Prelude to Armageddon

  • When will WW3 occur and whom will it involve in the world?
  • Will the Israeli-Islam conflict be the trigger to start this war?
  • Will there be a serious of wars as the Bible teaches instead?

by Luis B. Vega
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'The Devil led Him (Jesus Christ) up to a high place and showed him in an instant all the kingdoms of the world. And he said to Him, I will give You all their authority and splendor; it has been given to me, and I can give it to anyone I want to. If you worship me, it will all be Yours.' -Luke 4:5-7

The purpose of this study is to highlight a possible scenario of what could lead to WW3 based on the coming prophesied Israeli-Arab wars. The key player, nations and strategies are identified and considered. It is based on a Judeo-Christian Biblical point of view. This is only a suggestive rationale of what it could look like geo-politically on a map against a timeline of key dates, End Time prophecy and the Blood Moons related to Israel. If 1967 marked a Jubilee Year with the liberation of Jerusalem during the 6-Day War, then the 50th Jubilee Year could mark a significant Biblical fulfillment. Many believe that we are seeing these Stages of WW3 beginning to unfold, to include the trigger point of the Isaiah 17 destruction of Damascus, the Psalm 83 War, and the Ezekiel 38-39 War that will culminated in the Battle of Armageddon.

In The Mystery of Freemasonry Unveiled Albert Pike, a 33rd degree Mason disclosed plans for 3 World Wars that were seen as necessary to bring about their New World Order and the return of Lucifer, their 'anointed cherub' or ‘Christ’ back to Earth to rule their restored 'Golden Age' of Atlantis. According to Pike, the 3 World Wars were and are designed to incrementally exterminate Christianity by exhausting the nations so militarily, economically, socially, and religiously that their NWO Leader will fill in the vacuum. WW3 is the Luciferians final stage for their New World Order (NWO) but YHVH, the GOD of Israel also has a Plan to bring the True Anointed One, Jesus Christ to rule the Earth.

It is no wonder that in the Middle East wars and conflicts, the Christian and Jewish communities have been targeted for annihilation and have been decimated throughout history. One of the main agents Lucifer and his minions will be using is their confederation of Muslim nations as it related to Israel in the Last Days. Following are the details in paraphrase form of the 3 World Wars from The Mystery of Freemasonry Unveiled. The end game is to have a New World Religion in place when the vacuum of the Rapture occurs. These prescripts are very esoteric in context used by the Luciferians to describe so called religious fanatics, i.e. Christian Fundamentalist for example, who will be blamed and thus allowed to be exterminated for destroying civilization.

The foundation for this plan has already had great advances made through the Patriot Act and hundreds of Executive Orders from the U.S. Presidents for example in the USA. As was depicted in the book, 1984 with Double-Speak, the labels used will denote it opposite and intended design. For example, the Department of Homeland Security is not designed to secure the homeland. The Pentagon, formally known as the Department of War was changed to the Department of Defense. The Patriot Act is not for a benefit to those that support their nation but is being used against such ‘Patriots’ who stand for the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Evangelical Christianity is now identified as being an the ‘Enemy of the State’ category as are returning Veterans, Homeschoolers, gun owners, etc.

The First World War
A war to permit the Illuminati to overthrow the Czars in Russia to make that country a fortress of world atheistic Communism in order to destroy other governments and weaken religion-particularly Christianity.

The Second World War
A war brought about to destroy Nazism in Germany so that 'political Zionism' could be strong enough to establish a sovereign state of Israel in Palestine, and to continue supporting the spread of world Communism to counter-balance Christianity.

The Third World War
A war to foment the differences caused by the ‘agentur’ of the ‘Illuminati’ between the political Zionists (Israel) and the Islamic World. The goal of the war is to mutually destroy Islam and the State of Israel. This conflict will engulf world nations with political division on the issue. The nations of the word will be constrained to be involved to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual, and economic collapse. ‘The aftermath will provoke a global social cataclysm due to the horrors of religious strife and nuclear holocaust. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries. Then the multitudes, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light (The Lie/Delusion) through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, (Lucifer in the flesh by way of the AntiChrist) brought finally out in the public view. This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity (the Rapture), both conquered and exterminated at the same time.’

The right to bear arms in the USA has gotten to the point that it will soon require a national registration aimed at confiscation. This is exactly the same game plan used in Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, Communist China, and Cambodia. This same game-plan to dumb-down, disarm and demoralize the middle class with debt is being used once again, as before by the Luciferian in power. It is the same End Game plan, that of to divide and conquer. They will demand that any opposed to their New World Order and millions will be slaughtered who dare to oppose their regimes or ‘new order’. The Believers in the true Christ, Jesus of Nazareth do not belong to this world-system.

