SMACS 0723
1st Deep Field Image – Rapture Signals?

  • What was the 1st Image of the Webb Telescope about?
  • How and why was SMACS 0723 chosen and released 1st?
  • Is there any possible Prophetic Implications about it?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘When I consider Your Heavens, the Work of Your Fingers, the Moon and the Stars, which You have Ordained. What is Man that You are mindful of him. And the son of man that You visit[a] him? For You have made him a little lower than the Angels, And You have Crowned him with Glory and Honor’. -Psalm 8:3-5

The purpose of this report is to comment on the 1st Deep Field Image obtained from the James Webb Infrared Telescope. The Infrared Telescope was launched back on Christmas of 2021. The 1st Image was released to the World on July 11, 2022, a 7-11 Numerical Coefficient or perhaps a Code? The 1st Image was released ahead of its scheduled Disclosure. The other 4 Images were released the Day after on July 12, 2022. Aside from a Monumental Scientific Breakthrough, one will be commenting on its possible implications from a Biblical and Prophetic point of view, as one will see why.

For Context, some Scientific Observations will be made 1st to set the Stage for why one thinks this 7-11 Release Day and ‘Where and When’ the 1st Target Image was taken from, could be signaling the Typology of the Rapture Event as described in the Bible. Obviously, with over a $10 Billion Dollar Prize Tag, NASA, in partnership with ESA (European Space Agency) and CSA (Canadian Space Agency) held the Revealing Event in the White House. According to Research, the James Webb Project has taken about 20 Years to get to this place. As to the 7-11 Code, perhaps?

As mentioned, the JWST Team’s Original Plan was to reveal a total of the 5 Target Images chosen to be revealed on July 12, 2022. But the U.S. President decided to have NASA release 1 of the Images a Day early. Which Image was that? SMACS 0723. And why would this be Biblically and perhaps Prophetically Significant? It was of the Galaxy Cluster found in the Star Constellation of Volans, the Flying Pisces or Fish. And? It is next to the Ark, Argo. If one studies the Message of the Mazzaroth or how the Storyline of the Constellations play their role, then it is messaging a Rapture Typology. How so?

Christians are depicted as Fish, having been the Age of Pisces for nearly 2000 Years since Jesus Christ. And, how Argo signals the pending Judgment to come upon the whole World as related to the Ark that Noah built to escape the worldwide Flood, etc. This is why, to Bible Students of the End Times, this Photo of SMACS 0723 in Volans that became the official ‘Opening Photo’ of the James Webb Telescope is highly Significant, Prophetically speaking. Why? Consider that in the Bible, it is stated by the very Creator, YHVH that the Sun, Moon and the Stars are not only for determining the Seasons on Earth, but they serve for Signs in the Heaven’s, etc.

Release Date
Consider the Date of the SMACS 0723 Image Release, July 11, 2022, or a 7-11. How is that possibly Significant, Prophetically? Consider that in Sacred Gematria, it is the Ratio of the Base-to-Height of the Great Pyramid on Earth in Giza, Egypt. And? The Great Pyramid has the Mysteries of Creation encoded into its Design. Scientists have found that it has Mathematical Properties that define Earth’s Radius, Circumference, the Speed of Light, Pi, and Phi among other Mysterious Sacred Knowledge, etc. It is about Designed Intelligence. Nonetheless, it was then on July 12, 2022, that the subsequent Pictures were Released. The other 4 Targets Images were as follows.

2. Carina Nebula in Carina.
3. Southern Ring Nebula (Eight-Burst Nebula, NGC 3132) in Vela (The Sail of Argo).
4. Stephan’s Quintet in Pegasus.
5. WASP-96b located about 1,120 Light-Years away in Phoenix.

Again, if one has studied the Esoteric Arts or is into Prophetic Typologies, the Signaling of ‘Where and When’ such 5 Images of the most expensive Telescope ever built by Humanity echo the Mythology of Earth’s Ancient Past, just as much. The farther back in Human History one looks at, the more revealing it becomes of just how the same Prophetic Motifs recur and/or are highlighted. Again, the Motifs of Flying Fish, the Ark of Noah with Argo that is taking the ‘Pilgrims’ Home, Pegasus that is ‘Rapturing’ away Andromeda and the Phoenix that signifies a Death and Rebirth, is that not what the World, now on the Precipice is appearing to go through, just about now? According to the Bible, it is.

