The Sign Depicting the Rise of the AntiChrist

  • Does timing of Probe's Rendezvous have Prophetic overtones?
  • What major events happened on Earth to suggest dire changes?
  • Is there any Prophetic Nuance to the Mythology of Pluto in this?

by Luis B. Vega

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'But regarding the resurrection of the Dead, have you not read what was spoken to you by YHVH: 'I AM THE LIVING GOD, The GOD of Abraham, The GOD of Isaaq, and The GOD of Jaqob?' He is The GOD, not of the Dead, but of the Living.' -Matthew 22:31-32

The purpose of this study is to ascertain Pluto’s retrogrades from 2007 to 2020. The timeline will span 13 retrogrades averaging 5 months every year that will be highlighted on a timeline that usually occurs from April to September. What is particularly interesting is that the timespan occurs for the exact breath of the constellation sign of Sagittarius. It would appear that during this timespan to 2022, the principle retrogrades of Pluto, Jupiter, Venus, Mars and Mercury all converge on the Golden Gate near the center of the Milky Way. It is as though the major constellations will be Sagittarius and Ophiuchus that will take center stage in the last chapters of the Angelic Conflict as Lucifer seeks to storm the ‘Golden Gate’ of Heaven. Such will be in a death grip between good and evil that will mirror on Earth Jesus’ entrance through the Golden Gate of YHVH’s Temple Mount at the end of the last 7 Shmitah year cycle of Daniel called the Tribulation period.

What is also interesting is that the retrograde path from the reference of the Ecliptic is at a 13 degree angle and 90 degree from the Galactic equator. In the Bible, according to the study of numbers and their meaning, 13 is the number that symbolizes rebellion and lawlessness or changing of laws. It is specifically attributed to the first Biblical type of the AntiChrist, Nimrod who was the 13th from Ham. This is the jest of the study in that perhaps the time and place of Pluto’s retrograde is to coincide with the rise if the coming AntiChrist, the Lord of Death and the Underworld that the dwarf planet Pluto is named after. Pluto is also attributed to the demonic god Molech, the horned owl as in the Bohemian Grove and the god of sacrificed children as in abortions that seeks to take the place of YHVH as it did for Israel.

Thus Pluto’s retrogrades and the number 13 could allude to last New World Order world government to come under the inspiration of Lucifer’s ‘Nimrod’. What this study suggests is that the Pluto retrogrades at this time in history and in the designated sign of the Zodiac is presenting an ominous sign of the rise of the Lord of the Underworld, the AntiChrist is coming. The flyby of Pluto by the NASA New Horizon unmanned probe has accented this conjecture that this study will show that it has a direct and spiritual association with the Iran nuclear deal that was reached on the same day, July 14, 2015. The Obama Iran nuclear deal has all but assured World War 3 between the Muslim and Jewish state of Israel. It sets the stage for the return of the Prince of Persia.

Celestial Signs
The rise of this spirit of the demonic Prince of Persia will debut once again in the End of Days against YHVH’s People. The Bible is replete with the warning of taking signs seriously, if they be from the written word, YHVH’s shepherds or such that He has placed in the heavens to be disclosed at certain times. A sign in the generalist of terms is a message, as a warning of what is ahead. In a simple analogy, driving a vehicle at a high speed on a stretch of road might seem reasonable but if a sharp curve approaches and there are no warnings posted this condition will lead the vehicle to either go over a raven, hit an embankment of some sort that could end up in serious injuries or death. If a sign was posted that a curve in the road was approaching, the sign would serve the travelers to take appropriate actions to either reduce speed or handle the curve appropriately. Another condition might be that such signs are recognized and still no action is taken.

Such is the case with celestial signs that Pluto’s retrogrades might be signaling. Is the Church taking note? Is she literate in the reading and the admonishment of its warnings? In the Bible, YHVH did categorize the purpose of the heavens for such signs and times as stated in Genesis. Throughout the Bible, the People of YHVH interpreted the signs of the Sun, Moon and Stars. There was Joseph and his visions of the stars bowing to him, there was King David in Psalm 19 that gives perspective of the Zodiac or Mazzaroth. YHVH Himself references the Big Dipper and Orion to Job in considering the majesty of the Creator’s sovereignty, plan and purpose encoded in the stars. Then there was the Wiseman of Persia that followed the Star of Bethlehem that led them to Jesus.

