Martian Motifs

  • Does the Bible address or speak about such motifs?
  • Is there any reference or inference to a 'Face' in the Bible?
  • Are there any spiritual lessons to be learned from such studies?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘…and with every wicked deception directed against those who are perishing, because they refused the love of the truth that would have saved them. For this reason, GOD will send them a powerful delusion so that they will believe The Lie, in order that judgment will come upon all who have disbelieved the truth and delighted in wickedness..’ -2 Thessalonians 2:10-12

The purpose of this study is to depict the various coordinates, approximate angles and measurements of the Cydonia pyramid complex anomaly on Mars. The depiction will be generated using Google Earth’s Mars coordinates, GPS calculations and figures. The illustration will show the entirety of the ‘Red Planet’, Mars from a frontal view that has the Valles Marineris featured very prominently. Although the rendition of the imagery is very low resolution, there is a general sense of where the Cydonia pyramid complex is situated on the planet. Although many in the past have composed a mathematical and Sacred Geometry association with the Cydonia ‘Pyramids’, this study will keep it simple and just touch on some elementary correlations. The study will only seek to highlight what is already known about the Cydonia, Mars pyramid anomaly but introduced new inferences and possible Biblical implications as to the Last Days coming deception.

This study will delineate the Red Planet based on the concepts of Sacred Geometry. Depicted are 2 intersecting triangles that span the circle of the planet. These 2 triangles produce a hexagram centered on the Equator that is marked by Google and NASA. According to other sources, it appears that the Equator was at a different location in the past and that in fact, it traversed through the Cydonia pyramid complex. What is rather interesting about this hexagram configuration is that it gives the 2 Tropical Lines as they are deemed on Earth. On Earth, they are the Tropic of Cancer and of Capricorn. On Mars, this same template thus makes for the following observations in direct relationship to the site of Cydonia. The site of Cydonia is depicted just about 9 degrees east of the Martian Prime Meridian and about 40 degrees north of the Martian Equator.

In the illustration, the Prime Meridian is highlighted as the second half of the entire plant to the right that becomes the edge. What is rather interesting about where the site of Cydonia is deals with some interesting angles of degrees with respect to the hexagram that has its horizontal end-points at the 19.47 degree markers. It has been shown that the triangulated pyramid complex of Cydonia is fixed on this same coefficient of 19.47 degrees. What constitutes the Cydonia, Mars pyramid complex anomaly is the famous Face of Mars, the giant pentagon D&M Pyramid. Then there is the 7-Pyramid City configured in the Pleiades Star Cluster layout. What this study wishes to further contribute to the plethora of research is that as the D&M Pyramid has a 333 degree heading, amazingly it has a correspond approximate length of 3.33 miles.

Celestial Correspondences
In terms of measurements for an Earthly perspective, the distance from the center of the ‘City’, which has an apparent pentagonal orientation to the Face of Mars is 13.31 miles. Many who have reviewed such associations, mathematically and in terms of Sacred Geometry dismiss such correlations as mere coincidence, pseudo-science and worse. However, natural formations, lights and shadows cannot adequately explain away such precise mathematical relationships. In one consideration, such angles are still being used on Earth for building purposes, ancient and modern as many other sites on Earth have replicated this same degree of angles and the triangulated Cydonian, Mars pyramid motif. Such numbers are also what the Secret Societies to this day venerate and use to encrypt their building with as well. If all such correlations are an ‘accident of nature’, then a lot of Martians and Earthlings have been beguiled enough to replicate this ‘accident’ of nature since recorded history for no apparent and intelligent reason.

What this study also wishes to highlight is the apparent association with the constellation of Orion that is factored into the Cydonia, Mars pyramid complex. There  seems to be an incorporation of the 3 Belt Stars of Orion that are overlaid as it makes use of the triangulation of the entire Cydonia site. The 3 Belt Stars of Orion would constitute the D&M Pyramid, that being the largest and corresponding to the Orion Star of Alnitak. What many other researchers have noted is that the Orion Belt Star alignment is replicated on the Great Pyramids of Giza. This was first publicized by Robert Bauval, but it was known in prior compositions as obviously, those ‘Initiated’, and builders of such monuments clearly had and have such understanding. Since his findings, others have contributed and built upon this amazing building-to-Star correlation that is valid and goes beyond the Giza Pyramids and is replicated not just on Earth.

