Clues when Church Age started and will End

  • ​Is there a Time Gap leading-up to the Tribulation?
  • Why is one suggesting a 3.5 Year Time Gap?
  • ​Does the Church Age spill-over into the Tribulation?​​

by Luis B. Vega
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The purpose of this study is to present some Thoughts and Conjecture as to when Daniel’s 70th Week will commence. This Last Time-Frame of 7 Years, the ‘Week’ in Question is what will be considered. As one who is Pre-Tribulation Rapture centered, the Mystery and Question is, how long after the Rapture Event will the 2520 Day Allotment to conclude Jacob’s Trouble will begin? Will it be within 1 Year? Perhaps 2 Years? What about the next Cycle of 7 Years as some purport based on assuming that when the 70th Week of Daniel begins, it has to start on a Shemitah Cycle.

One now disagrees with this Notion that the 7-Year Tribulation Period has to start on a Shemitah Cycle. It will not. It will, however, still be a total of 7 Years in duration. One is more convinced it is about a Sabbath Cycle rather than a Shemitah Cycle. And that in fact, there is a 3.5 Year Overlap or a ‘Gap of Time’ that synchronizes both the Shemitah Cycle with the Sabbath Cycle, starting from Passover 2022. This is to insinuate that the Prophecy of Daniel is a ‘Onion’ of Overlapping Layers. And the 7-Year Time-Frame is in fact delimited into the 3.5 Year Segments that will not only constitute the 7-Year Tribulation Period, but it is picking-up where Jesus left off in His 3.5 Year Ministry.

One’s main Argument is that there is a Gap of Time or Years in the works, and it is about a Transition needing to occur as it was with the Transfer of the Witness and Testimony of the Messiah and Salvation was taken from Israel and Commissioned to the Church Body of Christ on Earth. One’s Theory is that as ‘Prophecy is Pattern’ and YHVH incorporates Symmetry in Time, one is suggesting that likewise, a Transference back to Israel is occurring presently that will culminate with the Rapture Event. This Event will then facilitate the Transference of the Witness and Testimony of Jesus and the Gospel to a Subsequent Commissioning. And that will be taken-up by the Anointing of the 144,000 Jewish Evangelists and the 2 Witnesses, etc.

Consider that during the 1st Century, that Transition of Power and Prophecy from Israel to the Church Age lasted approximately 38 Years. This was the Year Factor from 32 AD, that one argues was the Crucifixion Year and the Initiation of the Church Age Body of Christ. Then it was in 70 AD that the Temple, City and Nation were ‘Decommissioned’ as a further Witness and Testimony as the Daily Sacrifices ceased to be performed. Yet, this is the Point, that there was still that 38 Year Overlap of the 2 Witnesses. Although, one would argue that the Rabbinical Version of Judaism was ‘Null and Void’, as it is now, in one’s Biblical Interpretation. This is because of Jesus’ Work on the Cross of Calvary and how that Last Offering, as the Lamb of YHVH, once and for all not only Covered Sin, but was Paid-in-Full.

Covenant with the Many

As the Apostle Paul wrote later in his Epistles, there is now no more need for the Daily Sacrifices. It is only after the Rapture that the Rabbinical Religious Leaders of National Israel will still insist on this Covenant that will need to be ‘Confirmed’. One is more convinced that the Covenant with the Many will be between the False Jewish Messiah and the Reconstituted Sanhedrin, body of the Elders of Zion, etc. So, will the Transition back to the ‘Covenant with the Many’ Rabbi, be also more like 38 Years? How about rounding it off to 40? 50? 70? The issue is, how long of a Transition will it be?

32 AD Crucifixion + 38 Year Factor Overlap = 70 AD Daily Sacrifices stopped

Based on one’s present Timeline of the possible Tribulation Period, it is being suggested that it will be from Fall 2025 to Fall 2032. Why? The Timeline is based on the Crucifixion Year of 32 AD and the 3.5 Year Off-Set of the Last Shemitah Cycle. And that Last Shemitah Cycle is from Fall 2022 to Fall 2025. This is the Off-Set. One is arguing that perhaps, the 3.5 Overlap of Time is synchronizing the Shemitah Cycle with the Sabbath Cycle of the 7-Year Tribulation Period as mentioned. How so?

Consider that 2025, the ‘Midst of the 2022-2029 Shemitah is when the Tribulation Period could start. And the Shemitah’s End, that of 2029, will actually be then the Mid-Point of the entire Tribulation Period. And if that is the case, then 2029 will see the Abomination of Desolation Event, the Literal Astronomical fulfillment of the Revelation 12 Sign, as Jupiter is back in the ‘Womb’ area of the Constellation of Virgo, and that Year is when the Mark of the Beast is rolled-out, etc.

And if the Midst also happens to correspond to a Passover Month and Year, which it does, then one can Reverse Engineer the 1260 Days forward and Backwards. The following is the Fall to Fall Tribulation Timeline that appears to match. However, one is just conjecturing it as one does not know and one only sees in part and knows in part.

