Mourning The One They Pierced

  • Why are the Jews, as a Nation, 'Blind' to Jesus?
  • Was Jesus really a King and of a Royal Blood Line?
  • When will the Jews, as a Nation see Jesus for who He is?

by Luis B. Vega

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The purpose of this study is to Commemorate the Notice that was written by the Order of Pilate for Jesus’ Execution on Passover. One believes this Action was Divinely Inspired to convey a Hidden Encrypted Code of who actually was being Crucified on the Cross. Many Theologians and Students of the Bible, mis-name or mis-attribute who actually Died on the Cross. The Rationale goes like this, ‘GOD Died on the Cross’. This is naturally assumed, because Jesus is GOD, that is GOD the Son, etc.

But upon careful study of Biblical Exegesis, it is not ‘GOD’ that Died, for He cannot Die as YHVH is Indestructible. What Died or who Died on the Cross of Calvary was the Flesh of Jesus, being the 2nd Person of the GOD-Head. And even with that Consideration, Jesus was a very unique Person. According to the Research of Ron Wyatt, a sample of the Blood that ran down the Cross and Crevasse to the Ark of the Covenant was also very Unique.

It is believed that the Ark of the Covenant is below the Crucifixion Point in-between the Place of the Skull and the Garden Tomb. This would be located well within the Bowls of Jeremiah’s Grotto, etc. The Blood was examined and Reconstituted. It showed that it had XX Chromosomes from the Mother, but only 1 Y Chromosome of a Father. Meaning that Jesus’ ‘Father’ was not Human. This is astonishing, if true but it Confirms the Unique Condition of Jesus, being a Hypo-Static Union. That is the Fusion of GOD and Man in 1 Person.

Thus, it was not even GOD the Son who ‘Died’, but the Humanity of Jesus that Died or had to in order to Atone or Pay for Adam’s Sin Debt. According to the Bible, this Sin Debt required Blood of a Perfect Spotless Man, as were the Passover Lambs a Typology of what was to come in Reality, Jesus. This is why Jesus had to be Born, not of the Contaminated Bloodline of Adam that passes on the Sinful Nature. And that Jesus, as fully Human, had to be ‘Tempted in All Things’, yet without Sin.

This is what Qualified Jesus to be Humanity’s Substitutionary Man, the Last Adam, etc. One is assuming a Trinity Doctrine here: 1 GOD, 3 Persons. This is seen in Creation, how for example, the Trinity is seen in how it stated, ‘And GOD said, Let there be Light’. And later on it the Text speaks about how the Spirit hovered over the Waters to separate them. Here is an occasion where GOD the Father represents the Light. GOD the Son is the Sound or Word spoken and then GOD the Holy Spirit moves in helping with the Creation, etc. The Point being that all 3 Persons Created and how when the Bible states, Elohim-Jehovah, it is then Delineating not just any Elohim.

It was a Divine Set-Up

An Elohim can be attributed to any Celestial Being, but that this particular Elohim, is Jehovah. And with such a Designation, there is no other Elohim like it. Or in other words, it is 1 of a kind, etc. What occurred on Passover, of 32 AD, in one’s Estimation is how Jesus was Crucified just outside of the Ancient Damascus Gate. This was Jerusalem’s main Intersection.

All the Trade Routes converged at this Point. All the Peoples of the 3 Main Continents meet here. It was as if YHVH put-up Jesus’ Body on that Tree as a Sign that was undeniable. And the Bible does state that Passersby took note. In fact, the whole City and Nations for that matter.

One believes in the Archaeological Evidence presented by the Late Ron Wyatt, that the Crucifixion Site was in-Between the Pinnacle of Mount Moriah, that being the Place of the Skull, and where the Skull of Goliath was believed to have been buried, and the Garden Tomb. It is believed by some to have been of the Rich Sanhedrin Rule, Joseph of Arimathea, who asked Pilate for the Body. The Garden Tomb, being that Big and Chiseled-Out in advance, was surely for a Rich Man’s Burial Place.

