HAMAS in America’s Educational Institutions

  • What is the Queers for Palestine all about?
  • What are their Demands and who do they Support?
  • Is the Worldwide Movement supported by HAMAS?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘The Palestinian People do not exist. The Creation of the Palestinian State is only a means for continuing our Struggle against the State of Israel for Arab Unity’. -Zaher Mohsen, a Leader of the PLO Executive Committee in 1977

What the Pro-Palestine Encampments and Protests in the USA and Europe have uncovered is the undercurrent of just how the Last Generation before Jesus returns is given over to a Reprobate Mind. On 1 Hand, you have the Queers for Palestine that is like saying, ‘Chickens for KFC’, Kentucky Fried Chicken. But then on the other Hand, you have some of the Orthodox Harari Groups siding with Palestine for being Anti-Zionists. Then you have Israel that celebrates Pride Month by putting on the biggest Party in Tel Aviv. All the while in Gaza, any identified Gay or Lesbian People are thrown off Buildings.

Most of the U.S. University Students who are Queer and support the Hamas Pro-Palestine Encampments obviously have no clue about what the Muslim Sharia Law is all about. If such Protests and Banners would be displayed in Gaza, they would be Stoned on the Spot. Most College Students have no idea about the HAMAS Charter that is based on Strict Muslim Religious Ideology. They are indirectly supporting their cause, which is actually the Genocide of the entire Jewish State.

For a Student Body that has turned its back on Biblical Christianity and loath Religion, yet they hold hands and they pray in solidarity with these Pro-Palestine Students and People that are actually Muslim. The Muslims still Practice Beheading and Public Floggings. During the Syrian Civil War, anyone suspected was Crucified publicly. Now, the argument that the ‘Queers for Palestine’ have is that since they know what it is to be oppressed, they seek to stand with Gaza, that to them, are convinced it has been brutally oppressed by Israel.

Yet, no Jew has lived in Gaza since 2025 and who needs to be freed from the Oppression is the People of Gaza from the Tyrannical HAMAS. The Queers for Palestine also argue that they can be Gay and be against Genocide. But it is HAMAS, in their Charter that precisely seeks to Genocide the State of Israel, and that is full of Jews. What the IDF, the Israel Defense Force has doon is not Genocide. Which Nation engaged in an Invasion to rescue its Hostages after being Attacked, to include Civilians sending a Text warning the People to evacuate an area? Or how Leaflets in Arabic dropped, informing Civilians of where the Safe Zones are and to go to avoid Casualties?

As in the Days of Noah
The Rationale of the Queers for Palestine is such that even if the Palestinians hate Gays, it is done so in the Principle of ‘Love your Enemies’. Interesting. And just who said that? It was Jesus, a Jew and how He taught that Marriage is between a Man and a Woman. And the Authors of the New Testament echo the Law of how Homosexuality is a Sin and punishable by Death. What the Queers in Palestine have inadvertently also accomplished is to actually bring to Light the Queer Community in Gaza and in the Middle East. But in a general sense, they are not helping change their Perception nor helping the Palestine Cause.

No Call for an Immediate Ceasefire should be allowed. Israel needs to completely decimate HAMAS. And the last Vestiges of their lingering Brigades were cornered in Rafah. It is no surprise how Egypt and the USA pressured Israel to stop their Military Engagements and accept a Cease Fire. It was to keep the IDF from acquiring the Philadelphi Corridor that separates the Gaza strip from the Egyptian Border. Why not? The IDF found numerous Tunnels there. For all the Peace Treaty that Egypt and Israel has had, it really has only been a Cold Peace in that Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood has funneled Arms to HAMAS through the Tunnels they did not want Israel and the World to discover.

And also, to the Muslims, any Cease Fire is a Victory to them. As one as stated prior in many write-ups, in the Muslim Mind, they are always ‘Victorious’. And only until you Kill them will they then admit Defeat. But the Queers for Palestine and all those other Leftist Marxist Activists on U.S. Campuses fail to Understand the Geo-Politics of the Region. It is embroiled in a 3000 Year-Old Feud over the Religious Birith-Right of the Land. It is Winner Take All. There can never be True Peace with just Cease Fires. To HAMAS, it is a Religious Struggle or Jihad to vanquish all.

According to their Charter, there can never be a 2-State Solution. This is a False Construct that is being imposed by the USA and Europe. It is clear to HAMAS, it is only a 1-State Solution. Yet the Students across the World fail to understand this aspect. They do not realize that the Muslim Ideologies like Islam and how their Society is structured around it is impenetrable to change and adapt. It is for this very Reason that Muslims do not Assimilate into the USA and Europe for the most part. For example, in the Muslim-Majority City of Hamtramck, Michigan, all of the Muslim City Council refuse to display the Pride Flag on City Buildings.

