Star Map of the Celestial Portals

  • What is the Martian Motif Pattern about?
  • Why is this Celestial Pattern found around Earth?
  • What role do these 'Beings' play in these Last Days?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘One day the Sons of Elohim came to present themselves before YHVH, and the Adversary also came with them. Where have you come from? said YHVH to the Adversary. From roaming through the Earth, he replied, and from walking back and forth in it.’ -Job 1:6-7

The purpose of this study is to investigate the Hopi Prophecy Rock near Oraibi, Arizona, 35˚53’02.53’’N 110˚38’48.69’’W, for its esoteric meaning and clues as to the origins of Humanity according to its mythos. The Hopi Prophecy Rock has been the subject of many research papers, documentaries and wild theories. Many have developed all types of interpretations that range from the absurd to the fantastic. This study seeks to present the case that most, if not all the research and interpretations have left out the core and integral portion of the geoglyph that is ‘hidden in plain sight’. This portion of the motif or rock relief is very poignant to those that have investigated similar geoglyphs from other civilizations, both ancient and modern and from around the world. This motif in question is the Cydonia, Mars Pyramid Complex triangulation.

The Mars Motif is highly suggested to be what is ‘hidden in plain sight’ and the ‘key’ to correctly interpreting this Hopi Prophecy Rock geoglyph. In part, the interpretation should be ‘standard’ as such a motif found all over the world divulges the same ‘celestial narrative’. This Martian Motif that is strongly suggested is what is depicted at the corner wedge of the 2 intersecting ‘lines’ does appear to have the triangulation of 3 prominent niches in the Rock. These 3 niches do appear to approximate the 3 core structures on Mars when the Martian Motif pattern is superimposed. The 3 pyramid structures on Mars are the 7-Pyramid City that corresponds to the Pleiades Star Cluster. Then there is the Face of Mars that is said to be a Mausoleum, for the ‘Fallen King of Nibiru’, Ala-lu according to the Sumerian Creation Cylinders.

Then there is the giant Pentagon Pyramid that is oddly not a perfect pentagram but follows more of the form of a ‘body’, like that of the Vitruvian Man with extended arms upward, etc. The Hopi Prophecy Rock conveys the same mythos of the ancient past that is amazingly still alive and told right down to this Last Generation. This Martian Motif has been used as a universal ‘template’ either to construct pyramid cities, have city layouts or monuments that are found not only in the Americas but around the world. It seems that this same ‘template’ or motif is a standard used to convey what Stars the ‘Gods’ came from to Earth to teach it ‘civilization’, etc. The mythos is that the ‘Star Peoples’ came from the Pleiades and Orion to show Humanity the ways of civilization to include for example the knowledge of agriculture, ‘enlightenment’, peace and ‘harmony’ but also the ways of war, sorcery, abortion, drugs and sexual perversion. What?

Celestial Storylines
What went wrong and why are there seemingly then 2 types of such ‘Beings’ that have either come to ‘help’ Humanity and other ‘Beings’ of the same type have come to exploit Humanity? For example, in the case of the ‘Star People’ coming to show Humanity the ‘right path’, the most prominent Star Being, was said to have been a tall blue-eyed, blond, white man in the Americas. The Mormons accept this Being as Jesus Christ. This ‘Being’ of knowledge and wisdom was said to have come in a ‘Serpent Ship’ from the East and had power to heal and resurrect the dead. He was likened to a Teacher, a ‘Shepherd’ and taught a ‘primitive’ Humanity how to build cities for example. This ‘God’ became known in the Americas, such as Quetzalcoatl, Kukulkan, Viracocha, etc. He was associated with the Feathered Serpent or the ‘Shining One’ as he is portrayed.