There they Crucified Him, and with Him 2 others, 1 on each side, with Jesus in the middle. Pilate also had a Notice posted on the Cross. It read:

Yeshua     HaNazarei           vMelech         HaYedudim
יֵשׁוּעַ     הַנָּצְרִי    ומֶלֶךְ    הַיְּהוּדִים
Jews of the          VKing         HNazarene     Yeshua


The following are the attributes associated with each letter based on Jesus’ 1st coming and 2nd coming.

1ST COMING                         2ND COMING
Yosef ben Messiah                 Messiah ben David
TAV                                         ALEF
The Mark                                 The Teacher
To Seal                                   Is Meek
A Covenant                             A Leader
On Cross                                 Is Adonai
(THE Crucifixion)                    (Millennial reign)
LAMB                                      LION

Many of the Jews read this Sign, because the place where Jesus was Crucified was near the City, and it was written in Hebrew, Latin, and Greek. So the Chief Priests of the Jews said to Pilate, Do not write, The King of the Jews, but only that He said, I am the King of the Jews. Pilate answered, What I have written, I have written. -John 19:18-22

יֵשׁוּעַ הַנָּצְרִי ומֶלֶךְ הַיְּהוּדִים





The Alef and Tav, the ‘Beginning and End’ is a Title of Jesus and has Inferences to His 1st Coming and 2nd Coming. It is a ‘Veiled’ Depiction of the YHVH being Crucified in Jesus, who took on Flesh. The Commission of Jesus was a Rescue Mission. It was a Quest to take upon Himself, in His Body the Sin of Humanity.

The Tav represents the means by which Jesus was Marked by the Nails on His Nand to ‘Seal the Deal’, on the Cross. The Alef denotes how the coming King was and is a Teacher, Meek, as Joshua, a Leader. Jesus is the LORD that is to reign on Earth at His 2nd coming as the conqueror over Sin, Death and Lucifer.

The Alef and Tav are in Reversed Order as Jesus, the King, 1st humbled Himself to Redeem Adam’s Fallen Race. Jesus 1st came, as the ‘Lamb’ of YHVH before He was to take Possession of the Kingdom of YHVH on Earth at His 2nd Coming, as a ‘Lion’.

And in that Day I will set about to Destroy all the Nations that come against Jerusalem. I will pour out on the House of David and on the Inhabitants of Jerusalem, the Spirit of Grace and of Supplication, so that they will look on Me whom they have Pierced; and they will Mourn for Him, as one Mourns for an Only Son, and they will Weep bitterly over Him like the Bitter Weeping over a 1st-Born. In that Day there will be Great Mourning in Jerusalem, like the Mourning of Hadadrimmon in the Plain of Megiddo.
-Zechariah 12:9-11 


Thus, during Passover, on that Wednesday Mid-Week, from 9am to 3pm, Jesus took upon Himself, in His Flesh, the Body, the Sins of all Humanity, Past, Present and Future. The Sin Debt was Paid in Full of the Blood of a Perfect Sinless Man. It was an Exchange for Adam’s. Now the Mystery of the Encryption on Pilate’s Notice of what was the Offense for deserving Capital Punishment was Written as it is Recorded.

Blood Payment

Yet, to the Jews of the Ruling Counsel, whom Jesus Exposed as being the Synagogue of Satan, rather and whose Father was and is Lucifer, they ‘Knew’ what was being Coded, exactly. They, being Kabbalists and steeped into the Luciferian Mystery Religions and Secret Languages of Numbers, Names and Symbols, knew that the Declaration of Jesus’ Death Penalty was for being the Very King of not only the Jews, but the Universe.

GOD in the Flesh, the Promised Messiah the Ruling Counsel of the Luciferian Jews rather would not have, but Caesar and Lucifer as their Father and King. And whom they will accept in his ‘Own Name’ and Build a Temple for. It is whom they Serve presently and are getting the World exactly ready for that Grand Debut, once the End of the Church Age occurs with the Rapture Event. The issue at hand is to have the World, the Nations and the Secular and Torah Observant Jews also see this ‘Hidden Meaning’ in Jesus’s Sentencing of why He was put to Death.