One of Jesus’ main critiques of the condition of His People Israel at His 1st visitation was that they knew how to tell time and predict the weather due to the ‘signs’ in the sky but could not discern the signs in the heavens of His hour of visitation. Will it be no different now in these Last Days for the People of Jesus? The Church started in the context of the prophecy of Joel with Blood Moons and solar eclipses; will it end on such celestial punctuation as well? Peter and the congregation of the 120 that were gathered in the Upper Room were keen at the signs of the times in reference to the prophetic schedule of YHVH. Peter correctly interpreted the start of the Body of Christ, the Church with conjoining signs of the Sun, Moon and the Stars.

Where has that gone for the Church? In the Olivet Discourse, Jesus Himself commanded to watch for such celestial signs. Perhaps could the Church Age end with such signs as well? The issue for the Church is that it has lost the translation and the ability to read the signs. As to the analogy of the sign approaching a curve on a road, what good is a sign if one does not know how to read it in the language it is written in? What is spectacular about YHVH’s signs is that they are anchored by the core 7 major Feast Days that gives meaning and context to the signs. These are all aligned and time to the solar and/or lunar cycles. These are the Appointed Times or Moedim.

The Signs of the Archetypes
Upon further study, such times that the People of YHVH are instructed to observe will reveal that they are in essence a dress rehearsal of what is to come. In some instances, the Feast will be a metaphor of some attribute of a coming event, most notably a marriage. As to the 7 primary Feasts of YHVH, they are a bridal rehearsal much like an actual wedding day has prior referrals or practices of the true that is to come at a future date. The signs in the Sun, Moon and Star in conjunction to YHVH’s Feasts are but a picture, a practice run of the true that is to come for sure at some point in time. Subsequently, other signs then that also appear to occur at certain times can have a prophetic significance to what is to come. Conversely, the Luciferians peg their diabolical schedule on Earth to such ‘signals’ in Heaven.

They mirror their As Above So Below mantra of madness as the seek to gradually step by step position people, nations and policies to ensure their quest to deface YHVH’s true design and purpose for Humanity with certain key dates correspond. Until that time, the Bible states that he knows that he does not have much time left. In pride, Lucifer will go down fighting and drag as many humans to Hell as he can. As incredible as it might seem to contemplate the majestic and one haughty Lucifer, the Anointed Cherub’s fate is tied to lowly Humanity which he detests. Lucifer’s end and destruction is pegged to Humanity’s allotted time. When ‘time shall be no more’, that is when Lucifer will finally see the Lake of Fire, at the end of Time. Truly for Lucifer, the hourglass of the sands of time is running out, but not for Humanity thanks to Jesus. Humanity will never run out of time as Jesus secured Humanity’s destiny in Jesus alone.

The Bible teaches that after time does cease, a New Heaven and a New Earth will commence devoid of time but within a state of Eternity free of sin, Satan and temptation. Until that time, the world is in a struggle between the forces of god and evil; between the Sons of Light and the sons of the dark light; between the dichotomies of Sagittarius and Ophiuchus. Sagittarius means the Archer and has 69 stars. There are 6 major stars in Sagittarius’ core, Nunki, Ascella, Kaus Borealis, Kaus Media, Kaus Australis and one at makes up his legs, Rukbat. The primary meaning of the stars are as follows. Al Kaus means the Arrow. Rukbat means the Riding Bowman. Nunki means Prince of the Earth. Al Shaula means the Dart. Sagittarius is a Centaur being with two natures, both GOD and Man.

