Emmanuel Macron's French Connection

  • Is there a prophetic significance to the Grand Conjunction?
  • What does the Golden Gate with Mercury imagery signify?
  • Will Emmanuel Macron be the coming AntiChrist?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘He will confirm a Covenant with Many for one ‘7.’ In the middle of the ‘7’, he will put an end to Sacrifice and Offering. And at the Temple, he will set up an Abomination that causes desolation, until the end that is decreed is poured out on him’. -Daniel 9:27

The purpose of this study is to ascertain some astronomical, esoteric and Biblical correlations to the thought made by many that the rise of the French President Emmanuel Macron is a strong candidate for the coming AntiChrist figure. This study will also then be presented in the backdrop of the Jupiter-Saturn Grand Conjunction of December 21, 2020. This particular angle of a ‘French Connection’ will have an emphasis to the tandem conjunction of Mercury with the Sun at the Golden Gate. This conjunction will be at Ophiuchus at that precise time on the Winter Solstice. It does appear that the rise of Mercury can be attributed to the rise of the coming AntiChrist, but in this case, the rise of Mercury is attributed to the ‘Messenger’ motif of sorts that is apparently heralding the coming world change and charge of the AntiChrist figure.

What is so special about having the planet Mercury conjoined with the Sun on this day? If the symbolism is accurate, it would attribute the coming AntiChrist with that of being a ‘Sun-King’, thus the French Connection. If it pertains to the rise of Macron, that will remain to be seen, but there does appear to be a staging being rehearsed. Mercury is however functioning as the Gate Keeper and 2nd witness to the coming AntiChrist that if valid and true, does then appear to mirror the narrative taught in the Bible. In its pages, the 2nd Beast, the False Prophet will be directing the world’s worship and compliance to secure the Mark of the Beast for the world. Thus, could the Mercury-Sun conjunction that speaks of Jupiter as the Sun King the French Kings have also ascribed themselves to be the ‘Rise of Mercury’ and in turn, will be the rise of the coming AntiChrist?

Will he be French or European or ‘Roman’? And what does Mercury denote or is associated within the Luciferian occult that rule behind the scenes in orchestrating this Great Work to be rolled-out, now? From the given media push and coverage, there are some amazing correlations to ‘check-off’ that would make for such a ‘Man of the Hour’. Although some who have studied leaders, tyrants and despots would say that they would not equate such a man as Macron with a global leader as it seems he is being thrust upon the world stage, given the planned Wuhan Virus. The engineered virus is being used as a cover to dismantle the USA and unite the world, specifically the European Union. Macron does not come across as a forceful leader with initiative that are not his own but has been primed since youth to be the vessel to carry them out as prescribed. There are those who even believe that his wife is actually his ‘Handler’.

The Little Horn
She basically seduced him and has been grooming him for the position, if it is he. With the Brexit signaling the inevitable fall of the EU apparatus, there is now a need for a European Leader. Given Europe’s past, it is no stranger to the need for a ‘Man of the Hour’ AntiChrist types attempting to unite it. This lineage stems from the Roman Emperors, to Charlemagne, Napoleon, Hitler. The coming AntiChrist will be in good company but note that whenever such ‘Men of the Hour’ arose, it was to impose ‘Order out of Chaos’. This is where the world and Europe are at now, in a clear need for a new more concise European Union, much leaner and meaner and with a man at the helm. Macron is the best they have for now. It could be a dress rehearsal for the main actors to come on the scene later or he could very well be the real McCoy as they say.

In compiling the study of the Grand Conjunction of December 21, 2020 between Jupiter and Saturn along with Pluto in the periphery, a reader of said article noted that the date is the birthday of the French President Emmanuel Macron. Well, that got a whole lot interesting now. Yes, based on public records, it does state that about his birthday now coinciding celestially with the Grand Conjunction. Amazing. It is no secret that the European Nobility often have had celestial conjunctions/comets/eclipses occur on birthdays, weddings and coronations and such. There does seem to be recent ‘rush’ to usher this person it seems to the forefront of what many believe is the dawn of the coming New World Order. It is really a gasping for air to try and find their ‘Jupiter’, their ‘Mercury’, especially for Europe that is needed so bad. Seems that many, especially in Europe ‘hate’ Trump but deep inside envy the USA for having such a man.

