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The Revelation in the Bible Codexes
A study in code patterns found in the Bible. The book includes the over 100 code matrix tables. These are 'messages' for the Bride of Christ, the Church and Israel in the Last Days. The icon is for the 6x9 size publication that can be purchased online or downloaded as a PDF for a donation.

Index Listing of Code Charts in Alpha Order.

File 11 Abaddon
File 19 Abaddon is Coming - CERN, Witchcraft
File 1 Abomination of Desolation
File 17 Abyss - Gates of CERN
File 16 Amalekites, Evil
File 13 America is Babylon
File 7 America, Collapse of
File 2 America, Fall of
File 19 Anomalies in Daniel - End of an Era
File 9 Antichrist
File 1 Antichrist in the Book of Daniel
File 10 Antichrist-Multifaceted
File 1 Apollyon and the Abyss
File 8 Apollyon Revisited I
File 17 Asteroid in Days of Awe? Rapture?
File 1 Atomic Holocaust
File 18 Atomic Holocaust in Torah
File 19 Atomic Holocaust - Coming Russian Ambush

File 12 Babylonian King
File 11 Barak Obama
File 9 Barak H. Obama 1,2,3
File 11 Behold the Days are Coming
File 10 Bible He Encoded
File 12 Blood Moons, GOD's Message
File 15 Blood Moons, Warning
File 17 Bohemian Grove Exposed
File 16 Book of Life

File 7 Candlestick, 2
File 8 Candlesticks, 2 II
File 16 CERN Fire at the Gates of Hell
File 17 CERN The Gates of the Abyss
File 21 Chem-Trailed World
File 7 Coming, 2nd
File 11 Coming, 2nd - Kaduri Connection
File 1 Covenant with Many
File 7 Cup of Trembling

File 10 Damascus, The Burden of
File 19 Darby's Rapture - The Rapture Verdict
File 10 Day of the LORD
File 14 Day of the LORD 2
File 13 Date of Messiah
File 17 Death Methods, DNA in Me
File 20 Destroyer Comes
File 14 Dome of the Rock

File 21 Eclipse Across America - 5777
File 18 Elect Gathered
File 2 End of an Era (Age)
File 7 End of Days
File 12 End-Days
File 1 End of Days - Apocalypse 1
File 1 End of Days - Apocalypse 2
File 11 Enoch and Elijah
File 10 Ephod

File 20 FBI Comey Cover Up - Hillary Emails - Clinton Foundation
File 18 FEMA Camps, Operation Disneyland
File 14 Fig Tree Parable

File 20 Fire & Fear - End of Days - Comet Nibiru
File 2 Fire from Heaven
File 8 Flares, Solar
File 6 Flies, Lord of the
File 12 Fullness of Gentiles 1
File 12 Fullness of Gentiles 2
File 6 Fullness of the Gentiles

File 13 Grace, End of
File 18 Golgotha, From - Ark of Covenant
File 21 Golgotha, Blood and Crevice

File 19 Hillary is Corrupt
File 20 Hillary is Corrupt II
File 20 Hillary Steals the Election III


File 5 Illuminati
File 17 Illuminati Revealed
File 18 Islam is of Satan

File 13 Jesus of Nazareth 1
File 13 Jesus of Nazareth 2
File 16 Jubilee, The Last

File 11 Kaduri Message

File 7 King, Anointed

File 14 Light of the World

File 17 Mark of the Beast
File 8 Melchizedek - Yeshua Connection
File 2 Messiach I
File 2 Messiach II
File 8 Messiah according to Isaiah 1
File 8 Messiah according to Isaiah 2
File 7 Messiach and Elijah
File 5 Messiah's Return
File 12 Messiah, Return of the
File 18 Molech, Rising - Fire and Innocence
File 1 Moon God and the Harlot
File 2 Mystery Babylon

File 9 Name, They Cursed His
File 4 Nephilim - Genome Hybrids
File 20 Nibiru, Comet - Fear and Fire, End of Days
File 21 Nibiru Destroyer - Fire of His Jealousy 1
File 21 Nibiru Destroyer - Fire of His Jealousy 2
File 21 Nibiru Destroyer - Fire of His Jealousy 3
File 18 Nibiru - Planet 7x Wormwood
File 20 Nibiru - Star will fall
File 20 Nibiru - The Destroyer Comes
File 20 NIbiru - The Destroyer is Coming
File 4 Noah, As in the Days of
File 17 Name, In the Day of Trouble call upon

