Geo-Political and Financial Inferences

  • Do Stars Signify and Correlate to Events on Earth?
  • What did the James Webb Telescope Capture in WR124?
  • Is there a Prophetic inference because of this Image?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘When I behold Your Heavens, the Work of Your Fingers, the Moon and the Stars, which You have set in place— What is Man that You are mindful of him, or the Son of Man that You care for Him? You made him a little Lower than the Angels; You Crowned him with Glory and Honor’. -Psalm 8:3-5

The purpose of this study is to illustrate just how the Stars in the Heavens have possible Significance and Relevance to Present-Day Events. This is based on the $10 Billion Telescope, which is a collaboration between NASA, the European Space Agency and the Canadian Space Agency, used both its Near-Infrared Camera (NIRCam) and Mid-Infrared Instrument (MIRI) to observe the Wolf-Rayet Star WR 124 located in the Constellation Sagitta.

Now, one delved a bit into the Readings of this WR 124 Star latest JWST Image. One does believe that when ‘They’ release an Image, it is perhaps in Tandem with a Geo-Political, and/or Economic Move the Elites are making. Sure, a Far-Fetched Conjecture, but consider what one Surmises from the Connection of the Ouroboros Motif of the ‘Arrow’ Logo in the FedNOW. And? It was released on the same Day as the WR 124 Sagitta or ‘Arrow’ Image. Coincidence? Perhaps but here is what one sees then.

The FedNOW Logo has the Ouroboros Motif on it, i.e., a Dragon or Serpent or Phoenix that is ‘Eating its Tail’. This Logo is of an ‘Arrow’ that is Circular that meets at its End. The Luminous, Hot Star Wolf-Rayet 124 (WR 124) is prominently off-set to one of the smallest Constellations in the Heavens. It is located just North on the Galactic Equator from the Silver Gate. One will attempt to correlate this Image with the occurrences that also happened on the Day the Image was released, March 15, 2023. The following are the Celestial Coordinates of the WR 124.

Constellation:              Sagitta 
Right Ascension:        19h 11m 30.875s
Declination:                +16° 51′ 38.20″

What has astonished Astronomers and Scientist alike, is how the Image captured in the upper Left Hand Corner, what some have suggested a Golden Spherical Image looks like either a Giant Super Black Hole or a Dyson Sphere surrounding a Star. A Dyson Sphere is a Hypothetical Mega-Structure proposed by Physicist Freeman Dyson. His Theory Postulates that it is used to Enclose a Star in order to capture its Energy, for use by a Highly Advanced Civilization.

Gospel in the Stars
In the Mazzaroth, the Stars of Sagitta, ‘The Arrow of GOD’ is sent forth to Pierce the Messiah, Jesus. It is a Foreshadowing of what was to occur at the Cross of Calvary. The following is based on E.W. Bullinger’s Interpretation of the Meaning of the Stars that cluster The Arrow with Aquila and Delphinus. It is a Celestial Picture of the Death and Resurrection-Rapture of Jesus, specifically and those that are to follow of the Church Age Believers.

The Sagitta Arrow is pictured in Mid-Heaven, alone, as having been Shot forth by an Invisible Hand. It is showing how Redemption was to be Procured and by whom. It was, ‘The Will of YHVH’ of which Jesus came to do. The Arrow accomplishes this as seen in the Fallen Eagle, Aquila. The Smitten One Falling. This is the Effect of this Arrow, in the Pierced, Wounded, of the Falling Eagle, gasping in its Dying Struggle. And that represents the Pierced, Wounded, and Dying Saviour, Jesus whom it Represents.

The 3 Minor Constellations are of Capricorn, the Hybrid Man, the GOD-Man, Jesus that He was, typified in the Half Goat, Half Fish Celestial Motif. Thus, the Aquila, Sagitta and Delphinus Minor Motifs conclude this portion of the Storyline of Jesus’ Mission. It is a Celestial Direction of the Death, Burial, Resurrection and then ‘Rapture’ Sequence. Of not only Jesus, but those that will follow the Order of the Resurrection, no?

