‘X’ Patterns since 1776

  • What will the Great American Eclipses Mean? 
  • Will National Judgment come to USA? And Why?
  • How are Eclipses calling for National Repentance?

by Luis B. Vega
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This Posting is pertaining to the Topic of the Great American Eclipses and especially the one that is still Pending for Nisan 1 on April 8, 2024. As with one’s other Books on the Pentecost Feast of New Wine and the Crucifixion Year, one has also compiled the Research over a Decade worth of study into these Eclipses with respect to the USA. And how that possibly pertains to the Signs of America's Demise. Perhaps.

Here in the End Notes is the PDF Version of the Book Link to have as a Reference. Most of the Research, one has already shared since 2011 and have discussed Online. But it is a Resource to have, 'For the Record', and to pass it along to others. If what the 3 Great American Eclipses are ‘Signaling’, then after this Year, it is all Down Hill, as they say, even more so than it already is for the USA.

Of course, one has interjected one’s own ‘Conspiracy’ Slant and Prophetic Interpretations over the Years, but for what it is worth. Also realize that these latest 3-2-1 Countdown Great American Eclipses of 2017-2023-2024 are not Unique necessarily of Marking that ‘X’ Spot on the Map. There were, as of one’s Research, several ‘X’ Crisscrossing Eclipses in the past in the USA since its Independence Declaration in 1776.

What is Ominous, in the case of the 2017-2023-2024 Great American Eclipse Series, is where and when they took place. In one’s Interpretation, it was clearly a Reference to National Judgment and the Rise of the Spirits of the Gods of Egypt. It was about a National Call to Repentance. Note the striking Timing of when the 1st Great American Eclipse occurred back in 2017. It was on Elul 1. And? 

That started the 40 Days of Repentance Ancient Israel observed. Can it have gotten any Clearer than for YHVH to Signal America to Repent as the Dark Ley-Line of Darkness by the Eclipse Divided the Heart of the Nation in Half? Has America Repented like Nineveh? It was about an Exodus, meaning the possible Rapture ‘Exodus’ Typology to also occur then in tandem to 2024. That Year happened to be the 7-Year Anniversary of both the 1st Great American Eclipse of 3 and the Advent of the Revelation 12 Sign.

It was, in one’s Opinion, then as now, only a Sign of the Pending Rapture Event that will close-out the Church Age. Will it finally be in 2024? Note that in the Exodus, the Israelites left in haste, when the Judgment came down in Tandem. And that started with Passover, of the Death of the First-Born, etc. This is the Pattern of Prophecy. So, it was a very Interesting Topic to have researched and one had a ‘Good Run’ of it.

Free Download PDF Version
Omens of National Judgments
X Marks the Spot

The List below are only of the Solar Eclipses occurring over the Continental USA. Source. GreatAmericanEclipse.com. There are at least 35 ‘X’ Crisscrossing Eclipses that occurred in the USA that one has ascertained. So, they are not ‘Rare’. But what is or could be is 'Where and When' they occurred, as one argues that the 2017-2023-2024, spanning 6.66 of a Year, was, is and will be Prophetic in one’s Interpretation.

1806-1878 Oklahoma
1806-1834 Kansas

1806-1869 Illinois  <----- Same as the 2017-2014 ‘X’ at the New Madrid Fault Line.
*NOTE: This was a 63 Year Gap and not a ‘Biblical’ 7 Year Time-Frame.

1806-1878 Oklahoma
1806-1918 Kansas
1806-2017 Missouri
1834-1806 Kansas
1834-1889 Montana
1834-1945 Montana
1834-1900 Georgia
1834-1970 South Carolina
1834-2017 Wyoming
1860-1918 Washington State
1869-1889 Montana
1869-1900 North Carolina
1869-1945 Montana
1869-1954 South Dakota
1869-1970 North Carolina
1869-1979 Montana
1889-1834 Wyoming
1878-1889 Idaho
1878-1918 Colorado
1878-1945 Montana
1878-1979 Montana
1878-2017 Wyoming
1918-1900 Alabama
1918-1970 Florida
1918-1806 Kansas
1918-1860 Washington State
1918-1878 Colorado
1918-1979 Washington State
1918-2017 Idaho
1925-1954 Wisconsin
1925-1959 New York
1970-2017 South Carolina


‘X’ Marks the Spot over the New Madrid Earthquake Faultline

There have been Reports that a similar ‘X’ occurred over the New Madrid Earthquake Faultine, made by the intersecting Solar Eclipses of 1806 and 1811. Not really. One investigated the ‘X’ Marks the Spot for those Years supposedly to have been over the New Madrid Earthquake Fault Line made by the 1806 and 1811 Solar Eclipses over the USA at those Times. But based on what one has researched, no such ‘X’ occurred over that Area of Missouri, specifically, not even close. See Link to confirm that instead, the ‘X’ would have been over the Lake Erie Area.

The Point of Totality was actual over the North Atlantic near Nova Scotia for the June 16, 1806 Solar Eclipse. And for the September 17, 1811 Eclipse, its Point of Totality, Meang the Sun reaching its Highest Apex in the Sky during the Eclipse was over the Michigan State Area. Perhaps it has been confused with the ‘X’ Intersecting Eclipses of 1806-1869. That Eclipse Intersection was precisely over the ‘Little Egypt’ Region of Illinois and adjacent to the New Madrid Earthquake Faultline. However, the Gap of Time in-Between each of them was 63 Years.




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