The fracturing of the EU has been further exasperated with the poor virus response and aid to Italy and how the Chinese basically have helped instead, ironically. And with the crisis of the immigration in recent years, the average European has become desperate for a ‘Man of the Hour’ that will provide stability and credibility as their once sound and moral institutions founded on Judeo-Christian principles have all but fallen. In the religious, moral, political and economic vacuum, the time has come for a world leader to address world problems. Many are sensing that the perfect timing of the Wuhan Virus has provided such a perfect template based on fear. For Europe, the further crumbling of the EU perhaps will result in a reshuffling of the powers as it has demonstrated that there has been no clear leadership for such confederation issues thus far.

A ‘New Europe’ will eventually emerge. This will be necessitated as the fall of the USA is imminent and its world leader will not be forthcoming. This then ties into Biblical prophecy as it is foretold that a 10-Nation Confederation will arise that will rule the world and out of it, the ‘Little Horn’ will emerge. He will rise to be the Biblical AntiChrist as depicted in Daniel’s interpretation on Nebuchadnezzar’ statue of world empires, down to the last one before Jesus returns. Amazingly, it will be during the days of those coming 10-Nation Kingdoms that Christ Jesus will return to Earth. The 10 Kingdom, if predicated by Nebuchadnezzar’s statue will be the lingering and present Roman Empire that is the current EU as depicted by the 2 legs and feet. This will translate eventually then to 5 main nations in the West and 5 nations in the East that will make up the last ‘Revived Roman Empire’ rendition from where the coming AntiChrist will take over.

The Messiah Complex
Regarding Macron, one does have to take note of the interesting ‘Messiah Complex’ that was and is now being attributed to him and with fervor, but such happens with many world leaders, especially in the West and the USA in particular. Realize that many are adamant that Obama is or will be the AntiChrist. There is also Jered Kushner that has just as many creepy nuances to make him a prime candidate also. Some even say Trump is the one with the King Cyrus Complex in his case. They all do have, for sure an ‘AntiChrist’ Spirit and/or complex at play in them or on them. In the case of Macron, it was iconic how he gave his victory speech on the platform in front of the 666-pane glass pyramid of the Louvre. And when at the podium, he raised his hands outward in a ‘V’ angle. It basically completed the evil Masonic compass and square motif as the backdrop had his head in the angle just in front of the pyramidion apex.

He has been portrayed ‘walking on water’ and promised to rule as Jupiter. Thus, will Macron be the ‘Christ’ given the Grand Conjunction with Mercury on his birthday? One is not sure, but Macron does seem to have a lot of his ‘Stars’ lining up. He now has strong ties with the Pope, the UN, a partnership with the Gates and after all, he ran with the Rothschilds as he worked for them. In terms of the French Connection, it is very interesting that if one does believe and subscribes to all that ‘Sacred Blood’ Merovingian bloodline narrative, it does link the French Nobility to the royal blood of King David. This is the key as the coming AntiChrist will be seen and worshiped as a ‘God’, the ‘Sun-King’ or of divine origins, etc. The following is the ‘Check-List’ of Macron apparently being a prime suitor for the AntiChrist figure to come. Perhaps?

- Would rule France as a Roman God, Jupiter the King of the Gods, a ‘Sun King’. Check.
- Depicted as walking on water by the Economist, a Rothchild publication. Check
- Worked in banking for the Rothschilds and Jesuit trained. Check.
- His name Emmanuel means ‘GOD with us’ as in a Messianic reference title. Check
- Having an alternate Israeli-Palestinian Peace Plan if Trump did not roll-out one. Check.
- Given mandate by Roman Catholic Pope to head the coming New World Order. Check.
- Given mandate by the UN to head up the coming New World Order. Check.
- Conducted supposed 1st New World Order meeting with Bill Gates over vaccines. Check.
- Poised to mobilize the G7/G20 nations for planned forced vaccination as a Real ID. Check.
- Have IDs with nano tracers tied to crypto currency and eventual Credit Scoring. Check.

