Signals of the Church Age Rescue

  • What is the 'Christ Star' all about?
  • Did it Signal the Birth of the Messiah, Jesus?
  • What is the one configured in 2024 Signaling?

by Luis B. Vega
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After Jesus was born in Bethlehem in Judea, during the Time of King Herod, Magi from the East arrived in Jerusalem, asking, ‘Where is the One who has been born King of the Jews? We saw His Star in the East and have come to Worship Him’. When King Herod heard this, he was Disturbed, and all Jerusalem with him’. -Matthew 2:1-3

The purpose of this study is to depict the Christ Star Iteration for 2024. The Place and Time will be in the Constellation of Taurus on May 23, 2024. The ‘Christ Star’ is Understood to be the Planetary Conjunction of Jupiter with Venus. Jupiter is considered the King Planet. Venus is considered to be a Direct Inference to Jesus, per the Book of Revelation. The Original Christ Star occurred in the Constellation of Leo on August 11, -3 BC. It was 1 of 2 Christ Stars that Book-Ended the subsequent Triple Jupiter-Regulus Conjunction. Exactly 1 Month, on September 11, -3 BC, one surmises that it was the Day Jesus was Born.

Thus, could this 2024 Christ Star be signaling a 1 Month Countdown to a ‘Birthing’? If s, that Date would correspond to July 23, 2024 (723). This Date happens to be the Timing one is looking for a Rapture High Watch Timing. Note the Triangulation of the Christ Star with the Sun and the Pleiades. The Pleiades speaks of the 7-Fold Church Age and perhaps that is what the Christ Star is Singling, a ‘Rescue’ from the coming Judgment of the Fierce Judge, typified by the Constellation of Taurus.

The last Time one had studied of the Christ Stars Phenomena, was around 2013. It had to do with the Anticipation of the Christ Star configuring again on June 30, 2015. That Jupiter-Venus Conjunction in the Constellation of Leo had not been seen in over 2000 Years. But they do occur ‘Regularly’. The last Christ-Star one had written about was in 2022. It is a Favorite Topics, along the lines of the Revelation 12 Sign Research. What is the ‘Christ Star’? It is, in one’s Interpretation, but as others also agree, that it is the Planetary Conjunction of Jupiter with Venus. And? In Ancient Astronomy, Jupiter was and is considered the King Planet and the ‘Planet of the Messiah’, as many know.

It signifies the Male Alpha Typology of the Father, etc. The Planet Venus is considered the ‘Mother’, and the Morning and Evening Star, depending on the Time of Year. It is also the only Star or Planet that Jesus directly associated Himself with, the ‘Bright and Morning Star’. Venus takes on, in this case, when Conjoined with Jupiter, the Female Aspect of the Union that produces the ‘Man-Child’ or Christ Figure. To the Ancient Astronomers, like those of the Wise Men of Persia, the Magi, the Conjunction occurring in Leo, being the King Constellation with the King Planet at the King Star was Prophetic.

Countdown to the Liberation
They realized the King Savior or Christ, as in the ‘Chosen One’, was born to the World. Having the King Star, Regulus also in a Triple Celestial Union with Jupiter was rightly Interpreted as a King having been Born. How so? The 1st Jupiter Conjunction at Regulus in Leo, precisely occurred on September 11, -3 BC. It is the Date one surmises was and is the actual Birth-Day of Jesus, etc. If so, this King that was Born was the Jewish Messiah, conceived 9 Months prior. That would have corresponded to the Feast of Lights or Hanukkah, December 11, -4 BC. Having been Birthed in the Sign of Leo, it was the Celestial Euphemism for the King, as in the ‘Lion of the Tribe of Judah’.

And also, the Constellation of Leo is the End of the Mazzaroth Celestial Storyline about the King Savior coming. This Jupiter-Regulus Conjunction would be the 1st of 3 such Conjunctions that occurred in Phi Ratio of Time. Note that as with all other Christ Motifs and Signs of the Constellations, Lucifer has attempted to Counterfeit the Associations to himself. How so? Note the Translation of Isaiah 14:12. It attributes Lucifer as being ‘Venus’, as Jesus is. But here is the Dichotomy of the ‘Christs’ in Opposition. For all the Attributes and Metaphors ascribed to Jesus, there is an Archetype also ascribed to Lucifer, i.e., Lion, Serpent, Light, etc.

‘How you have Fallen from Heaven, O Morning Star [Lucifer], Son of the Dawn! You have been cast down to the Earth, you who once laid low the Nations’.

