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  • What will the Battle for Jerusalem look like?
  • When during the Tribulation will the Attack come?
  • Will the Iran Attack on Israel escalate the Wars?

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‘Behold, a Day of the LORD is coming when your Plunder will be Divided in your Presence. For I will gather all the Nations for Battle against Jerusalem, and the City will be Captured, the Houses looted, and the Women ravished. Half of the City will go into Exile, but the rest of the People will not be Removed from the City. Then the LORD will go out to Fight against those Nations, as He fights in the Day of Battle’. -Zechariah 14:1-3

The following are A.I. Artificial Intelligence generated Images of the ‘Battle of Jerusalem’. The Images are suggestive and only capture an Approximation of the Events yet to occur as one understands them in the Bible. It has not been the only Battle, as there have been plenty since its founding, but it will be its Last according to the Bible.

The Last Battle for Jerusalem, on this Side of the Millennium, will conclude the 70 Years of Daneil’s Prophecy of 70 Years. This Final Battle for Jerusalem is known as Armageddon. It is really a Campaign that culminates in the Siege of the Old City by all the Forces compiled of the Nation’s Armies led by Lucifer. According to Wikipedia, given the Timeline of the Major Events in the History of Jerusalem, the  City has had the following Designations.

- 16 Times Fought Over
- 2 Times Destroyed
- 23 Times Besieged
- 52 Times Attacked
- 44 Times Captured and Recaptured

Truly it is 1 of the most contested pieces of Real Estate on Earth, if not the most. Why? The Answer is given in the Bible. The Rationale is that Jerusalem is the ‘City of the King’. It is a Mirror of the Jerusalem in Heaven, if one believes in that Notion. The Early Zion is a Facsimile of the Heavenly Zion where the GOD of Creation, YHVH and the GOD of Israel dwells. Even in Heaven, Zion or the New Jerusalem is highly contested.

In that case, it is due to the Rebellion of Lucifer, the Rebel Arch-Angel that, to this Day, seeks to Dethrone YHVH in Heaven and on Earth, etc. The A.I. Generated Images start with the possible Depiction of the 3rd Temple that one has calculated will be centered over the Dome of the Tablets. This Notion has been presented by a Triangulation of Astronomical, Scriptural and Sacred Gematria Data Points. The Images suggest that after the Rapture of the Bride of Christ to close-out the Church Age, Israel will seek a Geo-Political and Religious Strong Man to provide ‘Peace and Security.

Depictions of Destruction

Israel does rely heavily on its Modern Military, the IDF. But on October 7. 2023 Hamas Attack demonstrated that Enemies within can allow such Events to occur as False Flags to galvanize and Unify a Divided People, etc., However, according to the Prophecy of Daniel, Israel will always have Contention with its Neighbors In this case, they constitute the Muslim Arabs. Israel has had to find-off World Criticism for its Heavy Hand and Disproportionate Military Responses. In War, it is Lunacy to only bring and measure an ‘Appropriate Response’ of Force. No.

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You do not bring a Knife to a Gun Fight’. But according to Prophecy Israel will make a Deal with the Devil This Pact with Death, as Isaiah calls it will allow for the New World Order Luciferian Globalist to center their Control of all of Humanity from Jerusalem. In comparison, the 1st 3.5 Years or 1260 Days of the entire Sabbath Week of Years will be ‘Peaceful’ in contrast to the 2nd Half of the 7-Year Tribulation Period. This 2nd Hale is what is called the Time of Jacob’s Trouble and that will see the Jewish AntiChrist that Israel ‘Banked’ on being their True Messiah will turn out to be the Devil Incarnate, literally through AntiChrist, etc.

The AntiChrist will take over, not only the Promised Land, Jerusalem, the 3rd Temple, but the entire World. Thanks to mRNA Technology and High Tech Surveillance, all People will be monitored from within, at the Genetic Level. This will pertain to the Universal Mark that will be required to ‘Buy and Sell’. But it is during this time that some World Leaders will test the Peace and Security of the AntiChrist. Case in Point will be GOG and Magog. One is convinced that it will be the Russian Federation Collation of Muslim Nations, to include Iran and Turkey that will invade Israel.

