The Christ Star Alignments from Babylon

  • The Magi from Babylon and Persia knew when Christ would be born.
  • Such Magi are believed to be from the knowledge Daniel instructed.
  • Biblical Astronomy is not sorcery or devination as some purport.

by Luis B. Vega
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‘After Jesus was born in Bethlehem in Judea, during the time of King Herod, Magi[a] from the East came to Jerusalem and asked, Where is the One who has been born King of the Jews? We saw His Star when it rose and have come to Worship Him. When King Herod heard this he was disturbed, and all Jerusalem with him. When he had called together all the People’s Chief Priests and Teachers of the Law, he asked them where the Messiah was to be born. In Bethlehem in Judea, they replied...’ -Matthew 2:1-5

The purpose of this study is to illustrate the actual and probable depiction of what the Astronomical Tapestry looked like from the Geographic Vantage Point of Babylon the Day Messiah was born. Why Babylon is chosen is that it was from this reference point that the Magi surveyed and perhaps determined that the Virgo Sign in the Sky was pertaining to the Birth of the Messiah, the King of the Universe. The illustration portrays the Sign of Virgo along with Leo as the Evening Sky was sitting towards the West. This study does take the position that Jesus Christ was born, most probably on Rosh HaShanah, which was on September 11 in -3 BC and on a New Moon. What this study does is also to correlate that Virgo Sign of the Magi and that of the Great Sign of Virgo from the book of Revelation. This Astronomical Alignment is to occur on the day after Rosh HaShanah on September 23, 2017.

What is striking to consider in comparison of the 2 Virgo Signs of such respected days is that all the Celestial Bodies are present except 1. There is the Sun, Moon, and the Stars as in the Planets of Jupiter, Venus, Mercury but not Mars. This would stand to reason as the birth of the Messiah was that of the Prince of Peace and as later on, Jesus expounded that He came to make ‘Peace’ with GOD the Father. However, Jesus did say that He also came to bring a ‘Sword’. This is in the sense that the Gospel, the Good News would bring Division due to People’s decisions to repent and follow Jesus.

The Virgo Sign of the Magi actually started about a month earlier as a prelude occurred with the Triple Conjunction of Jupiter and Venus at Regulus in the constellation of Leo. The first of the Conjunctions occurred when the King Planet, Jupiter conjoined to ‘Conceive’ with the ‘Mother Planet; Venus the brightest of the Planets in the Sky, 1 hour before Sunrise on August 11, -3 BC. It was rather disappointing that only the Magi and certain others perhaps in the whole World were aware at that time of the coming Birth of the Jesus Christ. For one possible reason, the Magi were the official Court Astrologers of the Ancient Monarchs and World Empires. These were the ‘Scientists’ of the Day and used Science, as understood then to predict events based on the motions of the Heavenly Bodies. This is Biblical as the Sun, Moon and the Stars were set as a ‘Clock Piece’ by YHVH to determine Time, Seasons, for Signs and the Feasts or Moedim.

Promised Seed
Aside from the Occult Altercation and the opposite application that such use as the antithesis, the Celestial Patterns were understood, and rightly desired by such Magi. Many believe they were of the ‘Astrological School of Daniel’. It was Daniel that YHVH gave the exact timing of when the Messiah would be riding on a Donkey coming into Jerusalem as the Sign of the Messiah. It was to the day on Palm Saturday, the Sabbath, not ‘Palm Sunday’. Thus, could not YHVH that gave such a revelation of Jesus Christ’s Triumphal Entry also give the very Day of the Birth of the Long-Awaited and Promised Seed of Eve? Would not then such a Sign of the Birth of this Seed be thus correlating to the Virgo Sign in the Heavens as no other Sign of the Constellation could correlate to it?

The following factors appear to fit the Virgo Sign of the Magi and probably Birthdate of the Promised Messiah, Jesus. First there is the Conjunction of the Royal Star with the Royal Planet. This Conjunction is that of Jupiter, the Star or Planet of the Messiah, which in the Ancient Times was named Melchizedek with the Royal Star, Regulus in the Royal Sign, Leo of the Mazzaroth or the Zodiac. Thus, this Triple ‘Royal Witness’ is amazing and convincing. The 1st factor concerns the Virgo Sign of the Magi itself as it approximates the Great Virgo Sign of Revelation 12. The New Moon is at the approximate area of the feet of the Virgin. The Sun is on the sleeve or arm of the Virgin that is hold the ‘Basket of Wheat; or the Seed. Thus, the Sun is emphasizing the Seed of the Woman back to the 1st Virgo Sign in Genesis 3:15. The Promise is that of the coming Seed of the Woman would crush the Head of Lucifer.

