Bold Demand: Halt COVID-19 Clinical Trials

  • Who is Dr. Yeadon and why warning about COVID shots?
  • Will there be, is there a danger in millions taking the shot?
  • Is what he is forecasting a coming Medical Genocide?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘This could issue in a totalitarianism unlike the world has ever seen. Recalling the evil of Stalin, Mao, and Hitler, mass depopulation remains a logical outcome.’ -Dr. Michael Yeadon

World Acclaimed Immunologist and Ex-Pfizer VP pleads with the Medical Technocracy to stop vaccinating people who are not at risk of dying from coronavirus. Former Pfizer Vice President Dr. Michael Yeadon (pronounced Yee-don) cites all those that are dying from the COVID-19 shots if not soon, will eventually according to his understanding of how vaccines work. This is not coming out of any uneducated person, but the one that would have the proper grasp at what is really going on at the corporate level. He projects an apocalyptic scenario of how COVID-19 shot Survivors will have a life expectancy of 2 years on average after taking the COVID-19 shots.

This is an alarmist statement but what is profound is that virtually all other opposing Scientists and Doctors have also come to the same conclusion, although it is a theory at this time. Who will be the Survivors and how will that be determined? Most likely, it will be those that have a healthy, strong and robust Natural Immune System that will withstand the Gene Therapy devices. It will be the Elderly and those with compromising health issues that will not stand a chance. He states that certainty of death will be increased with every 'top-up' or Booster Injection that are already in the pipeline. As the mRNA code is made In-Silico or on a computer, AI has been used to code the RNA.

The issue is that from this point on, every Person taking the COVID-19 new mRNA shots will have to have ‘downloads’ of subsequent Variants. And this if they can guess right. It will be like attempting to open a lock with a combination code. It has to be the correct one or else the Immune Response will not occur. Worse is that why the People will start to die-off is that the codes already in the body will not have the natural ability to turn off the production of the Spike Protein that the COVID-19 shot is programming now every cell of the body. It has essentially hijacked the Natural Immune System of a Person for a 1.0 version of a man-made one instead.

His Genocide warning of Humanity is similar to what Dr. Bhakdi of Germany and others like Dr. Tenpenny are also fearing. Yeadon is convinced that the world government are lying to their People in a way that will most likely lead them to their eventual death. The companies are planning to manufacture billions of vials, in addition to the current experimental COVID-19 ‘vaccine’ campaigns. And he ought to know. Regulatory agencies like the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the European Medicines Agency, have announced that since these ‘top-up’ shots will be so similar to the prior injections which were approved for Emergency Use Authorization, drug companies like Pfizer will not be required to perform any Clinical Safety Studies. So, it begins and this is information that is not going to be given to the General Public. Who is this Yeadon?

He is none other than Pfizer's former Vice President and Chief Scientist for Allergy and Respiratory. He spent 32 years in the industry leading new medicines research and retired from the pharmaceutical giant with the most senior research position possible in his field. Thus, one cannot dismiss this man as a mere ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ or now turned Anti-Vaxxer. His warning is of the strongest order of all those that this Researcher and Author has come across. For example, he has stated that, the demonstrably false propaganda from governments in response to COVID-19, including the lie of dangerous variants, the totalitarian potential for Vaccine Passports, is evidence of the strong possibility that all of Humanity, now collectively is dealing with a Conspiracy.

It is ‘Conspiracy’ on a grand scale which could lead to something far beyond the carnage experienced in the wars and massacres of the 20th Century. He cited the cases of blood clots in the brain associated with the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine in Germany where the victims were mostly women under the age of 60. Yeadon is bolding proclaiming that they are being killed by the vaccine. He is also one of the first to warn of the dangers that sterilization will most likely occur due to what is in the COVID-19 shots as Antigens. Is he credible?