    OCT 18, 2025                                   MAR 30, 2029                                SEP 11, 2032

Sabbath of Beginning                                                                               Sabbath of Return
    Simchat Torah                                     Passover                                       Yom Teruah

Also consider that given this possible Tribulation Period Timeline, it coincides with the Essene Calendar Calibrations also. They surmised that Jesus was Crucified in 32 AD, as did the late Chuck Missler. And the Essenes also calculated that the Year 2025 was to be the beginning of Daniel’s 70th Week of Years. Coincidence? But for Perspective, if any Bible Student of the End Times can remember, back around 2008?

If you all were ‘Watching’ then, many said, ‘We do not have 3-4 more Years or 7 Years to go much less before the Church Age mush ‘End’. Then 2012 came. Same thing. More People said, ‘The Rapture cannot be that much longer, 3-4 Years Max’. Then came 2015. Same thing, especially during Operation Jade Helm, Obama, and the Blood Moon Tetrad, etc. Then came 2017 with the Revelation 12 Sign. Now, as of this study, the 7th Year Span of Time since the Revelation 12 Sign arrived.

Rapture Warning

One is more convinced that the Celestial Sign was the Rapture Warning. Perhaps as one has suggested, it was and is the Church Age’s Final 7 Year Countdown. It would be much like Noah’s 7-Day Warning before the Door Closed on them and how it could then Open for that ‘Philadelphian’ Type of Church and Believers throughout the Church Age, etc. But as to ‘What Year will be the End of the Church Age?

Revelation 12 Sign 2017 + 7 Year Warning = 2024 Rapture?

The following will be the Dispensations, pointed-out in relation to the 2000 Year Church Age. Here is the possible Timeline of how one can have -3968 BC + 2000 Year be ‘Precise’ to Noah. And then another 2000 Years to be Precise to the Start of Jesus’ Ministry. It is presuming on the 32 AD being the Crucifixion Year.

Adam                   Noah                   Jesus                   Jesus                     End
Year 1                 -1968                     32 AD                  2032                      2032
            2000                    2000                   2000                       1000

           DAY 1-1             DAY 2-3              DAY 5-6                    DAY 7

The Year Discrepancy, using this Timeline would only have a 3.5 Year Tolerance as 1 of the Main Conventional Estimates of when Adam was Created is -3971-72 BC. Thus, if one is Supposing the Return of Jesus in 2032, it is because one then would Subtract the 7-Year Tribulation. This would make 2025 the Start of the Tribulation Period. However, here is where, perhaps, Daniel 9:14-27 is a Double Layered Cake Prophecy or Gap Time Theory could come into play. How so?

Consider the 3.5 Year difference to when the 2000 Year Count comes to 29 AD, if one uses Days not Years. So, if one then adds the 3.5 Years, that would take one to 32 AD.  All that to suggest, that based on the current Fall 2022 - Fall 2025 Shemitah Reckoning, there is an Off-Set of 3.5 Years. Now, one will be presenting 2 ‘Witnesses’ pertinent to the speculated 2025-3032 Tribulation Timeline.

How so? One Piece of Evidence is based on the Calendar Count of the Essences that were part of the Dead Sea Scrolls. This is based on the Research and Work of Dr. Ken Johnson in how the Essenes, whom many believe John the Baptists belonged to, surmise a 32 AD Year of the Crucifixion and based on that, that the Date of 2025 is when the Last 7 Years or Sabbath of Daniel is to be completed.

2032 – 7 Year Tribulation Week = 2025

The other Piece of Evidence has to do with Dr. Heiser’s Confirmation based on the Astronomy of Jesus’ Birth, that being September 11, -3 BC. This has been presented before and several other Researches concur with this Model. Why is this Astronomical Model important? This Timeline confirms the 29 AD Start of Jesus’ Ministry and a 32 AD Crucifixion Year, having Jesus been on His 33rd Birthday.

Cut-Off in the Middle

This is the Factor in how He was ‘Cut Off’ in the Midst of  Shemitah or Sabbath Cycle of 7 Years and the 2nd Half is yet to be completed. This is the Gap Time Theory, that the Church Age is ending with. Why? It is because Israel has passed 70 Years. The High Watch Date, Season or Year, are just ‘Dress Rehearsals’. That is what occurs before the actual Wedding Ceremony, right? This is why, one personally holds to the belief, that although the Passover Last Supper was Extremely Significant and Prophetic, Jesus would not/will not ‘Drink of the Cup until it would be in the Kingdom’?

Most take that to mean, oh, the Marriage Supper of the Lamb in Heaven during the 7 Years being ‘up there’. Well, it could be, but Remember that this was a very ‘Jewish’ Occasion and how Jesus came to His own 1st and fulfilled the Covenant Promises, etc. The Kingdom is a Jewish Term and Longing for a Geo-Political one. It will be realized as the 1000 Year Millennial Reign. Even the Apostles were asking Jesus about that. And how the Prophets of Old and Patriarchs would one be ‘sitting down with’, at that time in the Kingdom, but that is on Earth.

