After the Summer Solstice

  • What is the Evidence true Pentecost is in the 4th Month?
  • What type of Harvest or 'Birth' is associated with Pentecost?
  • Do the Sabbath Cycles determine the Year of the Rapture?

by Luis B. Vega

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The purpose of this study is to chart the Timeline leading-up to July 23, 2022. The Chart Illustration format will give a better Visual of the various Factors that will be presented as Evidence for a July/Tammuz true Pentecost Date. In the Timeline, one also superimposed a 40-43 Week Human Gestation Period to it. It is very interesting in what correlates to the overall Theory of when true Pentecost is, and in turn could be the Place and Time when the Rapture occurs. It looks ‘Promising’, but it has to be Tested to see if the Theory is correct. If it is, the Bride has Arrived. The Wheat Harvest concludes as the New Wine Commences and a ‘Birthing’ as come to Term, etc.

One finds it very suspicious and Interesting how now that the Israeli Government has collapsed, it will be run by the Interim Prime Minister, Lapid. But as some Political Science Pundits have rightly assessed, there can be a Government formed, if they wanted to, but it has not been decided for that. Instead, Israel will be left without a ‘Leader’ or Ruler until Elections on October 25, 2022. Interestingly, this Date is just 7 Days from one’s suggested and possible Tribulation Timeline. One wonders if ‘They’ are leaving the Spot for the ‘Ruler’? At that time, all Power and Authority will be given to Rule Israel and then the New ‘Reset’ World Order.

October 18, 2022 (Shemini Atzerets)
+ 1260 Days = April 1, 2026 (Passover)
+ 1260 Days = September 11, 2029 (Yom Teruah)

The following are just some more tid-bits as to why one believes and is convinced the true Pentecost is in July or the 4th Month of Tammuz in the Array of the 7 Feasts of YHVH. And as to one’s Correlation that the Resurrection-Rapture event could thus occur at such a time, that will remain to be seen. What strengthens the Argument of ‘But what Year?’ Question, is the Fact of the Sabbath Cycle Patterns. Out of all prior Years since 2015, the point is that the Rapture Timing could not have occurred or even thought of until 2022, in Hind-Sight.

But that the Rapture event would materialize, only in the Year in which either a New End/Beginning Sabbath Cycle would occur. Perhaps. That logic would be why no Year since 2015, could have the Rapture occur, but in 2022, and this is the Year now. It is now a real possibility, but still Conjecture and an Educated Guess as the Rapture ‘Window’, is ascertained to be in the 4th Month, based on the 99th Day Count from Nisan 15, etc. So, this means that out of all the prior 6 Years in the Sabbath Cycle, none but 2022 could be even considered to be a High Watch Year, as it is then for 2022.

A Matter of Synchronization

All this is based on one’s Estimation and Calculation. The Chart will show that the Feasts of YHVH follow the Agricultural Seasons of Sowing and Planting and that they are pegged to the Solstices and Equinoxes, in one’s Understanding. Realize that this Time Reckoning is solely based on the Sun, as opposed to the Rabbinical Calendar that is solely based on the Moon. That is why there is a Discrepancy and Confusion in the overall Day-Counts.

Before the Jewish Diaspora, by the Romans and the Temple being destroyed, a Solar-Lunar Calendar Matrix was used to Synchronize the Sun and Moon Times; to know when exactly to Celebrate and Celebrate the Feasts of YHVH, etc. The Hillel Calendar was then Mathematically formulated, based on only the Lunar Cycles as the Sanhedrin disbanded and this Rabbinical Calendar became the next best Instrumentation to go by. It was because the Jews were scattered throughout the Nations, as the Bible said this Last Time they would be. This Calendar served to keep their Identity and Unity.