The center pyramid structure would be the 2nd largest and that corresponding to the Orion Belt Star of Alnilam. The smallest Orion Belt Star of Mintaka would thus correlate to that of the Face of Mars. What is also interesting and has been noted also in other studies is that the Orion constellation outline would match the other various ley-lines on this site. In particular to the Face of Mars, the extended ley-line would point to the Pleiades, for example. In terms of other angle ley-lines, consider the following. From the center point on the Equator, Cydonia is at a 45 degree angle. From the apex of the triangle facing up, the degree of arc to the Cydonian pyramid complex is at 120 degrees. Then from the 1st line of the Tropic Line delineation, the angle to Cydonia is at an 18 degree slant, making it a 6-6-6 numerical factor. Then from the 1st intersecting lines, that of the Tropic Line and the descending line of the upright triangle, that angle to Cydonia is at 90 degrees. This same point of intersection off of the Tropical Line to the Cydonia site is at 33 degrees. The following are some distance factors from the Cydonia, Mars pyramids to both the Martian Prime Meridian and the Martian Equator.

From Cydonia to Prime Meridian where nm = nautical miles.
~40˚ north of Equator, 9˚ west of Meridian

1. Face:           230 nm, 1283 nm to Equator
2. City:             243 nm, 1278 nm to Equator
3. Pentagon:   233 nm, 1272 nm to Equator

Mission to Mars
There have been over 30 successful Martian probes launched from Earth. They have mainly been from the USA. However, since the 1960 the Soviets attempted many times to land a probe on Mars. Most of the Soviet probes failed and in one instance a film is shown of how a UFO actually comes into contact with one. The success rate is about 40% as 3 times as many missions to Mars have failed to launch Orbiters and Landers. Currently the latest Rover presently on Mars is called InSight and it seems to be working well. Those who proposed sending the Martian Probes to the Cydonia region claim a better result and inquiry could be had. However, NASA has balked at the notion and is not interested in doing so. And in fact, many have come out to say that NASA has deliberately blurred photos from such areas and others, as to not show what is on the surface of this ‘Scared Planet’

What caused this ‘scaring’ on Mars that produced the amazing Valles Marineris? It is the size of the entire USA for comparison and about 16 to 18 miles deep. What associations would the powers that control the world be cautious enough to not have the masses know about the pyramid anomalies on Mars? Is it no coincidence that the religious powers, for example in the Vatican have a garden outside the Sistine Chapel with a metal sphere that has this ‘scaring’ depiction? Is it because the ‘God’ of the Romans and all others of the same religious persuasion venerate Mars as the ‘mother culture’ and are the ‘Savior Gods’ from where they came from? Of course, this now crosses over to the esoteric side of the study where based on ancient writings, the 1st humans had a direct connection to the planet Mars and in particular to Cydonia.

As noted, many believe Mars had life in the past, oceans of water, an atmosphere, polar ice caps as it does now and a civilization. But whom and/or what were the ‘Martians’? It was unthinkable to accept that Mars could have had water just a few years ago. Now, such a notion is considered as if it was never objected to by the ‘official scientists. This study suggests the pyramid anomalies on Mars, and on the Moon and other places for that matter are no different in this type of denial and disposition. Currently, such a supposition is being denied as such. Why were the pyramids build to massive scales or was that ‘normal’ for such a race of Beings in comparison to Earthlings? In terms of technology, it has only now in the 21st century, that Earthlings have been able to send small elementary Probes, Landers and Rovers to Mars. 

Would it not be beyond a reasonable possibility for said ‘Martians’ in the past to have done the same on Earth and perhaps they still are? Especially if they were far advanced to know how to erect such amazing structures in size alone. Had or have they taught this technique to humans on Earth perhaps? What happened to them and to Mars? Of course, many believe some Martians moved underground and that they live and have bases there presently, etc. The planet does seem to have suffered some nuclear ‘Armageddon’. The latest pictures from the Probes are convincing more people of this probability might have actually occurred. More astonishing is the theory but belief by many that there is still direct and current communication and interaction with such ‘Beings’ and that humans have already been to Mars, and some are currently there.

A Martian Past
Regardless if such ‘conspiracies’ are true or not or true to a certain degree, it is rather amazing that the 1st human civilization after the Flood of Noah did reference Mars. Contrary to Evolution, Humanity’s rise to language, writing, the arts, mathematics, Sacred Geometry, etc., all occurred instantaneously. It is though as it just picked-up where it left off and without any apparent ‘evolutionary’ track. This would make sense as  the anti-Diluvian Age are said to have possessed far advanced technologies and understanding of Earth, the Solar System, mathematic, Sacred Geometry and other planets. Such are what makes up the supposed ‘legends’ of Atlantis, the Anunnaki, the Golden Age, etc. The following is the list of the successful and nearly successful Martian missions from Earth.