As to some Scientific Specifics of the Target’s Revelation, the Image of SMACS 0723 is the farthest and oldest Galaxies ever photographed by Humans. The Photo Image took a total of 12.5 Hours of Exposure. It is a ‘look’ into the more Distant and Ancient Universe, if one believes in Space, etc. In Theory, they are the 1st Galaxies that were ever formed when the Universe began, whenever that was. It is reported that the Telescope is outperforming Expectations. However, of concern is that it was struck by a larger than expected Micro-Meteoroid. The issue is that unlike the Hubble Space Telescope that revolves around Earth’s Orbit, the Webb Telescope cannot be Serviced because of the Distance. The James Webb Space Telescope’s 1st Full Color Images and Data was released from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, USA.

The image is known as ‘Webb's First Deep Field’. The James Webb Telescope out-performs the Hubble Telescope that can only see 500 Million Years after the Big Bang. This is of course if one subscribes to the Theory. Why James Webb is special is that it is Infrared. Meaning that it can pick-up Light in that part of the Light Spectrum, not visible to the Human Naked Eye. Its range is 500 Million Years after the Big Bang, so a lot closer to when YHVH created the Known Universe. It took 6 Months after launching the Telescope for it to be fully deployed and prepared, ready for Service as it is now. It is at about 1 Million Miles from Earth or about 4 Times the Distance from the Earth to the Moon. It is located in a Region of Space called L2 where it is the most balanced in terms of being Protected from the Sun’s Radiation, Mathematically.

Why Volans?
Now, as to how SMACS 0723 was chosen. It was stated by the Project Manager that they came up with about 70 Targets in Space to consider being what would be chosen for the 1st Image. There were various Solicitations that came from Astronomers from the USA and around the World. Interestingly, the Original Images are in Black and White. There is a fusion of Art and Science going on that should be also noted. The Images are ‘Doctored’ to include the various Wave-Lengths of Color. But with this Process, the Images are ‘cleaned-up’ by a Team of about 30 People. So, in other words, the Images are ‘Beautified’, which one does have an issue with. In one’s Mind, it is no different in how NASA Air-Brushed UFOs, Structures on the Moon and Mars, etc.

Note that the 5 Images were actually taken on June 7, 2022, almost a Month prior. But as mentioned, the subsequent 4 Target Images chosen were shown to the World, on July 12, 2022. According to reports, 1 is called the Southern Ring. It is a Dying Planet that has become a Nebula. It is when the Planet expels enormous amounts of Gases and envelops the Planet in varying colors. The other one is called Stephan’s Quintet, a cluster of 5 Galaxies swirling around each other. The other Image is the Carina Nebula.

It was explained that in this Carina Nebula, Planets are still being ‘Born’ while pushing Dust and Gasses away to make the ‘Ridges’, etc. At this point of the Report, one will now focus on the Constellation Volans as that is the 1st Image. The Deep Field Image of SMACS 0723 covers an area of only 2.4 Arc-Minutes across the Heavens. As noted, it is important ‘Where and When’ this Image was released. Why? From one who Decodes Images, it tells a lot about Possible Inferences not Seen or Perceived by the Human Mind, much like the Images are not Perceived without Infrared Light.


Constellation:              Volans
Right Ascension:         07h 23m 19.5s
Declination:                 -73° 27′ 15.6”
Distance:                     4.24 billion light years
Redshift:                      z = 0.39

SMACS 0723 is described, as big, approximately the size of a Grain of Sand in comparison to the entire Universe, being as the Shores of a Sea, etc. The Image was taken by its NIRCam Camera that can delineate Exposures at different Wage-Lengths. If one examines the Image of SMACS 0723, it appears that there is a ‘S’ Configuration that is also distorted. This is because the Galaxy Cluster acts as a Gravitational Lens, bending the Light of some of the most Distant Galaxies seen in the background.

