Cydonia Martian Motif

The various artwork highlighted above are but a sample of the items that can be purchased for study and/or gifts. All the Charts and Posters are provided free to download and print at one's own discretion. The graphics are intended for computer and/or poster size printout.

The various artwork has been customized to also be rendered in other forms other than posters or charts. In this case, the various artwork has been placed on mouse-pads that make a statement, either in the office, study desk or other places where one does work on a computer.

The posters that I have made in some cases follow a theme that is already taken but is rendered with a twist. The posters depict in some cases satirical, political, religious or social issues of the day.

These are my most popular t-shirts. They are a great witnessing tool and conversation starter. The size and color can be modified in the ordering.

The Store
The following are some items that are the most popular on my page. They include the links to where one can purchase Charts for poster size printing as requested by some and other merchandise. There are also other eschatological themed merchandise that I have created. Such items include mugs, t-shirts, mouse-pads and stickers. These are great items to give as gifts or for one's own interest. Your purchases help contribute to support this site as such research has perhaps benefited you or others. Any purchases will help offset the cost of maintaining this webpage that goes around the world in most cases if it is not blocked. The banners and ads for are hyperlinked and will take you to the store to view the various items for price, size and purchasing.