Cydonia Mars Triangulation Pattern

  • Why did Himmler choose this Castle for the SS?
  • What type of Occult Ceremonies were Performed?
  • What is the Connection tot the Death Star Black Sun? 

by Luis B. Vega
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The purpose of this study is to continue in the Series of the Cydonia, Mars Triangulation Theory, pertinent to Germany and the Rise of Hitler and Nazism. It started with the transfer of the Altar of Zeus from the Ancient City in Asia Minor, now Turkey. This Altar was part of a Greek Acropolis that Jesus, in the Book of Revelation stated was the ‘Seat of Satan’, etc. Moreover, this Altar, having been moved to Berlin, saw the Rise of Nazism and Hitler as a Type of how the Biblical AntiChrist will also Rise.

Hiter built a Grand Sand in the City of Nuremberg that then used the Altar of Zeus as a Blueprint. The Nuremberg Nazi Rallies were infamous in Galvanizing the Nazi Version of Germany’s Patriotism and rise in its Militarism. It got to the point that it declared War on the World. In this next segment regarding the Cydonia, Mars Triangulation Theory, one will narrow down on the SS. This was the Elite Unit headed by Himler who was obsessed with Ancient Germanic Pre-Christian Gods, etc.

It so happens that the Ancient Castle, named Wewelsburg incorporated that same Triangulation Layout as found in Ancient Sacred Sites and in Modern World Capitals. In this case, the Castle is configured in a Triangular fashion. There are 3 Main Towers that each correspond to the 3 Main Pyramid Structures on Mars. These 3 Martian Bastians are the Giant D&M Pentagon Pyramid. Then there is the Face of Mars. And lastly there is the 7-Pyramid Pleiades City.

In the case of this SS Secret Castle, the Triangulation can only be appreciated and ascertained from the Air. See Chart at End Notes. The following will be the various Occult and Luciferian Motifs and Associations the Castle had and still has. What one finds fascinating is that the Headquarters of the Nazi SS, was like the ‘Mecca’ or Shrine to the Occult Facets Nazism had at its core. It was and is the Spirit of Lucifer and that of the AntiChrist.

Contrary to Popular Belief, and ‘Historical Narration’, the Nazis did not lose the War. Most either went to South America or got Incorporated into the U.S. Federal Spying Agencies, such as NASA, the NSA, CIA, FBI, etc. In fact, it is well documented now that it was the Wealthy U.S. Corporate and Industrial Moguls that financed and supported Hitler Financially. For example, the Nazi Panzer Tanks were all manufactured parts made by Standard Oil. The Great Grand-Father of President Bush’s, set-up the Bank Accounts in New York City whereby Funds were being funneled to Hitler. And the List goes on.

Satanic SS Stronghold
And such Entities have continued to control the U.S. Government, as a Shadow Government. They head-up the NSA, CIA, FBI, they perpetrated 9-11 to instill the ‘Patriot’ Act. They declared War and invaded Iraq twice and Afghanistan to re-open the Popi /Heroine Trade. They are the No. 1 Exporter of Illegal Drugs, i.e., Gary Webb’s exposure of how the CIA brought Cocaine to the USA and decimated the Inner Cities with. And then there is the Human Trafficking side of it. Hundreds of thousands of Children go ‘Missing’ every Year.

AT&T set-up all of Hitler’s Phone Lines. IBM set up Hitler’s Concentration Camp Numbering System of all those Dissidents being Branded with Numbers on Arms, for example. This was and is a clear foretaste of the coming Mark of the Beast System. If only Hitler had the Technology the Nazis in control have now. Such will complete what Halter started out with and could not accomplish because Technology had not yet caught up with them. And in the meanwhile, their Orchestrated Wars continue, i.e., the Ukraine for example.

It is so ironic that the Western Media accuse the Conservatives in the USA of being ‘Fascist’s Right Wing, when in fact it is Zelensky who has incorporated the Nazi Factions into the Military and the President of the USA has sent more Money to the Ukraine to fill the Pockets of the Same Arms Manufacturers that are making Billions with the Blood of innocent People. Truly their Spirit is that of their Master, Lucifer who Jesus said of him that he only comes to ‘Kill, Steal and Destroy’ Humanity.

So, with this Backdrop, it is no wonder why Himler wanted to keep Secret what went on in the Castle. And to think that after World War 2, it was converted to a ‘Museum’ and Youth Hostel? One wonders how many Youths ‘Disappeared’. Why? If what some say went on in the Bowels of the Satanic Crib, it was Human Sacrifices. The following is the Evidence based on some General Knowledge of the Castle of Doom. According to Research, Wewelsburg is a Renaissance castle located in the village of Wewelsburg.

It is a district of the town of Büren, Westphalia, in the Landkreis of Paderborn in the northeast of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. After 1934 it was used by the SS Schutzstaffel under Heinrich Himmler. It served as the Central SS Cult Site or ‘Cathedral’. SS-Marriage-Consecrations (SS-Eheweihen) took place at the castle. It was built on Ancient Germanic Sacred Sites that worshiped the Nordic Gods, etc. They performed Human Sacrifices. This was no different than those Practices found all over the Ancient World such as in Africa and the Americas.