But this could be said of all the royal houses of Europe, the British-German one and even the present King of Spain has the royal title of ‘King of Jerusalem’. Why would there be a need to have the coming AntiChrist be of a royal bloodline? It would be no mere bloodline but that which was prophesied since Genesis 3:15. It is a battle of which ‘Christ Seed’ will return to Eden or establish it and rule over it. Many believe that the coming AntiChrist will have to be the ‘Son of David’ for the Jews to accept him as their long-awaited Messiah deliverer or ‘Seed’. He will have to be directly tied to the ‘man’, a human that is not just a mere human but more than that. For the Bible believers, it is the Seed of the Woman, who became Jesus Christ. For the Luciferians, it will be the Seed of the Serpent, Lucifer. Amazing. So, to the Cabal that has usurped Moses’ Seat of judgment and rulership over Israel, they are the ones that Jesus warned about as having a different Father and who were wanting not the Seed of the Woman, but their Serpent Savior instead that will come in ‘His own Name’, etc.

Confirming the Covenant
It is the AntiChrist that will grant the order for the rebuilding and dedication of the 3rd Temple as that is at the ‘Golden Gate’ leading back to Eden on Earth. He will grant the Jews to initiate the Daily Sacrifices and will also stop them. He is the one coming that is foretold in Daniel 9:27. The Jews can only accept a royal lineage to authenticate the credentials of their long-awaited Messiah, so bloodline is paramount. As to this sacred bloodline, then all those Dan Brown movies and novels even of this bloodline in plain sight. And then there are some that confuse who is actually ‘Confirming the Covenant’. Many actually believe it is Jesus Christ, not the AntiChrist that is ‘confirming’. How can this confusion be? There is such an interpretation, that it is Jesus I Daniel 9:27 who ‘confirms’ the Covenant. Perhaps there is a confusing of it with the New Covenant initiated at the LORD’s Super. But one has to consider the 2 personages and inferences in the original text in Hebrew. There is a multilevel nuance of prophecy and dualism.

If one does a word and paragraph study, as in a Hebrew interlinear, it is very clean that there are 2 personages being unveiled. There are the Anointed One, the Messiah and the ‘He’. There is Christ and the AntiChrist, a past, a present and future dispositions of prophecy, which is amazing. In learning a language, the rule for grammar and syntax instructs a learner that to determine the object of the verb in a paragraph, one needs to default to the immediate prior pronoun or subject. Thus, in this case, the ‘He’ in Daniel 9:27 is alluding to ‘the Prince that shall come’, not the Anointed One introduced in verses 25 and 26. The language is such that when average Hebrew-speaking Jews have read this portion and asked if it is the same person being talked about, they say no. There are 2 different personages being inferenced as to a subject and a verb.

One can see how it can be confusing as in Hebrew, the language is very poetic being an oriental language and is multilayered and circular in thinking. This is why, by the way, some Jews even believe in 2 Messiahs. In some cases, they read and see the language of there being a ‘Lion’ personage and a ‘Lamb’ personage. They were of course banking on the ‘Lion’ Messiah coming in the case of Jesus. So, to such kind then as now, the ‘Prince’ that shall come is understood and desired because this ‘Lion’ type is tangible, militarily and politically. A suffering Messiah that was to die did not compute in their aspirations of becoming a ruling kingdom of the nations with power as promised.

This will occur at the 2nd coming of Jesus during the Millennial Reign. In this case of Daniel 9:27, the object of the verb switches to the ‘He’, that is the Prince that shall come from the people who destroyed the Temple, City and Nation and thus of a European extract. However, He will be of Jewish blood, or enough as the Messiah has to be the ‘Son of David’ as stipulated. As to the ‘switch’, the same technique occurs and can be seen in Ezekiel 28:13 when YHVH instructs a lament against the King of Tyre but then crosses over as a double entendre to that of Lucifer, that ‘was in Eden’. The King of Tyre, the human was not in Eden and so on. So, do consider this rule or grammar and hermeneutics in exegesis-ing the text of who is to ‘Confirm’ or strengthen the Covenant with the Many versus who was ‘cut off’. Why? If the ‘He’ was and is to be ‘Jesus’, then Jesus is to be judged as the one causing the desolations that are being prescribed to the AntiChrist. Then it would be Jesus who would be the one persecuting also, etc.

