Rank and File Military and Harvest Typologies

  • Is there an Order to the coming Resurrections and has it started?
  • Are there Feasts and Harvest Type associated with this Order?
  • What type of Feast and Harvest will the End of the Church be?

by Luis B. Vega

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For as in Adam all die, so in Christ all will be made alive. But each in his own turn: Christ the First-Fruits; then at His coming, those who belong to Him. Then the end will come, when He hands over the Kingdom to God the Father after He has destroyed all Dominion, Authority, and Power.’ -1 Corinthians 15:22-24

The purpose of this study is to consider the Order of Resurrections and how they are to be a ‘Rank-and-File’ administration of them like in a Military Formation of troops. The aim of the study will be in light of when one could or would expect the Rapture event to occur. Why? One is aware that the Bible teaches that there are 2 Resurrections. The study will point out that the 1st Resurrection is delineated into 3 components or phases. Then the 2nd Resurrection will ensue. The 1st Resurrection pertains to those having Faith and Belief in the finished work of Jesus Christ, before and after the Cross of Calvary. Then 2nd Resurrection will exclusively deal with those who rejected Christ Jesus as the only Savior and LORD. These will await judgment and condemnation and will not be resurrected until the end of the 1000-year Millennial Kingdom on Earth.

This study strongly suggests that the Order of the Resurrections gives the best possible clue as to when the end of the Church Age is to occur and when will the Rapture event occur. How so? Consider that in the 1st Resurrection, the 3 phases correspond to both a Feast of YHVH and a Harvest Type. The Feast corresponding to the 1st Resurrection are the ones mandated by YHVH to ‘gather’ in Jerusalem and round the Temple. This would be like the Military Rank-and-File formations that existed during the Tabernacle of Moses in the Wilderness. And how under Moses and Joshua the 12 Tribes of Israel had Standards and marched in formation as ‘Legions’, etc. In this case, those 3 Feasts would be Passover-Pentecost-Tabernacles. And their corresponding Harvest Types would thus correlate to Barley-Wheat-Grapes.

In short, at Passover during the Feast of First-Fruits, Jesus rose first and with some of the Righteous Dead. Jesus started the initiations of the 2 Resurrections with the 1st Phase. It was of Him exclusively. In keeping with a military theme. One can liken Jesus’ work and operation as a Mission that it was, and a commission. What is a ‘Commission’? It is a formal written warrant granting the power to perform various acts or duties. In this case to destroy the works of Lucifer and save Adam’s fallen race. He and the 12 Apostles and then those that rose with Jesus were as the Elite Special Forces units operating behind Lucifer’s lines on Earth. Or like a ‘Platoon’ of Operatives in preparation for the ‘Corp’ or Body of the Army to come in later, i.e., the Body of Christ.

The Rapture Zone
Jesus was as the token and literally the ‘First-Fruit’ of what is yet to come in the 2 subsequent phases of the 1st Resurrection yet to correspond to a Pentecost and a Tabernacles and thus Harvest Types of Wheat and Grapes. It will be at the end of Daniel’s 70th Week of Years or the 7-year Sabbatical Cycle that the Old Testaments Saints will be raised to life. This event will coincide with the return of Jesus with His Bride at the Battle of Armageddon, etc. This 3rd phase of the 1st Resurrection will correspond to Tabernacle or Sukkoth and with the Grape Harvest. It is for sure how Israel will be hard-pressed and squeezed during this time of judgment to fulfill Daniel’s 70 Weeks of prophetic years. It will be the time to deal with Israel’s willful rebellion and unfaithfulness against their true Messiah, Jesus as a collective Nation.

It will be during the Millennial Kingdom that the Scriptures will be fulfilled in how it describes a time where one will be able to sit with the Patriarchs of old, etc. This then leaves the Church Age Saints that have mainly comprised of non-Jewish Believers in Jesus. It is a typology also of Boaz and Ruth. With that being said and as a clue, the 2nd phase of the Resurrection is about to occur. The 2nd phase of the 1st Resurrection pertains to the 2nd Feast of YHVH, that being Pentecost and it corresponds to a Wheat Harvest. In a given year, the Wheat Harvest beings in late July and Early August. Thus, one can have a measure of confidence, that based on this Order of the Resurrections, that the Rapture Zone or event will at one given year occur during the Pentecost Season. And this cohort will be special in itself.

