Conjunction with GoogleSky ‘Red Dragon’

  • Is it a coincidence at all the 666- Stars are in the Virgo Sign?
  • The Virgo 666 Star clusters are in the area of the Dragon anomaly.
  • The 'Red Dragon' anomaly in Virgo maybe a double-quasar nebula.

by Luis B. Vega
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‘The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He makes me to lie down in green pastures: he leads me beside the still waters. He restores my soul: He leads me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. Thou prepares a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anoints my head with oil; my cup runs over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the House of YHVH forever. — Psalm 23:1-6

The purpose of this illustration is to depict the quadrant of the constellation Virgo as Jupiter is positioned on the day that it is believed will astronomically fulfill the Revelation 12 Sign. The position of Jupiter on the 23rd of September, 2017 will coincide with the Sabbath of Return. It will also be when Jupiter is 13 days out from the delineation of the ‘Womb’ area of Virgo as some interpret the ‘line of birthing’ to have occurred on the 9th of September. The Virgo quadrant where Jupiter will be positioned on that day conjoins with the Star HIP 66623. This has some unique correlations as that quadrant begins the numerical sequences of the 666 number sequence of the Virgo quadrant. On one level of a possible inference has to do with the number ’23’. Such a number in the 666-sequence factor suggests a matching with the 23rd day that will apparently astronomically fulfillment of the Revelation 12 Sign as mentioned. It also echoes the sentiment of Psalm 23 as in a spiritual typology. In what way? It would appear that Jupiter traverses this ‘dangerous’ space that will confront the giant ‘Red Dragon’ Google ‘cover-up’ anomaly.

It is as it were, about to ‘walk in the Valley of the Shadow of Death’ as it traverses this ‘666 quadrant’ that invokes the connotation of the Mark of the Beast, that being 666. The actual area that Jupiter will be dead center in the patched-out section in GoogleSky’s infrared rendition occurs around October 5, 2017. To reiterate, what is also amazing is that the positon of Jupiter on this astronomical fulfillment of the Revelation 12 Sign is set in front of the GoogleSky ‘cover-up’ patched area that some purport to be the ‘Red Dragon’ anomaly. It does appear to be rather unique in terms of the place and timing of Jupiter being at this 666 quadrant area and as it were about to go into the ‘Belly of the Beast’, literally or at least an astronomically ‘confrontation’. As mentioned, this Virgo quadrant has the Stars labeled in the range of the nomenclature or ‘naming’ of the Stars that start in the 666 numerical sequence. The numerical sequence of labeling the Stars of the sky goes by such sequences, etc. There are apparently 7 HIP 666 Stars that will be in the quadrant where Jupiter is positioned on the 23rd of September when the Sign concludes.

This is again an amazing correlation to the Biblical Revelation Sign in that the depiction of the giant ‘Red Dragon’ is stated to have 7 heads. Of course, this correlation is just an inference and an example of ‘life imitating art’ or in this case Biblical prophecy. Out of the total 7 HIP 666 quadrant Stars, only 5 will be in the immediate area of Jupiter. There are 2 HIP 666 Stars that are outside the vicinity of Virgo. These HIP 666 Stars are HIP 66617 and HIP 66648 that are outside of the main constellation of Virgo but within the quadrant still. This finding was made by Marc Dominguez of the Revelation 12 Sign Dragon Found YouTube channel and posted on September 19, 2017. The following list is of the 666 HIP Stars in the quadrant of Virgo on the day of the Revelation 12 Sign.

HIP 666 Virgo Quadrant
Jupiter Vicinity
1. HIP 66600
2. HIP 66623
3. HIP 66638
4. HIP 66646
5. HIP 66659

Outside Vicinity
6. HIP 66617

Outside Virgo Proper
7. HIP 66648

The author believes that the HIP 666 Stars could be the illusive ‘Red Dragon’ of Revelation 12 and stated that there are 7 HIP 666 Stars when the Sign reaches its climax. To reiterate, it is rather unique that this discovery of the HIP 666 Star quadrant in Virgo is juxtaposed in front of the now widely circulated GoogleSky ‘cover-up’ of the supposed giant ‘Red Dragon’ anomaly. In it rather amazing that the Revelation 12 Sign phenomenon does associate a 2nd Sign of a 7 headed Red Dragon and that later on in the book of Revelation, such a ‘Beast’ is ascribed to have the numerical value of 666, that being the Mark of the Beast of coming AntiChrist and the same as the HIP 666 Stars. Does this ‘coincidence’ perhaps also signal the soon coming of the literal debut of the AntiChrist?