The Sun King
There was a cutting-off or crucifixion of Jesus but if Jesus is the ‘He’, then it would make Jesus come back to life as the AntiChrist to stop the Daily Sacrifices at the middle of the 7th Week of Years. How this prophecy can be overlaid to Jesus Christ is that Jesus was ‘cut off in the midst’ of the week, that being Wednesday. Jesus was not crucified on a Friday to rise on a Sunday but died Wednesday at 3pm, the time the afternoon lamb was to be slaughtered in the Temple. Jesus was then buried just before sunset as the Passover was a High Day Sabbath. He stayed in the grave 3 literal 24-hour days or 72, hours: a coefficient of a completed celestial time. He rose just before Sunset on the Sabbath, Saturday. And then in Revelation it picks up that the ‘He’ is the AntiChrist that ‘Confirms the Covenant’ to then ‘sit in the Holy of Holies where he ought not belong’.

He will declare himself ‘God’, the ‘Sun-King’ to then defile the Sanctuary and persecute the Jews and Christians and hunt them down. So, this interpretation cannot be Jesus then. It is technically correct in that only YHVH has and will ever make a Covenant with Israel, but He also made many with non-Jews like with Adam, Noah, Abraham and even the Arab 12 Tribes. A good starting point of the study between the 2 Christs or Princes to come in Daniel 9 is with the actual word to ‘Confirm’. It is really not the most appropriate translation in English. The word in Hebrew is ‘egbir’. It has a connotation to make stronger or to enhance as in ‘to sweeten the deal’. In other words, realize that the coming ‘Prince’ will be the usurper who comes in to take the place of Christ on one hand and the Sanhedrin, on the other that is now reconstituted that will give him the legitimate liturgical authority on behalf of the nation of Israel to do so.

Thus, the coming false Messiah will not technically make a ‘Covenant’ but will deal with one already been made. As to Macron? It was also interesting that the Jews were upset at him when he wanted to enter the Church of St. Anne in Jerusalem in his last trip to Israel. That land is disputed by Israel as not being a ‘French’ territory. So, the relationship is presently not on sound footing, but things could change very fast as the planned pandemic can attest to this new reality. As noted, Macron is being poised to take the mantle of ‘leading’ all of Europe as Europe needs an ideal, an identity, a ‘Christ’, and so will its citizens take his ‘Mark’. Seems Europe has lost its way, its soul when it turned its back to Jesus. However, Macron’s critics declare that he has not done a good job in ruling France with protests, burning of Notre Dame, an omen to many, etc.

So, if he cannot rule France effectively, how can he handle all of Europe and then the world? The Corona World Order? Of course, the AntiChrist will be energized and enabled by none other than Lucifer. So, no problem there. What is possibly interesting also is the Syrian connection to come also. Assuming that the Isaiah 17 event occurs and Israel ‘nukes’ Damascus as foretold, consider that Syria was a former French Mandate after WW1 and has that link there naturally to perhaps have leverage to broker and ‘strengthen’ the Covenant with the Many. France has not been involved directly in the affairs of the Middle East but this could be the cause to then work his way towards Jerusalem and then the Temple as a possible ‘compensation’ for serving the Jews of Israel as in to provide that ‘Peace and Security’ option of the ‘Covenant’. Nonetheless, the Grand Conjunction on December 21, 2020 is pointing to a grand entrance.