The evil ones on Earth believe Lucifer’s lie that he still has a chance to storm Heaven as they seek to alter and make all that is and will be in Lucifer’s image instead on Earth. This study is suggesting that the possible prophetic implications of Pluto’s retrogrades in Sagittarius is a possible sign from a Biblical End of Days interpretation that will usher this last false Messiah of Lucifer, the god of the Underworld, i.e., Hades, Anubis, Pluto., There is a dichotomy of inference to each; good and bad that is Biblical and Luciferian, Christ and AntiChrist. In terms of Christ, the attributes are that He is a victor over sin, death and the Devil. He has a Victor’s Crown, Corona Australis. Sagittarius has a bow with arrow aimed directly at the heart of the ‘enemy’ Scorpio’s red Giant called Antares.

The Mythology of Pluto
It is as if Scorpio (Lucifer) is mortally wounded and bleeding ensuring his inevitable death. This destruction of Lucifer as Jesus states was part of His 1st mission. Jesus stated of His mission, ‘I have come to destroy the works of the Devil.’ Conversely the negative attribute espoused by the Luciferian dark forces is that Sagittarius is a depiction of their coming AntiChrist. He is the corresponding 1st Rider of the 4 Horseman of the Apocalypse. This ‘savior’ is to metaphorically come on a white horse with a bow but without an arrow with a diadem on his head. The mythology of Pluto teaches that along with his brothers, Zeus/Jupiter and Poseidon/Neptune, they overthrew their father Kronos/Saturn and divided up the Universe between them.

This is the blueprint of the ‘sons of GOD’ as the Fallen Princes of the Arch Angles conspired to overthrow the authority and sovereignty of the Most High, the Ancient of Days. Currently many places on Pluto thanks to the New Horizon discovering are being considered to be named after the same dark underworld theme. Such suggestions are the following; Cthulhu, Balrog, Meng-p’o, and other dwellers from the underworld. These names come from the various demons and Fallen Ones imprisoned in the Underworld or Tartarus. Such are ones that ‘left their 1st estate’ during Enoch’s time. Pluto symbolizes all things hidden and buried in the Earth that to the Luciferians, are about to be loosed from their prison.

After the Rapture the book of Revelation opens and closes with the prophetic bookends of the Christs on a white horse. So it will end literally with the true Christ, Jesus comes on a white horse with crowns and sword to make war against the false Christ with the Armies of Saints, i.e., His warrior Bride accompanying Him. The coming AntiChrist will be mistaken as the true ‘Christ’. He will be the Lord of the Underworld, Pluto that of death and destruction, Shiva. Lucifer eagerly awaits the awakening of his commander Apollyon to rise from the Bottomless Pit prison that is in the Underworld to have a united front in the subsequent campaign to storm Heaven for one last time. What is very interesting is that the beginning and end of Pluto’s retrograde approximates the beginning and end of YHVH’s Spring and Fall Holy Feasts. The following are the 5 moons of Pluto that orbit as a celestial pentagram and is a counterpart to the 5 months its retrograde lasts.

1) Charon
He was the aged boatman who ferried the souls of the dead across the rivers Acheron and Styx into Hades in return for payment. In Hebrew the place is synonymous with Sheol or the grave.

2) Styx
In 2013 Pluto’s most recently discovered and smallest moons by the Hubble space telescope formerly known P5 was awarded the new name Styx. It is the river that the dead cross over.

3) Nix
She is considered the personification of ‘Night’ and one of the 7 elements of Creation.

4) Kerberos
Formerly known as P4 and given the name Kerberos. She became the goddess of the night.

5) Hydra
Hydra was a monster with nine heads, of which eight were mortal and the ninth invulnerable. Hydra served as a guardian of the underworld and could kill anything instantly by its poison.

The dog of Pluto was a three-headed monster with a serpent’s tail that guarded the entrance to Pluto’s underworld. Cerberus fawned on the souls who entered through the gates but prevented others from leaving Hell.