So, what of the Christ Star that is reconfiguring on May 23, 2024? Any possible Prophetic Implications? Yes. One is surmising that it is a Clear Sign of the Pending Conclusion of the 7-Fold Church Age as Euphemized in the Star Cluster of the Pleiades. Realize that the Pleiades, also known as the ‘Congregation of the Judge’ or King is being held ‘Captive’ by the Fierce Anger and Judgment of Taurus.

It is Orion, the Champion that is opposing Taurus in what one calls the ‘Celestial Bullfight’, in an attempt to Rescue the 7 Maidens, etc. Thus, the Christ Star that is Triangulated with the Sun and the Pleiades at this Place and Time, is signaling the soon ‘Birth’ or Liberation of the Bride of Christ being held Captive by the Beast in this World presently. And that Rescue is by way of the Rapture. Now will that Liberation occur in the Year 2024? One would hope so. But as one also surmises, the ‘Signs are not the Event’. One postulates that the Day will not be that of the Rapture itself. But perhaps it is marking a clear Delineation of Time that it could be. What if one were to suggest a 1 Month Countdown?

The Christ Star in 2024 will occur in the Constellation of Taurus, in what one calls a ‘Triangulation’ with the Sun and the Pleiades. This is where the Conjunction becomes rather Interesting as the Pleiades signals the 7 Churches of Asia. Or how it has been or is a Euphemism for the entire Church Age and the Bride, etc. The Mystery of the 7 Stars, as in the Corresponding Celestial Star Cluster of the Pleiades, are those that Jesus holds in His Hands, etc. And the Typology is that of also being a Menorah with the 7 Corresponding Lights. So, although this Iteration of the Christ Star is not like the ones in 2015 and 2016 that occurred in Leo and in -3 BC, one surmises that this Conjunction of Jupiter and Venus at the Pleiades is pertaining to the Church.

2024 is a Leap Year

And if, indeed the Rapture occurs in 2024, as one supposes, it would be exactly 1 Month from that July 23, 2024 (723) New Wine Pentecost. On an aside Note, my Book, ‘New Wine Pentecost’ was Published but it has taken 8 Months for it to be reviewed for ‘Global Distribution’. Then came to found out a Day or 2 ago that it was ‘Rejected’ for Global Distribution. Go figure. Anyway, this Timing Interval would also correlate to the Timing that occurred also with Jesus’ Birth. How so? The 1st Jupiter-Venus Conjunction was precisely 1 Month prior to Jesus’ Birth. The following is the List of the Christ Stars or the Jupiter-Venus Conjunction since 2004.


November 5, 2004                  = @Virgo
February 1, 2008                    = @ Sagittarius
June 30, 2015                         = 88 Months @ Leo (Christ Star)
October 25, 2015                    = 03 Months @ Leo

August 27, 2016                      = @ Virgo
April 30, 2022                          = @ Pisces
March 1, 2023                         = Pisces
May 23, 2024                          = @Taurus
August 12, 2025                     = @ Gemini
November 10, 2028                = @ Virgo (Revelation 12 Sign)
November 2, 2039                  = @ Virgo
May 7, 2046                            = @ Pisces

The 1st Jupiter-Venus Conjunction occurred on August 11, -3 BC. Then 1 Month later, on September 11, -3 BC, Jesus was Born, presumably. But that Date has been determined to have been Yom Teruah, etc. Thus, could a similar ‘Birth’ be announced or to occur in similar Typology pertaining to the Church Age or that of the Bride in a 1 Months’ Time from the May 23, 2024 Christ Star? One is remined of the Apostle Paul in how he has likened the Journey of Faith to be like a Race and like a Human Gestation, ‘Till Christ be Born in you’, etc. This Prophetic Innuendo not only speaks of a Maturing Process of an Individual Follower of Jesus, but that of the Corporate Body as well.

One has written about 3 Articles on the Subject of the Christ Stars. See End Notes. Primarily, the whole Commotion was about how in 2015, the Christ Star of that Year is what had not occurred since the ones back in -3 BC and -2 BC. As noted, the Phenomena of the ‘Christ Stars’, that being the Conjunction of Jupiter and Venus is not a ‘Rare’ Event. This Planetary Conjunction occurs rather frequently. What made the ones in those Years, as in 2015 and 2016 were that it occurred in Leo.

-3 BC:  August 11 and -2 BC: June 17,
2015: June 20 and 2016: October 25

The following is why one is excited, but Optimistically Cautious about a Possible 2024 Rapture Year. It is based on how for 2024, when the Christ Star occurs, is a Leap Year. And? May 23 will be the 144th Day in the Gregorian calendar with 222 Days remaining until the End of the Year. Does one see the ‘144’ Prophetic Numerical Code here? Perhaps the 2024 Christ Star is Signaling how the Church Age is about to Conclude.