NAME                         LAUNCH                    PURPOSE
Mariner 4                     28 NOV 1964              Flyby
Mariner 6                     24 FEB 1969               Flyby
Mariner 7                     27 MAR 1969              Flyby
Mariner 9                     30 MAY 1971               Orbiter
Mars 5                          25 JUL 1973                Orbiter
Mars 6                          05 AUG 1973              Lander
Viking 1                        20 AUG 1975              Mars Orbiter and Lander
Viking 2                        09 SEP 1975               Mars Orbiter and Lander
Phobos 2                     12 JUL 1988                Mars Orbiter and Phobos lander
Global Surveyor          07 NOV 1996              Orbiter
Mars Pathfinder          04 DEC 1996              Lander and Rover
Mars Odyssey             07 APR 2001              Orbiter
Mars Express              02 JUN 2003               Orbiter
MER-A Spirit                10 JUN 2003               Rover
MER-B Opportunity     07 JUL 2003                Rover
Reconnaissance         12 AUG 2005              Orbiter
Phoenix Mars Lander 04 AUG 2007              Lander
Science Laboratory     26 NOV 2011              Rover
Mars Orbiter Mission  05 NOV 2013              Orbiter
MAVEN                          18 NOV 2013              Orbiter
Trace Gas Orbiter       14 MAR 2016              Orbiter
InSight                           05 MAY 2018              Lander

It is amazing that all cultures have a ‘Genesis’ account of Creation. According to the books of Genesis in chapter 6, the book of Enock and the book of the Giants, an interference and visitation from Fallen Angels did occur on Earth. Realize that the Biblical narrative is not in conflict with this notion of their having been other ‘Beings’ come to Earth from the Stars to ‘help’ Humanity as alluded in Genesis 6. The mainstream powers that be, will never allow such a narrative to prevail or be deemed as either creditable or true. Why not? This narrative would negate the absurdity of macro-evolution and would corroborate the Bible. In part, such a suppression of the Biblical narrative will help explain-away the Rapture event. Those that still control such motifs, Sacred Geometry have needed the masses ‘asleep’ and ignorant so as to all the more be easily manipulated and controlled and especially when the Tribulation Period begins.

The Martian Gospel
As millions of people all other the globe will instantly disappear due to the Rapture event; the answers will be given by the Martian Saviors as they promised to ‘return’. These ‘Saviors’ along with their ‘Rebel King’, aka, Ala-lu will be showing-up to help determine what will be seen as left for Christian and other ‘religions’ to pledge allegiance and ‘worship’ to instead. There will be a ‘new’ religion, which actually is the same Luciferian one. What is going to have an effect will be on all those millions of so-called ‘Christians’ that were only in name. Such will all the more be convinced to abandon ‘Christianity’ whole-heartedly. Others will however follow Jesus, uncompromisingly. The ‘Lie’ that is coming will be such that the precepts of believing truly in the only Gospel of Jesus for the Salvation of one’s soul will not suffice to explain away the ‘Disclosure’ of such Beings that will ‘return’ to ‘save the world’.

Such will gladly rather embrace the coming AntiChrist Savior and his masquerading Fallen Angel ‘Aliens’ through their magic and power. However, others will be fearful and capitulate, rather than starve as without the ‘Mark of the Beast’, no one will be able to live. One is now seeing this play-out in China with the Social Credit Scoring system. Another key reason why such information has been suppressed is that it will play a part in the coming Great Deception that Jesus Christ warned about. The Biblical narrative of the true Gospel has been attempted to be ‘hijacked’ by such Being constituting ‘Alien Saviors’. To reiterate, Lucifer’s last rendition of his lie since the Garden of Eden will have the whole world believe, in part that the true ‘saviors’ have come from Mars and other places to save Humanity from itself. When the Disclosure officially comes, it will dispel the ‘rigid; narrative of Christianity’s Gospel.

As millions will ‘lose their religion’ at the manifestation of such ‘Beings’ come in their amazing flying crafts and having power and authority given to them by Lucifer, the God of Mars, type in this context, most of Humanity will throw-off he mantel of the Gospel of Jesus as being inadequate for this place and time and elect the Gospel of the Saviors of Mars, instead come back to rescue Humanity. In fact, those that will still be clinging to the ‘antiquated’ Gospel of Jesus will be seen as those that impeded ‘human progress’ and will all the more have a mental dispensation to ride of such people from the face of the Earth. These ‘Martian’ Gods will be exclaiming what they have all along been communicating in various ways to certain humans, Jesus being one of them. The message of these Martian Saviors has been the same; ‘love, peace, and harmony’.

What would be wrong with that? They proclaim that ‘Jesus’ was just one of them and one of many ‘Christs’ that came and will but that finally, the ultimate one will have arrived, that is their AntiChrist, their Rebel King of the Fallen Angels, Lucifer. The Bible is very clear that the opposition to Jesus Christ and His Followers is coming from the Angelic Conflict there is between Lucifer and YHVH. This opposition is spiritual and there is currently a war taking place. Perhaps the planet Mars was such a casualty of that galactic war. In the end, Biblically speaking, the final campaign or chapter or battle will be determined once for all at Armageddon where and when Jesus returns with those Raptured to wage war on the imposter Saviors. Perhaps during the Millennial Kingdom as Earth is to be resorted, Mars will be as well to visit and even colonize.

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