Does this Revelation 12 Sign phenomenon perhaps also could be attributed to the ‘birthing’ or debut of the coming of the AntiChrist in a dual fulfilment of Biblical prophecy? This author was the first to write and publish about the GoogleSky ‘cover-up’ of the ‘Red Dragon’ anomaly in Virgo back in 2008. At that time, primarily a chart was made and posted online. It was only years later that many made videos about it such as one from a more popular YouTube channel called DAHBOO7 in 2014. He later followed-up with a subsequent video about the ‘Red Dragon’ anomaly in Virgo in early 2017. The aim of the publication was just to illustrate the anomaly. It was not and it is not an assertion that the anomaly is Planet X, although nothing today is beyond the realm of possibility.

Perhaps it could have been at one time when it was ‘discovered’ in the early 1980s and when the IRAS telescope that was launched to identify it captured such an image that was then patched-up. Realize that at that time, out of the tapestry that was compiled by the IRAS probe to map the entire known Universe, only this portion was ‘covered-up’. The question however remains, why was it only partially covered-up? This is where the mystery deepens. There is no way to ascertain the true nature and makeup of the object with the limited information the general public is allowed to have. The publication and chart made at the time, although correlated the pattern and typology to the Revelations12 Sign, alluded to the depiction as a type of ‘Red Dragon’. This was only given the variables of the women being ‘pregnant’ with Jupiter as it has a 9-month gestation retrograde within Virgo. Realize that this is what makes the sign unique. Many claim that such an alignment is common and has occurred prior. This is not the case.

There have been some close approximations of the Revelation 12 Sign. However, the syzygy of having the alignment of the planets Venus, Mars and Mercury as the ‘crown’ and then a conjunction with comet 67p at the point where the Moon is at the feet and the Sun is clothing the Sign on the Sabbath of Return is what is astronomically impossible to be random chance. In addition, the 3 planetary alignments appear to match and signify a timing or ‘cosmic marker’ based on the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx as well. It is understood that based on some End Times scenarios, the effects of Planet X will not be experienced until after the 2nd part of the 7 years Tribulation period, whenever that is. Many expect this ‘Red Dragon’ infrared anomaly from GoogleSky to be Planet X and that it will manifest itself visually on or after the 23rd of September in 2017.

This might be the case perhaps but it is highly unlikely and will be wrong. The issue is that it is the wrong timing. Such a ‘Red Dragon’ will come on the scene astronomically and it will occur, as the Bible specifies but not now. According to some interpretations of the Revelation timeline, it will occur in the 2nd half of the Tribulation, whenever that first starts. Realize that Revelation 12 is an intermission segment and it is a multi-layered depiction of an event that is past, present and future, all synchronized in one. The study and illustration, then as now strongly suggests that a Planet X does exist and its effects will be what will be manifested as the Seal Judgments. The 7 heads of the giant ‘Red Dragon’ will correlate to the 7 bodies the Nemesis 2nd Sun system will come with, etc.

The flyby of the Nemesis 2nd Sun system will be used by Jesus Christ against a Christ-rejecting and sinful world. The Revelation 12 Sign is just a prelude as signs go, that point to this future event and the GoogleSky ‘cover-up’ may well be just a pictorial ‘Sign’ hinting at just that of what is to come shorty. The only concrete evidence or inference in the Bible of this Planet X ‘Red Dragon’ scenario occurring is found if Revelation 8:10-11. Presently, it appears that the Earth is currently experiencing a wobble due to the approaching body that has a greater magnetic force. Many are being convinced that this approaching body could be the main reason why the planets are being perturbed presently and why there has been a drastic change in weather patterns, volcanoes and earthquakes on Earth. The magnetic north of Earth is undeniably shifting rapidly; this is undeniable and scientific fact, etc.

Could this wobble that is fact, be attributed to Planet X or the ‘Red Dragon’ of Revelation 12? This part is not conjecture but depends if one accepts future prophecy as being divine and conclusive to occur. Realize also that this future prophecy of cosmic events was revealed to the Apostle John by the resurrected Jesus Christ. Planet X will have its effects of sending 2 asteroids that will strike Earth 5 months apart. This Planet X or the ‘Star’ is called Wormwood in the Bible. One asteroid will hit the ocean, the other one will hit the land. This is indicative of the 150-day difference given or the 5 months, which is calculated by taking (30 days/month x 5 months) to get the day counts. This is the timespan of how far apart the Earth will be from each point of Planet X’s debris field and how long the Earth will take to cross both the entrance and exit of the Planet X's debris field. The 150 day gap is given between Trumpet 4 and 5 of the all-inclusive Seal Judgments that Jesus Christ is opening.