The Semantics
NASA’s unmanned New Horizons spacecraft passed by Pluto on July 14, 2015 sending back unprecedented high-resolution images. Pluto was long considered the 9th planet in the Solar System and the furthest from the Sun. According to research, Pluto was discovered by Clyde W. Tombaugh in February 18, 1930. Pluto has a solar year of 247.68 years according to NASA’s calculations. The discovery of Pluto was actually an attempt to locate the 10th Planet, i.e., Nibiru. Some are predicting based on computer models that this 10th Planet, an actual mini solar system will make its debut in 2016, which is 5776 and as early as the fall/winter season of 2015. The controversy of what constitutes a ‘planet’ was finally decided by the International Astronomical Union IAU in 2005. For an object or planet to be qualified as a planet, it has to exceed a certain percentage of a mass relative to the Earth.

Based on this universally accepted definition, Pluto was demoted to a dwarf planet. Pluto as a former planet was reclassified as a dwarf planet in 2006 by astronomers of the International Astronomical Union IAU. Pluto’s astronomical symbol in Unicode is U+2647. It has a monogram ♇constructed from the letters P and L. It also has an astrological symbol that resembles that of Neptune with a circle in place of the middle prong of the trident. Some believe that Pluto was actually a moon of Neptune and that some object pulled it away from its orbit, as in Nibiru’s prior flybys. Each planet has its own unique cycle it takes to orbit the Sun and its cycle determines its planets frequency and retrograde period. Pluto thus spends up to 21 years (7-7-7) in each of the Zodiac Signs. It typically spends 18 days (6-6-6) in a stationary position and about 5 months in retrograde during each Earth year.

Interestingly, Pluto is the only object that as a former planet had and has a significant eccentric and inclined orbit around the Sun. This eccentric orbit can range from 30 to 49 astronomical units from the Sun. The start of Pluto’s retrograde in Sagittarius for 2015 was on April 16. This start of Pluto retrograde approximates the phi ratio properties of time for the year. The Sun will conjoin Pluto in Sagittarius on January 5, 2016. January 5th was the exact time that the fulcrum of the Tetrad occurred in 2015. Following are some interesting statistics related to Pluto’s retrograde. Pluto’s retrograde in 2015 will occur at the center of the cape of Sagittarius, which to the occult is the coming White Horse Rider of the AntiChrist, the Lord of the Underworld as previously assessed.

Pluto Retrograde
In astrology, planetary retrogrades signify an omen of change that is about to occur and since it is occurring at the celestial Golden Gate. This reverberates to the coming opening of the Bottomless Pit from where the Titans or Fallen Ones are to ascend from the Underworld, aka Pluto. As it has been noted, the nomenclature or naming of the various attributes of the once planet Pluto come from the dark themes of the Underworld. All of the names are associated with the mythology of the Ancients that are attributed to the dark forces of the Luciferian kind. What historically corresponded on Earth that day above all other events was that the Iran nuclear deal was reached between Obama and Iran. To many, this is a ‘bad deal’ made literally with the Devil or in this cases the Prince of Persia.

Retrograde is the term used to describe a backward motion of the planets from Earth’s perspective. The discrepancy is due to the relative differences in the orbits and speed of planets. According to the Ancients, such a retrograde signified a major change in direction and tempo directly affecting worldly events and/or people. Esoterically, a retrograde brings a ‘new horizon’, a new dawn as in the New World Order. What the synergy of the various retrogrades that are converging at the Golden Gate perhaps are alluding to is to the coming change in Humanity, genetically, spiritually, economically, religiously and politically at the end of the retrograde that occurs on September 25, 2015. From the start of the Pluto retrograde in April 16 to the New Horizon flyby and Iran nuke deal on July 14 = 101 days; a clear synchronization of the Luciferian kind.

                                 |--------101 days------->|
Jan                         Apr                                 Jul                                 Sep                           Dec
                           START                   New Horizon flyby                 END  
                        Retrograde                Iranian nuke deal                Retrograde

These changes have been vetted through the Luciferian agendas of slowly subjugating Humanity into a total control grid. This change will be very difficult and eventually horrific according to the description of the various Seal judgments that will be pronounced during this coming Tribulation period. As it is, Pluto is considered the element of transformation. In one aspect this stipulation will be correct. There will be a transformation, but it will also involve the Bride of Christ as she will be transformed, metamorphosized at the point of the Resurrection and Rapture.

