. It is estimated that only 10% of the American Population are truly Followers of Jesus.

Also, in recent polls, the emerging Z-Generation is more Atheistic than all other Generations before it. If only 10% of Americans are Raptured-Out, the Vacuum left in all sectors of the Economy, Military and Institutions would paralyze the Nation to the point of not being able to respond in the most effective way. What is the reason why the Muslims seek to destroy Israel? The Psalm 83 hints at their quest, to ‘Wipe the Name of Israel off the face of the Earth’.

This goes contrary to what the Creator, the GOD of the Universe, YHVH has chosen and decreed through such a Nation and People. One has to have a proper perspective that the Bible is very clear that YHVH chose the least important, significant and desirable People of the Earth. Israel to be set-up as an example of His Redemptive Work for the rest of the Nations. Israel was to have been a ’Model Nation’, a Beacon of Light in a Dark World, etc. It failed. Israel, which means ‘Prince with Elohim’, was to be an Example of how YHVH could turn a Lying Deceiver that was Jacob, to an ‘Israel’.

Jacob was the Father of the 12 Tribes of Israel to be eventually humbled and converted. YHVH transformed the Heart of a ‘Jacob’ to an ‘Israel’, etc. The Bible states that as Humanity fell due to the Sin of Adam and Eve, it went its various ways and turned their back on the true Creator, the GOD of Israel. Elohim sought Humanity back and found one such Man whose Heart was toward the Creator and believed all that YHVH promised He could do. This Man was Abram.

To this Man, YHVH would bless his Physical Descendants as ‘Numerous as the Sands of the Sea’ with a Promised Land, Divine Blessings, a Capital, a Temple and a Savior. Through this Nation, Zion, all other Nations of the World would be blessed and enter into the same pack or Covenant. In addition, the Spiritual Descendant of Abram would also ‘Number as the Stars of the Sky’. However, the Nation that became Israel failed at this Directive due to Sin and Pride because the Jews forgot that they were the ‘Tail’ of the Nations as YHVH described them.

They were originally the sort of People from where Feces passes through, the Tail and not the Head, Deuteronomy 28:13. ‘To whom much is given, much is required’, etc. The Birth-Right was to be incorporated, as it were, like a Business Agreement and Partnership with the Creator, YHVH. At the core, it consisted of the Promised Land, a Spiritual Blessings, a City, the Temple and the Prominence of the Nation that would rule the World one Day. This would be Jesus’ Millennial Kingdom, etc.

Spiritual Warfare
There was a Promise of a King to come to save not only Israel from Sin but also all of Humanity. This King would be a Godly King, as a ‘Shepherd’, and a just Judge, etc. During the Reign of King Solomon, Israel had a measure of this Prominence in the World. Rulers would come to Israel to hear and see the Wisdom bestowed to a Man and his Nation by YHVH. The Capital City of the King became Jerusalem. What makes Jerusalem different from all others of the World is that YHVH declared that He Himself put His Name there forever. Thus, those that seek to possess Zion or Jerusalem are the Successors and Heirs to such a Birth-Right that Jacob stole from Esau.

This is why Islam, on one Hand is so adamantly opposed to Israel’s Existence, because it has begun to realize that whoever possess this Spiritual Birth-Right, possess everything. Thus, this is why the Psalm 83 is really a Spiritual War. In the Luciferin Religion of Islam, among many, Lucifer’s seeks to usurp the Covenant and Promises YHVH made specifically to Abram. Due to Disobedience, only a last remaining Tribe, Judah or the Jews was allowed to remain. They failed to follow Jesus when He came as the true ‘King of Jerusalem’ and the rightful ‘Anointed Christ’.

This caused Israel’s Exile and their Enemies to ‘occupy’ Zion or the Promised Land since then. So too do the Muslims seek Jerusalem for their gain and usurp it as Jacob did. Moreover, Jacob knew a thing or two about usurping the Birth-Right. However, there does also exist, on the other Hand, the Synagogue of Satan that is no different from the Muslims likewise seek to usurp the same Spiritual Birth-Right from Jesus Christ. It is a 2-Front War like with Israel. The Birth-Right and Promises made by YHVH to Abram and his Descendants, both Earthly and Spiritual have been secured in Jesus Christ. The Jews could have received it but rejected Jesus as the true Messiah.