Some argue that the actual word in Greek for ‘red’ as in the ‘Red Dragon’ of Revelation 12:3 does not connote ‘red’ color but of a gold-yellowish color instead. Nonetheless, fire has red in it. The pyros John referred to is the ‘glowing’, which would match what will occur with the ‘wings’ of Nemesis’ disk when they will be flared-up due to the Sun’s solar wind at some point. This depiction is what has been literally etched in stone by most ancient civilizations on Earth. Since the publication and chart illustration that came out, there has been a degree of sensationalism surrounding this anomaly and has taken a life of its own. To reiterate, the aim of the publication and illustration of the GoogleSky ‘cover up’ was to point the similarities to the coming Sign of Revelation 12, at least astronomically and that the prophecy would be 3-fold.

It would be a ‘retroactive prophecy’ of a past, present and future’ all infused as one, a literal, ‘Back to the Future’ effect, etc. Many scoffers and skeptics since then infatuatedly ask, ‘where is the Red Dragon?’ Skepticism is good, and it is healthy to have in this age of mass communication, psyops, misinformation and disinformation. However, the point of the illustration was not to ‘prove’ or provide ‘evidence’ that Planet X exists or that such a GoogleSky anomaly was or is Planet X. It could be, as that is what the trajectory of Nemesis takes as a trajectory based on 1 model that is determined by a triangulation of other sighting over the centuries in various constellations.

The sequence of occurrence as described in the text of the Revelation 12 2nd Sign of the Red Dragon does not mean that the ‘Red Dragon’ convergence will have to occur on that precise time and date of September 23, 2017, etc. The purpose of this study is to show that a 2nd illustration superimposes the infrared ‘Red Dragon’ anomaly over the HIP 666 Star quadrant for size comparison. Skeptics and scoffers point out that since at least 2008 when the illustration was first published about the GoogleSky ‘cover-up’, the object has not ‘moved’ nor has the patch been corrected. Actually, since then there has been another ‘patched-up’ area in Orion. According to one’s own theory, matches the possible orbit of Planet X between the Star Gates of the Universe, that of the Gate of God or the Golden Gate and the Gate of Man or Silver Gate. As noted, since the chart has been widely disseminated across social media, many have tried to debunk this ‘Red Dragon’ anomaly.

However, the reverse psychology applies here too, in that the counter arguments cannot be proven just the same, yet some are dogmatic that it is ‘truth’. Such line of questions have been asked for about a decade now. Some purport that this image is a double exposure of Saturn. Perhaps, but such double-orbs at the core of the Red Dragon anomaly are much larger than Jupiter for example. It could be more of a nebula as it is huge or ‘giant’ in comparison to Jupiter and appears to have a dramatic envelope of dust about it. It may very well be the case as GoogleSky commented that it was just a ‘glitch’ in the software rendering of how the picture frames are fused together to make the celestial tapestry.

If one has any astronomical background in training. Such planets smaller than Jupiter could not produce such infrared luminosity as the giant ‘Red Dragon’ anomaly in Virgo. Consider that Google has billions of dollars in research and has the most powerful programs, with all its high tech and A.I. on the planet cannot ‘fix’ this ‘glitch’ yet after nearly a decade? One would think that perhaps they could smudge or blend the area, as they do for Mars and the Moon anomalies, no? Those that are amateur Astronomers, as one is and have limited equipment and data to go by, unlike the well-funded government agencies. One can only circumspect at this point and time as amateurs.

One can only attempt to explain the current geo-magnetic turmoil that is occurring on Earth that is undeniably a fact through circumstantial evidence that could only be possible by a ‘giant celestial orb’ that has a far greater magnetic pull that is affected the entire Solar System in fact. The original chart and posting of the GoogleSky ‘cover-up’ also shows the step by step instructions on how to look up images on NASA's SkyView and precisely the one ‘covered-up’ by GoogleSky. Again, however the chart is not intended to provide 'evidence' that such an apparent ‘anomaly’ is Planet X. In the public domain, this theory is pure conjecture until proven, which it could or would be but the powers that be who do know will not tell the public.

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