Then there is the constitution of the Moon that is no ordinary Moon but is a New Moon. This means that it correlates most probably with the Feast of YHVH, Rosh HaShanah which is the New Year, a ‘New Beginning’. As already mentioned, the Planets Venus and Mercury were in the Virgo Sign of the Magi minus the planet of War, Mars. Mars is associated with War and is also referred to as The Avenger. During this 1st Advent of the Messiah of Israel, YHVH took on flesh and became a Man, a Human 100% in the Hypostatic Union. Jesus was unique, the ‘Only Begotten’, fully Divine to become the Last Adam and present His Body as a Perfect and Sinless Sacrifice for the disobedience of Adam and Eve. Jesus did not come to ‘Avenge’ but to Forgive. It is at the 2nd Advent that Jesus will return as the true Avenger; the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.

Jesus came to avenge the Blood of Abel; by blood, His own and not only that of Abel but of the whole Fallen Race of Adam and Eve. It is now incumbent upon each Human to avail and apply the Blood of Jesus upon one’s Heart, figuratively speaking as the Blood of the Lamb Sacrifice was applied to the Door Posts of the Hebrews in Egypt to escape the Angel of Death. Jesus came as Messiah-ben-Joseph to suffer and be sold for Pieces of Silver, betrayed due to Jealousy and Sin of his Brethren. Yet like Joseph of Genesis, YHVH elevated him to rule the World and in a time of Famine. Likewise in the Last Days, there will be a repetition of such a Prophetic Pattern. It will be at the Time of Jacob’s Trouble that Jesus will be fully revealed to His brethren, the Jews concerning His Blood Lineage at the Battle of Armageddon. The book of Zechariah foretells that at that time, much like Joseph, Jesus will be fully disclosed to Israel in Jerusalem this time.

Revelation of the Man-Child
Jacob, at that time will fully realize that they had accepted a false and Idle Shepard instead, the Worthless One-Eyed who will be the False AntiChrist that will come just before. One other Astronomical Observation is that the Celestial Depiction of this Virgo Sign in the Sky is at the delineation of the ‘Beginning and the End’ of the Mazzaroth or the Zodiac. The 12 Constellations start with the Story of the Virgin as in Genesis with the Fall of Mankind and the Promise of the Coming Seed, Jesus Christ that has redeemed the Fallen Race of Adam on Earth. The following are some Prophetic Associations concerning the Redemption of Israel.

Order of Ordained Destruction - Count-up
1 Temple
2 City
3 Nation

Order of Ordained Restoration - Count-down

3 Nation           1947
2 City               1967   
1 Temple         XXXX ????

UN Partition Plan 2-State Solution:
November 29, 1947 + 500 Days
= April 12, 1949 or the start of 3x Tetrads (1949-1967-2014)
+ 25,500 Days = September 22, 2017 on Rosh HaShanah, eve of Great Virgo Sign

From January 1, 1 AD (Julian calendar) to September 23, 2017 (Gregorian calendar)
= 736,596 days

August 11, -3 BC to September 11, -2 BC = 1 year 1 month (1-1 or 11)
September 11, 2016 to December 31, 2018 = 841 days or 120 weeks
September 11, -3 BC to December 25, -2 BC = 470 days or 1 year, 3 months, 14 days (3.14 pi)

Thus Rosh HaShanah birth of Christ to Rosh HaShanah ‘Birthing’
~ September 11, -3 BC to September 23, 2017 = 737,437 days

The Astronomical Storyline thereafter tells of the tapestry of the end that will accompany the Storyline along the Astronomical Ecliptic. The Storyline ends with Leo, the ‘Conquering One’ of Judah that crushes the Head of the Serpent, the Leviathan of the Deep Sea in triumph. It was at the Cross of Calvary that Jesus paid with His blood to destroy and conquer Death, Sin and Satan. It will be at the 2nd Coming of Jesus, that of Messiah-ben-David that He will come to rule with an Iron Scepter to set up His Kingdom on Earth. Conversely what this comparison of the Virgo Sign of the Magi with that of the Great Virgo Sign of Revelation 12 is that concerning the planet Mars, it could most probably mean that the later will converge during a time of a Great War. For example, the year 2017 in the Gregorian Calendar is 5777.

Contention of the Seeds

In the Hebrew equivalent of Numbers, the 5th letter is Hey and the 7 is Zeyin. In one interpretation, the 5 signifies a pronouncement and the 7 means or is related to a Proclamation, thus 5777 could allude to the coming State of War. Moreover, concerning the Occult’s Altercation and Antitheses of the Divine Narrative, is that what might probably signal the ‘Work’ of the AntiChrist, The Avenger. This would be the God of War, Mars that will be unleashed as the 2nd Horse of the Apocalypse. This narrative does and will appear to coincide with the notion that the Luciferians are going to ‘Birth’ their False Messiah out of the Ashes of the Imploded ‘Phoenix’ as the New World Order emerges from a possible and probably World War. What is very unique about the Great Virgo Sign of Revelation 12 is that it appears to be a convergence of Prophetic Time.