And of course it upset the LBGT Community. But in the Age of Social Media, it is who gets ahead of the Narrative that ‘Wins’ or is Winning. It is about Imagery and Virtue Signaling. The aim is that despite having Morals or any Virtue, one has to appear as being Morally ‘Right’ and above those that actually are instead. It is about capturing and controlling the Mind and Hearts of the People. And for the Pro-Palestine Movement, it shows that despite their Nagging Protests, their Narrative is echoed to the point that it becomes accepted as being Morally Superior, high above the Masses, and everyone needs to be made aware of just how great their Cause really is. And in so doing, it legitimizes their LGBT Community.

Double Standards

Now as to Homosexuality and Islam? In Islam, as noted, Homosexuality is a Capital Offense. Yet in different Countries, there is provision for Pedophilia and even Micro-Marriages that amount to Solicited Escorting and the exploitation of Women. For example, in the Quran it mentions how Servant Boys (52:24:) can be used or rather abused for Sexual Gratification for the Provision of the Muslim Believers.

Hezbollah Has a Brutal Message for 'Queers for Palestine' Protesters

The Rubin Report

It has been reported that U.N. and U.S. Soldiers in Afghanistan encountered this grotesque Sexual Practice among Boys and Older Muslim Men. In 1 such case, an American Officer was relieved of his Duty because he confronted this Afghani Counterpart for engaging in such Sexual Practices with Boys. It was reported that he could hear the Boys crying at Night. He was instructed not to interfere with them, as it was their Culture, and to just ignore it. So, when is Pedophilia he Norm or Cultural? So, Islam condemns the Queers for Palestine, yet they do not denounce Bacha Bazi, the Practice that is open in Society of the Man-Boy Love in Islam.

U.S. Soldiers Told to Ignore Sexual Abuse of Boys by Afghan Allies
New York Times

So long as a Muslim Man does not identify themselves as Gay it religiously justifies their massive Male Muslim Guilt about it. As it is heard much in the Muslim World, ‘Boys are for Pleasure; Women are for Babies’. So, saying ‘Gays for Gaza’ is like saying ‘Jews for Hitler’. The Cognitive Dissonance with these Woke Progressive People is astonishing. It was the Palestinians who danced and celebrated when the 9/11 Muslim Attack happened to the USA. As it has been stated, ‘You may find Queers for Palestine but you will never find Palestine for Queers’.

As one who works in Higher Education at a university that had its own Pro-Palestine Encampment, one always suggests having these Students and those that espouse Communism and Marxism to have a Free Plane Ride to Gaza, Cuba, Iran, Venezuela, or North Korea. And why is it that Millions from all those Countries mentioned make a life-threatening Trek to reach the U.S. Border in hopes of getting in? No, the real issue is not about the Rights of the Palestinians.

It is about being Anti-Israel. And this is where they Cross the Line and are playing with the Divine Protection and Promises of YHVH made to this Earthly Nation and People. The Queers for Palestine think and have convinced themselves that they are standing against the Face of ‘Genocide’. They are Self-Deceived into thinking they are not the Sell-Outs’. They believe their Protesting, and being Violent at times is ‘Right’. The Queers for Palestine believe in Dignity, Freedom, life and liberty, even for Religious Fanatics that are the Muslims…but not for the Jews. It is so wrong.

Religion of Peace and Tolerance
One would agree that the term 'Useful Idiots' but these people have taken it to a whole new level. They do not understand that many Palestinian Gays have to defect to Israel so as to not be thrown down Buildings, etc. Interestingly, in Iran they ‘Trans-Away’ the Gay in People. What? Yes, Iran will Trans its Adolescents because, according to the Quran, there is a prohibition against Homosexuality, but not becoming Transsexual. They would rather have a Straight Trans-Child than a Biologically-Sexed Gay Child.

This is exactly why the Message of the Gospel is so important in this Last Generation. But sadly, when the Church that professes to have Jesus’ Name is doing the same and going ‘Gay’, it becomes as that which Jesus warned about. The Salt would lose it Saltiness. The Light would be snuffed-out, etc. The Solution is still Jesus. If one is in a Sinful Lifestyle, such as Homosexuality, one is not Bound by any Sin. Jesus paid it all and will set you Free from any Vice. But the Left is doubling-down on Sin as they flaunt Pride and Glorify Drag-Queen Story Hours.