Was he not the Vice President of one of the premier vaccine-making companies in the world? No one gets to that position for nothing or knowing nothing. What happened? Why is he not remaining silent? Perhaps he has a conscience or is religious or has gone rogue. Yeadon does have an extensive experience in allergy and respiratory research. Since the blood clot issues, many countries, mainly in Northern Europe have suspended the use of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 shots for People aged below 60 because of clotting. But what is Yeadon also calling-out AstraZeneca for? They are doing COVID ‘vaccine’ trials on defenseless Children. They have no ability to say ‘No’ to this Experimental Gene Therapy Device as that is what it is.

Moreover, each willing Participant has to have Informed Consent. Who in their right mind, as a Parent of Children would willingly submit their child to unknown poisons? The argument? In general, there have been zero deaths among previously healthy Children who acquired the disease. What the COVID shots are doing is actually insuring one’s body is now producing the piece of the virus itself thanks to the new never-before experimented-on-humans, mRNA shots. Does Yeadon have a point or a case?

According to his knowledge, this virtually means that design and implementation of repeated and coerced mRNA vaccines go from the computer screen of a pharmaceutical company into the arms of hundreds of millions of People. Billions will continually be injected with pre-programmed codes of Genetic Sequencing for which there is absolutely no need or justification. But this is the plan. When asked about what could possibly be the motive? Yeadon replied to what has become a buzz word now. Since no benign reason is apparent, he believes that the façade of requiring everyone to have a Vaccine Passports will come in tandem with a New World Order Banking Reset. And then he stated, ‘This could issue in a totalitarianism unlike the world has ever seen.

Recalling the evil of Stalin, Mao, and Hitler, mass depopulation remains a logical outcome.’ Why would he say such a drastic statement like that? What does he know what the rest of the world does not or will not believe or refuse to believe? It will be the unknown, and unnecessary Gene Sequences injected into the arms of potentially billions of People for no reason that will result in such an outcome. Yeadon has stated that government are lying to their People’. Why? It is because many Scientists, Doctors and Politicians are Eugenicists and are actually welcoming this Genocidal Agenda. It cannot get any clearer than this for their motive. Consider that these People at the top who run the world and own all means of production and resources do aspire to cull the world population down to 500 million.

This is edged-in America’s Stonehenge, found in Georgia, often referred to as the Georgia Guide Stones. He further has stated that if he wanted to get rid of 90 or 95% of the world’s population, he would use ‘vaccines’.  And that is exactly what the Globalist Eugenicists are doing. If one studies the objectives of the Eugenicists, they hold the power and influence of getting People to line-up and receive some unspecified computer-generated Gene Code that will be delivered via mRNA that will at some point in time change one’s DNA, a thing that will cause damage. What does he know to base his prognostications on? Other Scientists, Politicians and Doctors have vehemently attacked him. They claim he has not provided any proof. Part of the conjecture comes from the idea that Asymptomatic Transmission occurs when a Person does not have any symptoms.

One is essentially considered ‘sick’ until proven ‘well’ or ‘vaccinated’ due to being a source of a virus. And why only COVID-19? Why not for the same fear when it comes to HIV, Hepatitis, Typhus, STD’s? Yeadon clearly states that Lockdowns do not work and that Masks do not have a protective value. What about the ‘scare’ of the coming more ‘dangerous’ Variants? According to Yeadon, the most different Variant is only 0.3% different from the original Sequence of a virus. As Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson are dominant in the USA, it has been the University of Oxford, which helped developed the vaccine for AstraZeneca. According to Yeadon, the results of that trial do not really matter because it is statistically ‘underpowered’ as he has stated.

Meaning, the test has relatively poor probability of detecting a specific effect. For example, the tests will not detect if the shots can lead to the death of 1 in 1,000 Children, for example. Without that data, one will not know that 10,000 in every 10 million Children will be at risk of dying after getting the COVID-19 vaccine. But to the likes of Bill Gates, 1 in 10,000 deaths is acceptable of a risk as he has gone on the record stating that statistic publicly. It is rather ironic that a former VP of the mighty Pfizer Company is now urging and pleading with parents not to bring their Children to vaccination sites if and when a COVID-19 vaccine for Children gets authorized. And it will. Already the language is now drafted to outline what the regulations and protocols will be for schools to mandate the shots once the Emergency Use Authorization is withdrawn. What is alarming to grasp is that Yeadon is alluding to something far worse than the COVID-19 virus, Genocide. This is what and why the mass vaccination efforts are top priority for the world governments. It sounds like a ‘Conspiracy Theory’. It is.