In the ancient world, the serpent represented wisdom and enlightenment that echoes the account of the one found in the Bible in the Garden of Eden. This same ‘Shining One’ is still venerated in the realms of the Luciferian occult and Secret Societies. It is none other than Lucifer, the highest of the created Angelic Beings. What the Hopi were and are trying to tell is a literal ‘storyline’ as the Prophecy Rock does have a depiction of 2 paths on which Humanity is on or could be on, which is Biblical by the way. The Bible teaches that there are 2 competing ‘narratives’. There is the Luciferian one and it is told by Jesus of the Bible. Thus 2 ‘Paths’ for Humanity, 1 that leads to Eternal Life and one that leads to ‘Eternal Damnation’. This was said and taught directly by a ‘Spirit Being’ that likewise came from the ‘Sky’ but beyond the Stars. This Being is the one that made the Stars, Jesus Christ. He came to Earth to show and teach and heal Humanity.

More so, it would be this Being from, not of Earth that took on the human form and flesh to live a sinless life. The mission of Jesus was to ultimately offer such a ‘perfect life’ as a payment for the fall of Humanity and that caused in part by the Beings portrayed in the Top Line of the geoglyph of the Hopi Prophecy Rock. However, as noted, the most important inference in all the story-telling interpretations of this spectacular geoglyph do not take into account the center-piece of the Hopi Prophecy Rock, the Martian Motif. If one considers the composition of the geoglyph, one can ascertain that the angle of the petroglyph is ‘cornered’ to accommodate the ‘Martian Motif’ which would be dead-center in relation to the entire composition. As noted, the Hopi Prophecy Rock is telling the storylines of 2 narratives, dimensions or paths; a ‘Top Line’ and a ‘Bottom Line’.

It is stating that such ‘Beings’ that offer these 2 ways for Humanity came from this triangulated Star Map just below the ‘Time Lines’ or dimensions perhaps. The Martian Motif, itself on Mars is not accepted ‘officially’ as such but only as a theory but more so as supposition and perhaps, topographical anomalies. However, the mathematical angles and layout of the Martian Motif site at Cydonia is beyond mere ‘coincidence’. The Martian Motif is also much like the Hopi Prophecy Rock as it too speaks of where such ‘Beings’ came from who ‘settled’ Mars perhaps. Thus, the Martian Motif is a Star Map of where some mighty important and powerful ‘Beings’ came from and established such connections and communications down the ‘Lines’ as to involve Humanity on Earth at this point in time and perhaps because of Humanity. As to the description of the Hopi Prophecy Rock geoglyph itself, the design is very simplistic but telling and awesome.

Guardians of the Gate

The Hopi Prophecy Rock depiction is made as it were with ‘stick figures’ as being detailed in features is hard to etch-out on rock. The relief starts with a ‘Being’ that is standing to the left of a ‘Line’ or ‘Beam’ facing the onlooker if one is facing directly at it from the front. This Being has the left hand on the ‘Line’ going up and the right hand appears to be holding an arrow facing down. Based on some highlights of the rock relief, there appears to be an opening next to the face of this ‘feathered-head’ Being. Is this a ‘tear’ in the ‘Space-Time-Continuum’? Does it denote a certain aspect of space from where the line leading to the ‘Portal’ or Stargate is somehow associated with? The feature that ‘literally ‘sticks out’ is as an ‘antenna’ or feather on the head of this Being. Considering that this geoglyph is Hopi Native American, it would stand to reason that this ‘Being’ is either a great Hopi Elder or Sage.

Evidently, some within the Hopi community know of the past that have been ‘taught’ this Star Map motif narrative of the origins of where their ‘Spiritual Fathers’ came from, etc. This is where the subtlety of the ‘Cosmic Deception’ comes into play for it seems so similar and plausible to that of the Biblical storyline with Jesus; its duality. The geoglyph even has the ‘Christian Cross’ by all means. The New Agers even attest that Jesus was one of the ‘Avatars’ and ‘Star Christs’ for such a time or Age when He came but that He was 1 among many still to come. In fact, such are awaiting their coming ‘Christ’ for the 5th Sun or 5th Age that is said to be at the proverbial doorstep. What is astonishing is that this coming ‘Christ’ will be ushered-in and accompanied by these ‘Star Beings’ that will manifest to Humanity at that time as they now only lurk and operate in the shadows as it were.

