Of Useless Eaters Useful Idiots

  • Was this Event Predicted in Advance as some say?
  • Why are such 'Events' happening more Frequent?
  • Is there a Real Agenda behind such Explosions? 

by Luis B. Vega

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The purpose of this study is to consider some Key Aspects about the Ohio Train Derailment of those Toxic Chemicals that were released into the Soil, Water and Air, and most importantly into the Lungs and Bodies of countless Residents, of not only East Palestine, but the entire Northeast of the USA. One will briefly summarize what is known and has been reported in the Main-Stream News, which is the Controlled Means of Information. One will touch upon what some Chemical Experts have to say about this ‘Accident’. Many People would say, why is this Derailment any Different?

It is about Useless Eaters and Useful Idiots. How so? In one’s Assessment, this particular Ohio Chemical Derailment is a Spotlight on how the Powers-That-Be, are Contaminating, Culling and Controlling the World, 1 Train Wreck at a time. 1 COVID Kill-Shot of a Time. It is to Contaminate the Masses of Useless Eaters. That is basically 90% of the World’s Population, you and me. Then it is to Cull or Kill-Off as many in a Snow Death or Soft Genocide while they are milked of all their Savings, Property and Assets. Then it is to ultimately Control all Aspects of Humanity, right down to the DNA, At the Core, one will argue that it is just the Tip of the Iceberg and a Spiritual Warfare.

But Train Derailment and Chemical Plant Fires happen all the Time. True. But the Frequency, as to them happening, at this Pace in the USA, specifically is unprecedented. The Chemical Spill occurred in a small Town called East Palestine on February 3, 2023. It is the Day after the 33rd Day of the Year with 332 Days Remaining on a Leap Year. This should give one a Glimpse, as to the Cypher of who the real Perpetrators are that ordered this ‘Contamination’ of the Useless Eaters. The ~40 Carriages were operated by Norfolk Southern Corporation. It is reported that at least about 11 of the Cars carried Hazardous Chemicals that then spilled into the Soil and Water. Later, the Train Company Burned the Material into the Open Air.

Yes, Derailments happen all the Time, Food Processing Plants burn-down every Year, but when you 100s or a 10X Fold of such Events, one has to look a little deeper into the Issue. Or why, was the Chemical that was released made into a ‘Controlled Burn’. And? That Chemical Reaction actually transformed a relatively Harmless Chemical, by itself, into an Extremely Toxic, Deadly Chemical that then People Inhaled. The ‘Behind the Veil’ Motives, one believes, is Sinister and part of a larger Plan, an Agenda that involves ‘Useless Eaters’ and ‘Useful Idiots’. In this case, who are the Useless Eaters? Americans, People, Humanity at large that the Global Elites, the Synagogue of Satan have deemed it so. Why? They believe the World has gotten to a Population Brink in which ‘Their Resources’ are being used too much, too fast, by the Useless Eaters.


The Solution? Or as Bill Gates in his Interview with a Late-Nate Show Host said, the ‘Final Solution’? A Culling. A Culling is when you ‘Thin a Heard’, as in Animals. And that is what the so-called Elites that run the Corporations and Governments of the World, for now, think of People, Useless Eaters. And how do they implement their Culling? Presently, in the West, it is by their 5th Generation Warfare, and that undertaken by Useful Idiots. These are the People that have sided with them and work for.

In this specific case of the Ohio Chemical Spill, who would that be? Well, immediately would be the Company’s CEO, then the Town’s Governing Body, Mayor, City Counsel. Then it would be the Governor. Then at the Federal Level it would be Pete Buttigieg and finally the U.S. President, etc. These are your ‘Useful Idiots’ that are Controlled, Bought and Paid for by the Luciferian Earth Masters. If one thinks this is all the ‘Same Conspiracy Theories’, it is because it is True. Evidence?