Luc Montagnier, another Nobel Prize winner, said last that he believed the Corona Virus was created in a Chinese Lab. Many experts doubt that, but so far there is no way to prove or disprove it. However, Chinese Virologist Dr. Li-Meng Yan risked her life to expose the truth about the cover-up over the initial outbreak of COVID-19. She fled to Hong Kong and escaped to the United States. Interestingly, former CDC Director Robert Redfield admitted publicly that, as his ‘personal opinion’ he believes that indeed the COVID-19 Virus was released from the Wuhan Bio-Lab. Yeadon is just asking why would anyone want to take the risk of a new technology ‘vaccine’ which is only a few months old and then to be given to millions of People? The answer cannot be to save them from Corona Virus. Yeadon suspects and so do many other Doctors, Scientists and even Politicians that it is about Genocide and population reduction efforts.

Such People like Yeadon are sounding the alarm to stop this Experiment. He also sees the slippery slope of governments run-amuck with power hungry measures to control People. How so? The excuse of the ‘pandemic’ will require the Vaccine Passport. Many have warned of this eventuality and it is coming to pass. Why would this be an issue? Well, others like Naomi Wolf are exactly warning about the same outcome. Those who own or operate the Vaccine Passport Database which will be world governments and Private Corporations will have complete control over the People. And guess who has graciously volunteered to run and manage the W.H.O.’s Vaccine Passport Program? China. The coming New World Order or more so, the COVID New Order that will determine where People can travel and if at all.

People will be depending on their immunization status to work, buy food, and attend events publicly, etc. This is presently occurring now. The Brave New World and Orwell’s 1984 has arrived. It is the Reset that the likes of Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum have envisioned with their 4th Industrial Revolution that will determine the privileges a person can have based on ‘Man Merging with Machine’. Why? It is to in their psychopathic minds an ‘upgrade’ and ‘Great Leap Forward’ much like the Chinese had. It with disastrous results and massive deaths of all those that did not go along with the program and agenda. It is also to biometrically surveil all People, all the time, etc. Really, according to Yeadon, there is no medical reason behind this frantic effort and push to have as many People in the world take the shots, as soon as possible.

But it has to be according to Schwab and his types as he has stated publicly, the Reset has to be at a Macro Level and undertaking. This is why all the countries for the most part, were ordered to Lockdown and imposed the similar protocols of the WHO that are not publicly nor locally elected nor are they accountable to such. The protocols are out of the 2010 Lockstep Report. The question remains. What is going to happen or what are they going to do with all the millions of People that will not get the COVID-19 shots? Governments and the Private Companies cannot say they want to protect the Vaccinated People from the Non-Vaccinated People because the Vaccinated People are supposedly immune to the disease. Right? Not really according to Pfizer’s own Fact Sheet of Information. The only plausible reason they will give is that they want to protect the Non-Vaccinated from each other. So, ‘off to the COVID Camps! Seriously. What the Vaccine Passports will foster and promote is yet another division in Society.

There will be a segregating of the Vaccinated from the Non-Vaccinated People. It will be the ‘Marked’ and the ‘Un-Marked’. It will be like the Jews that had to wear the Yellow Star. So, in summary, according to Yeadon, the COVID-19 shots have nothing to do with protecting People from this CORONA-19 Virus. He has stirred a storm as many in Public Office and in the Scientific Community are dismissing him and he is being shunned. Yet many other respected individuals have expressed similar controversial views about COVID-19 Virus and the shots. But it really is not controversial if one knows history. It is contrived and a managed agenda that will not allow the truth to be known. For example, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., of the Children’s Health Defense was banned on Instagram because of his Anti-COVID-19 inoculation posts warning of the similar dangers to Children and the General Public at large.