The Muslims also reject Jesus as GOD the Son. It was the Evil Elders of Zion, that of the Sanhedrin and their Money Changers that had another Christ in mind. This other Christ would and will, ‘Come in his own Name’ as Jesus warned them. The Fake Jews, then as now do have another King, a Caesar of Rome whom they prefer as a King like the Nations. Such was their King Herod at the time, an Edomite, etc. More so, such have sought to usurp all manner of Spiritual Protocols for example, with their Talmud or ‘Vain Philosophies of Men’. Jesus said thar they negated the Torah and the Prophets. Jesus reprimanded them for they nullified the Word of YHVH by their Traditions of Men. The ‘Oral Torah’ became the ultimate Authority, to this Day.

Jesus exposed these Fake Jews to their Face that sought and seek to usurp the Spiritual Birth-Right of the Descendants of Abram. Jesus told them that their Allegiance was to another ‘Father’, Satan or Lucifer himself, the False ‘Anointed Christ’ Cherub instead of the Son of GOD, etc. They were also irate because Jesus stopped their Merchandising of the Temple and Religious Ordinances for a Profit. Jesus reiterated this fact in the Book of Revelation that the Synagogue of Satan is real and exists to this Day. Such are the ones, that like the Muslims seek the Birth-Right from Jesus and His Spiritual People.

Jacob’s Trouble
This is why they hate Jesus so much and His Followers. It is because Jesus stopped their Thievery of the System, the Government, the Education, the Media, the Banks and Temple, etc. Jesus also defeated their Master and King, Lucifer at the Cross of Calvary. Lucifer is using such ‘Useful Idiots’ to implement his Plan that they think can still prevail. Although the Light Bearer is a Defeated Foe, he along with his ‘Builders’, Warlocks and Witches will seek 4 more World Wars to possess the Promised Land, Jerusalem and the 3rd Temple; all that the Spiritual Birth-Right includes. Lucifer and his ‘Elders’ will attempt to prevent Jesus and His true Followers from possessing the Spiritual Birth-Right.

As mentioned prior, this Birth-Right involves the Promised Land, Divine Blessings, the Return of the King, and World Dominion as the ‘Head’ of all the Nations, etc. The Bible teaches that the Gentiles would one Day also be part of the Covenants and Promises with Israel. Jesus reminded the Council of it and for which it was one of the many reasons why the Elders of Zion handed over their Messiah to the Romans to Crucify Him. This was the Ultimate Betrayal like what the Sons of Jacob did with Joseph. However, the Time of Jacob’s Trouble will take Revenge on his Sons. This is the reason for the Tribulation Period.

The Jews became very Racist and Arrogant and were Blinded by their Vain Pride that only Jews could receive the Birth-Right, which is the Blessings, the Land, the City, the Temple, the Prince, World Dominion and Salvation, etc. These Fake Jews that have founded and fund Israel seek and will have in play their False Royal Bloodline and Successor to sit in David’s throne. Such Families of the 13 Bloodlines of the Illuminati dominate the World and have been given the Power to implement this Luciferian Alternative Gospel by Lucifer’s power. The Elements that make-up the Synagogue of Satan are working in league with Lucifer to ultimately usurp not only the Nation of Israel and Jerusalem but also the coming 3rd Temple.

The Prize is the Temple of Worship in Zion from where their False Messiah will not only rule Israel from it but the World. They rejected Jesus then and still do to this Day. Such will try to oppose Jesus in the coming Battle of Armageddon because it will be at that time that Jesus will implement the Birth-Right that is His through His Bloodline of King David. The Bible teaches that no other Peoples but those that are of the Faith of Abraham that believed YHVH at His Word and who was shown who Jesus was and is to have the Spiritual Birth-Right consisting of the of Divine Blessings, the Promised Land, the City, a King and to rule the Nations.

Spiritually speaking, ‘Prophetic History’ is repeating itself presently, as it was when Israel or the Remnant came back from Persia under the Edict of Cyrus to rebuild the Walls of Jerusalem and the 2nd Temple. The Time is now as it was when the Jews came back from Persia to build the Walls and Temple, but in much opposition. The Book of Daniel also foretold this would be the case and how in Hosea it foretold that Israel would not have a King for a very Long Time.