As Jesus was the First-Fruit, and the ‘Head’, His ‘Body’ is to follow. This ‘Corp’ as in an Army comprises the Church Age Saints since that began in Pentecost of 32 AD. This 2nd Resurrection-Rapture event will comprise the ‘Bride of Christ’ that is promised to co-rule and co-reign with Jesus in all that He is and has. This is amazing in that not even Israel, the ‘Chosen’ of the Flesh came or will come into this privilege and position. Now as to the timing of when the Rapture Event is to occur? What year specifically? That is yet to be determined but if certain year/Jubilee Year counts and Sabbatical Year Cycles come into play, it is sooner than most expect. As with each passing year, the Rapture Event comes into better focus and understanding as to its ‘Season’, the Body of Christ can take comfort in the Blessed Hope that it is.

One day it will become a reality and one’s faith in Jesus will be made real; no more faith as His ‘Bride’ will see Jesus’ face, face to face. It will be a Job moment where he said, that though his body and flesh would perish, he would stand and with his own eyes, he would behold the Redeemer. One can be looking forward to this event that is spectacular. The Doctrine of the Rapture was specifically given to the Apostle Paul and to ‘comfort one another with’. The Rapture event will take place in the air, in the clouds it says were there will be that ‘Military’ Gathering, a rendezvous with Jesus of the ‘Rank-and-File. One wonders at what level or altitude that will be at? Will it be at 10,000 feet up or 40,000 feet up? One thing is for sure and very telling. The Bible teaching that presently, Lucifer is the, ‘Prince of the Power of the Air’. It is where he and his Fallen Angels abode in the 2nd Heaven. Yet, it is precisely in this place, within the Enemy’s Camp that Jesus decides to come down and meet His Bride, the Body of Christ, etc.

When the Saints Go Marching In

And Jesus will then parade and strut in this Luciferian Domain as to show-off His Bride as one proud and grateful Groom would a wife-to-be to showcase to all family and friends. In this case it will be before Lucifer and his Fallen Angels and demons to only watch in bewilderment. Revelation 12 states that a war will ensue as Lucifer and his Angels will attempt to stop her from going into Heaven. Why? It is because she, the Bride of Christ will then take-up the Vacated Thrones that belonged to the Fallen Angels and Lucifer that were evicted. Later on, the Bride will need to face her Accuser, Lucifer in the Judicial Court of Heaven and be exonerated of any sin, guilt and/or accusation. Thereafter, Lucifer will be cast out of Heaven for good, thrust down to Earth.

In comparison, Lucifer will also be taking a ‘Bride’, but ‘she’ will not be as virtuous as the Bride of Christ. This Bride of Lucifer is shown to be in the Bible as the ‘Whore of Babylon’, the other city on 7 hills, etc. It is the Spirit of AntiChrist and the Beast System that has been the Nemesis to the Bride and Body of Christ on Earth, contenting for power and authority. But unlike Jesus, Lucifer will only use her, abuse her and in the end when he is finished with her, will burn her with fire. In comparison, the Bride of Christ is also made up of a select few, those making up the Body of Christ specifically during only the Church Age. This ‘Body of Christ’ that is presently on Earth is made up of both Jew and Gentile. It came as a direct consequence of Israel rejected Jesus as Messiah. The following is the Order of Resurrections.

1st Resurrection
Company A – Jesus + few Righteous Saints
= Barley Harvest 1st Fruits = @ Passover Feast of 1st Fruits

Company B – Resurrection/Rapture – Bride of Christ
= Wheat Harvest @ Pentecost (but 99th day!)

Company C – At end of Tribulation - Old Testament Saints
= Grape Harvest ending @ Sukkot

2nd Resurrection
Company D – At end of Millennial Kingdom - the Wicked Dead -White Throne Judgment

So, the ‘Time-Out’ for Israel has allowed for the Gospel to be spread to the world in each successive generation of the prophetic 7-Fold Churches of Asia pattern. At the Rapture event, all those that have died in faith, in Jesus and the Last Generation alive will partake of this event. If one considers, the world population has only grown exponentially since the Industrial Revolution. It soon reached 1 billion thereafter. Most of the Church Age history has had a relatively constant world population with an average estimated at around less than 250 million only and up until the Industrial Revolution. Meaning that at most, there may not even be more than 1 billion that will eventually make up the Bride at that Pentecost Wheat Harvest Gathering. Realize that according to Scripture, because of what Jesus has done, He how has been given all Authority and Power in Heaven, on Earth and under the Earth. Or to mean, everything and everyone. Truly, every knee will bow and tongue confess that Jesus is LORD one day.