RETROGADE OF PLUTO------------->|
Jan                         Apr                                   Jul                                 Sep                           Dec
                            START                       PLUTO FLYBY                     END                    
                              (Φ)                          IRANIAN NUKE DEAL   

-Retrograde length of time: Apr 16 to Sep 25, 2015 = 162 days or 23 weeks or 3888 hours
-From the Jun 26 Gay Supreme Court decision to Jul 14 New Horizon flyby = 18 days (6-6-6)
-Apr 16 is the Jun 26 defeat of the Defense of Marriage Act = 72 days
-Sep 25 is the 268th day with 69 days remaining. The date the Pope is to address the UN.
-It is also 666 days from ISON’s perihelion of November 28, 2013.

The Release
What is alarming is that the other historic law making decision of the U.S. Supreme Court on June 26, 2015 struck down the Defense of Marriage Act in favor of legalizing homosexual marriage in all the Union. This date also coincided with Obama relinquishing any last vestiges of U.S. Constitutional sovereignty over to foreign corporations through the Trans-Pacific Partnership TTP. This occurred on the 177th day of the year with 188 days remaining. The coefficient of 188 signifies a duration of a complete season of change. It is foreshadowing the dark overturn of the once and mighty nation of the USA that was full of the LORD’s Light. America has been transformed, transgendered; as its leaders have sold her out and opened the door to the spirit of the Prince of Persia to come in. On July 16, 2015 just 2 days later, at the end of Ramadan a Muslim murdered Marines in the heart of Dixie.

This study suggests that the coming transformation of Humanity by Jesus Christ and the AntiChrist will be the first major milestone that will initiate the last Shmitah cycle of divine judgment upon the world. As the Groom, Jesus will transform His Bride to Glory as He receives her in the air between Heaven and Earth. So too Lucifer through his AntiChrist will offer Humanity a transformation; it will constitute of Transhumanism that will seek to change Humanity at the genetic level with a false promise of immortality. Lucifer for 1000s of years since Adam and Eve has tried to genetically alter and modify Humanity but he can’t because as opposed to all other being, Humanity is made in the image and likeness of YHVH Himself.

For 2015, Pluto’s retrograde is in approximate phi ratio from the start of the year April 16 to the end on September 25th. Conversely, the July 14 date is in approximate phi ratio in the opposite direction from September 25 to April 16. The retrograde of Pluto for 2015 will end on the eve of the start of the climax of the end of the Tetrad with the Super Moon on September 27 at sundown that starts the Feast of Sukkot. During the timeline from here on out, the retrogrades of Pluto will also signify that as the Bible foretells, the demonic spirits, the Fallen Angels, the Titans that are imprisoned in the bowls of the Earth will be let loosed upon the mortals of Earth. This will be part of the End of Days judgment of the Seals that the Lamb of GOD breaks upon them. Conversely there will be another release; the Rapture of the Bride of Christ.

The Rapture will also signify a ‘release’ of her bondage to his world and influence of Lucifer. It will also signal the coming judgment of the world and Lucifer as the prior patterns have taught as in the Flood, Sodom, Jericho, etc. Prophetically the Seals have been to a degree shadowing the Church Age but the actual direct application will not occur until after the Rapture and the Bride is there to be adjudicated or released from her Accuser as her Accuser Lucifer is to be present for his sentencing and expulsion from Heaven. This is the case when Lucifer is thereafter literally expelled from having any more access to the Judicial Throne of YHVH. What Lucifer is anticipating is that with the help the released Titans of Tartarus, he can launch his final assault upon the Gates of Heaven, the Golden Gate.

