Occultic and Luciferian Ley-Line of Jerusalem

  • Are there occultic 'pyramid' patterns encoded in Jersusalem?
  • What is the focal point from which all points are measured from?
  • Are the sacred ley-lines part of a Luciferian grid of power?

by Luis B. Vega

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The Pyramids of Zion that this study seeks to highlight and illustrate in various spots within the city of Jerusalem the reflection of is clandestine work hidden in plain sight. The chart by the same name accompanying this study will attempt to illustrate some unique distances in numerical values based on satellite GPS coordinates in relation to certain major geographic landmarks of the city of Jerusalem. In no other reference point, other than the Dome of the Spirits do these headings, angles, and numerical values occur. The numbers are rounded off to the nearest whole number. Based on the geometry and distances from the Dome of the Spirits, it is highly likely that this spot is indeed the place of the Holy of Holies where YHVH’s presence once was in the form of the Shekhinah Glory.

This study strongly suggests that it is the ‘people’ that control such world capitals that are one in the same cadre of evil sorcerers that have an aim to complete their Master’s ‘Great Work’. This work is to usher in their Golden Boy false Messiah Prince, want-to-be-god AntiChrist along with their New Order. Why this notion has relevance to the Pyramids of Zion in Jerusalem is that according to the books of Daniel and Revelation, it will be Jerusalem that the struggle for world domination and the coming World Order will take place at. Currently, the stage is being set to ensure that an orchestrated New Order will come out of the pending chaos that is to befall the entire globe.

The various powers that rule the financial, political, religious and social venues of Israel and the world for that matter –which are one in the same, have their buildings and monuments marked off by sacred geometry that are mathematically in correspondence to the Dome of the Spirits in particular in Jerusalem, Israel. There are various pentagrams, triangles or pyramids configured within the city grid. These specific places are lined-up from the Temple Mount to the surrounding City of Jerusalem and in particular with the ‘Pyramids of Zion’ that will be identified by the charts of the same title for illustration purposes.

The overall Jerusalem city grid pattern corresponds to the Orion constellation and the Giza Pyramids. This is not to infer that the Holy Temple of YHVH that once stood on the Temple Mount and is speculated to be again shortly is associated with these Luciferian occultic ley-lines. The modern city of Jerusalem’s grid layout was subsequently added as the city has outgrown the Old City’s ancient walls. Those in power over Jerusalem currently, as in the past have sought to tap into the energies and powers of such a holy geometry that is divinely ordered and laid out to correspond to the Heavenly Mt. Zion and Jerusalem.

Pyramid Power
These same patterns and numerical values appear to be used for a particular spiritual, occultic and/or esoteric meaning behind such fixed points, geometrically. These same ley-line patterns and numerical associations are seen in many world capitals such as Washington D.C., the Vatican or London where the ley-lines are tied to the Royal Palaces, the Royal Observatory, and the Bank of England in particular. The Bank of England’s main building can be depicted as a spatial ‘pyramid of time’ based on GPS latitude readings much like the Hampton Court ‘Doomsday Pyramid and the City Tower of Jerusalem.

There are actually 3 pyramids in this area that correspond to the Pyramids of Giza complex, 1) the Labznim Pyramid, 2) the Supreme Court Pyramid and 3) the Bank of Israel pyramid, which is an occultic upside-down pyramid partial in design. Also, the area of the pyramid called Beyt Yad Labznim along with the one of the Supreme Court and the Knesset also approximates the ORION 3-Star Belt alignment. The following are some sacred numerical values from the Supreme Court Pyramid to various prominent locations in Jerusalem.

From Supreme Court Pyramid to ZION Square
144,000 centimeters
1.44 kilometers
88° heading
.9 miles
.77 nautical miles

From Supreme Court Pyramid to Jewish Center City
.90 kilometers
979 yards
.48 nautical miles (19-48)
.55 miles
888 meters
.88 kilometers
188° heading

From Supreme Court Pyramid to Labznim Pyramid
1,222 feet
13 arcseconds
16,666 inches

From Supreme Court Pyramid to Isaiah Dome
.55 miles
188° heading
.48 nautical miles
.88 kilometers
88,999 centimeters

From Supreme Court Pyramid to Isaiah Dome
.90 kilometers
979 yards
.48 nautical miles (19-48)
.55 miles
888 meters
.88 kilometers
188° heading

From Supreme Court Pyramid to Knesset
.33 miles
166° heading
.52 kilometers

From Supreme Court Pyramid to Prime Minister Office

365 yards
333 meters
.33 kilometers

Sacred Distances
The prominent location that the Holy of Holies is suggested to be at, over the Dome of the Spirits or Tablets, has some amazing distance numerical values that are highlighted in the subsequent chart series. From the Dome of the Spirits, the distances are targeted to key buildings and points of great importance in ancient as well as modern Jerusalem. The following are the key sacred distances from the Dome of the Spirits or Tablets.