At The Golden Gate
The Mercury-Sun conjunction on the Winter Solstice for sure will be a milestone of sorts and a very important day for those that operate on such timelines. It is pertaining to the ‘advent’ of someone or something big. But like the Revelation 12 Sign, the Sign is not the event, so it could be pointing to a future occurrence but wow. It is not clear enough to know exactly other than it does pertain to the coming AntiChrist based on this alignment and on the Winter Solstice when the Sun is at the Golden Gate with the rise of Mercury there as the Messenger. Amazingly, the Gate Keeper there is Ophiuchus, whose motif is a Serpent Bearer or a ‘stick with a serpent’, much like the Caduceus and/or the medical universal symbol associated with the powers of Mercury.

However, this Mercury-Sun celestial motif could be pertaining to the Pope. They are in conjunction themselves in real life. In this case, Saturn as Satan is to usher in Jupiter or Macron then with Mercury, the Pope at the Golden Gate. This in turn directly associates Mercury with the notion of ‘Time’, but more importantly, the ‘End of Time’. It is then directly associated with the ‘Sun King’ at the Golden Gate and with Saturn, the ‘Keeper of Time’, etc. Also realize that the Papacy’s crest has 2 Keys in which they claim the power and authority over the Golden Gates and the Silver Gates on Earth, in the 2 hemispheres. The following are some factors that correlate Mercury with the number 88.

- 88 revolutions around the Sun
- 88 constellations in the sky
- 8x8 equals the evil Masonic chessboard pattern of dualism
- 88 keys in grand piano, factors of resonance and sound frequency
- 88 in the occult means ‘End of Time’.

These ‘portals’ or Gates would span the Earth’s land masses of the Golden Gate Bridge, #33 color in California with the Brooklyn Bridge, silver color of New York. This is mirrored in Lisbon with the Golden Gate that then spans to Istanbul with the Silver Gate, etc. This motif is seen in the 2 crisscrossed Keys on the Papal shields, silver and gold. Not only does the Papacy claim lordship over in the whole domain on Earth, but this ‘power’ claims the Golden and Silver Gates in Heaven itself. So, having the ‘Rise of Mercury’ at the Golden Gate on 12/21/20 correlated to the Pope is indeed confirming that ‘Time is Up’. This narrative keeps getting predicted programed like the movie, ‘Back to the Future’ and the like. Saturn will then bestow power to the coming Jupiter as Mercury opens the Golden Gate as time has come to an end and enter the Sun King.

This ritual will be ushered-in through the powers of Mercury whose motif is a Serpent on a Staff. This is reminiscent of the Serpent in the Tree in Eden and how in the Bible, the 2nd Beast is said to be given powers by the Dragon, or the Serpent of Old. The Pope and/or Mercury is the Messenger of what? That ‘Time’ is up’. An ‘End of Time’ for what? The Church Age. And it is time for a New world Order. Thus, a connection to Chronos, ‘Father Time’, etc. And December 21, 2020 has a 12-21 symmetry. It is a mirroring, so a duality is going on here as well. As to the god of Mercury? Mercury is one rendition of Lucifer. He is specifically the ‘God’ of media, money, medicine, thieves. Thus, one can see how the planned pandemic of the Corona Virus has been used to accentuate all these institutions to unleash their Mercury Magic upon the sheeple for their ‘New Order’.

The New God
Is the Grand Conjunction a confirmation that the Church Age is closing, and the New World Order is coming in with drastic change? How so? Mercury in Alchemy is also the agent or element that has to do with transformation to ‘Gold’, and thus so appropriate for Mercury to be at the Golden Gate for this coming ‘Alchemy’ that the Luciferians are spellbinding the whole world with. This is profound and significant as this Grand Conjunction is occurring when Mercury is at the pinnacle of the Universe. It is in so much as the Golden Gate is opposite to that of the Silver Gate being directly opposite the expanse of the Universe at Orion, the Sentinel guarding the Silver Gate. So, the Corona Virus breakout can be seen as the false catalyst to be thus connected spiritually and esoterically if one pulls back the curtain to the coming New ‘Mercury’ World Order.