And this Rabbinical Time Reckoning is aside from the Torah Calendar, the Enochian Calendar and the Creation Calendar, and the Essenes Calendar. But also take note that the Enochian, Essenes and the Creation Calendars use the Solar Cycles, based on the Equinoxes and Solstices, to varying degrees. Here is the example of why, on average, at least in the Northern Hemisphere and in particular, North America, the Summer Wheat Harvest begins right after the Summer Solstice of June 21.

It should be noted that it is an Average as certain Regions may have had their Wheat Harvest ready for Harvest early, by as much as 2 Weeks, etc. Nonetheless, the point is that the Summer Solstice kicks-off the Summer Wheat Harvest. See Video Link for a Visual and Commentary at end. Why this is important, and why one seeks to tie it to or make a Prophetic Link to the Rapture Timing, is that consider the following Day Counts below. Realize that the Wheat that is being Harvested, starting around, after the Summer Solstice of June 21, on average is really what is called the Winter Wheat. The Wheat Crop was planted back when?

Around the Fall Equinox of September 21 of the Prior Year. And guess how many Months will that have been? 9 Months. This is the same Time-Frame as that of a Human Gestation Period. And? The Point and Correlation is that the Wheat Harvest staring in the Summer typifies this Spiritual Analogy that even Jesus inferenced, as to the Harvest of Human Souls on Earth being ‘White for Harvest’, i.e., Wheat. Remember the 120 Numerical Coefficient. 4 Months x 30 Days = 120.

This has a Prophetic Inference to the 120 Jubilees set for Mankind, as revealed by YHVH in the Old Testament. And it is based on the Number of Sabbath Cycles of 7 Years, etc. Also have in mind, that in considering all of this, most Watchers and Students of the Bible and End Times would agree that the End of the Church Age will be likened to a Harvest and a ‘Birth’. That is what is currently happening and has since Pentecost started the Commission to ‘Go out into the Harvest, to Sow, Water, and Reap Souls’. This is why the Prophetic Fulfillment of Pentecost is on-going.

A Spiritual Gestation

But there is another Key Prophetic Typology of this Present Pentecostal Intermission. There is another Spiritual Typology, that of a Man-Child that is to be ‘Born’. This has direct implications to the Revelation 12 Motif. Here are the possible ‘Rapture’ Human Gestation Equations.

September 21 Winter Solstice to a June 21 Summer Solstice = 273 Days

Or 9 Months Excluding the End Date. (39 Weeks)
Human Gestation Period is 9 Months or on average of about 42 Weeks.

But if one uses the Winter Solstice of September 21, 2021 to see how long it would be to the July 23, 2022 Speculated true Summer Pentecost, and thus possible Rapture Date, the following Day Count results.

= 10 Months or 43 Weeks

According to Research, ‘the Average Gestation Period of Humans is 280 Days or 40 Weeks. The Gestation Period begins on the 1st Day of the Woman's Last Menstrual Period. Full-Term Babies are Born from 37 Weeks to 42 Weeks of the Estimated Date of Birth. The Stages of Human Gestation are broken into 3 Trimesters that are 3 Months Long Each’. -Reverence.com

‘Can a Pregnancy be 43-Weeks-Plus? Yes. Even when the Doctors are sure of the Dates, some Pregnancies last longer than 40 Weeks. After about 42 Weeks, Doctors get really antsy about it, though. The Key is Placental Function and Baby's Head Size, both of which can usually be determined by Ultra-Sound’. -Quora.com

It is understood that, based on the Teaching of the Apostle Paul, he linked the Bride of Christ to that of a Baby, in the Spiritual Process of a Gestation Period. And what is being ‘Formed or Birthed? This is Paul’s Perspective: ‘My Children, for whom I am again in the Pains of Child-Birth until Christ is Formed in you’... -Galatians 4:19. Paul even identifies as a sort of Mid-Wife that is seeing that the ‘Delivery’ is on Schedule and to be completed to its ‘Term’.

