Masters of the Keys to Eternity

  • Does the Bible address or speak about such motifs?
  • Is there any reference or inference to a 'Face' in the Bible?
  • Are there any spiritual lessons to be learned from such studies?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘When I saw Him, I fell at His feet like a dead man. But He placed His right hand on me and said, Do not be afraid. I am the First and the Last, the Living One. I was dead, and behold, now I am alive forever and ever! And I hold the Keys of Death and of Hades. Therefore, write down the things you have seen, and the things that are, and the things that will happen after this.’ -Revelation 1:17-19

The purpose of this study is to strongly suggest that the true location of the Holy of Holies or that of where the Temple of YHVH once stood and will on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem can be deciphered by the Ba’albek Temple Man template. In the continuing quest to ascertain where the true location of the Temples of YHVH once stood, the following evidence will be presented although it is merely a correlation and supposition based on the inference of a ‘Temple Man’ motif. Is such a template valid or Biblical? It is circumstantial evidence and the Bible does not out-right specify or infer that the sacred measurements given to Moses to build first the Tabernacle and then to King David’s heart’s desire to build a Temple depicted an anthropomorphic pattern.

However, upon careful mathematical calculations and relationships, the various measurement that constituted the Tabernacle and the Temple structures appeared to be in such a composition. This notion has first been attributed to the work and research done by Tony Badillo from TempleSecrets.info. He used the Temple of Solomon to deduce various amazing compositions to show that in fact the Temple could be construed to depict that of a Temple-Man. Moreover, it was and is suggested that this anthropomorphic factor that is occurring is a divine pattern and reflection of Christ that is the measure and form of all that is. This notion of temples being fashioned in the form of a man is not uncommon since recorded history and humans started building temples.

Such ancient civilizations as the Egyptians fashioned many of their amazing temples according to such a relationship and one that also corresponded to the Stars, mainly Orion. The question remains, was the Temple of YHVH in Jerusalem on the Temple Mount a copy of the much older ones or was it the other way around? Are all such temples to include that of the House of YHVH a copy of the one that exists, not only in Heaven but is amazingly the measure and form of the Creator Himself? Is there any evidence for such a notion or inference? Yes. The Bible in many places likens a human body to that of a ‘temple’. Presently, the ‘Body of Christ’ theologically is considered a ‘Temple’ of the Holy Spirit for example. Then Jesus alluded to a body as being a ‘House’ in which for example, once demons are cast out, if a person continues in certain types of sin, a 7-fold number of demons will return to possess such a ‘house’ or body.

The Measure of a Man
Ultimately, Jesus directly inferred to His own body in that it was a ‘Temple’ in how if the religious Jews that wanted to murder Jesus for declaring that He was, and is the Son of the Living GOD, wanted to kill the body, it would be raised in 3 days. Ultimately, it was King Solomon who constructed the Temple as a fixed place whereby YHVH could meet and commune ‘face to face’, literally with His People. Due to sin, YHVH being holy cannot allow sin and therefor had a curtain placed and instructed Moses to fashion a structure according to certain specific but ‘sacred’ measurements. The Bible is very clear that ‘GOD’ is Spirit and does not need a physical temple to abide in nor has asked for one. It was King David that did have it in his heart to build YHVH a ‘House’. It is really the other way around in how Jesus is presently building a ‘House’ or ‘Mansions’ that are said to be in the ‘House of His Father’. This was stipulated by Jesus, clearly in the Upper Room where He promised to return and finish the Marriage Meal and take His Bride to the many chambers or abodes prepared for His Followers.

The point in stating all this by way of context is that over millennia, civilizations have copied this Temple Man template. As noted, such was the case of sacred temples found in Egypt and Ba’albek for example. What this study will attempt to show by way of direct measurement and correspondence is that if one uses the very Temple Man template of Ba’albek and superimposes it to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem off the Golden Gate, this study suggests that the true site of the Holy of Holies is revealed. What many researchers have already done is discover that the Ba’albek Temple Man outline can be superimposed onto the Temple Mount. However, such have only referenced it in a north-south axis to correspond with the ‘head’ being the Dome of the Rock and the ‘feet’ being that of the former medieval Crusader Church that is now the al-Aqsa Mosque, etc.