Until that time comes, and it will according to the Bible, so too do these same ‘Spirit Beings’ state the same of Jesus. This is how one can distinguish such counterfeit Creation accounts. The essential difference is always the same, who is Jesus Christ? If such ‘Beings’ from the Stars deny Jesus as just a ‘God’ or ‘Lord’ but not The Lord, The Christ, then such are the counterfeit persuasion of the Luciferian kind. More revealing is the assertion that this Jesus is the Creator according to the teaching of Ephesians and Colossians of the New Testament, With respect to the Hopi Prophecy Rock geoglyph, the vertical line going up could be interpreted this as a ‘Beam’, a current or frequency that the Hopi Elders know how to ‘tap’ into to access and open the ‘Star Door’. And from where such Spirit Beings ‘crossover’ interdimensionally between these 2 ‘Lines’ or essentially dimensions. Such is the case with Lucifer as seen in the book of Job.

This ‘Beam’ proceeds upward that then intersects a ‘box’ or ‘chamber’. Obviously, this would be likened to a ‘Stargate’ or ‘Portal’ that would lead to the 2 parallel dimensions of time and destinies. Now whether the correct interpretation is that there are 2 possible alternative timelines, that remains a mystery. It would appear then that this ‘Door’ or Celestial Portal can access multi-dimensions as the wavy-line that terminates the Top Line could then denote a different ‘frequency’ and/or resonance perhaps. The Top Line has the 4 Beings that are holding hands with each other and appear to have a human body form. The humanoid body type appears to be a universal ‘template’ the Creator, YHVH is fashioned with and is the standard of all measurement and proportions.

Cosmic Deception
The Top Line appears to be delineated into 2 sections in approximate phi ratio distance to each other. This is ascertained from the portion of the Star Gate to where the Top Line takes on a prominent zig-zagging formation and veers upward. This would stand to reason geometrically as the phi ratio spiral formed beyond the 3rd-dimension serves as a ‘tunnel’ or passageway for such ‘Beings’ to traverse through ‘Star Gates’. Some interpret this as the Top Line being the one that will lead Humanity to ‘enlightenment’ and ‘ascension’ to the realm of the ‘Celestials of Orion’. This is what the Spirit Beings offer Humanity. This ‘offer’ has stood since Lucifer, as the ‘Shining One’ presented it to Eve in the Garden of Eden. It is the ‘Great Lie’ of Lucifer, that ‘You will be as Gods’, etc. The Bottom Line thus borders on the mortal realm of Earth where humans live and have to tend to corn stalks and till the ground in this case.

This ‘laboring’ echoes the cursing of Humanity due to sin by having the 1st humans believe such a ‘Cosmic Deception’ as millions still do. The Bottom Line, thus, although stable, descends down as it corners the Prophecy Rock in comparison to the Top Line going into ‘Immorality’ and ‘Godhood’. Are the 4 ‘Beings’ as it were on the Top Line ‘watching’ Humanity the 4 prior ‘Christs’ that have come to Earth, to the Hopi and others around Earth that have ‘taught’ Humanity civilization? Are these the ‘Avatars’ of ancient folklore or the Demigods of old? Are these the ‘Christs’ that according to the New Age belief, have come, each one for the various ‘Sun’ cycles, which have been 4 up to now and are awaiting the 5th Sun or the 5th Age? In this case, based on the depiction and common narratives, the large sphere to the right of the ‘Beam’ line and Hopi Elder is not Earth as Earth is depicted with the Being tending to the corn stalks of the Bottom Line.

The large Sphere thus, most likely is an important Star or ‘Sun’…‘Nibiru’ perhaps. This geoglyph composition could thus be cryptically depicting this Sun as the 1st Age, then the 3 Belt Stars of Orion could be the 2nd Sun, 3rd Sun, and 4th Sun, etc. The coming 5th Sun would be yet to come. However, those that are Followers of Jesus know that when He returns, the likelihood of the 5th Sun or Age being initiated would correspond to the Millennial Kingdom on Earth as the Bible teaches. It is Jesus of the Bible that came to give the Truth; that Humanity can ‘ascend’ and enter ‘godhood’ as it were, having Glorified Bodies of pure light. This takes a being ‘Born Again’ experience and decision to accept only Jesus of the Bible for who He said He was, is and will become.