If so, it just confirms the nefarious and dark forces behind this effort. You have the medical establishment pushing the vaccines and not proven alternative treatments. All non-virus deaths are counted as COVID-19 deaths to pad the numbers to justify the fear factor, etc. You have the media hype that is fearmongering and exasperating the conditions. You have the money merchants that are trying to kill the stock market and are stealing people’s earning potentials by dismantling world economies. You have the military machine now in place for the coming civil unrest that is sure to come as things will worsen. If one does a study of this ‘god’, Mercury, he is the ‘god’ of the following.

Medicine - with Caduceus, ‘double helix’ DNA, etc., Serpent Motif
Media - communication
Money - as in finance

You have the magic rituals and numbers the Luciferian/Satanists use in their magic rituals that are orchestrating all this behind the ‘curtain’. As to the ‘God they Trust’, Mercury is the Sign of the Illuminati money, as in the $ Sign which is a veiled serpent in a pole, the same as that of the World Health Organization WHO and the Caduceus of Mercury. This is the prime reason why they want the churches closed and for Christians to not meet to praise, pray and proclaim. Why? It would impede their magic and cancel-out the power of their ‘magic’ Mercury alchemy transformation processes. Mercury is also the ‘Patron Saint’ of Thieves, Is there any wonder why such that are in power have been given/taken control of the media, the medicine, the military, the money as they are the same ‘Money Changers’ that made the House of YHVH a ‘Den of Thieves’?

Did not Jesus rightly expose Lucifer as being the Father of Lies, come to ‘steal, kill, and destroy’? They steal one’s money and wealth and slow-kill the ‘sheeple’ or cattle that need to be branded through their manipulated nano-tech tracer medicine in the vaccines. They destroy through fake news and lack of knowledge. And with their ‘magic wand’, the Caduceus, they are mesmerizing the sheeple of the whole world into submission with their magic ‘programming’. Their High Holy Day Feast is on May 15. This is where their Priests sprinkle ‘Holy Water’ on the people. This pagan practice later was adopted into the Roman Church. All this Mercury ‘Alchemy’ transformation is being orchestrated to usher in their New World Order and Lord, Lucifer through their medicine, media, money, magic, and military. Their Order will come eventually but not before the Restrainer is set aside for it to be allowed then to happen and only then completely.

End of the Church Age
With this in mind, some are saying Christians are over-reacting about the timing of the coming New World Order and the Rapture. And how prior to this current planned pandemic, millions have died so this time around is not the case for the Rapture to be so close. Well, it depends what one is looking at. One does tend to naturally only see the part of the proverbial elephant that can be perceived and interpreted immediately but some are keen to step back and see the whole animal. Sure, millions have died in prior wars, inquisitions, famines since Christ, etc. But the key is that nothing to this worldwide scale has ever occurred and at the same time and so fast. The damage or effects are going to be irreversible in many cases. Also, one is looking now past the 72nd anniversary of Israel’s birth. The number 72 is an ‘End of Time’ coefficient.

Consider the factor of there being the Church Age body and Israel coexisting on Earth at the same time, an ‘overlap’. This is the key. Biblically, a prophetic time has arrived. Israel as the ‘Fig Tree’ has now matured and is ready to be ‘examined’ by Jesus as the Church Age ends and the Tribulation of Jacob’s ‘travail’ begins. Consider that at no other time has the Church Age body and Israel coexisted in history but at the Church’s beginning and now at its end in history. In modern times, it has been from Israel’s statehood or birth in 1948, which is 72 years completed in 2020 going into the 73rd. Then there is the time from the establishment of the Church Body on Earth as initiated by the indwelling of GOD the Holy Spirit at Pentecost in 32 AD, assuming correct timeline. It was then about 38 years till 70 AD when the Temple was destroyed. Interestingly, here are some numerical correlations pertaining to this prophetic overlap.