Rank and File

The Lordship of Jesus will especially be acknowledged by all those that will rise to judgment at the 2nd Resurrection. And the Bride will be there next to Jesus in some mysterious way, all collectively to witness this amazing time. As to the mystery of the Rapture event, individually those that make-up the individual ‘Stones’ or Bricks of the ‘Spiritual House or Temple’ that Jesus has been construction during the Church Age, such will have a new body just like Jesus’. This is part of the 3-fold salvation process that has already been secured but yet to be fully employed. The redemption of the Body, being the 3rd or last component will complete that for those of the ‘Rank-and-File’ of the 2nd phase of the 1st Resurrection as noted. In terms of the 3-fold Salvation ‘Package’, it was the Spirit that was 1st, in the past tense, saved. The Soul is the 2nd, which is in the present tense salvation, that ‘is being saved’, etc.

The Body is then to be saved in the future at that Resurrection-Rapture event. Thank the LORD, Jesus will be giving all those comprised within the Church Age that make up His Body, a new body. It will be a body that will be un-contaminated, not subject to corruption, sin, death or decay or these Satanists attempt to hack the Human Genome. Like Jesus’ new ‘Glorified Body’, one will not get tired as it will be composed of pure energy and with no pain or needing parts replaced. It will not be subject to sin nor temptation anymore. To reiterate, the Apostle Paul taught that the 3 ‘Gatherings’, of which the Rapture event would be one was correlated in how he gave the Sequence of the Resurrections. There would be 2 Resurrections but the 1st is segmented into 3 parts or phases. And Paul taught on this order that is like a Military Rank-and-File.

And that they correspond to a Feast Day of YHVH and a Harvest Type, the 3 main ones being Passover-Pentecost-Tabernacles. These 3 Feasts and Harvest Types corresponded to when all Male fighting Men of Israel were to gather at the Temple in Jerusalem as they would have during Moses in Rank-and-File around the Tabernacle. Thus, the Rapture event will be such a 'Gatherings' that will correspond to Pentecost in the 1st Resurrection’s 2nd phase or formation. And one contends that it will correspond to the 'Wheat Harvest' as it is special and commemorates the end of the Church Age and Royal Commission. And that it is a Rescue Mission, not from the Tribulation as a Brother in the LORD, Ty Green has eloquently taught and pointed out. The Bride of Christ is not appointed to wrath nor to ‘escape the coming 7-year Tribulation but the plot of Lucifer to annihilate her. How?

The plot is through the COVID mass vaccination attempt in one’s estimation. One has come to think that if Jesus does not gather His Bride as soon as possible, there will not be any Bride alive or genetically pure to gather. Why? It is because the time has arrived as ‘In the Days of Noah’. One of the reasons why YHVH had to wipe-out Humanity at that time is that it was no longer ‘Human’ to save. This was thanks due to the interference of the Fallen Angels and Lucifer’s plan to thwart the efforts of Humanity to produce a genetic 2nd Adam to redeem Humanity. Consider that the Bible states that ‘Noah was pure or ‘righteous’ in his gene-rations’. This actually meant that he was still 100% genetically a human. Imagine, out of the billions that could have lived on Earth at that time and it came down to 1 man, genetically to carry on the human species.

This is why the new COVID-19 shots with the man-made synthetic mRNA will do the same job and consequence and such is, as in the Days of Noah. This is working-out to be part of the plan to destroy the Body of Christ in tandem to depopulate the entire world in preparation for their Globalists ‘Reset’ and Beast System that will have every human body ‘come on-line’ with all that Nano-Technology that is also being injected in the bodies. So, soon Jesus has to gather His Bride...One thinks that this COVID-19 was/is the way to destroy the Church/Remnant/Bride by the Enemy, etc. And also seeing, sadly now many have capitulated, Leaders, Pastors, etc.

Like in Noah’s day, it may be down to just 8 People again if it goes on like this much longer. And also consider that out of all the Nations on Earth the only Nation, to have employed a full vaccination campaign, and by coercion was and is Israel. Thus, on this front, with the physical Covenant People of YHVH, Lucifer is seeking to destroy them too. But as to the Rapture Event, that is why it is called the Blessed Hope, a hope of a Rescue, a Harvest Type and a Gathering. It will come on schedule as to its Rank-and-File phase concerning the 1st Resurrection that is already underway and has been initiated by Jesus Himself. The 2nd and 3rd phases are predicated on a simple typology of 3 main Feasts of YHVH, Passover, Pentecost and Sukkot.

And all 3 Feast are a Gathering and correspond to a particular Harvest Type. This typology, in ones’ opinion is a better take and angle that is taken from Scripture, of the hints, types and pictures even though it is limited and a glimpse of what is to certainly come to pass. Pentecost, the 2nd phase is next in the Order of the Resurrections. And this at a Pentecost Feast Season during a Wheat Harvest time. This supposition based on Scripture is better than all those alternative day-counts based on ones’ best educated guesses of when the Rapture date is to occur.

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