The New Order
This present evil age is not the Kingdom in any sense, either politically, socially, and/or economically. Christians and Jews believing in Yeshua are behind Enemy lines until the Call. Currently all Earth's nations and power belong to Lucifer and he gives power to whom they serve him and for his purposes and kingdom. The Bible does declare that God does 'set up and take down kings' and permits rulership of man regardless but with the admonition to uphold fair and just laws. Yet, from the very beginning, even before the Garden, Lucifer has been and will be at war with Christ and His followers –both in Heaven and on Earth.

Why does Lucifer have such power and dominion on Earth? This is due to the Fall of Mankind. Humanity has forfeited not only their souls and lives but the title-deed of Earthly government and sovereignty over to Satan at the Garden according to the account of Genesis. However, the Bible declares that Christ Jesus has set in motion a true ‘New World Oder’ to come by His death at the Cross and by the defeat of sin, Satan, and death due to His resurrection. Jesus Christ has not only redeemed the souls of Humanity but purchased back the 'title-deed' to planet Earth once again as the 2nd Adam by His pure and blameless blood.

Thus, the Crown of Thorns on His Head at the Cross....Christ Jesus also took Earth's 'Curse' upon Himself along with the punishment for the sins of the World. The sovereign nations of the world to come are now His to rule and reign for His People’s sakes at His return -the true Anointed One. The Bible declares that at the Return of Christ, He will exercise His dominion and Lordship over the Nations starting at the Millennial Reign for 1000 years. In terms of Eschatology, it is possible then that the Bride of Christ will not see the 2nd Stage of this planned World War because God will deal specifically with His Earthly People Israel.

Prophetically, Israel has been restored to the Land and the LORD will use this period in time to judge Israel, the World as He did with the Days of Noah and Sodom. Before a nation declares war, the countries recall their Ambassadors home from -their Embassies (churches). Christ will soon 'call' His Church home to His country, Heaven as He is about to declare war and open the Seals of Judgment per the Book of Revelation. Revelation 2:26 states ‘And he that overcomes, and keeps My works unto the end, to him will I give power over the nations.’ The following are possible World War 3 stage scenarios.

Stage 1: ISAIAH 17 Destruction of Damascus
A possible scenario involves the Syrians because they have a defense alliance with Hezbollah. Syria is positioned to launch biological attacks on Israel. Syria may retaliate against Israel for the Western Alliance backing the Jihadist Rebels. They are led by Obama’s mercenaries to destabilize the Assad government as it did with Iraq, Libya, Egypt, etc. Ironically, the US government by way of Obama is aiding and fighting alongside of al-Qaida as it did in Libya.

Al-Qaida was the reason given by the Bush Administration to justify and sell the war with Iraq. The Syrian rebel forces are armed and equipped by the CIA and Saudi Arabia. The Jihadist rebels have already been propped up to launch False Flag events, releasing biochemical weapons, such as nerve gas and chlorine on innocent civilian bystanders. This tactic has already occurred and has always been employed by false agents to muster up ‘moral’ support and obligation from the community of world nation. Such seek a reaction to act against a nation as they see children gassed to death but not because entire ancient Christian communities are slaughtered.

It will most likely be the Jihadist Muslim rebel forces that will be launching missiles into Israel as they do in intermittent bases anyway from southern Lebanon and Gaza. Israel will most likely use the ‘Samson Option’ out of self-preservation to thwart an all-out chemical and/or biological attack on Israel. This will occur if and when the boiling point reaches dire consequences and it becomes an issue of survival for Israel. In a preemptive strike, perhaps Israel might launch a limited nuclear device upon the chemical and biological stockpiles and destroys Damascus in the process. The world would surely drop support for Israel entirely.

Israel is at a disadvantage in many ways. There is a military discrepancy of there being potentially 7 Arab armies vs. Israel in the coming Inner-Ring war with the Muslim nations. There could be nearly a 1.5 million Muslim army vs. a 150,000 Jewish army in the 1st stage of WW3. Thus, one can see why Israel would go nuclear. Israel has preemptively struck at its Muslim enemies before as it did with Syria; it did destroy a Syrian nuclear Reactor site in 2007 and an Iraqi one in 1981.