Interesting enough, this is why Wewelsburg Castle was also a centre for Archaeological Excavations. One can see why the Site was a Hot Spot for Ancient Giants that lived there. As Hitler and Himler were Luciferians, they incorporated their Beliefs and Practices through the SS. Himler was the ‘High Priest’ of Hitler’s Religion and the Castle was the Temple. In the ‘Holy of Holies’, one found some Incriminating Evidence of such Luciferian Occult Practices and Believes. Interestingly, concerning Numbers, Himmler decided to buy the Lease for the Castle on his 1st Visit on November 3, 1933.

Worship of the Death Star

Himmler wanted the Castle to be the Site where all his SS Officers would be Indoctrinated, Initiated and Prepped for Leadership Positions. Himmer was called the Lord of the Runes. It was and is based on Esotericism consisting of Germanic Mysticism, and the practice of Ancestor Cult worship and of Runes. A Rune is a Letter in a set of related Alphabets known as Runic Alphabets native to the Germanic Peoples. For example, Himmer ordered that all Death Head Rings (German: Totenkopfringe) of Dead SS Soldiers and officers were to be immortalized in the Castle.

Realize that the SS was and is a Death Cult. Their Motif or Emblem was the Skull and Bones. This is the Origins of the Yale Fraternity of the Skull and Bones Society that is Luciferian and has similar Occult Practices as found in what Himmler was performing at the Castle with the Young Impressionable German SS Candidates. The Castle was not only the Holy Temple but was the Premiere School for the SS. Himmler forbade visiting the castle without express permission.

In 1939, he further forbade publishing anything about the castle. This was because he and the Nazi Luciferian Death Cult did not want the World to know about what was going on in the Castle of Doom as the Castle was also referred to as. There were Swearing-In Ceremonies and ‘Spring Conferences’ were held for the SS Generals, etc. And just was and is in the ‘Bawls of the Castle? Amazingly, Himmer wanted to install a Telescope. Why? It has to do with what they Worshiped also, the ‘Black Sun’, i.e., Planet X, etc. Really? Really. How so? As an Occultist, Himmler knew about the Connections between Ancient Astronomy.

According to Kosmische Schau, Himmler wanted a Planetarium built at the Castel to deepen the ‘Cosmic view of their Efforts. In reality it was to Track the Trajectory of the Black Sun, the ‘Death Star’ that other Agencies are doing just that, i.e., the Vatican, NASA, etc. Consider the following ‘Alien’ or Fallen Angel Connection. According to the writer J. von Helsing, the recovered unknown flying object that crashed in the Schwarzwald or Black Forest, near Freiburg in 1936. It was taken to the Wewelsburg Castle, where SS Scientists Reverse Engineering the Alien Craft. This reportedly led to the construction of those Nazi German Advanced Flying Machines towards the End of World War 2.

Consider the following Assertions based on the Blueprints of the Obergruppenführersaal (SS Generals' Hall) and the Gruft (Vault). Their Ceilings were cast in Concrete and faced with Natural Stone. A preparation for an Eternal Flame in the Vault, a Swastika Ornament was at its Zenith, and the so-called ‘Black Sun’. The Sun, to the Ancient Germans, as it was with all Ancient Peoples, the Swastika or the Black Sun Motif, in general was interpreted as the strongest and most Visible Expression of God, This Symbol was also Embedded in the Floor of the ‘Obergruppenführersaal’. This Sacred Symbol is found in Ancient Mesopotamia and was and is a Motif of the Death Star that is coming during the 70Year Tribulation Period, etc. It is also reported that the same Symbols were Imprinted on Doorways found buried in Ice in Antarctica.

A Coming Resurrection, not Reincarnation
The Vault is modeled after a Mycenaean Domed Tom that Commemorates the Dead. On the ground floor the "Obergruppenführersaal" (literally translated: Upper-Group-Leaders-Hall, referred to the original 12 Highest Ranking SS-Generals, called Obergruppenführer). This Hall had 12 Columns corresponding. Interestingly, according to some accounts of former SS Members, Himmler believed in Reincarnation and inferred the Notion of King Arthur and the Round Table.

As to the Black Sun Motif? In the centre of the marbled whitish/grayish Floor was the Dark Green Sun Wheel (Sonnenrad). It was to symbolize the Center of the Castle and thus the entire Germanic World Empire, etc. Today, this Black Sun is used as a Symbol in Neo-Nazism and in a variety of Luciferian Cults and even New Agers. Ironically, this Motif has the Latin inscription above the entrance ‘Domus Mea Domus Orationis Vocabitur. It means, ‘My House shall be called a House of Prayer’. It is a mockery of how Jesus inferred the Temple of His Father, YHVH in Jerusalem.

And for the Reason why the Temple was to have been built. Assuredly, this same Notion of a Holy Temple dedicated to the AntiChrist by the Nazis or Luciferian World Rulers will 1 Day be accomplished. This will come about to a large extent by the Efforts of the Free-Mason’s Great Work. They are in Cohort with the Synagogue of Satan, and thus the Pergamon connection to the Altar of Zeus, the Seat of Satan that is in Germany, by no Accident. Those Energies and Powers beyond the altar resonate in Germany and in this Castle.

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