Although, we get to be the Bride of Christ during that Time, it is something that Israel, collectively will be missing-out on for having Rejected Jesus, Nationally. It will be the Earthly Kingdom, with Israel as the Head of the Nations. Although the Apostles and any Person coming to Christ is now Part of the Bride of Christ, at Passover, Jesus was fulfilling the Marriage Contract through them and by them, etc. That is why one is not entirely convinced the Rapture that ends the Church Age will not likely take place at a Passover Time-Frame.

Remember also that there is an Order to the Resurrection. Christ Jesus being First, then those of His, have to follow the Pattern thereafter, not on the same Day or Type, Why not you ask? It is because the Resurrections are tied to the Type of Grains. Jesus being Barely. So, what is the Church? The Church Age pertains to the Wheat Resurrection. Thus, they cannot Rise on the different Grain Type Time-Frame, that being Barely, which was fulfilled, literally during the Feast of First Fruits at Passover.

Remember that the Commission given to the Apostles in this ‘Intermission’ of Israel’s Time-Out, is to go to the Nations. So the Wheat Harvest and thus Pentecost has that ‘Gentile Vibe’. And thus, the next Order of the Resurrection, corresponding to the Grain Type, is the Wheat. This is one’s Working Theory, Understanding and one could be wrong. But this is why one always looks towards the Summer, in any given Year, for that Wonderful, ‘White Wheat Wedding’ Rapture Window. And Remember also about those 3 50-Day Counts during the Summer of the Grain, Wine and Oil ‘First Fruits’.

When referring to Pentecost, it is not the Traditional Church that corresponds to the 1st 50 Day Count that the Jews call Shavuot. No, one is insinuating that the Acts 2 Pentecost Event was the 2nd of the 3rd 50 Day Feasts. And it corresponded to the Feast of the First Fruits of the New Wine, etc. This is why one is always looking for that 2nd One, the New Wine Festival that occurred during Acts 2 to be the best possible Rapture Window. Perhaps.

Celestial Patterns

Now, a to the Tribulation Timeline of 2025-2032? What was done next is that one plotted-out all the Solar and Lunar Eclipses onto the 2023-2033 Timeline? In doing so, it just made one be a bit more ‘Confident’ in this 2025-2029-2032 possible Tribulation Timeline. Perhaps. Of course, all Speculative but, the Celestial Patterns are Amazing and appear to Collaborate with said 2025-2029-2032 Tribulation Timeline.

And if that be the case, then for sure the Rapture is just on this side of the Fall of 2025. Now pertaining to the possible Rapture Year of 2024? Some Students of the End Times have highly suggested that the Rapture Code is seen in Psalm 124:7. The Conjecture is that the ‘24’ Number corresponds to the Year 20-24 and the Verse 7, corresponds to the Rapture as described in the language of the Verse. Here is the Psalm Chapter and Verse. Judge for oneself.

6: Blessed be the LORD, who has not given us as Prey to their Teeth.

7: We have Escaped like a Bird from the Snare of the Fowler; the Net is torn, and we have Slipped Away.

8: Our Help is in the Name of the LORD, the Maker of Heaven and EARTH.

Notice that the Theme is one of an ‘Escape’. As those that criticize the Pre-Tribulation Rapture Stance as being ‘Escapism’. Yes, it is. It will be an Escape from the Sudden Destruction that is coming upon this Last Generation just before Jesus is to Return.

Although one could be reading too much into the Numbers in general and especially with that Psalm 124:7 inference to the Rapture Timing. The Psalm made one think of the Topic in how it is part of the Psalms of Ascent. Meaning that it was 1 of the Psalms and Songs the Jews sang as they walked-up the Street from the Pool of to get to the Western slope of the Temple Mount. This Ancient Pool of Siloam has been discovered.

The Street has also been discovered. The Point is that it clearly dispels the Theory that the Temple was down below, in the City of David. But some Brethren are still adamant that the Temple Mount was below and that a Roman Fortress occupied the top of the Temple Platform, entirely. If that were the case, there would have been no need to have built the Fortress Antonia at the North-West Corner of the Temple Mount Platform, etc. But note that if the Year Count is from 1949 when Israel was Inducted into UN Family of Nations 2029 = 70th Year.

1949 + 70 Years = 2029 (Mid-Point of Tribulation?)

If one then applies the Luke 13:6-9 Year Count of 6 Total Years for the Fig Tree to be cut down, that is Year 2025.Furthermore, the Disciples did not say to Jesus, ‘Oh, look Jesus, what Marvelous Roman Fort we have’. No, the Scripture clearly states that the Temple was directly opposite the Mount of Olives. The City of David was to the South of the Mount of Olives. Anyway, if the Rapture is on a Passover Timeframe because that is when the Dispensations changed?

So be it. But if the Time Difference to that 99th Day Acts 2 Pentecost New Wine is only a 4 Month Discrepancy? Well, one’s Answer to that will be what Jesus said in the following Verse.  

‘Do you not say, ‘There are still 4 Months until the Harvest’? I tell you, lift up your Eyes and look at the Fields, for they are Ripe for Harvest’. -John 4:35




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