As to the Magi, the Virgo Sign seen in the sky fell below the horizon towards the West and Jerusalem, prompted them to start their Journey of Faith to seek, Him who is to be born ‘King of the Jews’. If this was the Sign in the Heavens they first saw and acted upon, then it took them about 9-13 Months to actually get to the place where Jesus was already been born. This also was the amount of time it took for Jupiter to reach Virgo and become stationary before going into its Retrograde on the eve of December 25, -2 BC. Based on this timeline, this was the more probably time that the Magi actually visited the house of Joseph and Mary in Bethlehem to give at least 3 Gifts as recording in the Gospels. These 3 Gifts are also thus associated with only 3 Magi but there could have been more. Also, the Trek of the Magi, being a Royal Entourage would be accompanied with a year’s supply of provisions and a Royal Escort.

As Dignitaries, they were afforded Protected Passage as Officials from Babylon would have been considered and treated like Official Ambassador and VIPs. Yet when they got to Israel, only the top Court Priests knew of the Prophecy of the Messiah to be birthed in Bethlehem. Apparently the People of YHVH were in the ‘Dark’ literally and spiritually reflecting a sad state of affairs concerning what YHVH’s People needed to know in terms of Prophetic Time. Jesus also rebuked them during the very Triumphant Entry in that Jerusalem rather Stoned and Killed the Prophets and did not recognize the ‘Day of His Visitation’. The sad state of affairs and Spiritual Blindness pervades in YHVH’s People in these Last Days. Perhaps the Great Virgo Sign has been placed in the Sky by the Creator to prompt such a same warning and be a ‘wake-up call’.

Although there are many speculations as to what the Great Virgo Sign is all about, most would agree that it is about a ‘Birthing’. The question remains, a Birthing of what? Perhaps it is a Convergence of a Multifaceted Birthing; of the Bride of Christ, the AntiChrist, the 3rd World War, and the New World Order? Concerning the Magi and the Virgo Sign of their day, they were faithful to be led of the LORD to follow the King. This is by the way, the Litmus Test of the difference between Astronomy and Astrology. If such Observations and Knowledge leads one to Jesus Christ, it is of the LORD, if such leads one away from the Biblical Jesus, it is not of YHVH. Although there was an attempt at trickery on the part of Herod to beguile the Magi, the LORD led them out of danger’s way. Also the LORD forewarned Joseph to flee to Egypt due to Herod, as the type of the Red Dragon that wanted to devour the ‘Man-Child’.

Based on other studies, if the Crucifixion of Jesus was in 32 AD, then the probably age of Jesus at that time would have been 33 years old based on the Virgo Sign of September 11, -3 BC and the Blood Moon on Wednesday of April 14, 32 AD. If indeed Jesus was born on 9-11 of September -3 BC, He would have not reached his 34th birthday as He was crucified on Passover in April of that year. Jesus thus was 33 years old but not crucified in 33 AD as many purport. However there is the Rabbinical Understanding that postulates that Jesus was 30 when He started His public ministry as that is the age Rabbis could recruit Disciples. This theory also thus suggests that the ministry of Jesus indeed did not take just 1 Year and not the 3.5 Years approximately or 1260 Days. Interestingly, the 33 year lifespan of Jesus puts the timeline at a phi ratio in that his Bar Mitzvah occurred during the 13th year.

Many believe this was the time in which as a Boy, Jesus could have spoken about the Law and Prophets as He did with the Learned Elders of Zion. What this study does suggest however, is that given the discrepancies of calendar changes from the Julian to the Gregorian, etc., there appears to be approximately 12,000 days in the lifespan of Jesus Christ on Earth. This day count would include the Gestation Period of approximately 9 months. The 12,000 day count would appear to be consistent with the Cycle of Time in a 12-Hour Framework and Coefficient that the Great Shepherd of the Sheep, worked during the Light Portion of the Prophetic ‘Day’.

 In Ancient Times, Shepherds as now are considered a Lowly Occupation and Unclean Ceremonially by Jewish Standards. Such could not come out and Worship on the Temple Mount without extensive Ceremonial Washings. Most could not afford it financially. This was consistent as during that time of Rosh HaShanah, it would make sense to consider that the surrounding Inns were all full due to the swelling of the Population come from around the Jewish World to observe the Feast of Rosh HaShanah in Jerusalem. For this reason the King of the Universe could not be ‘accommodated’ by Humanity as there is ‘No Room’ figuratively speaking for such a Plan of Redemption.

In these Last Days, such is the Spiritual and Political condition of the World. Increasingly, Jesus and His People are being marginalized and considered ‘Unclean’ to be relegated to the ‘Outskirts’ of Society and what is Politically Correct. This is why Jesus, as the Messiah was birthed in a Manger or where the Animals were kept. And only available because in September, the Animals are still out in the Fields overnight. The LORD is however faithful to have the Sign not be missed or its ramification and fulfillment to be revealed to His faithful Shepherds and ‘Magi’. YHVH did not reveal the Glory of Jesus’ Birth to the False Prophets, High Priests or the False King of the Jews, Herod. YHVH revealed such a Singular Glory to the Faithful and Lowly Shepherds out in the Fields tending the Flocks and to Foreign Ambassadors.

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