If this be the Spiritual Case, then the Spiritual Typology is to follow in now there is some sort of Spiritual 9-Month Human Gestation Variable at work. And? That his Time Sequence will lead-up to the ‘Harvest an ‘Birth’ with the Resurrection-Rapture Timing. This is why one is emphatic that, here comes an ‘Impossible Word’ Alert… It is Impossible for any other of the Spring or Fall Feasts of YHVH to be associated with a Harvest Feast and Gestation or Pregnancy coming to ‘Term’.

Well, aside from Tabernacles of Sukkot, but that is emblematic of the Year’s End Harvest. Many Watchers do believe Sukkot is a likely Candidate for the Rapture because of this. But not in comparison to the many Typologies given as Innuendos and Clues about a Summer Wheat Harvest and a Gestation-Birthing Process that is tied to the Wine Harvest 1 MONTH later after the Summer Solstice. How so? Here is where one has the Statement of Jesus, to the fact that in 4 Months, there will be a Harvest or a ‘Birth’?

A Birthing Process

It is assumed that He made that statement just prior to the Crucifixion in the very Month of the Spring Equinox, being March 21. Thus, if one counts 4 Months of 30 Days each from March 21, the Day Counts are as follows.

March 21 to April 21          = 1st Month
April 21 to May 21             = 2nd Month
May 21 to June 21             = 3rd Month = (A Trimester of Time)
June 21 to July 21             = 4th Month
120 Days Total

All that, to infer as to why true Pentecost took place and will take place in the 4th Month of Tammuz or in Mid-July. The Point? In approximately 1 Month after the Summer Solstice, the Grape Harvest begins. This would be starting in the Mid-July 20s and why the Apostles were then accused of being ‘Drunk on New Wine’ as that was being then Harvested. One cannot say the same of Tabernacles/Sukkot or any other Fall Feast, as Yom Teruah or Yom Kippur. But again, all these Day Counts and Suppositions are based on there being a Double Count (49 Days + 50 Days) to determine true Pentecost, in the 4th Month of Tammuz (July). One cannot prove that 100%.

Although one is convinced of this Hypothesis, based on both the Day Count, how Israel left Egypt on Nisan 15 from the Exodus Account. Then from the Counting of the Omer, results in the same Day Counts. Traditional Pentecost is pegged to the Rabbinical Calendar and in one’s Opinion, based on a False Mis-Understanding that ‘Pentecost’ is just the 50th Day after Shavuot or the Feast of Weeks. Nonetheless, it will be interesting to see what the 1 Month Countdown or the 30 Days to July 23 for the Year 2022 will bring from the Summer Solstice.

The following Section will attempt to explain the Chart Illustration. First, note the Phi Ratio Time Correspondences based on the Feast Days of YHVH. The Chart reiterates that true Pentecost occurs on the 99th Day after Nisan 15 in the 4th Month of Tammuz. This would put the Pentecost, based on a Double Count of 49 Days + 50 Days in Mid-July of a Given Year. For 2022, it would be July 23. What is highlighted is how from the Fall Equinox of September 21, 2021 to the Summer Solstice of June 21, 2022 is 40 Weeks or 9 Months. Is it suggesting a ‘Birth’ Innuendo, that could be Prophetically synced to the Rapture Timing? Is not Pentecost the event where a ‘Birth’ was insinuated of the Church Age and that of a Royal Commissioning to go into the ‘Wheat Field’ of the World? 

What one wishes to highlight from the Chart are the following Observations. Notice that for 2021, the Rabbinical Calendar was off by 1 whole Month or approximately 29 Days as that is the Lunar Cycle difference needed to re-align with the Solar Cycles. It so happened that for 2022, the Jewish Lunar Calendar synchronized with the Gregorian Solar Calendar. This proves that the Rabbinical Lunar Calendar ‘drifts’ and as a result, for 2021, a 13th Month had to be added. Note that based on the Sabbath Cycle Theory, 2022 is the 70th Sabbath of Sabbath Cycles, meaning that it has been 70 Years since 1952, which one argues is the true Start Date for the Countdown to Daniel’s 70th Week.

