The following are Articles related to the Topic of the USA and the Dire Warnings one has assessed will be the soon Demise of America, based on one's Research. 


#442: THE PURGE - End of the American Experiment

#431: AMERICA IN GOD WE TRUSTED - Visions of America's Last Days

#419: AMERICA’S EXPIRATION DATE? - 33rd Sabbath

#389: GEORGE WASHINGTON PROPHECIES - Fall of The Republic  

#370: ​PILLARS OF THE SACRED SPACE - Plan to Demolish the USA

#331: TABERNACLE REPUBLIC - American Continental Pattern of Resources


#260: 10 REASONS GREAT ECLIPSE – 33 Factor

#250: GREAT AMERICAN ECLIPSES - Divided States of America

#226: GREAT AMERICAN ECLIPSE - An Agent of National Division  


#135: ​ISIS OVER AMERICA - Rise of Satan in The Land   

#121: 7 SALEM'S ACROSS AMERICA - A House Divided Will Fall

#116: POTTER’S NATION - Virgin Daughter of America, Turn

#91: THE LEFTOVERS TV SHOW - Spiritual Pulse of America

#69: DEMISE OF AMERICA - Scales Weighed in the Balance

A Sword Coming to Divide the Nation(s) - Solar Eclipse 2013

#64: JADE HELM - Battlefield America

#40: MARKET CRASHES - Stock Market Sabbatical Cycles

The Coming New World Order Economy

#34: SPIRIT OF EGYPT - Aurora Cinema Satanic Blood Ritual

#57: FALL OF THE PHOENIX - 33rd Sabbath Countdown

#12: WORLD TRADE CENTER 9-11 - Start of National Judgment

Sabbatical Cycle Economic Collapse Patterns

#9: THE ATLANTIAN CAPITAL - Cracks in the National Monument


United States of Babylon - FEMA Regions


Rise of Baphomet Spirit: Prepare for End of the World

The Fall of the Phoenix: on the 33rd Sabbath

Total Eclipse of the Heart
A study on the astronomical and spiritual implications pertaining to the Great American Eclipse. A comparison to Judah an America will be presented and their prophetic similarities and destiny.  Click blue buttons for PDF downloads.
-Article #261

‘See, the Day of the LORD is coming —a Cruel Day, with wrath and Fierce Anger—to make the Land desolate and destroy the Sinners within it. The Stars of Heaven and their Constellations will not show their Light. The rising Sun will be darkened and the Moon will not give its Light. I will punish the World for its Evil, the Wicked for their Sins. I will put an end to the Arrogance of the Haughty and will Humble the Pride of the Ruthless.  –Isaiah 13:9-13

The following are free items that are availa
ble for downloads to the General Public regarding various resources related to the study of solar eclipses. My years of research into total solar eclipses has produced over 20 charts and 10 essays. The research encapsulates my findings of the astronomical correlation of eclipses that according to the Bible are set for signs and are time markers. Many believe that the solar eclipses are a sign of judgments for the Nations.

The following links are given also to the sale of t-shirts to provide a light-hearted take on the event. The emphases will be on the Great American Eclipse as many have discovered amazing correlations, numerical, Biblical and prophetic. For example, since Trumps 1st full day in Office from January 21 to the Great Eclipse is exactly 7 months or 30 weeks and 3 days (33) including end date.

The purpose of the Charts is to give people a pictorial form
at that summarizes  the various patterns of solar eclipses. The charts are meant for a poster size printouts. The original dimensions are of a 11x17 inch, USA standard paper measure. Click on the icon to download the free Chart PDFs from the online public OneDrive files.

Great American Eclipse
August 21: What does it mean? Many End Times Watchers are attributing this eclipse with monumental prophetic correlations. Are they possible? Read a write-up of the potential significance as such. An Eclipse Resource Page is available in the highlighted studies banner.
-Article #250