On a side note, the names of some of the political, religious, and military players have some interesting meaning when one does a word study on the various county leaders in this area of the Middle East. For example, Erdogan of Turkey has echoes of the Fish God Dogan. Bashar has a connotation related to seeing as in 'all seeing eye'. Hassan of Hezbollah claims direct lineage to Mohammad. Ismail of Hamas speaks for itself. Netanyahu is the only Israeli leader since 1948 that the name ‘Jehovah’ in it, which means 'Gift of Jehovah'. Netanyahu’s family is actually from Poland and as many Jews to returned to Israel after WWII, they changed their last names to Hebrew.

Stage 2: PSALM 83 WAR Arab Confederacy
A possible scenario could arise as a direct result of the subsequent turmoil of the political and economic strife after the Israeli nuclear strike on Damascus. The Arab League will most likely unify in their heated emotion and hatred of Israel to the point of launching an all-out consorted attack on Israel. In light of the pending ratification of the UN’s Resolution 181 to establish Palestine as a state by the spring of 2014 or 2015, the talk of ‘Peace and Security’ could amount to a ‘Sudden Destruction’ instead. Because of the possible Israeli preemptive nuclear strike on Syria, 6 immediate neighbors will attack Israel to deflect their own dire domestic strive by thinking that their overwhelming numbers, armory and religious Islamic zeal will overwhelm and annihilate Israel off the face of the Earth. Yet according to the Bible, Israel will supernaturally defeat all these nations as they did in 1948, 1953, 1967, and 1973 etc. Listed below are those Inner Muslim nations of the Psalm 83 Muslim confederation of nations.

-Ishmaelites: decedents of Arabs
-Amalek: decedents of Arabs South of Israel

-Edom: decedents of Esau Palestinian
-Moab: decedents of Lot Palestinian
-Ammon: decedents of Lot Palestinian

3. EGYPT: Hagarenes, decedents of Iraqis
4. LEBANON: Gebal, inhabitants of Tyre /Hezbollah
5. PALISTINE: (GAZA): decedents of Philistines/Hamas
6. SYRIA/IRAQ: Assyria, Syrians and perhaps Northern Iraqis

Stage 3: EZEKIEL 38-39 Russian Invasion
Then there will be temporary ‘Peace and Security’ due to the destruction of the Inner-Muslim countries by Israel (GOD miraculously). Taking opportunity, Russia will come from the North acting on military packs with the Outer-Ring of Muslim nations. These nations are Iran, Turkey, Libya, Sudan, and the Central Asian republics. The Bible states that GOD puts a ‘hook’ in their ‘Jaw’ to bring Gog and Magog down to as they seek to plunder Israel’s wealth and prosperity. This is what Ukraine is all about. It is, among many other reasons, to secure a launching pad for its inevitable invasion of Israel from the Crimea as the navel contingency will be critical to invade from the north.

This Gog-Magog invasion will be during a time when Israel will be experiencing a false sense of Peace at that and dwelling in relative Security – no walls around cities as foretold in Ezekiel 38. It will take 7 years to burn the weapons and 7 months to bury the dead after the failed invasion is over by Russian and its Outer-Ring Muslim alliance. There is a possibility that this war is prior to the 7 year-Covenant as it would set the stage for the ‘Peace Treaty’ to be confirmed by the coming Antichrist and the ‘Many’. It might be that the possible Treaty to create the Palestinian State by Sept 2016 or sometime thereafter will never happen at all due to these possible scenarios.

Primarily from an eschatological point of view, the LORD is allowing the chess board of political maneuvering to set the stage in the Middle Eat for the final Tribulation Period to discipline Israel and judge the nation at Armageddon. Astronomically, if the Tetrad, the 2 book-end solar Hybrids and the Virgo celestial signs are any indication of this coming time period, then the next few years, mid to late 2015-2023 in particular are to be looked at with great anticipation but with hope and horror of what is to come prophetically to Israel and the nations of the world. Side Note: If you follow the Russian fleet maneuvers from the Black Sea ports of the Crimea to Israel, it will make a 'hook' sailing pattern.

Possible Timeline Scenario
The timeline of possible year scenarios may speak to such a time that the Bible does emphatically proclaim will happen, as to the beginnings or year that remains to be seen. The following are some possible factors and circumstances either developing or coming. This is the year in the when all hopes of the possible timeframe for the much anticipated ‘Peace and Safety’, is expected to occur by way of the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks of dividing Israel into 2 states but the Bible foretells of a  Sudden Destruction that shall come upon THEM instead. The Isaiah 19 destruction of Damascus might occur as Syria is one such speculation that will be the trigger point that leads to World War 3. This tactical nuclear strike by Israel against Syria would also serve to put Iran on notice with respect to Iran’s nuclear program.