Prophetic Occupations
Similarly, an Edict was proclaimed by way of the UN Partition Plan, much as it was with Cyrus the Great. The Jews, a Remnant, came back to start rebuilding the Walls of Jerusalem and restore the Promised Land. The Jews first started to build their own homes and through great opposition, their Settlements expanded. However, the House of YHVH has remained neglected and unfinished now as it was then in Ezra and Nehemiah’s Day. A long time had elapsed as the men of YHVH then finally persuaded the People to start rebuilding the Temple. This started though by reading the Word of YHVH in the Torah, not the Talmud. This is now revival and perspective is attained in the People of YHVH.

Back then, when such Jewish Settlements and the Unification of Jerusalem was underway to become the Capital of Israel once again, the ‘Occupiers’ of the Promised Land, the Arabs and Ammonites hindered the plans of the Remnant. Such called for Legal Actions against the Jews…much like the Arabs and Palestinians of today. The Arabs then as the Muslims now have been successful in denouncing the Jewish Settlements as ‘Unlawful’ and that there is no ‘Jewishness’ regarding the Temple Mount, according to the UN and UNESCO. Back then, an Arab was quartered in the side Storage Rooms in the House of YHVH and had to be Evicted. The same Prophetic Principle is now also present and repeating Prophetically since Israel became a Nation in 1948.

It Reunified Jerusalem in 1967 and actually took possession of the Temple Mount but gave it back to the Muslims as an Appeasement. But the next Stage to be Redeemed is the Temple. However, as then, so too now since 1948, the House of YHVH is being neglected. Moreover, the Arabs are in the Precinct, the Dome of the Rock that has to be Evicted like Tobiah. There was Geshem, the Arab that along with Tobiah the Ammonite and others first sought to deceive the Returning Jews and play along appearing to ‘help construct’ the Walls and House of YHVH. The directive was given by Royal Edict to solely be done by the Jews. This was and is the ‘2-State Solution’, a Compromise of a Co-Existence that will never work. In the Heart of the Arab and Ammonite, there was not such desire for YHVH. On the contrary, the Arab and the Ammonite mocked, ridiculed and sought Legal Action to halt the Construction.

As then, so too now the Muslims and Arabs seek to stop the Jewish Settlements in the Promised Land as the Captives of Israel have come back to the Promised Land. Tobiah the Ammonite that had to be Evicted from the House of YHVH is a ‘Prophetic Picture’ of the Compromise there was and is allowed due to Sin. This Spiritual Law can be applied on a Corporate Level as well as on an Individual Level. This Condition speaks to the Personal and National State of YHVH’s Peoples, both the Earthly and Spiritual Descendants of Abram. This is seen in modern Jerusalem, in that the Temple Mount has an Arab Shrine ‘entrenched’ in the same manner Tobiah was. He has been allowed a Space as the Dome of the Rock is on the side from where the Temples of YHVH once stood nearby. The Dome of the Rock and the al-Aqsa Mosque are as the Natural Enemies that took Residence then, Geshem the Arab and Tobiah the Ammonite, etc.

Jesus will Evict such Fake Jews and Muslims from His House much like He Evicted the Money Changes from the Temple on the Temple Mount. These Spiritual Parallels can be read in Ezra 4, Nehemiah 2 and 13. No Arab or surrounding Peoples had/have the Right to build YHVH’s Walls and House, much less the ‘Builders’ of Lucifer or his Muslims. However, this is why the Psalm 83 War is yet to come and perhaps sooner than later as such seek to be entrenched in the House of YHVH in an attempt to usurp the Spiritual Blessing and take over the Temple of YHVH. Sadly, this will occur during the Tribulation Period. In the End however, no Arab, Fake Jews or Masonic AntiChrist will eventually end-up with the Spiritual Birth-Right. Why? It is because the Birth-Right belongs to Jesus Christ. He alone has secured it by His life, His Blood and Resurrection Power. Christ will implement these Eviction Protocols at His return.

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