Falling Eagle - Smitten One Falling
Motif of Jesus taking the Piercing that is Foreshadowing the Cross of Calvary.
Altair:               Wounded One
Alshain:           Red Colored
Tarazed:          Torn One

Resurrection Rapture
Delphinus is the Completion of what is the Outcome of the Redemption found only in Jesus. He, ‘Died and Rose again from the Dead’. Apart from His Singular Resurrection His death, in His Conflict against Lucifer, Jesus secured the Multitudes of His Redeemed, Resurrection and to be Raptured 1 Day.
Al Salib:           Coming Swiftly
Rotanev:         Swiftly
Aldulfin:           Tail


The Arrow Motif of YHVH
In the Mazzaroth speaks of the Judgment Christ took, as being Pierced, that foreshadowed what would happen on the Cross of Calvary.
Sham:             Destroyed left Desolate

Arrow Shot
Thus, Aquila, Jesus, is the Fallen Majestic Eagle that is Pierced by Sagitta, the Arrow of YHVH, of Judgment that was meant for a Fallen Human Race. But GOD, or in this case, YHVH, in whom Jesus rose from the Fall, as Delphinus leaps-out of the Waters of Death and is Raptured into the Sky, etc. This is what awaits the Bride of Christ. So, perhaps the Enemy is signaling it Close Approach.  

Aquila is not the ‘End’ of the Story, as there is thereafter a Depiction of Jesus’ Resurrection and Rapture that Delphinus represents. Delphinus, though Small and Singular, is a Depiction of a Fish full of Life, and always with the Head upwards emblematic of a leaping-up as in a Resurrection and Rapture Motif. It contrasts the Fallen Eagle that is downwards.

It is not the Arrow of Sagittarius, for that has not left his Bow. That Arrow is for the Enemies of God. This Sagitta Arrow is for the SON of GOD. ‘Thine Arrows stick fast in me, and Thy Hand presses me sore’. -Psalm 37:2. Jesus was, ‘Stricken, Smitten of YHVH, and Afflicted. He was Wounded for our Transgressions’ as Isaiah wrote about. Jesus was ‘Pierced’, when He could say with Job, ‘The Arrows of the Almighty are within me’.

So, is it all Coincidence? On March 15, 2023, the JWST Photo released by NASA of the Wolf-Rayet 124  'Supernova' Star, located in the Constellation Sagitta, which represents an 'Arrow', on the same Day, the FedNOW Instant Payment System, with its Ouroboros ’Arrow’ Logo is announced to the Public. And? March 15 also Highlights the ‘Death’ or Assassination of Julius Caesar in 44 BC of Julius Caesar in the Ides of March in Rome. It foretold the End of the Republic.

The other possible Prophetic Connection about the ‘Arrow’ has to do with the Death or a Death of a Current State of Affairs. This is what the Arrow also represents. In this case, Geo-Politically and Economically, specifically is how the FedNOW incorporated that Crooked Arrow Ouroboros to signify a ‘Death’ and Life Cycle has come or is about to be Initiated.

Thus, one can reasonably assume that the Death of the U.S. Dollar is at hand and its New Life or a Digital one will emerge in their New Order, etc. This is also typified in how the JWST Image is in close Proximity to the Silver Gate in the Universe. Coincidence? And that is one of the Names of the Initial Banks in Silicon Valley, Silvergate that ‘Died’ or was ‘Assassinated’. Consider that also this release of the JWST Image and the FedNOW Instant Payment System occurred on March 15, 2023, as noted.

As one knows, the Moves and Time Pieces of Word Events are made to Coincide with the Celestial Motifs and Markers. Case in Point, is the Comet C/2022 E3 with its Trajectory culminating in the Sign of the Rabbit, that is to Coronate a ‘Dragon King’, etc. in fact, the Comet was first recorded being observed in Aquila, also in this Triad of Minor Constellations of Capricorn. When? It was 1st observed on March 2, 2022, in the Ides of Mars and with a 3-22 Skull and Bones Moniker then. Coincidence? Perhaps.

But consider that then, the Ides of March are in Full Effect as March 15 is the Eve, in the Western Hemisphere of the 75th Day of the Year. And it is the Anniversary of the Killing or Assassination of Julius Caesar in the Senate. That was the beginning of the End of the Republic. Can one say, ‘The End of the USA Republic? Or the ‘Assassination’ of the Dollar and also in the 75th Year of Israel’s Birth, just to tie it to Biblical Correlations, Geo-Politically? 

One is Surmising ‘Death Blows’ being perpetrated against the Republic, as with the Assassination of Caesar, on Eve of 75th Day of the Year and as Israel turns 75 in 2023.Of course, this is all Conjecture, but one is just illustrating that the Mazzaroth Speak Prophecy and perhaps the Holy Spirit and the Enemy is fixed on this Quadrant of the Universe, at this Time, as it is being Highlights because of the present Technology to possible infer its Encrypted Clues of what is happening and will happen, Prophetically, Biblically, Economically. 


Main Sources
E.W. Bullinger

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