The Morrow After the Sabbath

  • What is the New Wine Pentecost Theory?
  • Is Shavuot the same of Pentecost of Acts 2?
  • Why is the Wheat Harvest a Type of the Rapture?

 by Luis B. Vega
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The purpose of this study is to consider and go over the various Options or Interpretations of when one is to correctly count ‘After the Morrow of the Sabbath’. This is to determine when the True Date of Shavuot should occur and be Celebrated. Shavuot is the 1st 50 Day Count after Passover. The issue is what Sabbath are they talking about? And also realize that one is of the Interpretation that Shavuot is not the same as the Acts 2 Pentecost Event. In one’s Pentecost New Wine Theory, one has argued for about a Decade not that the Pentecost of Acts 2 is at the 100th Day Count.  

And coincides with the Feast of the First Fruits of the New Wine and the Astrological Leo New Year. And? One conjectures that this is the Correct Rapture Timing as it is the Anniversary of when the Holy Spirit came down. Perhaps, if Prophecy is Pattern, the Ascent of the Bride of Christ that has the Holy Spirit within, will be snatch-out of Harm’s Way of what is coming upon the World due to the Hour of Judgment. It is on a given July 22 that commemorates the End of the Summer, Wheat Harvest, etc. In one’s Pentecost New Wine, Leo New Year Rapture Theory, the Month and Day have been identified.

What is next to be determined is the Year. Until that Year comes, the July 23 Date that comes and goes will be and are Dress Rehearsals. But one’s Theory of how the correct Day Count should start with, is based on the Synchronization of the Spring Equinox. It goes to show you that at this point in the Synchronization of the Calendars, there is at least now a 1 Month Difference. And even within the Rabbinical or Hebrew Calendar, the Day Count differs based on when one starts that. For example, the Orthodox Jews, who count the Omer from the Day after Passover ended-up with an Early June Date of Shavuot.

Now, one actually agrees with the Principle of starting the Count after Passover, as they do. That method of the Day Count is also pegged to when they left Egypt during the Exodus. But a Late June Shavuot Date is arrived at by others who are alternately counting the Sabbaths. No Problem. There are 3 possible Start Dates one can choose from. And they have to do with how you interpret the ‘Morrow after the Sabbath’.

1. After Passover, or Nisan 15. Passover is a High Day Sabbath and this is the Omer Count.

2. After the Weekly Sabbath of that Passover Week, so a Sunday after Passover.

3. After a whole Week starting on the Sunday, completely after a whole Weekly Sabbath passes.

Astronomical Proofs
The 3rd Option is what is determining a late June 23 Shavuot, etc. All that to say, despite their 3 Start Dates, they are all Off nonetheless because they solely base their Calendar on the Moon Cycles, and that is now 1 Month Off, at this Point as of this Writing. The Rabbinical Calendar is veering off and with each Year, it will get worse. And that is why one is respectfully saying all 3 will come and go. Why? This is where one’s Estimation comes into play.

But why on Earth would one think one has it ‘Right’ or is the more ‘Correct’ one? As one has shared over the Years, more than a Decade in fact, but not that any Time is a Factor of being ‘Correct’, one has pegged the Feasts of YHVH to the Celestial Signs. One thinks that they are Confirming Witnesses or ‘Accents’ the Correct Start Dates. And this is predicated on the Synchronization needed to correct the Lunar Based Only Rabbinical Calendars. But as with all Theories, it will have to be put to the Test.

And in one’s Estimation, if the Rapture is to coincide with its Anniversary as a Harvest Type, if not, then it is all just then a Dress Rehearsal until the Actual One occurs. The following will show how the more correct rendering of the Calendar, pegged to the Solar Spring Equinox, is apparently consistent in identifying and confirming, Astronomically, the correct Fasts Days of YHVH, for the Year 2024 as an example.

1. Passover – April 8-9 on the Great American Solar Eclipse.

2. Shavuot – June 2-3, 50 Days later from Day after Passover, on the Planetary Alignment.

3. Pentecost – July 23, 100 Days after Nisan 15 and on the Astrological Leo New Year.

Realize that the Jews used to Synchronize their Day Counts by the Spring Equinox every Year. It avoided the Monthly ‘Drift’. That ceased as the Temple was Destroyed. Thereafter, they solely had to default to a Lunar Calendar because of the Diaspora and Jews were everywhere sent into the Nations. It was their best attempt at unifying when all Jews around the World would celebrate the Feasts of YHVH, all in 1 Accord, etc. To this Day, this Rabbinical Calendar, that is solely based on the Lunar Cycles is being used but is inaccurate in one’s Estimation.

So these are one’s Astronomically Correlation Proofs that one’s Calculation of when the actual Feast of YHVH are to be noted. And that perhaps, the Rapture Timing is pegged to the Acts 2 Pentecost New Wine Event. It will remain to be seen and proven. But one’s Rapture Theory is all predicated on the 3 Pieces of Astronomical Correlations. And to say that despite this Evidence, one cannot be 100% certain. It is one’s Best Estimation and Calculation.



Rendezvous at the Lion's Gate
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Summer White Wheat Wedding
The purpose of this Book is to provide a Compilation of Articles over several Years of ‘Discovery into the Journey of Identifying where and when the True Count of Leviticus 23:15-16 occurred, i.e., the Feast of New Wine, precisely at a 99th Day Count. The challenge that his Book tackles is what is the Start Date? Why? This initial Start Date will determine the exact Day in which the Feast of New Wine, on a July 23 Date.

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​Conclusion of the Commission
A study of the Astronomical and Mathematical Patterns heralding the End of the Church Age and the coming Transference of Testimony and the witness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The 7-year Sabbatical Cycle of time suggests that the Church Age is about to conclude and transfer the Gospel Witness back to the Dispensation of Israel to finish the 70th Week of Years. This specific time is predicated on the Convergence of several Prophetic Timelines will be presented to highlight this time of the Synchronization of Biblical prophecy.

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