These Galaxies lie behind the Cluster and appear in the Target Image as Arcs of Light around it. Note that because the Target Images are taken in a Deep Field of view, the Images shows Objects at various Distances and Magnifications, thus, there can be no Distance Scale Bar, for now. The Image of SMACS 0723 is estimated to have appeared approximately 4.6 Billion Years Ago. This, after all, is taking into account that Time, Space and Matter are a Dimension. As such, the farther one goes out into Space, then the ‘Older’ the objects are, etc.

Prophetic Signaling?

The 1st Mystery that was discovered already by these Webb Images, is that Galaxies are still forming in the Area where it was thought, would have been impossible or not plausible for ‘Young’ Galaxies to form at that Point in Time. But to the delight of Astronomers and other Type of Scientists from around the World, the James Webb Telescope has just begun to do its Job in capturing the ‘Secrets of the Universe’ and ‘Stellar’ Images yet to be produced.

Now, one will focus on the Biblical and/or Prophetic Nuances that one truly believes are at play here, signaling possible Inferences to the following Biblical Typologies: Noah, Flood, Ark, Pisces, Flying Pieces, the Rapture Event, Pegasus Rapture, Andromeda, the Chained or Bound Maiden Rescued (Raptured), the Phoenix that infers a ‘Controlled Demolition’, out of its Ashes comes the Birth of a New Age or Phoenix. Can one see such Relevant Biblical Inferences? Perhaps. When prompted by a fellow Blog Commentator named Bob, from the Revelation 12 Daily Blog, he reminded the entire Watchman Community that the James Webb Telescope was now ‘Fired-Up’.

And that NASA was about to release the Target Images. So, one took note of where that Image was located in the Universe. This is the Key. One responded by saying, ‘Did you all see in the Article Write-Up, the Number ‘0723’? It just so happens that over the past Year, one has written about how 723 has become a Factor that is or could be related to the Timing of the Rapture. Links will be given in the End Notes for further Reference. The Number 723 is believed by one, that is signifying a July 23, High Watch Rapture Date. Now if that is when the Rapture occurs, that will remain to be seen as it is only based on one’s best Mathematical and Calculated High Watch Dates.

But it was and is striking that the very 1st Target Image chosen to be released to the World, separately, as perhaps Billions of Humans will have seen it, is of Volans, the Flying Pisces next to the Ark. What could possibly be ‘Prophetic’ about that? Given the Deteriorating Descent of Nations now imploding due to Orchestrated Economic ‘Demolitions’, one can see how some are sensitive to such possible Signaling. One is of course not implicating the Scientists or Technicians that have worked for Decades to produce such Target Images with ‘Codes’, etc. Most work in Compartmentalized Networks. But one would be remiss if not to suggest that the Powers-That-Be, behind the Luciferian Globalist Agenda that control NASA, are signaling just that, masked in Scientific Marvels.

And that one would present as Evidence of what the Bible clearly states is about to happen. And that is? Noah, Flood, Ark, Pisces, Flying Pieces, the Rapture Event, Pegasus Rapture, Andromeda, the Chained or Bound Maiden rescued, (Raptured), the Phoenix that from its ‘Controlled Demolition’, out of its Ashes comes for the Birth of a New Age or Phoenix. Can one see such Relevant Inferences? Perhaps. According to Research, the Constellation of Volans, the Flying Fish can be seen by the Naked Eye. Volans is a Constellation in the Southern Sky. Its Name is a shortened form of its Original Name, Pisces Volans. It is stated that Volans represents a type of Tropical Fish that can jump out of the Water and glide through the Air on Wings.

Rapture Typology?

In early Celestial Maps, Volans, the Flying Fish was often depicted as accompanying the Ship, Argo Navis. Interestingly, it is being chased by the Predatory Fish represented by the adjoining Constellation Dorado. In Spanish, Dorado is the ‘Gold Covered One’, or the Shining One, i.e., Lucifer. Can one see here the Parody of the Revelation 12 Sign? There is a Predator, the Red Dragon. In the Bible, it states that Lucifer is as the Ancient Serpent of Old trying to destroy Humanity and the Seed of the Woman, Jesus.

There is an Escaping, a Flight or Rapture of the Followers of Jesus, depicted throughout the Centuries as the Fish. In the Resurrection-Rapture Event, they will ‘Mount-Up’ as with Wings to take Flight to meet Jesus in the Air before the ‘Noah’ type Judgment comes. Jesus is a Metaphor for the Ark, Argo where the Flying Fish are taken to Safety and to their Celestial Home. The Argo Constellation signals the coming Worldwide Judgment of Jesus as He will Break-Open the 7-Fold Seal Judgments after the Rapture.