What this study strongly suggests is that if one uses this same motif or Temple Man template from Ba’albek and rotates it approximately 90 degrees and pigged to the Golden Gate, the astonishing result is that the ‘head’ of this form corresponds to the Dome of the Tablets. This is the site where many believe the true location of the Holy of Holies is pin-pointed. If this theory is valid and true, it would just then lend more credence and validity that indeed the Dome of the Tablets is where the coming 3rd Temple is to be built. This would then accommodate the Dome of the Rock not having to be demolished. Is there any Biblical credence to such a hypothesis? Yes. In the book of Revelation, it states that the Outer Court is to be given to the Gentiles. Consider that the Dome of the Rock is situated precisely in such an area.

It is rather exciting to realize that as the End of Days approaches, the fine-tuning details of how the 3rd Temple will come about are coming into sharper focus. This notion of using the Ba’albek Temple Man template would also help dispel the recent theories of how the Temple can be anywhere else but the Temple Mount. Is it also any coincidence that the Muslims are frantically aware that their days are numbered on the Temple Mount and in terms of preventing such a Temple to YHVH being erected? Is it any coincidence that they seek to configure a Mosque, another one by the Golden Gate? Perhaps such know or are coming to realize that the true location of the coming Temple will have its orientation and ley-lines dead-center off the Golden Gate.

The Gate Keepers
Here also is where this study seeks to tie the hypothesis of the Temple Man on Earth as a mere reflection of the Cosmic reality and mirror it attempts to portray on Earth, on the Temple Mount. In essence the Temple Mount, the most contested real-estate on Earth is a microcosm of the Universe. The Universe is delineated be 2 Gates or Portals or even ‘Stargates. These Gates are the Silver Gate and the Golden Gate. Each has a quadrant and corresponding Star and even a ‘Celestial Guardian’. Yes, there are ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ after all. The Silver Gate is guarded by Orion. The Golden Gate is guarded by Ophiuchus, etc. These Sentinels are also portrayed in other renditions by way of ley-lines and in other studies. It would appear that these 2 Guardians are ‘facing-off’ and are contenting a ‘boxing ring’ as that is what the Temple Platform would be construing in one interpretation, figuratively speaking.

Of all the studies that have been done to inquire about who this ‘Rebel King’, Ala-Lu character is and if he is none other than Lucifer, this one motif can be now directly ascribed to. Consider the following evidence. The Rock ‘Face’ is oriented facing the Dome of the Tablets, other ‘face’ motif. This clue supposes 3 renditions as architypes that follows. The 1st archetype is that of the 2 astronomical Sentinels of the Universe as noted, Orion and Ophiuchus. The 2nd archetype is that these 2 sentinels are the ‘Cherubim’ that are at either end of the Ark of the Covenant. The 3rd archetype is the most telling, that of the Silver Temple Man motif as Lucifer. How so?

If the Rock ‘Face’ orientation is the clue, one can then rotate the ‘Silver’ Temple Man motif corresponding to the Dome of the Rock. It is then this motif that shows the axiom of ‘As Above, So Below’ in that the 2 motifs are ‘looking’ at each other directly. What is then possibly inferred is that this Silver Temple Man motif not only has a ‘head’, but a ‘face’ and it ‘speaks’. Yes. What does it say? Consider that around the Dome of the Rock is the Muslim inscription that denies the Sonship of Jesus Christ. The Islamic decree states the following

‘O People of the Book! Do not exaggerate in your religion nor utter aught concerning God save the truth. The Messiah, Jesus son of Mary, was only a Messenger of God, and His Word which He conveyed unto Mary, and a spirit from Him. So believe in God and His messengers, and say not Three - Cease! … It befitteth not God that He should take unto Himself a son.’