Dome of Spirits to Rockefeller Museum
188° heading
365 smoots
.33 nautical miles

Dome of Spirits to Safra Square
33° arcseconds
.66 miles

Dome of Spirits to Cenacle
33° heading
555 smoots

Dome of Spirits to Israeli Broadcast Agency
1.66 nautical miles
1.88 miles
96 arcseconds

Dome of Spirits to Labznim Pyramid
1.53 nautical miles

Dome of Spirits to Court Pyramid
1776 smoots (southwest tip of wing)
1.88 miles

Dome of Spirits to Bank of Israel
3.22 kilometers
2.0 miles
1888 smoots

Dome of Spirits to Minister Office
2 miles
3.23 kilometers
1900 smoots

Dome of Spirits to Knesset
1.53 nautical miles (northwest corner of building)
9,555 feet

Dome of Spirits to City Tower
.99 nautical miles
1,999 yards

Dome of Spirits to Bank of Israel
1.72 nautical miles
2.0 miles
1888 smoots

Dome of Spirits to Isaiah Dome
99 arcseconds
1.6 miles
1.9 miles
3,363 yards

In general, the city of Jerusalem can be configured as a huge hexagram corresponding to the key points of power of the nation’s key building and/or monuments; be they, media, banking, social, political, and religious in nature. The hexagram’s center line runs from the Dome of the Spirits and intersects the Safra Square, Zion Square and terminates at the Pyramid of the area called Beyt Yad Labznim. The following are the key sacred distances from the Bank of Israel.

Bank of Israel to ZION Square
1.72 km
999 smoots

Bank of Israel to City Tower ’Silver Gate’
144,000 centimeters (west end of building)
.72 nautical miles
270° heading
1.33 kilometers

Bank to of Israel to the Labznim Pyramid
555 meters
.55 kilometers
666 yards

The Orion Connection
It would stand to reason that if the Dome of the Spirits corresponds to the Holy of Holies, then measurements radiating from this precise location would have significant geometric and numerical value to certain locations based on sacred proportions such as the phi ratio for example. Moreover, it can be argued that the circumference that encompasses the whole of the city limits of Jerusalem is based off the Great Pyramid of Giza is thus also a ‘prophetic clock’, in this case.

This same principle of sacred geometry and distances is found in the City Tower of Jerusalem. This study strongly suggests that it is with that it is actuality a microcosmic of a ‘countdown clock’ when distanced from the Dome of the Spirits. The City Tower corresponds to the Silver Gate just above the constellation Orion in the heavens. It is interesting that the City Tower itself is gray or silver-ish in color like that of a Star; it dominates the Jerusalem skyline.

In another study, the charts of The Gates of Orion series seek to show that not only is the Dome of the Spirits in fact where the 3rd Temple will be built but that in relation to the Orion Silver Gate distance, the Silver Gate which is laid out in a pyramid fashion within the Jerusalem City Tower could be providing the geometric clue of the culmination of all Biblical countdown of prophetic time as it relates to the Last Days since Israel’s rebirth in 1948 and the Return of the True Messiah, Jesus Christ.

The charts illustrate some unique distances in numerical values based on satellite GPS coordinates in relation to the City Tower of Jerusalem that corresponds to the Silver Gate of the Orion pattern overlaid upon Jerusalem. From the Dome of the Spirits where these charts speculate the Holy of Holies is, to the start of the apex of this area give some unique numerical value that perhaps is a prophetic clock ‘countdown’ of sorts to the Coming of the True Orion, the Messiah Jesus Christ whose City of Jerusalem belongs to and not to the usurper false ‘Masters of the Pyramids of Zion’ who seek to occupy the Earthly Zion as much as they do the Heavenly One.

As the Silver Gate corresponds to the City Tower ‘pyramid’ layout, the precise angles of the building itself are aligned in the direction of the shafts of the Great Pyramid of Giza that are aligned to Draco and the Polaris Star or North Star. The adjacent corner angle of the building or ‘tower’ is aligned to the shafts that are aligned to Orion and Sirius.  The angle from the base of this ‘prophetic pyramid’ timeclock has a 33-degree slope that corresponds to the Ascending Gallery.