Can I get a Witness?

And that Conclusion it to occur with the Rapture Event. It is about the Witness of Jesus is to then be transferred back to Israel, precisely with the 144,000 Jews? And specifically by the Commissioning of the 144,000 Jews from each of the 12 Tribes?

May 23, 2024 Christ Star
To July 23, 2024 July New Wine Pentecost (723)
= 61 Days
= 2 Months

June 30, 2015 @ Leo (Christ Star)
To July 23, 2024 (723 Summer Wheat New Wine Pentecost)
=  3311 days
= 9 Years, 23 Days (923)

What Is a Leap Year? Simply put, a leap year is a Year with an Extra Day, February 29, that is added nearly every 4 Years to the Calendar Year. Adding an Extra Day every 4 Years keeps our Calendar aligned correctly with the Astronomical Seasons. Why? A Year in the Gregorian Calendar (365 Days) is not the same as a Year according to Earth’s Orbit around the Sun.

That Time Frame is approximately 365.25 Days. This Extra Day in the Western Calendar attempts to Synchronize them both to maintain the Seasons, etc. A Year may be a Leap Year if it is evenly Divisible by 4. When Is the Next Leap Year? 2024, 2028 and 2032. Note that in one’s current Estimation of the 7-Year Tribulation, being a Fall 2025 to a Fall 2032 has the Year 2032 as a Leap Year also.  

In the case of the ‘Bethlehem Star’, what was Spectacular was how the 2 Jupiter-Venus Conjunctions served as a ‘Bookend’ for the Triple Jupiter-Regulus Conjunctions that also occurred in-between August 11, -3 BC and June 17, -2 BC. Note that the King Planet, Jupiter then became ‘Stationary’ or as if to ‘Stop’ in the Sky due to its Retrograde Motion. And that occurred precisely on December 25, -2 BC. This is the exact Day, one Calculates the Magi reached Bethlehem to meet Jesus, In-Person.

Contrary to popular belief, the Magi were not present at the Manger when Jesus was Born in Bethlehem. If one’s Supposition is correct, then from Jesus’ Birth on September 11, -3 BC to December 25, - BC was exactly 1 Year, 3 Months and 14 Days or 67 Weeks later. This would corroborate the Bible’s Description of Jesus, being a Young Toddler when the Wise Men presented the 3 Gifts to Jesus, as the King that they then  found.

And it was a Journey based on the Meaning and Interpretation of the Stars that are truly for Signs and Seasons, etc. After that Visitation of the Magi, Joseph was warned by an Angel in a Dream to flee to Egypt. This is also the Rationale in terms of Years, that Evil Herod Agrippa ordered the Infants 2 Years and Younger to be Slaughtered for good Measure in Bethlehem and the Surrounding Villages.

Merry Christmas

What one also finds rather Interesting is how, if one adds the Time from September 11, - BC to the 2015-2016 Double Witness of the ‘Return of the Christ Star’ Alignment, it corresponds to the Year the 2nd Christ Star of that same Year occurred in 2016, being 2,016 Years, 9 Months approximately to the Christ Star of June 30, 2015. Coincidence? One is thus more convinced that the ‘Return of the Christ Star’ in June of 2015 was Extremely Significant. It was another Celestial Sign of what is to come, a ‘Birth’, Jesus.

September 11 -3 BC  + 2016 Years 9 Months = June 30, 2015 (Christ Star)

This Timeline, is one Piece of Evidence why one is more convinced of Jesus’ Birth-Day was indeed on September 11, -3 BC. It was then that the 1st of the 3 Jupiter-Regulus Conjunctions occurred, on September 11, - 3 BC. One is convinced that this Series of Conjunction were what the Wise Men of Persia were tracking. Clearly, they surmised that a ‘King’ was Born, the ‘Saw His Star’ rising in the East, etc.

Here is another very Interesting Year Correspondence to the Christ Star and one’s Supposition of a Possible Rapture Day, based on the New Wine Pentecost Theory from Acts 2. If one takes the Day that the Christ Star ‘Reappeared’ on June 30, 2015 in the Constellation of Leo, as it was at Jesus’ Birth Year. And then one uses the July 23, 2024 (723) Date, the result is 9 Years and 23 Days precisely, another 923 Code or 3311 Days, etc.

So, fast forward to 2015? Note that, of all the ‘Regular’ Jupiter-Venus Conjunctions that do occur as mentioned, this Year was the only one in Recent Memory that had a Double Conjunction in 1 Year. It was as to ‘Accentuate’ the Year in how these 2 particular Jupiter-Venus Conjunctions both occurred in Leo. Coincidence? No, Cosmic.


Christ Star 2024

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Christ Star 2024

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