This study suggests that the Psalm 83 War with Israel will be World War 3 between the Jewish State and its Muslim enemies. Given that the possibility that the chemical and biological attacks already occurring in Syria may spill over into Israel, Israel nervously will be acting out of self-preservation. Israel will take out the chemical and biological caches in Damascus by a nuclear device that leads to the ‘sudden destruction’ and WW3. This will in turn prompt the Psalm 83 Muslim coalition to attack Israel. Thus, this could be the possible Rapture Zone as with Sodom and the Flood typology of the Church escaping before sudden destruction comes. In Sodom, Lot is the ‘type’ for the Church that leaves, the Flood is the ‘type’ for Israel that stays.

In Romans 6:5 it does allude to Believers in Jesus following in the same sequence of the Resurrection of Christ. Since Christ rose in the Spring, it could be the time of the Rapture and Resurrection then, if not at Pentecost. As Israel is prophesied to prevail in the Psalm 83 War, Israel will possibly live in ‘un-walled cities’ thereafter but with a false sense of ‘Peace and Security’. According to how some interpret the Biblical End Times; the Ezekiel 38 War ensues sometime during this time of Peace and Security. It will be a time when Israel will trust another for its defense as the Russian led Muslim alliance retaliates for the Muslim defeat by Israel during the Psalm 83 War. After the supernatural defeat of the Gog-Magog alliance by the LORD, thereafter the AntiChrist will take the credit in some form and ‘Confirms the Covenant’ with the Many for 7 Years, or 3.5 as some firmly ascribe to this alternate view of how long the Tribulation is.

For the purposes of this study, it will be assumed that the subsequent 7 Year ‘Covenant’ could be corresponding to the Jubilee Year, as per some calculations on Yom Kippur and the Luciferian ‘Year of Light’ 5776. This could accommodate the 7 months needed to bury dead and the 7 Years to burn the nuclear weapons for fuel in Israel. This outcome could also allow for the 3rd Temple to be built and have it been consecrated and initiated with the Daily Sacrifices. Thereafter, the AntiChrist might set up his biometric New World Order (NWO) 666 Mark currency worldwide after the collapse of the current economic order due to WW3 will coincide with an economic Sabbatical Cycle. The prior major collapses financially have occurred on Sabbatical Cycle 7-year cycles tied to the Stock Market in New York. This alone follows the same pattern established after the 1st and 2nd World Wars, in that that a ‘New Order’ for the world at large came about, it in terms of world politics, governance and economy.

42 Months later
The Revelation 12 Heavenly Sign in Virgo occurs on September 22/23, 2017…as Rosh HaShanah is ending. In one scenario, perhaps the ‘Rapture’ is to have preceded this event. It will thus be at this time when the War in Heaven ensued as Lucifer is evicted out of Heaven. He will be dethroned from being Prince of the Power of the Air any longer as the Rapture Rendezvous had been in the Air prior to this celestial war. Thereafter, Lucifer is thrust to the Earth to make way for Thrones and Powers to be given to the Bride in the Heavenly Places and on Earth to come during the 1000-year administration of Jesus Christ on Earth from Jerusalem. In turn Satan goes out to muster the armies of the world in preparation for the Battle of Armageddon.

For example, this is when the 200 million man army comprised of the Kings of the East will make their way to the Middle East. This year could possibly be the timeframe of when Lucifer, having been cast out of Heaven due to the Celestial War, indwells the AntiChrist, stops the Daily Sacrifices, sets up the Abomination in the 3rd Jewish Temple and proclaims himself to be ‘god’ in the Holy of Holies as he sits on the Mercy Seat of the Ark of the Covenant built by Moses. He then pursues Israel into the wilderness to destroy the Remnant. As the Remnant flees to Petra and is protected. The Remnant of Israel flees to the wilderness of Petra for the next 1260 days or 42 months that is described as the ‘Great Tribulation’ or the Time of Jacob’s Troubles’.

