Shepherd About to Open the Gate of the Sheepfold

  • Is there a prophetic picture of the retrogrades of Venus?
  • What does the retrograde of Venus in Taurus signify?
  • What do the 'Bookend' Venus retrogrades mean prophetically?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘When the waters become hard as stone and the surface of the deep is frozen? Can you bind the chains of the Pleiades or loosen the belt of Orion? Can you bring forth the constellations in their seasons or lead out the Bear and her cubs?’ -Job 38:30-32

TThe purpose of this study is to highlight the Venus-Pleiades conjunction that occurred on April 4, 2020. The reason why this conjunction is highly significant is that this time around, the conjunction occurred near the Star of Atlas. The Pleiades Star Cluster is situated cosmologically in the ‘neck’ area of the Bull or Taurus constellation. This study will thus highlight many of the cosmological attributes of the Pleiades that crossover to the prophetic in terms of Christ-Church relationship. The main point about this conjunction is that for the first time, Venus is at the ‘Gate’ or portal of the Pleiades that is guarded by Atlas or the ‘Shepherd’ Christ type. Prophetically, Venus being a type of Jesus is seen now coming and being at the ‘Door’ of the Sheepfold.

Thus, could this mean that prophetically, the ‘Gate’ that Jesus is, as He said He was, about to be open for the Sheep of His pasture to be led out? Led out to what and where and when? To the long-anticipated Resurrection and Rapture event to be ushered into Heaven. When, is yet to be determined. The flyby of Venus along the Ecliptic reaches the Taurus constellation around every 224 days as that is what its orbit lasts. However, approximately every 8 years, the planet conjoins or enters the sphere of the Pleiades. In the widely held belief of the mythology of the Pleiades and Taurus, the Ancients attributed this Star Cluster to women or a group or ‘congregation’ of Maidens. They were 7 in total with Atlas serving as the overseer with the attendant of Pleione.

In other renditions, the 7 Sisters were considered the daughters of Atlas, etc. In the Americas, the Pleiades is considered the ‘rattler’ of a snake and is believed to be where the ‘gods’ came down to Earth to seed Humanity. In cosmology, it is even believed that the entire Universe is pivoted around the Star of Alcyone. Biblically speaking, the Pleiades is referenced in both the Old and New Testament. It is mentioned by YVHH in the dialog with Job and with specific connection to Orion, the consort of sorts. However, it is in the last book of the Bible, Revelation where there is given to the last remaining Apostle of Jesus the vision of the resurrected Christ. It is Jesus Himself that attributes such a typology of the Pleiades and Orion to Himself. He directly associates the 7 Churches of Asia with the 7 Stars. It is well understood that without a doubt, most reading the context would realize that such an inference was cosmological in nature as well as in the prophetic.

The Little Flock

In ancient times and even in some remote places on Earth still, the task of shepherding sheep involves the basic elements of herding sheep to an enclosed area where the gate or door is personified, literally by the shepherd himself functioning as the ‘door’. In such a typology then, the words of Jesus as taught and heard during His ministry on Earth rings true as the people would have understood and related to such a simple metaphor. So, when Jesus stated that ‘He was the Gate’, or that ‘He was the Good Shepherd’, etc., all those could understand that ultimately, Jesus is like the Pleiades Star of Atlas that cares and oversees the Sheepfold. In this case, the meaning has more relevance to the sheep as Humanity, as the ‘sheep’ was the object of the Great Shepherd’s love and affection. It was to the point that Jesus came from Heaven as the ‘Orion’ to confront the Judgment of YHVH for a broken law that requires blood to atone.

Jesus came to rescue the ‘Little Flock’ by slaying the Beast ‘Taurus’ that had captured the 7 Maidens bound by sin and death in perpetuity under the power of Satan. This would have been the fate of Humanity, if it were not for the actual Judge of the Universe Himself in the person of Jesus Christ becoming sin and taking the fierce judgment that Taurus represents. It was at the Cross of Calvary that Jesus accomplished this by being the willing sacrifice to blood atone for the Little Flock. Is it any wonder or coincidence that the typology of Atlas is that of a man carrying the burden of the world on his shoulders? Is this not what Jesus did for the world in that at the Cross, His outstretched arms also took on the burden of all of Humanity’s sins? Jesus is the true ‘Atlas’.

Thus, cosmologically, when in 2020 that both Venus and Atlas ‘meet’ at the ‘Gate’, then it is very significant. Jesus then also being the type of the ‘Bright and Morning Star’ coming to the ‘Gate’ of the Sheepfold is prophetically significant and to take note of. It is for sure a ‘Sign’ that Jesus admonished His Disciples to be keen about as it is pointing perhaps to the soon return of Jesus to open the Gate to Heaven. This will indeed take place as the Rapture Event. In terms of the Pleiades Star Cluster, there are 7 Stars that make up this amazing spectacle in the night sky and is one of the most recognizable patterns found among the Stars. The 7 Stars are Merope, Electra, Celaene, Taygete, Maia, Asterope and Alcyone. In the book of Revelation, Jesus attributes the 7 Stars to the 7 Angels that are sent to the 7 Pastors of the 7 Churches of Asia.

In this depiction, it is a multifaceted array of prophecy overlaid with immediate application but with also a prolonged historical framework. In what way? Obviously, the 7 messages were specific to each of the 7 Churches of Asia, but the characteristics, attributes and the evaluation of Jesus also echo throughout what has become the Church Age. The last of the 7 eras, being that of the Laodicean type, is ever so present now, especially in the West. Moreover, the scenery shown to the Apostle John is that of Jesus in the ‘midst of the candlesticks’ or as if when the High Priest in the Holies attended to the Golden Menorah containing the 7 lights. This was the only light source that allowed the Priest to work before the presence of YHVH. In fact, due to such a wealth of direct cosmological correlations, it has been presented in other studies that the very location of the Holies can be determined by the position of the Pleiades. The true location of the Temple on the Temple Platform in Jerusalem can be known then.

