Study of Google Earth Satellite Delineations

  • Will there be a 3rd Temple during the coming Tribulation Period?
  • Does the Temple Mount have any visible clues of the prior Temple?
  • Can modern technology such as Goodle Earth help find the outline?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘Then I was given a Measuring Rod like a Staff and was told, Go and measure the Temple of GOD and the Altar, and count the number of Worshipers there. But exclude the Courtyard outside the Temple. Do not measure it, because it has been given over to the Nations, and they will trample the Holy City for 42 months. And I will empower my 2 Witnesses, and they will prophesy for 1,260 days, clothed in Sackcloth.’ -Revelation 11:1-3

The purpose of this study is to consider the northern portion of Temple Mount Platform from an aerial point of view. Running along the edge from the east to west at certain intervals, there are several ‘walking pathways’ that have developed over the millennia. These pathways have developed since the 2nd Temple was destroyed by the Romans in 70 AD. But in light of the soon coming Tribulation Period, what if these ancient walking pathways are in essence the actual delineation or ‘ley-lines’ from the 2nd Temple’s outline? Why is it important? The book of Revelation specifies a coming Temple of YHVH that will again conduct the Daily Sacrifices during the Tribulation Period.

Thus, these ‘ley-lines’ that have been kept, perhaps on purpose as an encrypted outline, hidden in plain sight is what will be used for the 3rd Temple pattern that will be built on the same pattern using these ancient walking pathways as guides. These walking pathways can clearly be seen with Google Earth satellite imagery. What this study strongly suggests is that these walking pathways are actually the ancient ley-lines that appear to correspond to the outline of the prior 2nd Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. These ley-lines that occur at certain intervals and angles are what have remained as the ‘outline’ of the 2nd Temple, that of Zerubbabel’s. This 2nd Temple was started to be rebuilt after the 73rd year of Israel’s Babylonian Captivity.

It was later on that Herod, the Edomite King who proclaimed himself, ‘King of the Jews’ refurbished the 2nd Temple. Not only that, but the entire Temple Mount Platform, Jerusalem and various other construction projects throughout Israel. Why this study is pertinent to the subject of the coming 3rd Temple is that if the current ley-lines are accurate, they then delineate the sections that would constitute the various aspects or compartments of Herod’s Temple that took on his name. And if this is the case, this would strongly suggest that these delineations, kept by the ‘walking paths’ viewed clearly by satellite imagery from Google Earth would serve, will serve as the ‘Temple Template’ in which the 3rd Temple will be built on. It is no secret that various Orthodox Rabbinical organizations have already drawn-up blueprints of the 3rd Temple. It also includes the Chamber for the Council of the 70 Elders of Zion, that of the Sanhedrin. It actually looks more like a UN Security Council floorplan than anything else.

Reconstituting Relics

The Tribulation Temple will be built. It will be the centerpiece for the coming New World Order. This is their plan. It will be sanctioned by the coming AntiChrist, whom the Sanhedrin on behalf of National Israel will accept as Messiah, in his own ‘Name’. It is that the Sanhedrin, will at some point in time, rule the world through its Mosaic and Noahide Laws. And these ‘New Order’ Laws will be enforceable by the coming False Prophet and the AntiChrist. It will be from Jerusalem and the 3rd Temple that will serve as a rallying ‘Tower’ for their false ‘Peace and Security’ not only for Israel, but for the entire world. According to the Bible, key worldwide events will have happened by then that will alter the psyche of the entire world population. They will be a military and religious singular event. What will those be? It is conjectured that a limited Nuclear War will occur in the Middle East and the Rapture event will have taken place.

This war will involve Israel that is understood to have several 100s nuclear weapons already. Others believe the limited nuclear exchange will occur in Syria to fulfill the Isaiah 17 prophecy. It is how the ancient city of Damas or Damascus will ‘cease to be an inhabitable city’, overnight. And that the cause will be because of Israel or the IDF. For this scenario to happen, Israel would have had to feel threatened enough to the point of annihilation. Perhaps this action will be due to Israel’s Sampson Option of Mutual Assured Destruction or MAD as it is overrun by Muslim Militias. It could be also to send a message in the strongest of terms to Iran, that does seek to have a nuclear device and use it against Israel. The Rapture scenario would also stun the entire world into demanding not only a ‘Cease Fire’ but a Rapture explanation, at all costs. It is as Israel comes out on top, that the AntiChrist will appear on the world stage, just in time.