It is He, Jesus of the Bible, the ‘True Orion’ and Keeper of the Pleiades as the type of His soon gathered Bride of Christ that only offers true Eternal Life. What awaits Lucifer and his ‘Ascended Masters’ that are nothing but his cadre of Fallen Angels and demons at their disposal along with their geo-engineered Alien Greys is Eternal Damnation in the Lake of Fire. But such a ‘Path’ or ‘Line’ to this true ‘ascension’ and transformation YHVH only offers through GOD the Son, Jesus. It is narrow, and it does not bode well with the conditions Humanity prefers. In terms of the geoglyph, the Bottom Line seems to be a base as it is not delineated in itself. The Bottom Line does however seem to be integral in forming the sections, which are ‘dimensions’ actually being layered on top of each other. This is one geoglyph that attempts to divulge this scientific theory. The Bottom Line is directly associated with Orion based on the 3 ovals intersecting it.

Gate of Orion

It is the Bottom Line in consort then with the Top Line that appears to directly intersect with the 3 ovals or ‘Suns’ which are Stars nearly equally set apart. The last one or the 3rd Star, up the line to the right appears to be the smaller one just as they would be in Orion’s Belt. The Belt Stars would correspond then first with Alnilam, the biggest, then Alnilam, the middle one and then the smallest with Mintaka. Based on the orientation and position of the Pleiades of how it is angled on the Hopi Prophecy Rock, one can then corroborate that the 3 ovals intersecting the Bottom Line do in fact correspond to the Belt Stars of Orion. The give-away clue is that if based on the Pleiades orientation, the constellation of Orion would then be mirrored approximately 180 degrees horizontally and about 90 degrees vertically. It is essentially a reflection of how Orion is seen in the Heavens but as if it is casting its ‘shadow’ on the Hopi Prophecy Rock.

Many have speculated that such ‘ovals’ are either the Suns that corresponded to each ‘compartment’ or Age. They could also be a double entendre in that they also represent the 3 Belt Stars of Orion. It is also believed that wherever one finds the Martian Motif of the Pleiades pattern, as this study suggests, an Orion correspondence will also directly be associated with it. Such is the case astronomically with Orion in reference to Taurus and the Pleiades, etc. In this case, the mythos would corroborate in that the Spirit Beings of ‘Light’ that are said to have come from Orion and through the ‘Dragon Door’ or Stargate it has. It is an interesting clue that if the Orion alignment based on the orientation of the Pleiades is valid, then the position of the Star Gate or ‘Portal’ would correspond to the Horseshoe Nebula area, which is really the Dragon Nebula of Orion.

Thus, this corresponding door would make it the ‘Dragon Door’ from where the ‘Dragon’ or ‘Serpent’ Beings traverse inter-dimensionally between the Heavenly Realm and the Earthly Realm, etc. What is a bit disturbing is that if one closely examines the angles of the slant of the ‘eyes’ on the 4 figures atop the Top Line of the geoglyph, they are clearly not ‘human’ eyes. The angle of the eyes on these ‘Beings’ more resembles those of the over-sized almond shaped Alien Grey types. Thus, what these supposed ‘Celestials of Orion’ are Beings, as in the Blond Pleiadian types is disturbing. This notion would be in sync with also how many other geoglyphs of not only the Hopi, but of many other civilizations portray the Alien Greys as ‘helpers’ of the ‘Ascended Masters’. One such geoglyph is found in the Nazca Lines of Peru, called El Astronauta.

It is rather odd, mysterious and spectacular that all the ancient civilizations tell of the same narrative and use this same Martian Motif as the standard template to explain their ‘origins’. What is beyond comprehension is that as other studies on this Martian Motif have been presented, this same Martian Motif triangulation is presently still being used, cryptically in the design and layouts of the modern world capitals of the various Nations on Earth. If this is any indication and/or clue as to who these ‘Spirit Beings’ or ‘Fathers’ are, then they are the ones that presently rule the Earth, the Nations and have dominion. The Bible calls these Beings, ‘Rules, Authorities, Powers, and Forces.’ Moreover, the Bible exposes their true nature, that though they have come to supposedly ‘help’ Humanity and ‘enlighten’ it, they are of a Luciferian scheme. The Bible teaches that such are Lucifer and his Fallen Angels masquerading as ‘Angels of Light’.

