The Psalm 83 War
Has the Prophecy of Psalm 83 occurred yet? What will constitute the coordinated Invasion of Israel? Could it be that it will not be the surrounding Nations but their various Paramilitary Factions that will?
-Article #298


Isaiah 17 Burden of Damascus
Will the Ancient City of Damascus be Nuked as described in the Biblical Prophecy of Isaiah 17? Will this event be a 'Domino Effect' to set in motion the last 4 World Wars still to come and centered on Jerusalem?

-Article #297

Altar of Sacrifice: 3rd Temple has begun
A Prophetic Milestone has been achieved in the quest to rebuild the 3rd Temple. The first step in rededicating the Altar of Sacrifice was made on December 10, 2018. Click icons free Chart PDF.
-Article #318

The Coming of Planet X?
An example of the over 20 Charts made to depict certain concepts of the 2nd Sun Anomaly known as Planet X as it relates to various Worldwide Catastrophes such as the Flood of Noah.

-Article #259


The Revelation Alef-Bet Cipher
Is there a Hebrew Letter-to-Chapter of Revelation direct correspondence in terms of Prophetic Meaning? Does this possible Theory thus provide compelling evidence that the Rapture of Bride of Christ is indeed pre-Tribulation?
-Article #314


The following are samples of over 500 articles and 1000 chart studies for your discernment and consideration.

The Precepts of YHVH are right, rejoicing the heart;
The Commandment of YHVH
is pure and bright,
Enlightening the Eyes.
Psalm 19:8

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3rd Temple: True Location Astronomically
The following study will present some Astronomical and Mathematical Arguments as to why the true location of the Holy of Holies was at and will be.
-Article #319

-Resource Page

Hi, I'm Luis Vega. I go by Lu. I am a Citizen Journalist, Reporter and Writer who believes in the free expression of ideas and critical thinking. I'm on staff at Sonoma State University in northern California. This page was created as my Staff Profile research webpage was censored at my university due to being Christian in content and because of a complaint coming from a Leftist Faculty Professor, and 1 intolerant irreligious Parent. I was the Testing  Coordinator and Testing Officer for the University until COVID was released and they shut down my Testing Office, 'permanently'. I have been transferred to Advising now where it had been agreed I was not to return due to medical reasons. All the while all the other Offices and/or Services are being re-populated.

I wear multiple hats in providing services to University Students. I have worked in Education for over 30 years, now being in my mid-50s. I primarily have worked in First-Year Instruction, Program Admissions, Student Orientations and Academic Counseling. As a Statistician, I had provide entrance and graduate level testing for Law School and Graduate Students. As an Instructor, I have taught UNIV 102 at Sonoma State and  AgEd 102 at Cal Poly, SLO.

For those interested in world events, I love to study patterns in Numbers, End Times, Astronomy, Astro-Archeology and 'Types and Shadows' from a Biblical point of view. The purpose of these Eschatological Studies -by way of Articles, Charts, Codes and other material are made available to better help and instruct one to consider such patterns as they may hold a key in what happened in the Past as to what can possibly happen in the Future. Eschatology comes from the Greek word ἔσχατος that means 'The End'.

This site is dedicated to the study of End Times by way of illustrations, posters, publications, codes and artwork, etc. The links above within the menu bar will reveal over 500 published articles, over 900 illustrated Prophetic Charts, 100s of collaborated Bible Codes, 27 self-published books on Biblical prophecy, and Missions work, etc. I have traveled to over 18 countries on service projects helping with orphanages, Tsunami Relief, construction and Malaria prevention projects.

Does history repeat in patterns? Some would say yes, others no or maybe... The research presented is in part based on speculation testing various Biblically themed theories. Facts and figures will be examined to extrapolate possible patterns; in no way are they to prove a point or have an agenda. When the theory is tested and found lacking substantially, it should be considered as such. I welcome any criticism or corrections and will adjust accordingly, time permitting.

I have several degrees and as a Political Scientist and Amateur Astronomer, I especially like to study recent/current events and news related to Israel, the World, Religions, Astronomy and Astro-Archeology.  I am amazed at the speed in which world events are heralding to a final climax, it seems. This research is presented free, as a public service for Humanity to review, discern and/or download. There is a Store link on the menu bar for purchasing most of the charts, books, merchandise and poster materials, if so desired. Any little review helps in paying to keep the website operational.

You are welcome to download any and all of the research for free; the 1000+ Charts, 200+ Codes, 500+ Publication Articles and 50+ Posters that I have so far accomplished in my research. I have published over 32 books on Eschatology. All the materials are in PDF format and are not to be reproduced, re-sold or monetized in any form, book, ebook, DVD, CD and/or video. Such material can be used without altercations for educational purposes only. When using such materials, please give due credit and citation.

With PDFs, one can zoom in and increase the size without losing resolution too much. The materials are mainly intended for poster-size printouts. All the files can be downloaded off of Microsoft OneDrive Cloud as an option as well. I hope that you will be enriched and/or 'enlightened' by such research and studies, and that all this information will be of some use to you in your studies and research into such matters.

Luis B. Vega

Battle of Armageddon - Petra Pattern
The Bible declares that at the point of the Abomination of Desolation, a Jewish Remnant will flee to the Wilderness of Petra, that has an Orion Star Pattern. Once this Time Marker occurs, it sets the return of Jesus to execute His wrath.
-Article #301

The Ezekiel 38 War
After Israel secures a False 'Peace and Security' pack with the Nations, it will let down its guard. A Russian led Muslim Alliance of Outer-Ring Nations will attack Israel to Plunder and Spoil.
-Article #299

Bible Codes
This is an example of the over 150 Codes annotated to depict certain concepts of Biblical Prophecy. The Charts are the work of CodeSearcher, Matthew Wright. The Author believes that they are a ‘Modern Day Ephod'.
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Cydonia, Mars patterns - World Capitals
This is an example of nearly 300 Charts depicting the Cydonia, Mars Pyramid Triangulation Anomaly all over Earth. Charts/Poster are free to view.
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Definition of ESCHATOLOGY: 1) A Branch of Theology concerned with the Final Events in the History of the World or of Humanity and Israel. 2) A Belief of the End of the World, or the ultimate Destiny of Humanity. 3) Specifically concerning the Second Coming of Jesus, the Resurrection of the Dead, Heavenly Signs, the Rapture, Israel and the Last Judgment to come.

Artistic Posters & Graphics
I love to do posters. Here is a sample that cover a wide arrange of topics, Biblical, Political, Esoteric, etc. Click on icon to enlarge for detail and free download. Most are cataloged in the Posters Files link.
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Solar eclipse viewing by Staff and Students at the campus of Sonoma State University and searching for Nibiru.