He will then introduce the terms of a ‘Covenant’ that is to be ‘strengthened’ by the ‘Many’ to appear to explain away the Rapture event and promise the return of the ‘Golden Age’. There will no doubt be then a religious ‘re-calibration’ of Faiths as millions of Followers of Jesus will have ‘vanished’ from off the face of Planet Earth. Realize though that what starts off the 1st Day of the Tribulation Period is not the ‘signing’ of the Covenant or ‘Treaty’. It will be contingent on when the Daily Sacrifices begin. Why? The whole 2520-day count is predicated on this count as are the 2 halves of the 1260-day counts as well. One can ascertain this as it is then the same AntiChrist that double-crosses Israel by breaking the 7-year Covenant, at the midpoint or the 1260th day.

Thus, these scenarios are a prelude to the Tribulation Temple. It will involve a coordinated attack against Israel that this study strongly suggests will involve the Inner Ring of Muslim para-military factions. This would be essentially the fulfillment of the Psalm 83 War. These Muslim factions would be Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Brotherhood, Islamic Jihad, etc. However, Israel’s victory will cause it to expand its borders as a result and the fact that Israel’s immediate Muslim enemies will be defeated. However, this victory will give Israel a false sense of security and peace and it will be the cause of its ‘set-up’ by the False Messiah AntiChrist. This will be especially true as the AntiChrist will reassure Israel of guaranteeing its ‘Peace and Security’ for 7-years. And how does the AntiChrist Temple come into play? The ‘strengthening’ of the Deal or to make stronger, will involve the provision to build the 3rd Temple.

Deal with the Devil

The provision to build the 3rd Temple is not so much for the purposes of worshiping the one true GOD, YHVH, but to have the Tribulation Temple be fitted for the AntiChrist. Why? It will eventually be defiled by Lucifer as he takes over and possesses the AntiChrist to sit as a human on the very Ark of the Covenant in the Holy of Holies. Thus, for a blinded Israel, the coming Tribulation Temple will be the incentive for the Sanhedrin to ‘Make the Deal with the Devil’. In fact, the Prophet Isaiah foretold that this same Peoples that would be, as a Nation ‘born in a day’ would also make a ‘Covenant with Death’. And that is exactly what will turn out to be the case as the Covenant that will be ‘strengthened’ with. It will be with none other than the Son of Perdition, the Seed of the Serpent, the AntiChrist that will eventually be possessed by Lucifer himself. And the cause or purpose?

It will be that in providing and sanctioning for the Rabbinical Jews to build the 3rd Temple, it will be built for the AntiChrist. Why? Lucifer’s ultimate goal has been and is to usurp the Throne of YHVH. He tried that in Heaven but without success. Lucifer will be expelled from Heaven during the Tribulation Period, at the 1260th day. He will no longer have Judicial Access to accuse the Brethren. Why? Sin will no longer be an issue, thanks to Jesus’ atoning work and adjudication of the Bride. Thus, Lucifer will be expelled from Heaven, eternally. It will be at the Earthly Throne of YHVH, that of the Holy of Holies that Lucifer will sit in the Ark of the Covenant to proclaim that ‘he is God’. He will demand absolute worship from every human alive. The pledge of loyalty will be confirmed by taking the ‘Mark of the Beast’ that will be biometric in some sense and tied to one’s banking account as one will not be able to ‘buy or sell’ without this mandate.

It should be noted then that the Rabbinical Jews are waiting for the ‘official sanction’ to rebuild the 3rd Temple, the Tribulation Temple, the AntiChrist Temple, etc. And they wait for their version of Messiah to come on the scene. To the Sanhedrin, he has to be a Political and Military Leader, charismatic and commanding authority. The Rabbinical Jews will gladly then bestow on him the ‘Messiahship’ of not only leading Israel but the World. This will essentially be the parameters of the coming New World Order. It will be centered on Israel, Jerusalem, and the Temple Mount. And then precisely, the Holy of Holies that will have the Ark of the Covenant that Moses built revealed and positioned there. It will be like that of King David that brought-out the Ark from Shiloh and King Solomon, the Son that built the Temple to house it during Israel’s ‘Golden Age’.