Prime Directive

This study strongly suggests that the Star People in relation to the Martian Motif are of Darkness and forces of evil that exist in the Spiritual Realm based on Ephesians 6. Sadly, so too do all humans that blindly but willfully work on their behalf as false ‘Ministers of Righteousness’. Thus, the Bible also has a narrative and timeline that is similar and gives glimpses that ‘Spirit Beings’ have come down to Earth and have ‘taught’ Humanity. The books of Enoch and The Giants give more extra-Biblical details of how such ‘Spirit Beings’ were stationed on Earth to help Humanity and what went wrong. Thus, one truth could be accepted that Angels, as numerous as they are said to be that cannot be counted, are stationed throughout the created Universe of YHVH.

Perhaps such are Sentinel’s or ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ type of set-up; which is amazing and the stuff of Hollywood blockbuster movies. However, the Bible states that certain Angels, ‘left their stations’ because in part, they could not resist the beauty of earthly women. They in some fashion, morphed from their natural state of having wings and to varying degrees based on rank from 2, 4, 6, etc. The Bible states in Genesis that they took on flesh and thus were able to mate physically and procreate a hybrid human. These same Spirit Beings are active and involved with the same manipulation of Humanity, genetically. Such genetic experimentation is still going on as in Area 51 and other secret underground military locations based on those that have exposed such horrific activities. This intersection of dimensions or ‘Lines’ though has been against YHVH’s Prime Directive of not interfering with Humanity at the genetic level for one.

What the Hopi Prophecy Rock geoglyph does show also in the corner of the glyph is an obvious ‘Cross’ and a Giant Sphere. Most attribute this to the bringing of Christianity to the Native Peoples by the ‘White Men’ of Europe, etc. It so happens to parallel the ‘celestial narration’ of the ‘Ancient Ones’ that came also with the similar ‘Gospel’ and who were white. However, the Native Peoples are also leery of what the other ‘White Men’ did in the name of Jesus to destroy and genocide the Native Peoples in the Americas. Nonetheless, this is one interpretation. The actual significance may remain untold correctly. It could coincide with a certain celestial intersection as ‘Crosses’ in the Heavens speak of such ‘interactions’ or ‘crossings’. This very prominent Sphere is directly to the right of the ‘Beam’ Line that the ‘Hopi Elder’ is touching with the left hand.

Many interpret this giant Sphere as being the Earth. Which in 1 case, would prove the Flat Earth an absurdity and an End of Days distraction, which it is. Sadly many well-meaning but naïve Christians have fallen for it. Could it be, then, that since the ‘Cross’ and the ‘Sphere’ are together, it is referencing the ‘Planet of the Crossing’ as in Nibiru perhaps? The Sphere and the Cross do happen to be situated next to the corresponding niche of the ‘Face of Mars’ or that of Ala-lu. This ‘Celestial Being’ was said to be the King of Nibiru. What a coincidence? What is also part of this ancient narrative is that this ‘King’ died but promised to ‘resurrect’ and come back alive from among the dead in the last Age. Thus, for their ‘initiates’ such knowledge, communication and interaction with such ‘Beings’ continues. Thus, the use of such ‘Doors’, Portals and/or Stargates to traverse dimensions is required and still occurs. Thus, the need for triangulation.

Piercing the Portals

What is not divulged in such narratives is that the interactions with these ‘Spirit Being’ often include at some point, the acquisition of human sacrifices to enhance the operation and facilitation of such undertakings. It appears that human blood is some sort of means by which the transmission and teleportation is ‘oiled’ with, sort of speak. What is understood then is that such ‘Beings’ and humans can teleport from such worlds or Stars through ‘Doors’ or Portals, Stargates, etc. If one studies the ancient Black Magic, Satanic and/or Luciferian ways of interacting and conjuring-up such ‘Light Beings’, a ‘Portal’ or ‘Chamber Box’ is required. It has to be very mathematical as Sacred Gematria is what is used to pierce dimensions along with magic, and human blood that seems to ‘energize the process in the supernatural, which exists.