Was not Lucifer that had a ‘birds-eye’ view and that ‘covered’ the Throne of YHVH as it is stated in the Bible? Thus, this Ala-lu, who is donning an ‘Eagles’ helmet is as it were ‘hovering’ over the earthly Holy of Holies and proclaiming, ‘Stop saying GOD has a Son’, etc. Where is this sentiment coming from? Who is denying this? The Bible clearly starts that whoever denies Jesus as the Son of GOD is from the Spirit of AntiChrist and he, Lucifer who opposes the Son. Thus, one can reasonable presume that the character and linkage that Ala-Lu has in this motif, on Mars as well as in all places on Earth is not godly nor Biblical but AntiChrist, of Lucifer. As mentioned in prior studies of Ba’albek, it is rather amazing that the length of this Temple Man motif is approximately 300 yards and that is the exact measure it corresponds with on the Temple Mount. As mentioned, regarding the Orion motif on the Platform ‘Square’ on the Temple Mount, the ‘head’ of this Silver Sentinel would correspond to that of the Dome of Rock.

The ‘Face’ Off
It is rather intriguing how an actual and literal Rock ‘face’ motif is housed there under the Dome, which by the way is not a Muslim Mosque, contrary to popular believe. Indeed, the ‘Rock’ that the Dome houses is an encrypted ‘Face of Mars’ correspondence. The Rock ‘Face’, that of Ala-lu is facing the Holy of Holies is as if they are ‘facing-off’ each other as this Rock ‘face’ Ala-Lu or Orion in this antitype seeks to usurp the true Holy of Holies just some 90 yards away. Amazingly, thus the 2 ‘faces’ of Orion and Ophiuchus have an orientation that are opposite of each other. Is this coincidence? Was it not in the Holy of Holies that the ‘Face of GOD’ was seen by Moses and others? This occurred when the Divine Presence was manifesting in-between the Cherubim of the Ark of the Covenant that was placed there in the Sacred Cube.

As the Ark of the Covenant was said to be a ‘throne chair’, the Divine Presence suggested then an orientation that faced east as does the ‘Rock’ under the Dome, amazing. Thus, out of all the ‘Domes’ on the Temple Mount, the ones corresponding to the ‘heads’ are where the Ba’albek Temple Man match the ‘head’ on both accounts. Moreover, the actual Temple Man of YHVH as construed by the various measurements compiled to make such a motif also correspond directly to the site of the Dome of the Tablets from the orientation of the Golden Gate. The ‘feet’ of this Ophiuchus Temple Man would correspond to where the current Golden Gate is situated on the east side of the Temple Platform.

The Celestial Sentinel, Ophiuchus is the ‘Guardian’ that is keeping Serpens from usurping the ‘crown’ but as Ophiuchus is stung by Scorpio. In this cosmic struggle and battle, it is then Ophiuchus who has his foot crushing the head of Scorpio. The corresponding Star in this quadrant is Antares. It is a gigantic Sun, red in color and depicts the moral blood Scorpio or Lucifer has been dealt with by Ophiuchus. This is very interesting as it shows that those who have possession of such structures at this place and time know why it must be so. Based on this circumstantial evidence and inferences, it can be reasonably deduced that the Temple Mount is where the ‘action’ is at and where the Temples of YHVH once stood and will again.

This is contrary to the absurd notion that the Temple was down in the City of David. So much for the Songs of Ascent as the Jews would sing walking up to the Temple Platform. As noted, based on the placement and of the Ba’albek Temple Man motifs, these 2 Celestial Guardians of Zion’s Gates, it can be inferred that they are in contention with one another and there is a war and ‘Enemies are at the Gate’ type of situation currently. This is true in the Cosmic sense as the Bible alludes to a spiritual warfare presently ensuing and that on Earth, as it is in Heavenlies and Heaven itself. The battle is over which ‘Face’ will prevail and the winner will take all to include the souls of Humanity. It is also indicative of how other religious, mainly that of the Luciferians that built the shine to the Rock ‘Face’ on the Temple Mount, seek to be the Masters of both the Golden and Silver Keys. What comes to mind is the Roman Catholic Church, for example.