Overlap at beginning
Birth of Church                                 Destruction of Temple
32 AD ----------------------------------------70 AD                                      = 38 years

Overlap at end
Birth of Israel                                    End of Church Age?
1948------------------------------------------2020                                          =
72 years

72 years – 32 AD =
year coefficient

The number 40 is a Biblical inference to a ‘time of evaluation’ and ‘testing’ as seen in the Exodus of Israel being evaluated and testing in the Wilderness before the Nation could enter the Promised Land. Thus, could such a Biblical parallel be in play now with the 72nd year anniversary of Israel’s birth and its transference from the end of the Church Age that had undergone a prophetic ’40-year’ time of ‘testing’ and evaluation since 32 AD? Could this prophetic pattern suggest that the Bride of Christ is about to enter its ‘Promised Land’ led by Jesus, the Greater Joshua now that its 40-year time of testing has been achieved? In terms of the mutual overlap of the Church and Israel then, the first wave of the ensuing Diaspora for Israel involved the destruction of the Temple, which by the way is across the Mount of Olives per Mark 13:3 and not down at the City of David. Then there was the destruction of Jerusalem and then the nation as a whole. It took about 70 years total for the Romans to then squash the Jewish Revolts.

The Coming Transformations
This total transference took place around 135 AD where Israel ceased to be a name, a people and nation. Thus, one can see the parallel track and history apparently repeating itself to strongly suggest the overlap between the Church Body and Israel will once again be separated fairly soon. Separated by what? The Rapture. There will be a dual ‘metaphorizing’ of the Church Age Saints as well as the coming New World Order people left behind that the AntiChrist will likewise promise the false effects of the Rapture that has taken place. The best Lucifer can do and will do is to promise an A.I. ‘upgrade’ to the human body as a bait for the Mark. With this in mind, the coming ‘Bill Gates of Hell’ forced vaccine is about a year away to be able to be given to billions on Earth. This would then suggest a possible timeline to around 2022 where the grid will be in place for the rollout to materialize and then the Mark.

No doubt the 5G, 6G, 7G’s will play a role in surveilling all the billions that will remain alive to want to be part of the New ‘Mercury World Order’ of Alchemy whereby Humans will be transformed, enhanced, like the Rapture provided. The difference is that this now involves nano technology with tracers that will in effect make the human body a walking cell phone tower to be tracked at all levels, money, media, manipulation, work, politics and religion, etc. It is just then a step away from then being able to technologically deliver the Mark of the Beast when mandatory and is called for. As it is now being conditioned to be a prerequisite for returning to public contact and/or work, it will be dire and for many it will need to be a line drawn in the sand. If not now, then when? When it will be too late? But how soon after the Grand Conjunction ‘Sign’ will it correlate to the actual actors of the AntiChrist and False Prophet to appear? A year? Months, Weeks?

It is not known. The plans are ramping-up though as many sense something ‘big’ is happening and will. They have not stationed and positioned riot armory and military personal carriers all over the nation for nothing. They know sooner or later; chaos and rioting will ensue in the streets. Perhaps the trigger could be the Rapture event itself as many do suppose. To reiterate, the USA and the world are in a national and worldwide spell of an initiation getting ready for the slaughter. It is of an ‘Alchemy’ involving the magic powers of Mercury. The other big ‘deal’ is the value of oil. As it has gone negative, this spells doom for most nations on Earth and especially the USA as the Petro Dollar will collapse the economy sooner or later. This is why then the pendulum will swing back to Europe and their ‘Man of the Hour’.

The world will no longer look toward the USA and its leader for solutions but to Europe and the coming ‘Prince of Peace’. Then other nations that depend on the oil revenues to sustain their nations will be strained. It is basically a recipe for a certain war in the Middle East. What best time then for an attack on Israel now that it is divided and has a weakened government, same for the USA. And this is what the Great American eclipses of 2017 and 2024 signify, a division of the mighty USA. Sad days ahead. However, the Cabal has only been able to go so far and long as it is being restrained by the Restrainer within the Church Body presently on Earth. This is why the Kabbalists want the churches closed. But like the Bride of Christ, they too have to also wait until the YHVH’s timing for the transition or ‘Mercury Alchemy’ to occur. So, will it be Macron? Well, he does not have a ‘fierce countenance’ but he sure is playing his part just in case. One has to wait and see. Well, actually the Saints will not know if the Rapture is to take place first, then the Man of Perdition is to be revealed according to Scripture.

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