The purpose of the Charts is to give people a pictorial format that summarizes  the various celestial Blood Moon pattern observed . The charts are meant for a poster size printouts. The original dimensions are of a 11x17 inch, USA standard paper measure. Click on the icon to download the free Chart PDFs from the online public OneDrive files.

'I will display wonders in the sky and on the Earth, blood, fire and columns of smoke. The Sun will be turned into darkness And the Moon into blood before the great and awesome Day of the LORD comes.' -Joel 2:30-31

The following are free items that are available for downloads to the general public regarding various resources related to the Tetrad and Blood Moon phenomenon. My research into the Blood Moons has produced over 30 charts, over 20 essays and a book. The book encapsulate my findings of the astronomical correlation of the Tetrad Template with respect to the prophetic 'effects' on the nation of Israel.

One major theory is present that associates the Tetrad Blood Moons with the coming rebuilding of the 3rd Temple. In the case of Israel, the Tetrad Template suggests a 'Before-During-After' sequence. The window of the 'before' was approximately 2 years, thus a possible correlation would be sometime after 2017. This pattern did occur in 2018 when the Altar of Sacriice was buit. The Altar is an extension of the Temple. Many believe that the Blood Moons are a harbinger and bad omen for Israel.  The following are free resources made available for one's examination.

Free Copy of The Witness of the Stars by E.W. Bullinger
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Blood Moon Omens
The purpose of this book is to provide a retrospective and comprehensive study of the Tetrad and Blood Moon sequences that occurred since 1949 that suggest a prophetic reconstitution of Israel, the end of the Church Age, and start of Daniel’s 70th Week. The various studies provided will look back how the Blood Moon phenomena sparked a renewed interest in Biblical prophecy of the Last Days.

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