Enemies at the Gates
What is striking to consider is that from an aerial view of the Temple Mount, the Ba’albek correspondence where the Key motif is laid out is in direct alignment with how the various ley-lines are construed in that particular area of the southeast corner of the platform. The various sections of the Key Motif that was constituted by the Temple of Bacchus in Ba’albek is the same as those found on the Temple Mount. How can this be? Are the people that made the Ba’albek motif, one and the same with those that have possession and control of the Temple Mount presently to have been able to discern this aspect and incorporate the area as such? This is also seen in how the Golden Gate structure that is presently on the Temple Mount is in approximate phi ratio to that of the Ba’albek Temple Man motif outline. How can this be and why?

It would appear to be understood that whomever constructed both structures were looking at the same mathematical, geometric blueprints. Is it because such a Temple-Man template is indeed ‘universal’? Is it then indeed how perhaps the approach and way to the Throne Room, the Sacred Square of YHVH is laid out in Heaven, in such a motif or template to begin with? Is this notion beyond reason to suggest then that this very same ‘square’ pattern would be incorporated in Earth’s most important and sacred places? Are not the centers of power on Earth build around or in a ‘square’? There is Times Square, Red Square, the Zocalo Square of Mexico City, etc. Of course, on Earth, it is only 1-deminsional but with sacred geometry and ‘magic’, such place come ‘alive’ with inter-dimensional overlapping that become points of intersections of sorts.

It might be a stretch of the imagination but so are the various Temple Man motifs found around the world that are without a shadow of a doubt legitimate and undeniable. What the prior researchers have not associated is that there is the 2nd half of the motif to complete the ‘picture’ of the 2 Gate Keepers of the Universe on the Temple Mount. The 2nd Gate Keeper is that of Orion. He is the keeper of the Silver Gate and thus the Silver Key. The Star that is associated with this celestial quadrant is Aldebaran, the Bull’s Eye, etc. The Gates on the Temple Mount would thus correspond literally to the former Double Gate and Triple Gates that face south from the Temple Platform. It has proclaimed universal mastery of everything and everyone in-between the Golden and Silver Gates on Earth, and thus the quest to control the Temple Mount but that of the Celestial Golden Gate and Silver Gate of Heaven itself.

Is it any wonder why the Roman Catholic coat of arms has the Silver Key and the Golden Key crossing the ‘blue shield’? This is a motif of the blue expanse of the Cosmos and how they seek to be the ‘Guardians’ of the respective ‘Gates’. Why? These Celestial Gates are in fact the very point of entrances to Heaven, wherever that is and now to get there. This is why the Vatican, who also has a ‘Key’ motif outline eventually wants to possess the Temple Mount. It cannot have total dominion on Earth until it controls the Golden Key, the Golden Gate. Will it happen? Yes, but for only 7 years all-inclusive and 42 months or 1260 days in particular. This is interpreted based on what will transpire during the Tribulation Period. Pertinent to the Temple Mount and the true location of the Temples of YHVH, the Ba’albek Temple Man temple would correspond to that of Ophiuchus and the Golden Gate.

It is rather astonishing that the motif of this ‘Temple Man’ with the adjacent ‘Key’ is amazing how it does reflect the knowledge of theses ‘Guardians’ of the Stargates of the Cosmos and that of the Temple Mount. Thus, the Golden Gate can only be opened by the Gate Keeper, Ophiuchus as he has the ‘Golden Key’. This motif then would correlate directly with that of the Dome of the Tablets where the Ark of the Covenant with the Tablets will one day be revealed for the coming 3rd Temple. As this ‘Temple Man’ is alluding to Jesus, it is befitting then how He would compare himself to a Shephard of the fold and how He alone has the Key to the gate; He is the Key, the Door and the Way, etc.
Ultimately it is Jesus who has won, is winning and will have dominion on Earth, as it is in Heaven. He has all the Keys of Death, Hades and Heaven now due to His atoning work on the Cross of Calvary. As gold is more precious and valuable than silver, it is thus also indictive of how the Lucifer is destined to loose-out as Satan is a defeated foe. All his fellow Fallen Angels and human ‘Builders’ have placed all their hopes and aspirations on the wrong horse, as the saying goes. It is only a matter of time before Jesus victoriously returns to take possession of the Temple Mount. Then after the Millennial Kingdom, YHVH will dispense with space and time as He creates the ‘New Heaven and New Earth’. One cannot imagine what that will be like and perhaps how many Gates it will have.


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