Hi, I'm Luis Vega. I go by Lu. I am a Citizen Journalist, Independent Reporter, Graphic Artist, Amateur Astronomer, World Traveler and Writer who believes in the Free Expression of Ideas and Critical Thinking. I am currently on Staff at Sonoma State University in Northern California. This site was created as my Staff Profile Research Webpage was Censored at one's University due to being 'Christian' in Content.

I wear multiple Hats in providing Educational Services to University Students. I have worked in Education for over 30 Years. I primarily have worked in First-Year Instruction, Advising Programs, Admissions, Outreach, Student Orientations and Academic Counseling. As a Statistician, I have provided Entrance and Graduate Level Testing for Law School and Graduate Students.

As an Instructor, I have taught UNIV 102 at Sonoma State and  AgEd 102 at Cal Poly, SLO. I have Traveled to over 18 Nations on Service Projects helping with Orphanages, Tsunami Relief, School Construction and Malaria Prevention Projects. I have several Degrees and am a Political Scientist. My 40+ Years in Research into Eschatology, the Study of End Times, is presented Free, as a Public Service for Humanity to Review, Discern and/or Download. It is based on the Biblical World View and Interpretation. 

For those interested in the study of the End Times, this Website is a Resource. I love to study Sacred Patterns in Numbers, Astronomy, Astro-Archaeology and 'Types and Shadows' from a Biblical Point of View. Why? They hold a Key in what is happening now, as to what has happened in the Past, and what will happen in the Future.  Eschatology comes from the Greek word ἔσχατος that means 'The End'.

All of one's Research is made available for Free, to better help and instruct those Sensing the Nearness of the Return of Jesus. The various Links within the Site Menu or Directory will reveal over 1000 Published Articles, over 1000 Illustrated Prophetic Charts, 100s of Collaborated Bible Codes, 50+ Self-Published Books on Biblical Prophecy, and Missions Work, etc. 
The ​Eschatology Research presented, welcomes any Comments, Criticism or Corrections. 

There is a Store Link on the Menu Bar for Purchasing any of the Charts, Books, Merchandise and Poster Materials, if so desired. Any amount of Revenue helps in paying to keep the Website Operational. 
I hope that you will be Enriched and/or 'Enlightened' by such Research into End Times, and the Articles, Charts and other Information, will be of some use to you in your Studies and Research into such Matters, as the 'Eschatology', or the End of Days are here.

Luis B. Vega

The Precepts of YHVH are Right, Rejoicing the Heart;
The Commandment of YHVH
is Pure and Bright,
Enlightening the Eyes.
Psalm 19:8

I am a Citizen Journalist, Independent Reporter, Graphic Artist, Amateur Astronomer and Writer who believes in the Free Expression of Ideas and Critical Thinking. This site is dedicated to the Study of End Times by way of Articles, Illustrations, Posters, Publications, Codes and Artwork, etc. My Research is from a Biblical World View and Interpretation, presented Free, as a Public Service for Humanity.
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The following are Samples of 1000+ Articles, 1000+ Charts, 50+ Books, 100+ Bible Codes, Posters and a Store. Your Support to help keep this Independent Research going is Greatly Appreciated. Thank You!

Updated on Weekends when Possible. Last Updated: July 20, 2024

Solar eclipse viewing by Staff and Students at the campus of Sonoma State University and searching for Planet X.