Why is it that Vaccine Experts like Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche are urging the WHO, the CDC and world governments to stop vaccinating People. He sent an Open Letter warning that the COVID-19 shots will fuel the spread of new dangerous Variants. This will occur in a process called ‘Shedding’. In other words, it is really the Vaccinated People that will be the dangerous one to the Non-Vaccinated Ones. But no one is listening. 

As noted, Yeadon does have the most apocalyptic if not Biblical outcome of any possible scenario. He is on record as stating that he is comparing what is occurring now with the worldwide COVID-19 inoculation agenda much like that of how population reduction occurred in the millions due to world wars in the past. He mentions that one can go back not that far, for example in how in Southeast Asia or in Rwanda in Africa in the 1990s, there were Genocides. What is noteworthy to stress in his analysis is that the scope of the agenda is now worldwide and not just isolation to geographical regions anymore.

Yeadon attributes this present Genocide of Humanity to a perfected Science of silence and aquation of how it will not be bloody or violent but that the People will be the ones to take their own poison. Perhaps it is a more humane and evasive approach at starving, murdering and maiming mass casualties as they were for the Jews and Armenians for example. What Hitler envisioned for the Slave Races through Eugenics was not possible in his day, now it is and his argument is that the same type of People ruling the world then are in power now still. These are the Stalin’s, the Mao’s and the Pol Pot’s of the world. The only difference is that they are now using contrived bio-engineered mRNA viruses and their shots to genocide Humanity. And those most resilient to survive will be totally controlled in this new COVID World Order.

Like many others but sadly only a minority it seems, Yeadon is bewildered that the world has fallen for this spell and are going along with the agenda and protocols. It is psychological in how mankind does gravitate towards a Cognitive Dissidence and Normalcy Bias. To ‘wake-up’ from this Genocidal Matrix is just too much to take and confront. Many would rather not and stay ‘asleep’ as truly ‘Ignorance is Bliss’. But in this case, it will be to one’s doom as Dr. Bhakdi has stated.

If only one would be quick to review a history lesson of the WHO’s and CDC’s track record at prior attempts to ‘mass vaccinate’ the Nations. But this ‘vaccine’ one is different. As you can imagine, the truth is too grate to handle. For sure this is another perspective most in the world have not heard. This sort of information or books are not going to be discussed or aired at the 6 o’clock news. It is the Matrix Movie metaphor and how the world is plugged-in to the Medical Official Narratives and one just wanted to offer the Red Pill. The terms ‘Red Pill’ and ‘Blue Pill’ refer to a choice between ‘Reality’ and ‘Truth’. With the Red Pill, one choses to learn about potentially unsettling or life-changing Realities and Truths. By taking the Red Pill, With the Blue Pill, one choses to remain in contented ignorance. The terms refer to a scene in the 1999 film The Matrix.

Some People will at least acknowledge and be honest when they say the following. ‘Well, it is just me, I know I cannot change the System. So long as I can pay my bills, I am good’. But why be a Fatalist and why give the Eugenicist, Globalists Psychopaths the pleasure. You see, it is not that they are forcing the Experimental COVID-19 shots on anyone physically. What is so sinister, is that they are making the People take the shots themselves. This releases them not only of legal recourse but Spiritual Karma or the Spiritual Laws and Protocols that do exist and that they are amazingly bound to as well.

And as to ‘I am only 1 person’. Sure, many may not have millions of followers or seek the experience and knowledge of such Doctors, Scientists, Politicians and/or Theologians, but if just 1 other person is warned, wakes-up and more so realizes what is coming, then it is worth the burden. Would such a Fatalist demeanor and one having such a disposition say that to Martin Luther King Jr….’Oh, you are just 1 man, you cannot change the System, just go home and pay your bills?’ Or Rosa Parks? ‘Oh, you are just 1 woman, best be that you go back to the end of the bus. Go home and just pay your bills?’ What about Jesus Christ who was just 1 person. Look what he did in turning the world upside down and still is.

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