Like the Age of Solomon, it will be a time of ‘Pax Judaica’, where the Solomon type of Messiah will initially bring world ‘Peace and Security’. It will not last long as on the 1260th day, the AntiChrist will break the Covenant with Israel, stop the Daily Sacrifices that started the Tribulation Period countdown. This is when Lucifer possesses in the flesh the AntiChrist and issues the Mark Mandate. It will be that by this time the vast majority of the world’s population will have been conditioned and programed, thanks to the COVID pandemic Mask Mandates, Lockdowns, not being able to enter to buy, sell without wearing Masks or having been injected, etc. Now as to the 3rd Temple? Many who study the End Times believe that this Temple is verboten, especially for any Church Age Believer of Jesus to contribute to, financially or support otherwise.

Tribulation Temple

There are those that believe that the 3rd Temple, is that of the ‘AntiChrist and should not be supported in any way. It is true that Lucifer will usurp it. However, the House of YHVH does not belong to the AntiChrist. This is in fact what the Bible declares, that he, the AntiChrist will ‘stand where he ought not to be’. Regardless of who builds the 3rd Temple or sanctions it, the House of YHVH according to the divine blueprints is to be built on the precise sacred location, and it belongs to YHVH. One could or would say this of King Herod’s Temple in that he was not a ‘Real’ Jew but a type of the AntiChrist that refurbished the Temple. Yet, it was consecrated to the purpose of Temple Worship that Jesus and the New Testament Apostles paid their respects to. For example, when Jesus was born, Joseph and Mary presented Jesus at the Temple.

Then there was the occasion where the Apostle Paul came to Jerusalem in one of his Missionary Journeys. He brought a Greek Convert to the Temple. Paul took him as they both wanted to fulfill their vows. So, because the Temple was of Herod’s, were all such acts of worship or obligation performed to Lucifer? No. Mind you, this occurred when the Church Age had already started and yet the Daily Sacrifice were still being offered. Granted, it was the ‘Transitional Stage’. Then, there was the other occasion during Pentecost, when it had ‘fully arrived’ that the 120 Disciples along with the other Followers of Jesus meet continually in the Temple to worship, witness and pray. The point is that the coming 3rd Temple will be and is the domain and prerogative of YHVH, regardless who builds it or who takes it over. It is about the ‘Sacred Space’ as it pertains to the ‘Dimensions of Paradise’ and where that was located on Earth, as it is in Heaven.

And that despite the blinded reasoning of the Rabbinical organizations that are to build it with the aid and blessing of the coming AntiChrist, it does not make it theirs. Jesus did actually qualify this assertion in how He exposed the Rabbinical Authority of the Sanhedrin. It was corrupt and sold-out completely to the other Father, the other King and a coming false Messiah that would be accepted based on his own Name even. However, Jesus did warn the Jewish Religious Leaders that ‘their House would be left desolate’ for having rejected Him as Messiah. This inferring that Jesus’ in the sense was not even welcomed in His own House, sort of speak. It does speak to the dire Spiritual Blindness and condition of YHVH’s People. But this will be and is no different now in the last 7th prophetic rendition of the Churches of Asia. How so?

This last one would be characterized in general of having the Laity or People rule and Jesus, the Head of the Body put outside. It speaks, spiritually that as a whole, the Body of Christ in the Last Days leading-up to the Rapture of the Bride of Christ would be one in which Jesus is not in the midst; is not the Head and does not have the authority to rule, etc. This aspect of the spiritual condition of the Body of Christ deals with the Spiritual House of GOD and is for another topic altogether. And that Spiritual Temple is about to be completed on Earth. It will conclude with the Rapture event. Once it will be, it will unite with the ‘Head’, Jesus at the Rapture point and time. This will leave the spiritual vacuum on Earth. The Rabbinical Jews will then call for the need to have a physical House of GOD and facsimile on Earth, the 3rd Temple. The excuse will be to have it be the ‘House of Prayer’ for all the Nations.

