1995: Sketch Board
This illustration is an adaption to the 'Napkin' design tool to preach the Gospel. The sketch shows the original plan of Man and Women with the Creator YHVH. Then there is the separation due to SIN but the cross of Jesus Christ reconciles Humanity back to its Creator. A presentation for educational purposes only.

2002: Freedom Fair

The College & Career Ministry of Laurelglen Bible Church in Bakersfield outreach to the community of Ducor. The occasion was the July 4th Freedom Fair. Various local groups came out as the tiny community helped to rejuvenate the spiritual thirst of the people that can only be satisfied in Jesus Christ.

2004: The Choir Skit
The College & Career Ministry of Laurelglen Bible Church in Bakersfield retreat. The group did the skit entitled The Choir that exemplifies the heart condition of Believers of Jesus even in the midst of worship. it is a sobering check to the heart and mind of what one believes is true worship.

1993: The Trial
This skit is a parody of a criminal that is caught in the act of murder and theft. He seeks to have a slick lawyer get him off the death sentence. He is found guilty like Barabbas. But Jesus Christ took the burden for the payment of sin to release the captive and bestow Eternal Life and Freedom.

So he [Paul] was reasoning in the synagogue with the Jews and the God-fearing Gentiles, and in the market place every day with those who happened to be present. -Acts 17:17

Since the early 1990s I have been involved in Farmer Market Outreaches utilizing Mimes, Open Air Reading and the Sketch Board Gospel presentations. It is a dynamic way to share one's Faith and be Obedient to the Master's Call to take the Gospel Message to the Ends of the World. Like the Apostle Paul, in his Journeys, he first went to the Synagogues of the Jews and then to the Public Market Places like a Farmer's Market of SLO. During my San Luis Obispo years, we had an opportunity to perform regularly for nearly a whole decade in downtown San Luis Obispo and the surrounding cities for various outreach projects and events.

I have had the privilege of perform during Farmers Markets, on Beach Boardwalks, Town Squares, Festivals and Oversea Missions; a Fool for Christ. The purpose of Mimes within a context of Ministry is to Glorify and Uplift Jesus Christ by ‘Preached without Words’. It is the Gospel alone that through the Preaching of the WORD, the Life Changing Power of Jesus Christ is transmitted. Such Mime Skits complement and prepare the Crowds and/or Audiences by demonstrating stories related to the themes of the Gospel without the use of words in preparation for the Preaching of the Word that should follow.

I later returned to my 'home base' Church in Bakersfield, Laurelglen Bible Church, a U.S. Mennonite denomination. It was there that the LORD involved me in the College & Career Ministry called Crossroads that had various Outreaches to the Community of Ducor., for exmaple. I also got an opportunity to be a Church Usher and also for the Billy Graham Crusade.