File 8 Obama Table, Glazerson's
File 15 Obama2015 Updated
File 15 Obama-Dictator

File 3 Perdition, Son of 1
File 3 Perdition, Son of 2
File 3 Perdition, Son of 3
File 3 Perdition, Son of 4
File 3 Perdition, Son of 5
File 17 Perversion is His Name
File 5 Peter the Roman
File 5 Plagues Unleashed
File 7 Plagues Unleashed 2
File 18 Planet 7x - Nibiru Wormwood
File 4 Pope - The Unveiling of the Harlot


File 17 Rain, Former and Latter
File 3 Rapture
File 6 Rapture 2
File 3 Rapture in Leviticus
File 17 Restore the Name of YHVH
File 6 Restrainers
File 12 Resurrection of Jesus
File 21 Revelation 12 - The Gathering
File 21 Revelation 17 - The Pope is of the Beast

File 18 Scalia Murdered
File 9 Seventh Seal 1
File 9 Seventh Seal 2
File 15 Seven Seals
File 15 Silence in Heaven
File 20 Silence in Heaven 2
File 16 Shemitah 2015
File 4 Shemitah and Coming War
File 4 Shemitah - Final Warning
File 6 Shroud of Turin
File 2 Siding Spring Comet
File 9 Sin, Man of
File 9 Sixth Seal
File 14 Shmitah War 2015-16 (5776)
File 13 Son of David is Coming 1,2,3
File 18 Sons of Light have Returned
File 12 Sorrows, Time of
File 11 Spoiler & Sleeper
File 8 Snake, Coming of the
File 21 Star Shade
File 20 Star will Fall - Nibiru
File 5 Syria, Fall of Assad
File 12 Syrian President will Fall
File 12 Syrian President in the Codes

File 2 Temple, 3rd
File 11 Temple, 3rd - Revisited
File 15 Temple, 3rd - Yehuda Glick
File 4 Tetrad, 7th
File 14 Tetrad, 7th - DNA Death Methods 2
File 11 Thunders, 7
File 6 Times, Gods Appointed
File 13 Times, Gods Appointed - Plan 1
File 13 Times, Gods Appointed - Plan 2
File 4 Time of Sorrows
File 14 Time of Troubles
File 6 Tree of Hope
File 6 Tribulation
File 16 Tribulation Coming
File 19 Trump Wins - Hillary Steals 1,2
File 10 Trumpets of Judgment
File 14 Tsipras, Aexis
File 15 Tsipras, Alexis 2 Updated


File 10 Vatican's Rule

File 14 War is Coming 1
File 14 War is Coming 2
File 10 Warning from God, Stern
File 5 Witnesses, 2 - 1
File 5 Witnesses, 2 - 2
File 19 World War in 2016 Glazerson
File 16 Wonder in Heaven, Great
File 5 Worthy is the Lamb


File 11 Yellowstone
File 3 Yeshua, Resurrection of in Genesis
File 4 Yeshua is my Name



All the materials are in PDF format and are not to be reproduced, re-sold or monetized in any form, book, ebook, DVD, CD and/or video. Such material can be used without altercations for educational purposes only. When using such materials, please give due credit and citations.

‘The Bible Code is a purported set of secret messages encoded within the text of the Bible. These hidden codes have been described as a method by which specific letters from the Scriptures can be selected to reveal hidden word combinations. The primary method by which purportedly meaningful messages have been extracted is called the Equidistant Letter Sequence (ELS). To obtain an ELS from a text, a starting point is chosen and then a skip number. Select letters from the text at equal spacing determined by the skip number produces the codes.’  –from Wikipedia paraphrased

With the aid of modern computer code software, this decoding of the Bible has been facilitated. There have been numerous ‘Code Searcher’s over time. In modern times, the notion became popularized by the book entitled The Bible Code written by Michael Drosnin in the early 90s. The following charts are the work of CodeSearcher, Matthew Wright. The author of these particular Codes believes that they are a ‘modern day Ephod' and that they are not to be a predictor of events but that there is divine revelation there.

The Codes are considered to possibly be another witness to the authenticity of the Word of YHVH. The following are a series of annotated Bible Code chart, over 100 in number. They are free to download and in PDF format. The codes are sectioned-off by numerated files. These Bible Codes are presented for your discernment and consideration.


'Then I said, Here I am! I have come! In the Scroll of the Book it is written about Me (Yeshua). I have come to do Your Will.' - Psalm 40:7