And this is going on in the Church as well. The Queers for Palestine have taken the Mantle of an ironic ‘Moral’ Cause. How it is being done is rather ingenious from a Political Scientist Point of View. They are claiming ‘Freedom of Speech’ and shield themselves behind it as HAMAS does of its People against Israel. Yet, they despise Law and Order. It is that the Right to Protest has always been abused by the Liberals and Leftists. The Right to Protest does not give one the Justification in any way to disrupt the Movement of other People, for example. This is what Oil Protesters that are blocking the Streets in Europe do.

As some have commented, ‘Tuition does not cover Urban Camping and the takeover of Campus Buildings. Then they Gas-Light and blame the Police for not letting them have their way. As a Political Scientist assessing this latest Identity Politics going on in the U.S. College Campuses, one is appalled at the Double Standard taken place. So Muslims in cahoots with Leftist Students and those that are Queer Protest for Palestine and HAMAS and are against Israel’s Right to Exist. Such are not being rounded-up and slapped with ‘Insurrection’.

Yet the Protesters on the Capitol on January 6 looked tame in comparison  to all the Pro-Palestine Mayhem. The Encampments have not been ‘Peaceful Protests’ as they have commandeered and taken over University Property and Buildings. Is that not what the January 6 supposed Insurrection is being held to? No, the Pro-Palestine Encampments have impeded University Operations for other Students, Faculty and Staff. In some cases, such were barred from attending their Classes.

In other cases, Graduation was cancelled because of their Tactics. This is where the Term, ‘Useful Idiots’ comes into play and focus that was coined by Stalin. From the most part, in one’s Direct Observation and Interaction with the Encampments, the University Students did not have enough Historical, Cultural or Emotional Intelligence to have a Conversation about their Message. It is all about Identity Politics and how to shout the loudest or get upset the most.

Hamas In America
The following is one’s Commentary as one who works at a University where a Pro-Palestine Encampment was erected. When you have the supposed Best and Brightest, your Above Average White Elite and Upper-Middle Class, at the Best and Brilliant American Universities dressing-up as Arab Palestinians, occupying Building and Chanting ‘Death to America’, in America while they join in Muslim Prayers is the Sign of America’s Judgment.

It is so ironic that they even state that they are ‘Occupying’ the Campus Grounds until their ‘Demands’ are met, it what the Pro-Palestine are accusing of Israel doing, ‘Occupying’. If the Pro-Palestine Protesters, are so passionate about a Country taking another Nations Land as an Injustice and demands that Country ‘Return’ the Occupied Land, why do not the majority of the White Well-to-Do American University Students not dress-up in Mexican Mariachi Garb and for the Cinco De Mayo, protest the USA ‘return’ all of the South-West back to Mexico that was lost in the Mexican-American War?

Or more so, why not dress-up as Native-Americans and demand the end of the Federalist U.S. Government ‘Occupation’ of all of the Native Lands? During the Height of the Pro-Palestine Encampments, there was a Ray of Hope that showed through at the University of North Carolina. The incident came about when the Pro-Palestine Marxist and Queers for Palestine took down the U.S. Flag from the Campus Quad and hoisted-up the Flag of the Palestinians instead.

It took a Fraternity to rally around the Pole and defend the U.S. Flag from being pulled down again as the Campus Administration had replaced the Palestinian Flag. According to Reports, it was Student John Noonan who helped organize the Defense of the U.S. Flag in U.S. Soil. Imagine that? He later started a GoFundMe Page Fundraiser on behalf of Susan Ralston. The support was overwhelming to the point they quickly surpassed half a Million U.S. Dollars in Donations. Here is what they posted on the Site.

**Update: We are overwhelmed by you Glorious, Patriotic Americans who value Good Beer and Great Times. We are in contact with multiple Leaders from different Fraternities whose Members helped defend the Flag. Our Gratitude goes to all of them and we will update Supporters on what comes next.** Commie Losers across the Country have invaded College Campuses to make Dumb Demands of Weak University Administrators.

There are numerous Videos posted on Social Media about the ‘Stance’ amidst the Chaos, the Screaming, the Anti-Semitism. Moreover, the Ugly Head of the American-Born Middle Class Indoctrinated Pro-Palestine Protesters surfaced to show who they really are and what side they are on. It was about the Hatred of Faith and the Flag, Precisely, the Christian and Jewish Faith and the Nation of the USA.

Some People view their Stance at this Place and Time  standing as a Platoon of American Heroes compared to the raising of the Flag at Iwo Jima. These Fraternity Brothers protected Old Glory from the Marxist Indoctrinated Horde as they tried to shield themselves from the barrack of objects thrown at them. What the U.S. Campus Pro-Palestine Encampments have done is to expose this Liberal, Leftist Indoctrination Rot.

UNC GoFundMe Page



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