The AntiChrist directs his wrath worldwide and persecution ensues of all those that come to faith in Jesus Christ during the Tribulation period. In the spirit of his Muslim protocols, capital punishment will be handed down to those that refuse to participate in the New World Order where Luciferianism is the official State Religion. This could be the 3.5 half-way mark from 2015 per some interpretations and timelines of the Last Days. Based on these possible timeframes, it is strongly suggested those 42 months thereafter is when Jesus Christ’s 2nd coming, or Parousia will occur. This is when the final Battle, that of Armageddon starts and finishes. This study also strongly suggests that Jesus Christ returns at the Fall Feast of Rosh HaShanah. After the total victory at Armageddon, Jesus sets up the long-awaited Kingdom on Earth from Jerusalem.

The peace necessary to fulfill the final Stage of WW3 or Ezekiel’s prophecy leads some to believe that these wars occurs first before the Tribulation. Such a scenario allows Israel to defeat the attacking Inner-Ring Muslim nations and have peace until the time appointed for the Gog-Magog war. This scenario leaves the possibility that the war of Ezekiel results in the 7-Year ’Conferring of the Covenant’ negotiated by the Antichrist. To reiterate, the Tribulation period is all about judgment and wrath, not about the Church going through wrath. The theory is that possibility, the Year of Jubilee could correlate to the start of the Tribulation period. The Year of Jubilee, by some calculations, would start on the New Religious year of Rosh HaShanah 2015 and would be proclaimed on Yom Kippur. That year, 2015-2016 would correspond to the Jewish year 5776, the ‘Year of Light’ and as in 1776 with the ringing of ‘freedom and liberty’. The Tribulation period will start off in ‘Peace and Security’. This time frame will correlate to the White Horse of the Apocalypse. It will be accompanied by the revealing of the AntiChrist that is to ride it.

The End Game
The start of the Tribulation will initially be composed and presented as the possible ‘New Age of peace’…once the Earth will have been rid of the ‘Christian Church’ by the Rapture. This would encompass the theme of the newly promised peace plan ‘confirmed’ by the AntiChrist and the Many as a temporary peace will be attained by the victory of Israel over its Muslim neighbors that constituted what this study presents as World War 3. According to the Bible, through deception, this coming false Messiah will make a ‘false’ peace to trick Israel into accepting the AntiChrist as the long awaited ‘Messiah’ of Israel.

For the purposes of this study and based on the patterns of wars presented, the illustration will assume that the ’Confirming of the Covenant’ is with the AntiChrist and a coalition of other nations will promise Israel ‘Peace and Security’ that lasts 7 Years but the designated dates are speculative. The 2nd aspect of this scenario of the Psalm 83 war is not to be confused with the Ezekiel 38-39 War will ensue sometime after the Psalm 83 War in midst of the Peace and Security years Israel will enjoy. Perhaps, there may be no prolonged gap when the Gog-Magog war starts. This notion is primarily ascertained due to the Tetrad of 2014-2015. The Tetrads that occur on the Passover and Tabernacles appointed days have always marked a great prophetic fulfillment for the nation of Israel.

According to the Bible, the Gog-Magog War, in which the coalition is led by Russia and the Muslims nations, will be thwarted supernaturally by the LORD to get Israel’s attention as they operate on ’Signs and Wonders’. Perhaps this window of prophetic time of 2014-2015 –that corresponds to the Tetrad will see the start the last 7-year Tribulation Period soon thereafter in 2022.Before then the Bride of Christ goes up while the nuclear exchanges of the Isaiah 17 destruction descend down on Damascus.

Then the Muslim confederation of Muslim nations will retaliate with the Psalm 83 War in particular. This will be World War 3 as prescribed by Luciferian Albert Pike. The time period thereafter could possibly be when the Gog-Magog Ezekiel 38 War would soon follow thereafter led by a Russian-Outer-Ring Muslim alliance. The Bible does state that the AntiChrist will be a man that would be ’Confirming of the Covenant’ with Israel based on the supernatural deliverance of Israel by the LORD but takes full credit through lying wonders. This ‘confirming’ would be between Israel, the AntiChrist and with the ‘Many’ after the Rapture.

Perhaps the AntiChrist will take some or all credit for ‘saving’ Israel supernaturally after the Psalm 83 War. From 2022, the ‘midpoint’ would either be 2025 or 2026, when the AntiChrist would break the ‘Covenant’ and demand worship as the ‘Messiah’ of Israel and will initiate the reign of terror upon Israel and the world. Many believe that this scenario will coincide with the proclamation of when the Jubilee Year is to be announced and a new global digital monetary system ’Mark of the Beast’ starts due to the final Sabbatical Cycle 7-year economic reset occurs in the Fall of 2022.

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