Temple Template

There are many mis-taught and mis-guided Christians that due to Replacement Theology, believe the 3rd Temple will be evil and an ‘Abomination’, even so. Many believe that the 3rd Temple cannot be built so long as the Church Age is still in play. So, having the Tribulation Temple constructed during the Church Age would be anathema. That the Body of Christ, collectively and individually is the ‘Temple of GOD’ presently. This is theologically true in that the New Testament teaches that one’s body is now the abode or ‘House’, or Temple of the Holy Spirit. And that collectively in some mysterious way, Jesus considered the whole sum of Believers as ‘Living Stones’ that are being ‘built up as a Spiritual House’. But notice, these 2 aspects are spiritual. Notice that in other Scriptures, the Bible clearly teaches that one contains the Glory of YHVH, the Holy Spirit in ‘Earthen Vessels’. This is why the body has to be metamorphosized or transformed at the point of the Resurrection/Rapture event that will then enable a Believer to have a ‘tabernacle’ or House that will be able to abide in Heaven.

As to the outline of the ley-lines of the earthly Temple based on Google Satellite imagery? Consider the following dimensions. Starting from the eastern perspective noted mostly by the Golden Gate or the Eastern Gate. The Golden Gate is the double-arched doorway that mirrors that which leads into Heaven’s entrance to the House of YHVH. This is also mirrored Astronomically with the Golden Gate of the Heavens, etc. The 1st Dimension and measurement that would help determine the outline of the 3rd Temple’s position is how the distance from the entrance of the Double Arched Golden Gate to the end of this enclave that has been subsequently built-out towards the west is approximately 50 meters or 55 yards. This point would be where the eastern perimeter wall of the entire Temple enclosure would have its edge, facing East.

This door would then open-up into the Court of the Women. And amazingly, from the aerial view, there is a diagonal pathway that meets at this 50 meter junction. It is thus suggested that from this point to the next walking pathway delineation is the outline of the entire breath of the Court of the Women. As conjectured, these delineations are noted by the walking pathways that have been de-marked throughout the 2 millennia now and perhaps have been the ‘hidden’ clue as to keep the dimension of the Temple in tack, hidden in plain sight. These walking paths that appear to define the Temple are all on the north side of the Temple Mount and what this study basically is suggesting is what the 2nd Temple outline was and what the 3rd Temple will be, approximately.

And that a careful study of the Google Earth aerial view can corroborate this hypothesis. It is interesting that the first stairs leading-up from the Golden Gate to the Upper Inner Platform is situated approximately where the center of the Court of the Women would be located at. Then the 2nd Delineation of the Temple Template would constitute the western end of the length of the walking pathway that intersects the perpendicular walking pathway. Amazingly, there is at this junction a pathway that arches to the left or south. It would correspond to the doorways where the Priests would enter in the Court of Israel. This juncture would also delineate the entire Temple perimeter as being the halfway point dissection and how the Nicanor Gate would mark this spot. The 3rd Delineation starts then with the intersection that starts with the Court of Israel.

Divine Delineations

Measuring then approximately 40 meters or 44 yards further up, or west, one arrives at the Temple’s entrance ley-line. It could have corresponded to the entrances leading to the Council of the 70. Then the 4th Delineation occurs when the walking pathway at a subsequent 40 meter mark would constitute the length of the Temple proper. This is assuming one is conjecturing that the Holy of Holies is directly over the Dome of the Tablets. Coincidentally, the alternative name for this Dome, is the Dome of the Spirit. The 2 main attributes of the Holy of Holies correlate to the names that had to do and will with the 2 Tablets of Moses that had the 10 Commandments and then the Divine Presence that rested atop the Ark of the Covenant in-between the Cherubim. The 5th Delineation occurs in how one of the walking pathways at the very northern edge of the Temple Mount would be in direct alignment or the ley-line that would have been the end of the Temple Proper. This would be the 40 meter mark from the Temple’s entrance.