It is Pegasus on Wings that comes to Rescue Andromeda, a type of the current Church Age Bride of Christ. There is a New World Order Coming, now called by Biden the other Luciferian Globalists as the ‘New Liberal World Order’. Before the World goes into this Satanic Madness, they have to Implode the current Phoenix, that is mainly the USA and the World Economic, Religious, Social and Political Systems. It is called the Great Reset, set to begin on the transference of this 7th Sabbatical Cycle of 7 Years, etc. These are just some Inferences why one does believe the ‘Where and When’ of the Target Images released by the James Webb Infrared Telescope have perhaps implicant Biblical and/or Prophetic Nuances.

And since one is discussing the subject of the Esoteric, if one has seen the Luciferian Predictive Programming Short Film, called I Pet Goat 2, there is a specific Scene related to Volans, of Flying Fishes, an Ark, the AntiChrist, End of the Church Age Motifs. How so? Towards the end of the ‘Dormant’ AntiChrist Figure, that is trekking on an Anubis Barge, the Motif for the Church Age Cathedral starts to crumble. Then, there are many Fishes that Fly-Up or leap onto the Barge or ‘Ark’ at that Time. This is just right before when the AntiChrist opens His Eyes and achieves ‘Consciousness’. He thereafter proceeds to be deployed, in waiting to be received by the New Dawn of the New Liberal World Order. In a New World that has been totally Reset for his Arrival.

The Release Time and Date are important. But with NASA, remember, that they are letting the World ‘See’ what they want the Public to see. One would rather See what is not being allowed to be Seen. The Pictures are stunning in how one can see such details of the various Galaxies the Followers and Believers of Jesus may rule them when Jesus portions-out the Administration of His Creation, etc. And as mentioned, in the Decoding of such an Image, SMACS 0723, the Key is where it occurs in Space or the Heavens. It is much like the Revelation 12 Sign, where that occurred and how, for example, the 1st Picture of a Black Hole ever taken was located, where in the Heavens? In Virgo, of all places, etc. So, in one’s Assessment of the 1st Image of the Constellation Volans with its SMACS 0723 Galaxy Cluster, one would strongly suggest that there is a Prophetic Significance of what is about to occur.

A Picture is worth 1000 Prophetic Words?

The following will be the Biblical-Prophetic Breakdown that one believes is Encoded in the 5 Target Images NASA release to the World. This is one’s Opinion and Assessment based on one’s Research and Understanding of such possible Encrypted Messaging based on Biblical Typologies. The Encoding is basically 5 Messages of what is about to occur or related to Geo-Political and Biblical Fulfillment.

1. SMACS 0723

As noted, the Constellation of Volans, the Flying Pisces is inferring the Resurrection-Rapture Event, soon to take place. The Flying Fish is a clear Motif of the Rapture Typology in how it is taught in the Bible that those Followers and Believers of Jesus will be taken up to the Sky to meet Jesus in the Air. This event occurs just before the Worldwide Judgment, much like what occurs in the Days of Noah and Lot will come after.

2. Carina Nebula in Carina.

The Carina Star is one of the points in the Constellation that makes up the Ark of Noah Typology, Argo. Another Member from the Revelation 12 Daily Blog, named Ozark made the Observation that the Carina Ridge looked a lot like the Ridge of Mount Sinai, in Arabia that has been seen in some Pictures taken of it. This would signal that the Mosaic Law is about to return and would concur with how it will be like for Israel, specifically in the Last Sabbath Cycle of Year, per the Prophet Daniel.

3. Southern Ring Nebula (Eight-Burst Nebula, NGC 3132) in Vela (The Sail of Argo).

It is a clear Motif of the Biblical Account of how only Noah and his Family, a total of 8 Souls survived the Flood Judgment through an Ark. The Flood Judgment came as a result of Humanity’s Depravity, enough that YHVH had to start a ‘New World Order. And? Jesus warned that just before His Return at the end of the Last Sabbath Cycle of Years, the World would be just like in the Days of Noah and Lot. Check.