The purpose will be for a Spoil as Israel will be the Center of the World, in all aspects: Financial, Social, Religious, Economic, etc. However, this is where YHVH will once again start to Intervene and Interject Himself into Human History and Time. He will save and Protect Israel, who by this Time, many will start to see Spiritually. Many Jews will be coming to an ‘Awakening’, Spiritually due to the efforts of the 144,000 Jewish Evangelists and the 2 Witnesses, etc. But it will be toward the end of the 7-Year Sabbath duration of Time that Lucifer will amass the Armies of the World. The Kings of the East will come in like a Swarm of Locust  to devour Israel. At this Point in Time, Jacob will be in Trouble. For all its Military and High Tech Compensation, 2 out of every 3 Jews will perish in the Pogrom of the AntiChrist. Jerusalem will be Surrounded and Attacked.

Troubles during the Tribulation
It is at this point, at the end of the 2520 Day Count from the start of the 1st Sacrifice being offered of the Daily Scarifies that Jesus returns with the Bride of Christ to stop the Genocide of His Earthly People.  

The Bride of Christ, in one’s Interpretation are all those that were Extracted from within the entire Body of Christ that constituted the Church Age. As one holds to a Pre-Tribulation Rapture Scenario, one is expecting that the Rapture of the Bride of Christ will soon take place to allow for the subsequent Testimony and Witness of Jesus to be transferred back to Israel.  

Once Jesus returns, He will be setting-up the 1000-Year Millennial Kingdom on Earth. As to the Details about all that? The Inferences are very limited. But suffice it to say that it will be an Amazing Day of Paradise Restored, of the Door to Eden once again made Open to have access to the Tree of Eternal life.



A People of Signs and Wonders
What is the ‘Time of Jacob’s Trouble”? Where does it come from? Where in the Bible does it reference it and what is the Prophetic Context being inferred? This Book attempts to chronicle the various aspects that point to the coming Time when Israel will be in Dire ‘Trouble’. One can argue that since Israel’s Modern ‘Re-Birth’ in 1948, there has been nothing but ‘Trouble’. Why? One will present the Factors that will lead, to what one does interpret will be the fulfillment of the Prophecy of Daniel, known as the 70 Weeks of Years.

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3 World Wars Israel Still Has To Fight
The purpose of this Book is to ascertain several Notions of why Jerusalem, of all the Cities on Earth will draw all Nations against her in the Last Days. The Old Testament Prophets wrote of how the entire World would be getting ‘Drunk’ over Jerusalem in an attempt to possess her. Why? Control Jerusalem and one Controls the World. This is predicated on the Biblical Nuance that the City was deliberately placed at the Center of Humanity. It was placed by the Creator of the Universe, of Humanity, that is YHVH.

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In the Shadow of the Tribulation
Not if, but when will World War 3 start? It has already. At least by some who Argue that Point, that World War 3 has already begun. The purpose of this Book is to Chronicle various Geo-Political and Astronomical Factors, that would suggest this. Or, if at least, the Prelude is In-Play, that many End Time Students of Prophecy, have deemed, the Great Reset. Thus, the World War Reset. One will take a Biblical Point of View and Interpretation to help Explain what is really going on in the World Gone Mad. It is essentially a Spiritual World War, and from Ancient Times.

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Burden of the Nations
This Book ascertains Events surrounding Israel as the Fig Tree Nation and how it is being contested by the Nations and coming from the Muslim Arabs who call themselves ‘Palestinians’. It is a ‘Battle over Zion’ and who will get that as the ‘Winner takes All’. This was not the case initially when the Palestinians had a chance at having their own State. They rejected the U.N. Partition Plan in 1947. This book will examine the Political, Social, Religious Factors of how Israel is fast approaching its ultimate Rendezvous.

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He Who Comes in His Own Name
The purpose of this Book is to correlate the first 13 Kings of both the Kingdoms of Judea and Israel with that of the first 13th ‘Kings’ of Modern Day Israel in terms of its Prime Ministers since 1948. This study suggests that perhaps the 13th Person to Rule the Modern State of Israel will have a Parallel Destiny in terms of what the Number 13 means, what the Term might represent, and if it could be associated with the last Ruler of Israel before the Rightful King returns, Jesus.

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