Such Fallen Angelic Beings have the capacity to exist and traverse interdimensional through such ‘Portals’, for example from between Heaven and Earth as noted. The Earth has certain ley-lines from which sacred temples, pyramids and even now modern buildings are situated to facilitate this nexus of cosmic and earthly energies to facilitate the harnessing of such powers. For example, a hexagram which is formulated by 2 opposing and intersecting triangles in a 3-deminesional aspect produces a perfect ‘cube’. This is the sacred chamber that is the ‘Portal’ the Stargate, as it were that is used to traverse interdimensionally, etc. The other geometric configuration would be the pentagram. In this case, it is used to bind demons and confine them to control their activity as such are employed by witches and warlocks alike. 

For example, in previous studies, it has been presented that it is understood that there were 2 main Cosmic Gates known to Humanity since ancient times when Astronomy was understood. The 2 Celestial Gates are the Golden Gate and the Silver Gate. Each Celestial Gate is at the opposing side of the known Universe and has their corresponding ‘Guardian’ over it and constellation Sign Star. In the case of the Silver Gate, for example it is Orion that is the Guardian and the Star, Aldebaran is the assigned Star, etc. This ‘triangulation’ is found also thus in the Hopi Prophecy Rock that has gone entirely unnoticed and largely overlooked or misunderstood. The geoglyph triangulation is that of the Martian Motif as this study strongly suggests is at the core of the composition of the geoglyph.

The Hopi Prophecy Rock does have 3 prominent niches that when the Martian Motif is superimposed on top it, it does appear to correspond directly to the Martian Motif on Cydonia, Mars. The niche just to the right of the Stargate and under the Bottom Line corresponds to the Pleiades. Interestingly, there are 7 round notches that correspond to the 7 Star Cluster that is leading to the ‘Cross’. The angle of this ‘Pleiades’ also nearly approximates that of the Martian Motif one as does the other 2 niches. The niche corresponding to the Face of Mars or Ala-lu is the most ‘round’ of the 3 niches on the Rock and would stand to reason why. The niche corresponding to the giant Pentagon Pyramid of Mars does have this niche on the rock with a wedge cut-out appearance. Obviously, the drawer of this Hopi Prophecy Rock clearly knew of this celestial motif that is not of his world, Earth but found in Mars which is a mirror of the celestial one pertinent to the Pleiades and 2 other Suns or Planets it is portraying.

Return of the Watchers

It is said and believed by the ‘Ancients’ that those Stars or ‘worlds’ depicted in the hexagram triangulation are from where their ‘Progenitors’, their ‘Gods’, their ‘Creators’ came from and more astonishing, where they will come back from at the end of this Age. This narrative concurs with that of the Bible and the book of Enoch as it specifically states that the book was for the sole purpose of warning the Last Generation of the unleashing of such Beings upon a wicked world. The book of Revelation speaks of this also in more detail of how the Abyss is ready to be opened and who even their ‘King’ is, the God of the Ancients, Apollo to the Greeks, etc. This is where one has to ask, wait a minute. So, does the Bible speak of ‘Beings’ existing besides humans? Yes. The Bible does not specifically name all types of ‘Beings’ that most probably have been created or might exist or that YHVH has created.

This question, among many, remains a mystery and something to look forward to understanding in the 5th Age to come when Jesus of the Bible returns to set up His Kingdom on Earth. Imagine the knowledge and understanding, the teaching there will be at His disposal into such things. It is a parallel to the Cosmic Deception of how the ‘Teacher’ came down from the Stars of Heaven to teach a dire Humanity in need of peace and prosperity. Suffice to say and know that only certain types of Being have been revealed that according to the Bible do exist. Mainly, the ones divulged have been Angelic Beings. There are the 4-Living Creatures, there is an Eagle that flies over the Throne of YHVH on one occasion, there are Seraphim’s, Cherubim, etc. Based on their rank, the number of wings corresponds, as mentioned. The question remains, what about human beings? Is Genesis 1:1 the same as Genesis 1:2? This remains a mystery.