Based on the Coordinate to Year theory, the apex of this pyramid layout from the Dome of the Spirits to the City Tower starts with 1947 yards. Subsequently the length from the King’s Chamber to the Queen’s chamber correlates to the years 2001 to 2022, a total of 21 years or a 7-7-7-year pattern. The angle of the Ecliptic to the Dome of the Spirit alignment to the Silver Gate –City Tower is at 72-degree angle. These numbers are sacred and repeat in the esoteric and occultic geometry. This is not to insinuate that the Temple of YHVH that is the Holy of Holies is associated with such numerology but that the Temple of GOD is at a center of ‘time’, prophetically.

Star Gate Association
What is also profound about this assertion is that the Ecliptic line runs the length and same angle as the Ascending Gallery at a 33° angle from the base of the pyramid. In essence this ‘pyramid’ configuration of the Silver Gate or Gate of Man is a prophetic timeclock. The apex starts out with 1947/48, which is when the State of Israel was created. From that point of reference, the length of the center line also correlates so prophetic years that are sectioned off in 7-year intervals.

Based on this notion of the Coordinate-to-Year theory, the height of the Ascending Gallery starts with the series of 7-year countdown that also is tied to the Jewish law of return called the Shmitah. If such a theory is plausible and possible, then Biblically speaking the grid at this particular spot will correspond to the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ at the end of this timing sequence. This is not a prediction but an illustration of a possibility based on satellite GPA correlation in relation to the Orion and Great Pyramid patterns of Jerusalem.

This study also seeks to illustrate some unique distances in numerical values based on satellite GPS coordinates in relation to the pyramid construed from the Israeli Broadcasting Agency (IBA). This location is serving as the apex or ‘capstone’ of a ‘great pyramid’ type with its base as the Rockefeller Museum on one end. The key features that these charts are highlighting is the distance from the Dome of the Spirits to the Zion Square to the IBA, both have an identical numerical value of 1.53. This number is Biblical as in the 153 fish that were cough in the net Jesus instructed His Disciples cast on the other side when the Disciples had ‘gone fishing’ after the Resurrection of the Messiah. The value of 153 is a function of the Vesica Pisces, which if that is the case denotes an expected birthing process.

Occultic and Luciferian Ley-Line of Jerusalem

What this chart also illustrates is that the double entwined snakes connote the DNA strand of life. Both of these ‘serpents’ have at its core the City Tower that correlates to the Silver Gate above Orion’s arm and the Zion square. The ‘snake’ that has the Silver Gate pronounced is shown more expensively in the other chart series entitled The Gates of Orion. In those illustrations the ‘snakes’ directly corresponds to the Ascending Passage of the Great Pyramid layout when superimposed on the map of Jerusalem.

The double-helix snakes depict the Caduceus of Mercury or that which Baphomet upholds. The Snake associated with the Silver Star or City Tower is aligned with the Ascending Gallery of the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Ecliptic and corresponds to the King’s Chamber. The mirrored Snake has the Zion Square and corresponds to the alignment of the Queen’s Chamber. To reiterate, this topographical study strongly suggests that the Dome of the Spirits is where the actual spot was and is and will be for the Temple of YHVH. It is from this precise place that very unique distance number values occur that in some instances repeat in difference values but similar fractals.

What the chart also illustrates is the prominent correlation to the Orion Star constellation and the Great Pyramid of Giza pattern that Jerusalem is laid out with. The Gates correspond to the Stars of Orion and the Ecliptic with the positioning of the Silver Gate or ‘Gate of Man’ is directly correlating to the City Tower. Based on the observed dimensions, ley-lines, and sacred distances, it is strongly suggested that these associations are none other than a masked adoration and epithets to Lucifer. Lucifer is the ‘Mercury’ who is trying to usurp the True Zion of YHVH in Heaven and on Earth in Jerusalem.

Lucifer’s minions who currently control the world appear to have his stamp of occultic coordinates marked off in Jerusalem much like a gang in a city tags corners of buildings and intersections. The Luciferians are bent on enthroning their Prince that shall come to the City like Prince Titus came and encamped around the Holy Zion of GOD on Earth. Their quest is to bestow the Throne of YHVH, the Holy of Holies to the coming AntiChrist and Lucifer by deceit, war, famine, and death. Until such time that it will start, the ‘Masters of the Pyramids’ seek to harness the energies of such ley-lines to help them dominate all aspects of the political, social, religious and judicial monopoly of power in Jerusalem and in turn, the world and according to the Bible, Jerusalem is the geographic center of the World.

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