As Above, So Below
The point is that such a place and time might coincide with a mutual exchange, as the Fallen Ones that descended to the Underworld are released, so too the fallen race of Adam redeemed by Jesus as the collective Bride will also be released and ascend. It could stand to reason that perhaps the Fallen Ones in prison are of a particular potency that will wreak havoc in the coming celestial battle for the Gates of Heaven. Such imprisoned entities as Apollyon must be of the rank that would aid Lucifer in an all-out frontal assault. The world is fast approaching this time when spiritual portals, gateways will be opened for such Angelic prisoners. As the world events teeter on chaos, it seems the demonic imprisoned Fallen Ones sense that their time is approaching as they will be allowed to have total dominance over Humanity but for a short season.

According to generally accepted Bible prophecy; the AntiChrist will rise to power from chaos to establish a New World Order. The process of the coming AntiChrist will be like that of Sagittarius; one having a bow of war yet without arrows as in peace. He will be subduing the whole world with a false sense of promised peace and security for the entire world and for Israel. It would appear that it's a perfect timing as such major decision or political, religious, economic milestones are coincided with celestial events and clockwork. As Saturn’s retrogrades are converging in Ophiuchus from 2008-2022, likewise this dichotomy signals Ophiuchus as the Overcomer. He is the Strongman that wrestles the Serpent that seeks to usurp the Crown. This Strongman is a Shepherd, the Shepherd that is stung by Scorpio at the heel.

Though weakened by the death of the cross, the very instrument of death used by Lucifer in a miscalculated attempt to destroy the true Christ allowed for by the resurrection of Jesus, as the Overcomer sealed the Serpents doom and sting forever. It was at the cross that as Sagittarius, the Arrow of the LORD pierced the heat of Scorpio, Lucifer that mortally has wounded him. This was at a high cost as Jesus Himself was pierced by a Roman lance through the heart on the cross. Thus at Jesus’ 2nd coming, as a Sagittarius with the stephanus or Victor’s Crown, Jesus will utterly destroy AntiChrist and the False Prophet. For the year 2015, the retrograde of Pluto started on April 16 and will last until September 25. This is the day the Pope address the UN on the heels of the Yom Kippur Jubilee count.

There will be also a scheduled visit by the Pope or Prophet to Philadelphia that clearly has Jubilee connotation to it as in '1776' with that of the Jewish year of 5776 that is the 49th year since the liberation of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem during the 6-Day War. Even the Bible verse on the Liberty Bell alludes to the Jubilee. It will be an interesting time for sure. This time will also coincide with being the 666th day from the perihelion on comet ISON. ISON was considered the Hanukkah Comet and thus had overtones of the rededication of the Temple and of the victory of the enemies of Israel. The Obama Iran nuclear deal spear-headed by Kerry has removed the impediments of sanctions and frozen capital that hindered Iran from carrying out its eschatological ideological scheme of wiping out Israel from the map in the End of Days. This is what Shia theology prescribes and demands for their Mahdi, the 12th Imam to come.

The Prince of Persia
Will such a coming time also mirror such a scenario of events with the Muslims that seek Israel’s destruction and a  war that will deal directly with the construction and/or dedication of the start of the 3rd Temple’s construction? The Pluto flyby and the Iran nuclear deal came on same day of July 14, 2015. It is from where this spirt, this demon, this Prince of Babylon came from, Nimrod. What the Iran nuclear deal spells out for America and YHVH’s People both in the Church and in Israel is that the Prince of Persia will rally the alliance with Russia as the outer-ring of nations in coalition to invade the Beautiful Land. This will be the Gog-Magog war. By some interpretation of End Times, this will not be the 3rd World War. The coming 3rd World War will constitute the inner-ring of Muslim nations that will conspire to attack Israel first.

This war will most likely be nuclear to an extent but not at the hands of the Iranians. At present by calculated estimates, the most Iran can only produce is 5-6 medium sized nuclear warheads. Nonetheless 3 warheads would be sufficient to wipe out all of Israel; one in Haifa, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem would obliterate the nation. One has to account that the Muslims would not do any such harm to Jerusalem as they want that Temple Mount from becoming the place where all nations are to pray to the Sovereign of the Universe. As in prior empires, the Luciferians want their temple substitute there in their image. It is the prized possession that the Lord of the Underworld, Anubis, Pluto seeks to capture. It will only be at the defeat of the 1st inner-ring of the Muslim nation that then the Gog-Magog alliance will come into play. This is the Prince of Persia, the powerful Lord of the Underworld that is sitting up the world stage.

