Deterring the Correct Start Date

  • What is the 'Morrow after the Sabbath?
  • When does the Day Count begin from that Day?
  • Why is this important in determing the New Wine?

 by Luis B. Vega
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The purpose of this study is to reiterate one’s Stance on when the Feast of New Wine and why. One is glad the Topic of this New Understanding or Interpretation of when True Pentecost and its corresponding Feast of New Wine is being considered. It is being received with Mixed Emotions and Acceptance. It is to be expected. Now, just to share, here below will be a Reply given back to many People that have contacted me online about one’s New Wine Theory and Day Counts and have asked, ‘Prove it!’

So, just to also reiterate one’s Supposition about this Acts 2 Pentecost New Wine Theory, it is surely not based on the Rabbinical Calendar. And that is why, in one’s Estimation, all other Brethren using it and determining their Best Guess at when Pentecost is or New Wine, will be off. One is using the Spring Equinox Solar Calendar. And it is even disregarding how the Essenes determine their Day Counts. And even then, the following is 1 Interpretation of when to begin the Day Count from Passover. So, it is based on the Premise of determining the Moon after the Spring Equinox, regardless of it being a Wednesday or not as the Essenes have established. So, for 2024, then the following.

March 20 = Spring Equinox
March 25 = 1s FULL Moon after Spring Equinox (This is Nisan 1.)

+ 14 Days = Passover

April 8-9 = Passover NEW Moon (Great American Eclipse.)
Day Count to determine Shavuot (New Grain) + Pentecost (New Wine) + New Oil
April 14 = From ‘Morrow after WEEKLY Sabbath.

+ 100 Days (Lev 23:16 Double Count: 49 Day or 7 Sabbaths + 1 + 50 Days.)

= July 23


One has also been asked about the Teaching of the Cana Wedding and its correlation to the Date for the New Wine? As one has written about this Event, one is conjecturing that the Feast of Cana occurred, precisely on a July 23, End of the Summer Wheat Harvest that corresponded to the Acts 2 Pentecost Event. From what one can assess, the Cana Wedding is a Metaphor of what will occur at the Rapture.

Which Sabbath?
It is when one’s Earthly Stone Body will be being turned into Glorified Flesh and filled with ‘New Wine’, etc. But Brethren are teaching that the Day Count starts at 1 whole Week after the Weekly Sabbath of Passover. One disagrees with this, but that is how and why they arrive at an Av 9 Date. One has already argued why one thinks that is incorrect, but ‘To Each Their Own’, as they say.

One Thing is for sure, the Body of Christ needs more Grace given to each other when disagreeing with this New Wine Theory or any other. We should argue the Evidence, Theory and Conjecture, not the Brethren. It is sad when Pride and Jealousy reverts to attacking the Character of the Brethren. They are really doing that to Jesus. And one thinks Jesus will not be happy about that come the Bema Seat of Christ Review.

Here below is how one answered an Inquiry about why one thinks a July 23 Date is the correct correspondence to the Acts 2 Pentecost that coincided with the Feast of the First Fruits of the Wine. And to note that in one’s Rapture Watching, one is a once in Year Observers. Meaning that if July 23 comes and goes for the present Year, one will continue to look for that same Day in the Subsequent Years. It will be the case for one, until otherwise convinced that it is not.

Really, it is just a Model, a Theory. One cannot prove it. It is all Conjecture. And as I say to others that ask, it is based on one’s Learning Curb and Journey about this Topic. It has been 40 Years worth, and I still cannot pin-point it, other than have come across possible Clues that do factor a Triangulation of Discoveries. But even then, one cannot prove them.

I will include the 2 Charts again that show how one has determined the Day Count. Now realize that there is a Discrepancy because of so many Calendars, and which one, one is using and are they exactly 30-Day Months? So, the Devil is in the Details. As to your specific Question about how a July 23 Date is attained for 2024? Here is the Calculation. It is a fixed Day Count April 14, as it was in 32 AD.

April 14, 2024 + 100 Days = July 23, 2024

But if one is using the present Calendar and its conversion Equation, then as April 9 was Passover, and then you start your Omer Count on the Day after, being April 10, then + 100 Days = July 19. This is 3-4 Days of a Difference. Not sure how to explain that. That Day Count would be based on when the Israelites left Egypt, the following Day after Passover. So the Start Date would be Nisan 15. And this is how the Jews, to this Day, start their Omer Count. One suspects that the Days of the Calendar Discrepancy is to blame.

Back then, the Jewish Months all had 30 Day, but at a certain Point in Time, the Months alternated from 29 to 30 Days. This could be why there is a 3-4 Day Defense to account for. And why then the ‘Morrow’ after the Sabbath, assuming the Weekly Sabbath of that Passover Week is when the Day Count starts. Other Brethren now teaching on the Subject of the New Wine are going by their Interpreting that the Morrow after the Sabbath is to mean a whole Week having based beyond the Weekly Sabbath of that Passover Week. But if you count the Omer from the Day after the Weekly Sabbath, then you get:

April 14, a Sunday + 100 Days = July 23, 2024.

So, there you have it. But again, one is stressing that one is only going off a Projected Model. One is not saying one is ‘Right’ or ‘Follow  Me’, etc. One will leave it at, as one cannot explain it any other way. One has now written 3 Books about this Topic. 

Nonetheless, Blessings on your Journey of Discovery!




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