Prophetic Patterns

This Pleiades line that conjoins with Taurus strongly suggests then where the true location of the Temple was and will be. In what way? If one overlays the Taurus constellation over the Kidron Valley in a north-south mirrored orientation, the line leading to the Temple is where the Golden Menorah stood. It would correspond to the Pleiades Star Cluster. Also, this true location of where the Temple stood is clearly given in Scripture. In Mark 13:3, it states, ‘While Jesus was sitting on the Mount of Olives opposite the Temple, Peter, James, John, and Andrew asked Him privately…’ It is clearly the case that the Temple was then just beyond the Golden Gate as presented in many studies already and not over the Dome of the Rock or down and over in the City of David, absurd. Thus, the Pleiades is that of the Menorah candlestick within the Holies and even cosmologically, the Star Cluster can be seen as a ‘Menorah’ with the kickstand consisting of the base that would comprise the Stars of Atlas and Pleione.

As to the Pleiades-Menorah typology, the Menorah can also be seen as the almond tree from where the design was taken according to the direction given to Moses by YHVH. What is spectacular to consider in the imagery of the almond tree is that during the time of blossoming, the flowers produce a white pentagram or 5-sided design. When the flowers are arrayed throughout the canopy of the tree, they are as ‘lights’ then that adorn the ‘Menorah’ imagery or as ‘Stars’. This is in prophetic reference to how YHVH sees His people, adorned in His vestige as He is ministering before the true Holy of Holies presently in Heaven. This is the present tense office of the High Priest that Jesus is fulfilling in preparing and interceding for the ‘Little Flock’. He, as the Good Physician, is evaluating each of the Star’s conditions or heart conditions and prescribing the remedy.

Thus, Jesus in this capacity of the High Priest in the midst is as the 4th stem of the Menorah. He is as the Vine. Jesus, likewise, is the base, the source and the ‘Light’ that He is, in so much as Atlas is then the overseer of the Pleiades as then the Shepherd is to the Little Flock, etc. In other studies, noted, what is also very unique about 2020 in the Venus-Pleiades conjunction is that there will also be another significant conjunction that takes place. This event has to do with the newly discovered comet called, out of all names, Atlas C/2019 Y4. What will be unique about his additional ‘Celestial Sign’ and perhaps a confirmation is that it will arch over the Pleiades on Pentecost of 2020. The conjunction with the Pleiades in 2020 is that it had not occurred since 2012. The Transit of Venus occurred when its shadow ran across the Sun.

And that the specific timespan of when it began was exactly 7 years and 11 months. Moreover, the Venus-Pleiades conjunction was likewise followed by the Venus retrograde that occurred in Taurus and both starting on May 14, the day Israel was birthed in these Last Days. Thus, this time frame consists of a ‘Bookend’ of time to suggest a possible signaling of a time completed for sure. Does this mean that all the rehearsals of this cosmological and prophetic type are about to be realized? When? That is to be determined but if the depiction is that of Atlas coming to the Sheepfold’s gate and ‘witnessed’ by Venus, then perhaps the cosmic gate is about to be opened to let out the Sheep.

There is even another possible celestial significance that is to occur in 2020, the Grand Conjunction of Jupiter with Saturn. This happens towards the end of the year but what is fascinating to consider is that such a conjunction also configures a ‘pentagram’ motif in the Star Charts when plotted out. This is due to the length of their orbits, with Jupiter having a 12-year cycle around the Sun. Saturn has a 30-year cycle around the Sun and when they conjoin, it occurs around every 20 and 60 years, respectfully. It is at these nodes on the Ecliptic that eventually also produces a hexagram. This is the classic 6 to 5 ratio that is seen in the Sacred Gematria of all that is sacred in design in relation to the Macro to the Micro, etc. What is the point?

The point is that this Jupiter-Saturn conjunction last happened in 2001. The key is where it happened. It occurred at the Silver Gate of Orion. The Grand Conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn in 2020 occurs in Ophiuchus, the Keeper of the Golden Gate. These Gates are on the opposite sides of the Universe. Thus, there are a lot of inferences to ‘Gates’ having arrived at and perhaps, there has come a point in time now where the ‘Great Shepherd of the Sheep’, the ultimate fulfillment of Ophiuchus and Orion will open the Gate to Heaven at the Resurrection and Rapture Event in this Last Generation.

Has thus the Venus-Pleiades conjunction testified to this with its culminating 7-11 time frame ending? This would be in keeping with how the High Priest only had a certain time to enter in and out of the Temple. It was through the Veil or door or Gate to tend to the Golden Menorah and administer a period of time before the service was done in the Holies, But the work was completed in the Holy of Holies only on 1 special day out of all the year, that being Yom Kippur. As the Biblical types go, the Shepherd has been tending to the Little Flock in making it ready as a Bride adorned with pearls to be presented to the Son one day.

There is a coming Presentation Day as Jesus on His last night in celebrating the Passover promised to be preparing a place for His own and that He would return one day to take them to be where He is at. In the meanwhile, Jesus sent the Holy Spirit as a down payment, a deposit of what is to be given in full at the Glorification in Heaven. The Holy Spirit is as ‘Pleione’, the attendant of Atlas that helps direct and guide the ‘Little Flock’ on its sojourn. So, did the Venus conjunction of the Pleiades signal this soon fulfillment? If so, then Jesus as the greater Venus and Atlas is at the Gate.

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