Consider the following Suppositions and Esoteric Inferences one will be making to argue the Matter. The Point is that some of these ‘Accidents’ are not ‘Coincidences’ and the Frequency of such ‘Accidents’ pales in comparison to Decades prior. So, as Conventional Wars are being Fought in the East, as in the Ukraine, Iran, Israel, Africa, the Warfare to Contaminate, Cull and Control the Useless Eaters, the War being perpetrated in the West through their Useful Idiots is through 5th Generation Warfare. Evidence?

1. The CDC published a 293 Page Document 11 Days before the Ohio Derailment. Coincidence? It had not been up-dated since 2006. It is titled, ‘Toxicological Profile for Vinyl Chloride’. So, what happens to be the main Chemical in all those Rail Carriages that were Derailed? Vinyl Chloride. The CDC specifically updated the Cause and Effects to Humans if Inhaling the Toxin and its Side Effects.

2.  In the Year 2022, a Movie on Netflix exactly portrayed the Ohio Chemical Derailment and a subsequent Evacuation due to the Dangerous Chemical/Toxic Explosion, etc. In fact, some of the Actors were from East Palestine, whom themselves, in Real Life when the actual Chemical Derailment occurred, had to Evacuate the Premises. The Movie was called, ‘White Noise’.

And? To the Luciferians, the Code of Conduct is that, like Vampires that have to ask Permission to come into one’s Home and Cross Over the Door Threshold, they have to notify the Victims in Advance of their Dastardly Deeds. Thus, the Masters of Hollywood, Mock their said ‘Derailments’, Explosions, Poisonings, Bombings, Airplanes striking Skyscrapers, with what is called Predictive Programming. Think about it.

Why are the TV Medium, called ‘Channels’ and what is being Broadcast called ‘Programming’. Because it is. This is 1 of the Key Methods of how the Luciferian Cabal Program the Useless Eaters and Recruit Useful Idiots to further their Agenda. Consider what is known and causing Alarm. Chemical Experts say that the Side Effects from Dioxin Exposure will last at least for Decades. Some Chemical Experts say, the Contamination will reverberate in the Land and Water Tables for 100s of Years.

Side Effects

The Ohio Train Derailment not only is affecting Eastern Ohio but thanks to the Jet Stream, the whole North-East is now subject to the Residue. As some People have pointed out, the Water Run-Off feeds into the Ohio River and then to the Mississippi. It is literally Poisoning the Main ‘Artery’ or Waterway of the Heart of America. Think of it in Metaphorical Imagery.

Then the Railroad Company stated that they have taken Soil and Water Samples and Tested them. And that the Contamination is now Controlled and not ‘Dangerous’.  Residents were advised to Return, etc. Yet, the Chemical Scientists, ‘Trust the Science’, say that the Dioxins take ~1000 Years to Disappear from the soils. How about if a non-Railroad Biol Lab did the gathering of Soil and Water Samples? The Area is Contaminated. The Water and Soil are Contaminated. People in that Area are Contaminated. The Rivers and Crops are now Contaminated, etc.

And it took the Secretary of Transportation, Pete Buttigieg, over 2 Weeks to visit the site after the Citizen’s Outcry? And then in 1 attempt to ask Questions of Him, he and his Staff walked away. Then his Office Press Staff refused to answer the Question on camera because it was ‘Excessive’. So, being a Public Employe, the mere fact of asking or wanting one’s Public Officials to go On-The-Record is ‘Excessive’ and asking Questions is now ‘Misinformation’. This is the Example of Useful Idiots.

So, the ‘Controlled Burn’ of the Chemical Derailment caused a Black Cloud to rise and hover above East Palestine. Those who decided this was a ‘Good Idea’ are the other Examples of the Useful Idiots at work. What is unfathomable to comprehend is that the Company, after the Derailment, made a ‘Controlled Burn’ of the Chemicals. Repeat. They intentionally released the Toxins into the Air. This is beyond the ‘Pale Horse’.

It has been reported that the Burning of the Vinyl Chloride, becomes Acid in the Chemical Reaction that was even worse than the ‘Accident’. It contained Toxic Dioxins that exposed the Residents to the Poison in the Air, Water and Soil. Residents complained about the Oder, seeing Dead Fish float on the Water, etc. Then the Company of the Trains gave the ‘All Clear’ to have the Residents come back, from an Initial Evacuation Precautions after their Controlled Burn?! Now the Soil that produces the Farm Crops are Contaminated, the Water Table is contaminated and it has been recommended to ‘Not Drink the Local Water’. This is not ‘going away’ anytime soon.