Presently, YHVH Is lifting-up Jesus on the Cross and drawing all of Mankind to ‘See’ and Understand what YHVH did in Jesus. As to why YHVH choses this method and way remains a Mystery but suffice to say that, as a Human and Non-Jew, one is Eternally Grateful. For it is as Moses who Lifted-Up the Bronze Snake on the Cross in the Wilderness, that whoever turns and looks upon it will be Cured of the Venom of the Snake. This is what Jesus told Nicodemus.

And this is what is Required of Humanity, to only Turn and Look upon Jesus and what He did on the Cross. And in so doing, by Faith as the Israelites in the Desert, one will be Cured of Lucifer’s Venom that Poisoned Eve and Adam, to Death. But Jesus did not stay on the Cross nor the Grave. Because He was a Sinless Being, He had the Authority and Legal Right to Rise from the Dead, which He did. And Jesus is coming back, 1st to procure His Bride, that He has been ‘Constructing’ for nearly 2000 Years.

And then after a 7-Year Tribulation that will conclude Israel’s Debt for the Land Sabbaths owed to YHVH, Jesus and the Bride will return to Earth to set-up the Millennial Kingdom that is to last for 1000 Years. Will you be there? Is your Sin Covered and Paid or in Jesus’ Blood? Thus, the Issue for Humanity, all inclusive of whether one is a Jew or Non-Jew, is about Spiritual Sight. Do we ‘See’ Jesus? Jesus came to ‘Blind’ those who said they could See and give Sight to those where in Darkness.

And this Condition of Light and Darkness was seen on Passover, in how the Hidden Sacred Name of YHVH was Encoded in the Notice Pilate ordered to be made for Jesus’ Capital Punishment. Many have written about it and how the Ruling Jews who ‘Saw’ enough in the Notice, could Decode the Sacred Name of YHVH and they wanted Pilate to Redact it. Then there was the vast majority of the Jews who did not ‘See’ Jesus for what He Really Was, the King of not only the Jews, but the Universe. And then there were the Gentiles or Non-Jews who had no Clue of such a Spiritual Provision being made in Jesus and through Jesus, only.

Such Types of these Facets of Humanity are present now. Spiritual Blindness is still occurring now. The Key is to Lift-Up Jesus and GOD the Holy Spirit will do the work to draw ‘All Men and Women’ to Jesus at the Cross. One is very Appreciative that YHVH has allowed one and others, who are not Jews to be able to ‘See’ Jesus for who He really is, YHVH, if but a Glimpse of what is to come. And that one can even be part of the Bride of Christ, in Waiting. And to ‘Know’ what is coming. Yet, most others in the World are still of the Type, like either the Ruling Sanhedrin that ‘Know’ but Reject King Jesus, or the Throngs of the Masses that have no Clue what happened in Jesus, what is Happening in Jesus, and what will happen in Jesus.

The Bible does speak to this Phenomena of ‘Seeing’ and Spiritual Blindness. The Apostle Paul teaches that Israel is Blind, in-part because of their Rejection of Jesus. Yet, many Individual Jews have come to Jesus, have and still do, and will during the Tribulation Period. It is just that the Law of Opposites is Operating at this Time. How So? It was the Religious Leaders, who said, ‘They Saw’ and they ‘Knew’ of YHVH, His Laws, about Sin, and GOD’s Will, etc. Yet, they totally missed the Promised Messiah, Jesus. And it was the Gentiles, who in the Book of Isaiah, are described as being ‘Blind’ and Sitting in Darkness. To them Jesus has gone instead, at this Time, the Church Age, and given the Gentiles His Light. Thank You Jesus. This is no Small Matter or a Gift to be taken ‘Lightly.

It was and still is an issue of how the Religious Jews, who claimed to have and know the ‘Light’ of YHVH, as a Nation continue to Reject Jesus. To this Day, they do not ‘See’ or want to See Jesus, the Light of the World. And Jesus even gave Sight to the Blind in their Day. So, YHVH has now gone to the Gentiles to give them this Light and who, for the most part, have ‘Lifted Jesus’ for the World to See. This has been the Great Commission. And it is a Privilege. YHVH will deal with Jacob’s Rebellion and Spiritual Blindness once the Bride of Christ is Ready. And for this Reason, the Last Week of Daniel is Reserved thereafter. It will be at that Time that the Religious and Secular Jews along with the Nations will eventually, See whom they have Pierced. 


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