Note that the walking pathways run North to South. What is also rather interesting to ascertain is that from the stipulated start of the Temple’s entrance to the supposed Holy of Holies location, that being the Dome of the Tablets would be approximately 33 meters in. The 6th Delineation would thus have the Inner Platform’s edge on the western side correspond then to the outer edge or end of the Temple Wall perimeter. And the 7th Delineation would be that as there was an approximate 50 meter length from the Golden Gate entrance to the Temple outer wall entrance, so too is there then an approximate 50 meter or 55 yard gap from the edge of the outer Temple Wall to the Temple Platform wall on the western edge. In total, from the Temple Platform, edge to edge that bisect the Dome of the Tablets and has its ley-line running through the center of the Golden Gate, is approximately 300 meters or 328 yards.

However, many still consider that the Dome of the Rock is where the 3rd Temple is to be built, if at all. The Dome of the Rock is not where the 3rd Temple will be situated as that is the area of the Outer Court that YHVH designated would be given to the Gentiles. This will be also the case during the Tribulation Period and why the Dome of the Rock and the al Aqsa Mosque can or will be allowed to continue as is. In fact, as mentioned in prior studies, such 3 buildings could then be used to foster and maintain the balance of ‘Religious Power’ for the world to have and rally around, the ‘Houses of the Faith of Abraham’, etc. Some People believe that the Rock that is beneath the Dome of the Noble Sanctuary as the Muslims call it is the ‘Foundation Stone’ of the Earth.

There are many such stones all over the world and it is believed this one though was the place from where YHVH made the Earth from, the Garden of Eden, and Adam. A hole has been drilled through the Rock and it now has the appearance of a ‘Face’ though. In fact, because of this deliberate rendering, prior studies have shown that this ‘Face’ is connected to the Face of Mars as the building stands in direct opposition to the true Temple and ‘Shrine’ to the true GOD, YHVH. However, this hole or ‘Navel’ is also then attributed to the place as an ‘Umbilical Cord’, from where the world was fashioned from or Paradise was located at, as was Adam. This to say that perhaps, as some have suggested, the Temple Mount Platform is either an edge or center of what Paradise was delineated by then.

Others ascribe that the dimensions of Paradise were in exact proportions to the coming New Jerusalem even. There could be some truth to this as it has been shown that the Temple is actually anthropomorphic. The Temple of House of YHVH is actually a rendition of a body motif to include its proportions or delineation ratios -as are the noted walking pathways. Who is to say that the ‘Foundation Stone’ was or is some sort of connecting ‘Umbilical Cord’ -that which made the Temple and Adam from? Ultimately, the metaphor for the Temple-Man with corresponding colors and metal types signify the character, purpose and attributes of the true Messiah, Jesus, GOD the Son, etc. This notion of the Temple of YHVH is very fascinating as it also constitutes the aspects of the Great Pyramid of Giza. How so?

It is understood that the Great Pyramid is not actually a burial tomb at all. There are 3 major aspect or chambers that are presently known. There is the King’s Chamber, the Queen’s Chamber and the Pit. Prior studies have correlated that the King’s Chamber corresponded(s) to the Holy of Holies. The very dimensions of the Sarcophagus that is found in the Chamber precisely fits that of the Ark of the Covenant. More astonishing is the fact that the Holy of Holies was a 10x10x10 Cubit perfect Cube. The one in the Great Pyramid is 10x10x12 Cubits. Then the Queen’s Chamber would appear to correlate to the Court of the Women. And lastly, the ‘Pit’ would correspond to the base of the Kidron Valley and entrance near the Golden Gate, etc.

So, to summarize, from the Google Satellite imagery, what is interesting is that the northern part of the Temple Mount that runs adjacent to the alley that is entered through the Lion’s Gate does then appear to have the perpendicular cross-walking pathways in approximate dimensions of how Herod’s Temple was outlined and compartmentalized. And that the 3rd Temple will perhaps follow this same outline and ley-line pattern based on the walking pathways that have encrypted the various delineations that can be corroborated by measurements, down to the meter and yard thanks to satellite imagery.

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