The Lord of the Underworld is said to command the spirits of the dead. Contrary to popular belief, Lucifer or Satan is not yet in Hell. Far from it Lucifer is currently the ‘god of this world’ whose abode is in the clouds. He desperately seeks to release the Titans of old, those demonic spirits and Fallen Angels that rebelled against the LORD during Enoch’s days that are in the Underworld, more precisely Tartarus. With such help Lucifer seeks a united frontal assault to combat the return of Christ from preventing Him from making good on His claim to the Title Deed of Earth won at the Cross on behalf of Adam that was forfeited to Lucifer. With the help of the return of the Nephilim, that is the Prince of Persia for example, the rise of Iran mirrors such ascendancy geo-politically on Earth as it is in the Heavenlies.

What many who can decipher the meaning and symbolism of events and times would say is that the coming rise of Iran or Persia as a nuclear power is synonymous with the rise and the return of the Prince of Persia. This Prince of Persia is the one that fought the Arch Angels Gabriel and Michael in transmitting the answered prayer to the prophet Daniel. So too in these Last Days, the intensification of the spiritual struggle between YHVH’s Prophets and People will be intense. Lucifer seeks to hinder any answered prayer to the Saints because such answered prayer comes with it the revelation of YHVH’s timetable, the prophetic schedule of what is to come, a transformation and release. Will it coincide with 5776, the Jubilee year of transformation and release? This Prince of Persia is the one in the same as the spirit that that has gone from empire to empire and kingdom to kingdom since Babylon and Nimrod.

The Overcomers
Such will also be in place in the Last Days. The spirit of the AntiChrist, Pluto has been signaled to rise as the Church wanes. What is interesting is that one can draw some astonishing parallels in the signals the Luciferians are giving to their minions in terms of symbolism of what is to come. For example, during the King Tut world tour, the rendition of the Lord of the Underworld, Anubis was placed on a barge and set sail down the river of New York past the Statue of Liberty. It eventually made its way to Colorado at the New World Order International Airport complex heartland of America. This imagery was striking in that a viral video entitled I Pet Goat II put forth the same scenario and imagery of an encrypted series of events that allude to this real life event mirroring art or vise-versa.

In the animation, there is a ‘Christ’ figure or AntiChrist on a barge with Anubis symbology. This Christ clearly has Luciferian markings of the all-seeing eye of Ra or Horus. This boat carries the AntiChrist through a series of places where symbology portrays the division of the United States, the imprisonment of the Bride of Christ and the coming World War among other details. Sadly, America will not overcome. What is striking is that the ‘awakening of this false Messiah AntiChrist only comes as the Christian church crumbles in the background as depicted by a large cathedral crashing down. This coming of Anubis to America was but a spiritual symmetry of the spirit of the Prince of Persia rising; of the coming Anubis the Lord of the Underworld that is soon to be awaken and presented to the world in their Luciferian New Dawn. This spirit of Anubis, of Pluto has reached havoc not only on America with a spirit of division, but has decimated the Christian witness in the core lands of ancient Persia and Assyria.

As the Prince of Persia rises in America the Christian witness will wane because the modern and last days Leodecian Church is shallow and not built on the Rock, Jesus.  What many conjecture is that the impediment that will be removed to unleash full on this Sprit of Anubis, Pluto is the removal or Rapture of the Bride of Christ from Earth. Thus such an apocalyptic scenario concerning Persia is a 2nd tier involvement as Iran needs to strengthen its economy first. This is what the conjunction of the New Horizon flyby of Pluto and the Iran nuclear deal is about on an eschatological level of possible meaning. As the last stage of the Church Age can be exemplified by a decaying mega-church structure especially in America is that it has been all about form but with no substance, and thus it is crashing significantly.