End of the Church Age

This Assertion then would mean the End of the Church Age. This of course necessitates the Resurrection-Rapture event, if one holds to a Pre-Tribulation Rapture Scenario. And this means that the Rapture Timing Window is but at most 3 Month out to the start of the New Sabbath Cycle. Then note how from the Spring Equinox of March 21, 2022, adding 4 Month or 120 Days results in July 21, 2022, just 2 Days shy of the Supposed true Pentecost Day that is arguing for 2022.

As noted, the Numerical Coefficient of 120 is an Inference to the Jubilees that are based on the Number 50, as is Pentecost. It is in reference to what YHVH told Noah in that there would be only 120 Year allotted to Mankind. It is directly tied to Humanity’s Judgment in the Days of Noah and so will it be after the ‘Harvest’ or ‘Birth’ of the Bride of Christ when the Rapture event occurs. Some Bible Researchers have assumed a Double Entendre in that if one dissects the Mathematics, it would be the following.

120 Cycles of Time x 50 Pentecosts = 6000 Years

This Prophetic Equation, to some, signifies the period Humanity has in relation to the 6 Days of Creation Pattern. It leaves the 7th Day or the Sabbath to correspond to the Millennial Kingdom once Jesus returns to Earth. The Numerical Coefficient of 120, as mentioned is also the Time Duration that is also directly associated with the Disciples in the Upper Room. They had returned from ‘Going Fishing’ and had caught the 153 Fish in the Net. This Exact Numerical Coefficient also alludes to the End of the Church Age. But more, is the Mathematical Fact that it relates to what is called the Vesica Pisces.

If one takes the difference of 153 from 120, the result is 33, the Age of Jesus. Then, in Mathematics, the 153 Numerical Coefficient is a Factor of the Vesica Pisces. And? It is a Motif of the Womb in that it infers a Birthing Process. And that is perhaps what the Timeline is suggesting in the Gestation Period that will end in a ‘Birth’. The Chart will also note how there are significant Day Counts leading-up to the Supposed true Pentecost Day of July 23, 2022. There are 70 Days from Israel’s Independence Day, on May 14, 2022.

There are 50 Days from the Rabbinical Day of Shavuot of June 3, 2022. There are also 33 Days from the Summer Solstice. And 50 Days out from July 23, 2022 will be September 11, 2022. This has also a direct connection, if the start of Daniel’s 70th Week does begin sometime in the Fall. How so? The 7-Year Timespan, ending in 2029, on Yom Teruah will be September 11, 2029, etc. And to reiterate, the Chart will show how one believes that YHVH ‘Clocks’ Time in Phi Ratio.

Consider that from September 21, 2021, being the Fall Equinox to the July 23, 2022 supposed true Pentecost Date, the Phi Ratio delineations match April 1, 2022 as being Nisan 1. And it would correspond to when the Partial Solar Eclipse occurred on April 30, 2022. Then to Triangulate when Israel celebrated its 74th Independence Day. There is another Phi Ratio correspondence of Nisan 1, or April 1, 2022 which corresponds to April 14, 2022, being Passover to then triangulate to the May 14, 2022 Independence Day of Israel. Coincidence?

No, if one understands Mathematics and Sacred Gematria in Motion, and how it is applied to Prophetic Time. All this to strongly suggest that July 23, 2022 is significant as far as all the pieces of Evidence are concerned. In some cases, they are but Circumstantial, but nonetheless, for one personally, July 23, 2022 is the Highest Watch Date of the Year for the Rapture. And only because one is pegging it to the supposed true Pentecost Date. It is only that from there, one is projecting the Supposition that, if and when the Rapture would or could occur, Pentecost would be the Prime Candidates to Close out the Church Age with as it began, a ‘Harvest’, and as a ‘Birth’.



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