There are those that subscribe to the Gap Theory in that it is supposed that ‘Beings’ and civilization existed on Earth and other planets like Mars before the creation of Adam and Eve. There was probably a direct link and perhaps ‘Portals’ such as the one depicted on the Hopi Prophecy Rock were used. It probably is still the case where then, ‘Beings’ existed, on Earth and Mars…most likely of an Angelic race for one. This is where the folklore of the Age of Gold occurred or when there existed a world in which now there are only remnants in ancient narratives to look back at and study. The Bible only hints at there being a time when for some reason, something happened that caused the Earth to become ‘empty and void’. This means that the reverse is true.

The Earth then was at one time then full and plenty of somethings and somebodies, and this before Adam and Eve. What the Bible does declare is that YHVH is the Creator of all and that He is good, righteous and He made all things ‘Good’. Now how things became ‘empty and void’ or how Lucifer being ‘made perfect in beauty’, murder, pride and rebellion was found in him’? What? How? Was this a factor of YHVH giving Free Will? Such are questions that Humanity has wrestled with and will only have an answer when Jesus returns to Earth to rule. One thing is for sure about the creation of Humanity, it was like no other, even compared with all of the mighty Angelic races. The monumental and perhaps cosmic difference is that Humanity was made ‘Different’. Humanity was fashioned in the ‘image and likeness’ of YHVH.

Imagine that? And that YHVH had to deal with the redemption of Humanity is a whole other topic to consider, amazing. Nonetheless, it can be thus the case that yes, the Earth and the Universe are ‘billions’ of years old but then the Creation account of Genesis 1:2 is actually a ‘recreation’ based on the Hebrew word meaning. Thus, it can also be true that from Adam, the Earth and what has been ‘recreated’ for a Humanity has only been roughly 6000 years. The point is that as the Hopi Prophecy Rock has 2 timelines or 2 dimensional possibilities existing at once, so too can the Old Earth and Young Earth theory be true at the same time. This goes for the same narrative of which Christs’ Gospel is true, Jesus’ of the Bible or Lucifer’s? As to the Hopi Prophecy Rock geoglyph, the Martian Motif encrypted at its center served as a physical composition of a civilized layout of constructed structures on Mars. Perhaps it functioned as a teleporter of worlds, as if it was a ‘Planetary Airport Hub’ of sorts that must have been a centerpiece of cosmic travel perhaps.

Another possible supposition is that the Martian Motif itself was but a mirror of what Stars it was and is representing in the Galaxy. The actual triangulation of the Pleiades with the 2 other Stars or Suns were thus also the Cosmic Door, Portal, or Stargate used by such Angelic Beings, perhaps both by the Holy Angels and the Fallen ones. Such could be the type Lucifer used to traverse between Heaven and Earth as depicted in the book of Job. Most spectacular to consider is that such ‘Stargates’ still exists and by which such will one day be used to have such Spirit Beings fully manifest themselves in the ploy of being Humanity’s long-awaited ‘Alien-Saviors’ come to rescue Humanity from itself. It is believed that at that time, the 5th Avatar or ‘Christ’ will appear for Humanity’s sake. However, the Hopi Prophecy Rock suggests a duality of realities. The duality of this reality is that based on the Biblical narrative or ‘Line’, it will be none other than the AntiChrist figure that the Spirit Beings, Lucifer and humans in league with such a deception will usher in.

It will turn out to be the most horrific time in Humanity’s ‘Line’ of existence since Adam and Eve. It is in the book of Enoch and Peter in the New Testament, where YHVH is said to have imprisoned such Rebel Angels in Tartarus, a type of prison somewhere deep in the caverns of the Earth. The book of Enoch spectacularly states though that such are actually being reserved to be used as instruments of judgments. Such ‘Beings’ are coming but they will be used against a wicked and perverse Humanity that it has become in this Last Generation. It is also the case now of just how prevalent ‘Alien’ activity has become before the return of Jesus at the Battle of Armageddon and just as Jesus said it would be as in the Days of Noah.

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Hopi Prophecy Rock with Elder Grandfather Martin Gashweseoma
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