This is on one side of preverbal coin as on the other, it will be a coinciding of the Rapture of the Bride of Christ that will go hand in hand with the revealing of this Prince of Persia, transformation and release perhaps. This spirit of ISIS is one in the same that has been allowed and summonsed into America to cause its division and downfall.As it is, the Obama doctrine placates to the Muslim cause abroad and now at home. When their drugged-up psyop-op patsy is mind-controlled to murder Black Christians in their church in the South and takes a picture with the Confederate flag, the whole nation goes into a frenzy to abolish the flag although only 1% of the South owned slaves and so did free Africans.

Then a Muslim murders U.S. Marines in America’s heartland and the President excuses him as being a ‘lone gunman’. Why not ban the Muslim flag then? Why not hold a press conference or visit the site or give a politically correct eulogy for them as he hypocritically sings Amazing Grace? What hypocrisy. This is the Commander in Chief that sings Amazing Grace at a Black Church over dead Christians all the while the Pentagon, CIA fund ISIS that is committing genocide against Christians in the whole of the Middle East and with U.S. tax dollars. He has duped the Democrat Christians in the same manner Bush did with the Republican Christians. America has been handed over to this power of the Prince of Persia. It is a simple case of the spirit of AntiChrist rising, of Persia of Anubis sailing on the barge down the stream to the very heartland of America to strike a dagger in its heart, by design from the puppets at the top ruling America.

Obama is as if he is the Anubis, the Pharaoh that has opened the front gate of America to the Lord of the Underworld, Pluto as he has literally made a pact with the very Prince of Persia. Such will have their final hour as the night covers the whole world in their darkness where no one can work for they do their deeds of in darkness. Sadly it will only be the 5 Wise Virgins that have retained their stephanus and have not exchanged it for the lesser value diadems of the worldly calling of riches, fame or fortune wrapped in the false gospel of so called tolerance and acceptance of sin. Although the American Church is asleep because the flesh is weak, the LORD is still awake and vigilant over her as He was in the Garden of Gethsemane. Jesus kept the 4th watch, the darkest before the ‘new horizon’ and supplicated on her behalf.

As it pertains to the End of Days during the Rapture generation and in the last reign of the last AntiChrist, Nimrod, Anubis will be infused by the Spirit of the Prince of Persia. The Bride of Christ needs to keep watch in this prophetic 4th watch as it has become the darkest time, spiritually for America in the wake of the imminent ‘New Horizon’ of Lucifer’s New World Order to come. The secret of the Bride is that her victory is secured in the victory of the true Overcomer, the Groom that won the Victory and has revealed the end from the beginning according to prophecy as given to the prophets Daniel and John in particular. Jesus has already won the victory for the Church. Jesus was given the crown of victorious kings. In the Greek it is the word not for a diadem but a stephanus that is given to the victors as Olympians winning a race.

The coming AntiChrist does not have a stephanus as Jesus but only a 2nd rate diadem. Stephanus means ‘overcomer’ as only Overcomers can attain a stephanus, not just a 2nd rate diadem Lucifer can only promise. The AntiChrist is no overcomer, only Jesus is the Overcomer and shares His victory to those that belong to Him. The AntiChrist will overcome nothing and the only thing he wishes to share is his place in the Lake of Fire that will be his ultimate end of his being. Soon the trumpet blast will sound as the Bride; the 5 Wise Virgins will awaken to the call to be released and transformed as the carnal church crumbles for lack of a sure foundation, Jesus. At that time, the whole world will awaken into the ‘New Horizon’ of the AntiChrist that will be reveled, who in reality will be a Pluto, the Lord of Death not the GOD of the Living.  

As the spiritual war intensifies for the Prophets of YHVH and His People suffer genocidal persecution in this 4th watch, let it be known that the 5 Wise Virgin’s secret weapon is the oil of the Holy Spirit. This implies that they collectively are to be holy, pure and set apart in this last hour, the last watch as her ‘New Horizon’ …her new dawn will be realized in the Courts of Heaven very soon as they stood in the overcoming victory of Jesus’ blood.

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