One finds it rather interesting how the Soil Contamination will last for ~1000 Years, the same amount of Years Jesus is to Rule Earth when He Returns. In one’s Assessment, based on what the Scientists are saying, this Area, really should be considered and deemed a ‘Dead and No-Go Zone’. So, now to the Biblical Overtures in the Name, Place and Time. No Coincidence on one’s Part, if one knows how to ‘Read’ such ‘Signs’. And? ‘Palestine’ is exactly what the Global Issue is about that will usher-in World War 3. It is what the Bible teaches that the World, as it is known presently, will come to an ‘End’ with Jesus’ Return to the East of Jerusalem’s Temple Mount. That is the Mount of Olives, etc. It is about Israel being Divided to accommodate ‘Palestine’.

Right to Rule the World

The Name echoes the Prophetic Contention of the Birth-Right to the Promised Land. And? With that National Birth-Right comes all the Power, Authority and Sanction to Rule the World. This will happen and it is promised to only 1 Nation. Israel. The ‘Jews’ will Rule the World, but it will be Jesus sitting on the Throne of David, in Jerusalem as the World’s Capital for 1000 Years or the Millennial Kingdom. However, this Jew will be the Holy and Righteous One, the Messiah.

Jesus will not be of the Synagogue of Satan that made a Pact or Deal with the Devil or Lucifer has they have now with the Mandate to Rule the World as nothing more than Useful Idiots of Lucifer. But in the meanwhile, that is why they need to Contaminate, Cull and Control the Useless Eaters. The Useful Idiots are being utilized in helping them maintain their Grip on Power, Lucifer has bestowed to them. In an Online Blog, the Discussion came about how such Predictive Programming occurs in such Venues as the Superbowl, or the Grammys or through Hollywood Blockbuster Movies. True.

For example, one brought-up the Science Fiction, 2001 A Space Odyssey Movie. There was the A.I. Computer named ‘HAL’. Really? It is really an Encryption of a major Corporation. True, back then, this Major Corporation had the Computer Monopoly but it is indicative of who really is ‘Behind the Veil’ or in this case behind the Acronym and behind the Chemical and Food Plant Warfare. So, here is the Cipher. You ‘shift’ the Letters, 1 Place to the Right from the Alphabet.

H + Next Letter over =
A + Next Letter over =
L + Next Letter over =

IBM or ‘HAL’, is 1 of the Agencies that ‘Rule’ the World from ‘Behind the Scenes’ or Curtain. And? If one might not realize, but IBM was contracted-out by Hitler to manage all those ‘Numbers’ Tattooed on the Religious, Political and other types of ‘Undesirables’ that were ‘Railroaded’ into the Nazi Concentration Camps. It was also, Prescott Bush in New York that was ‘Hitler’s Banker’ at the Time as they funneled countless Millions of Dollars from such Maga-Corporations as IBM and other Wall Street types, to the Nazi War Machine that armed Germany to the Teeth after World War 1.

As to Traitors and Saboteurs within, ‘Domestic’ Enemies? As mentioned, they are the Useful Idiots. One Reason one sees, as to why the Ohio, East Palestine ‘Orchestrated Attack’ was perpetrated, was that it is at that point, that the River Sources lead down to the Ohio River and then to the Mississippi. One would say, it is a 'Soft Killing'.

It is a Poisoning of the People, the ‘Contamination’ as with the COVID Shots. It is a 5th Generation Warfare. Of a Poisoning coming from the Air, the Water, the Food, the Medicine...the Social-Culture Wars, etc. It is a Full Spectrum Dominance War Front. And it is a Spiritual One at the core for those who have 'Eyes to See' it for what it is really worth. Is it no wonder why, Astronomically, the 'Sign' of the 'X' Marks the Spot, or the crisscrossing Total Solar Eclipses from 2017 and now coming-up in 2024.