4. Stephan’s Quintet in Pegasus.

As mentioned, the Rapture Typology is confirmed with a 2nd Witness of sorts. On the opposite side of Argo or where SMACS 0723 is located is the Constellation of Pegasus. It is of a Winged White Horse that comes to ‘Rescue’ or ‘Rapture’ Andromeda, the ‘Chained’ or Bound Woman. She is a Captive of the Sea Monster, Cetus, who seeks to devour her. The following
Article #583 Pegasus Rapture https://www.postscripts.org/ps-news-583.html will delve more into details for those interested in pursuing this Motif more closely of the Rapture Event.

5. WASP-96b located about 1,120 Light-Years away in Phoenix.

What is very interesting about why they chose this Target Image is that also, as noted, the Phoenix is a Motif of a Death, Burial and Resurrection Cycle. It is the Exoteric and Luciferian Motif for their Satanic Plans, i.e., New World Order. But in order for that to occur, the Present Order has to be Demolished, Deconstructed, Detonated, Locked-Down, Shut-Down, etc. Is this not what Planet Earth is going through right now? What is Prophetically Significant is where the Constellation is located at. It is located right next to Horologium or the ‘Clock’. And this “Clock’ is then signaling that it is ‘Time’ for the New Phoenix to Rise-Up. And that this Clock and Phoenix is connected to the River, Eridanus.  that comes out of Orion. This then has a direct connotation and connection to how the Luciferians view Orion as their Osiris, Nimrod, Solomon 2.0 in what their Coming AntiChrist will be offering and delivering to the New World Humanit

The Picture of the Carina Ridge, does look like a Woman, lying sideways. But as with Pareidolia, the more one stares at it, the things appear to pop-out, and in 3D. It is not a coincidence in one’s view. One has to ask, and can, why out of all the whole area of the surrounding Ridge, did they focus on this particular Segment? But after staring at it for a while, one would concur that it would appear as a Woman lying sideways.

Moreover, one does see also Skull-looking Apparitions. But what is eerily odd is that one sees that she is in Labor and with Child. If one focuses on the Mid-Section, it is like a Cut-Away View and one can see her Baby, either being extracted to safety or to be Aborted. One would not rule out a Double-Entendre here being utilized. How would that mysteriously come about in the Image Frame? That is beyond one’s Explanation.

But consider that with the Roe vs Wade Controversy, Abortion and the approaching Rapture Typology of Revelation 12, is that not what is occurring? The World is experiencing Birth Bangs. The ‘Red Dragon’ is coming to ‘Abort’ the Man-Child, but a Rapture will ensue, etc. So, this Assertion is ‘out there’ in saying so, but regarding the Image of the Carina Ridge, it is interesting how they describe it as a ‘Place where Stars are Birthed’. So, there you go. The following link is to the Image of the Carina Ridge.


As to the July 23, High Watch Date? Perhaps ‘We Fly in July’! Literally, as it has been noted. It could be just mere coincidence that the O-723 Galaxy Cluster is signaling 7-23 as on July 23. It could be mere coincidence that the SMACS 0723 is situated next to Argo, the Ark that ‘Takes the Pilgrims Home’ according to the Meaning and Interpretation of E.W. Bullinger. It could be mere coincidence that the Movie Argo, had a Theme about a CIA ‘Rescue Mission’ in Iran of American Embassy Hostages.

But if the 5 Target Images are not a Mere Coincidence and instead an Intentional Signaling of what is to come, then as Noah and Jesus warned, one must take action and put one’s Trust and Faith in what Jesus did at the Cross of Calvary. He is the Ark of Escape. Time is running out. If the July 23 or 723 corresponds to the SMACS 0723 is of any Consequences, get on Board the Ark now.

The Argo Door is about to be shut as the Church Age is about to End. By like the Flying Fish, ‘Volans’ that will mount-up to be Raptured to the Air to meet Jesus. Only in Jesus can a Redeemed Humanity be taken as Pilgrims finishing their Trek on Earth, their Journey of Faith. Jesus will soon take His Bride on a Ride; Safely Home as Captain Jesus steers the Ark to Heaven. Down on Earth? The 7-Year Tribulation Period starts.



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