Omens of Catastrophes

It will spell ‘Doom’ for the USA. It makes sense now, the same People that are waging the Conventional War in the Ukraine, for example, are doing so in the USA, but through 4th and 5th Generation Warfare. This is the Strategy of not knowing who it is from, and where it is coming from. But the Outcome is the same: Killing, Stealing, Destroying. A Contamination, Culling and Controlling of the Useless Eaters by utilizing Useful Idiots to carry it out. Soon, the Outcomes of all these Food and Chemical Processing Plants will reach a Threshold that will be felt by the General Population.

If one thinks the Price of Milk, Eggs, and other Foods and Products are 3X priced, due to Inflation, it now makes sense why during the Tribulation Period, a Loaf of Bread will cost a whole Day’s Wage. And that is if one has a ‘Job’ that is deemed ‘Essential’. And who gets to make that ‘Essential’ Designation? Those of whom the ‘Oil and the Wine’ are made sure they are not Touched or are Affected.

Here below is a Video of this Assessment from Richie from Boston. He shares a Clip of a Female Teenager that lives near there and has Friends right at ‘Ground Zero. Just on mere Appearance, one would judge that the Teen would be part of the ‘Woke’ Community. Yet, she is ‘waking-up’ to the Cover-Up of how this is truly a ‘Chernobyl’ Event going on in the Heart of the USA. one would say, on purpose. To Contaminate, Cull and Control the Masses. There is Swearing in it, so you know. But the Teen gets it.

Video: Richie from Boston

Another really Excellent Article and Highly Recommend is by End Times Darkness Descending. It is also about the Ohio Derailment. It is very well researched and Referenced.


It makes the connections to World War 1, Chemical Warfare and a ‘U.S. Chernobyl’. Here are some interesting Numerical Associations to it. Chernobyl, means Wormwood, as in a ‘Star’. Think of a Nuclear Meltdown, that Fell and turned the Water Poisonous and Bitter, etc.

April 26, 1986 to February 3, 2023: Day that the East Palestine ‘Chernobyl’ occurred:

= 13,432 Days
= 36 Years (36 × 2 = 72) The Number 72 denotes a Complete Segment of a Time Period.
= 441 Months (A Reverse of 144)
= 322,368 Hours (322 Skull and Bones)
= 1918 Weeks = End of World War

Which or ‘Witch’ by the Way ended precisely on November 11 or a 11-11 Code.

So, why would fellow Humans make a ‘Deal with the Devil? Power, Greed, Envy and in general. It is the ‘Eve Effect’. It is because they are Deceived into thinking, it is the ‘Better Deal’ than what Jesus has to offer. Jesus’ Way is one of Suffering Now, Glory then. It is a Deal of a Narrow Path of Shame, Rejections, Ridicule, of ‘One Decreasing, Jesus Increasing’, etc. Lucifer’s Deal is one of Power, Glory, Exaltation, Pleasure, Fame, Money, Women, Men, now, not later.

Thus, consider the Prophetic Nuances of why one and many other People, not even Christians are convinced this was a Deliberate Chemical Release. Why? As convinced, it is to Cull the Useless Eaters by utilizing Useful Idiots. This is what it looks like. And this is not the ‘End’. And the East Palestine Derailment? There has been an apparent Orchestration Demolition of said Chemical and Food Plant Explosions across the USA.

They have occurred in Texas, Oregon and Michigan, Arizona and Florida, etc. And there will be a continuation of them. In Arizona, an Orange-Colored Gas Plume filled the Air after a Truck Accident spilled Hazardous Chemical, Ammonium Nitrate into the Air. The Arizona Department of Public Health issued a ‘Shelter-In-Place’ Order for a 1-Mile Perimeter on Interstate 10 in Tucson. In Florida, there was a 5 Acre Warehouse Fire in Kissimmee. Exposure to such Chemicals, depending on Duration, can cause Delayed Pulmonary Edema, Pneumonitis, Bronchitis and Dental Erosion, Cancer, etc. One can go online and see the various Chemical Incident Maps.


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