Video Response of Tyler and Dr. Awe.

  • What is the Feast of New Wine all about?
  • How is Pentecost connected to this Feast?
  • Is Pentecost the same as the Jewish Shavuot?

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‘Neither do Men pour New Wine into Old Wineskins. If they do, the Skins will Burst, the Wine will Spill, and the Wineskins will be Ruined. Instead, they pour New Wine into New Wineskins, and both are Preserved’. -Matthew 9:17

The purpose of this Post is to provide a Response and Commentary to a Video Teaching about Pentecost being on the Minor Summer Feast of New Wine. This is based on the Teaching by Brothers Tyler and Dr. Awe in a Video Posted to Brother Tyler’s Generaton2434 YouTube Channel. One thinks it is a much needed Watershed Moment of such Teaching for the End Times Community. As one who Years prior 1st wrote about this Better Understanding, it is dealing with a nearly 2000 Year Old Shift in Thinking for the Church Body. It is a Major ‘Recalibration’ of End Times Scenarios.

But perhaps, because it is the End Times, that it is to be Revealed to this Last Generation. It is exactly a Factor of what was told would be the case to Daniel at the End Times. However, it is so sad that only about 1% of the Professing Church even Cares or is Watching the Amazing Signs and New Understanding that was precisely given for the Church to not be Receiving it. If there is any Time in Church History to be on the Look-Out for Prophecy, it is Now. Why? The Final Years and perhaps Months are about to Close-Out the Church Age with the Rapture, in one’s Prophetic Assessment.

The New Wine Pentecost

Nonetheless, as they have a solid YouTube Platform and Audience, they are getting the Word out about this and how it is a Bull’s Eye for the Rapture Timing Association. One will just share the Points that came to Mind. The whole Pentecost Wine Theory is that there are 3 Shavuot Counts of 50 Days, each pertaining to the 3 Minor Feast Days of the First Fruits of the Grain, Wine and Oil, etc. Most attribute what is called in the Christian Church, ‘Pentecost’ to the 1st Shavuot 50 Day Count. And it stops there.

However, after careful study of Leviticus and Dead Sea Scroll Revelations, it is that the 2nd Shavuot Count of 50 Days is what actually pertains to the Feast of New Wine, which is the Pentecost of Acts 2. It also has Direct Links and Typologies to what occurred on Mount Sinai, on the Same Day as with the Golden Calf Incident. And that is what is in-play during the Acts 2 Descent of the Holy Spirit on another Mountain, the Temple Mount, not the Upper Room. This is when the Church Age ‘Officially’ started.

Beginning and End of the Church Age

The Conjecture is, will a New Wine Day, end the Church Age, with the Rapture, at such a Corresponding or Bookend Moment? As this Pentecost New Wine Theory has been presented more so now and with less Resistance than at the Beginning a few Years ago, at least with one’s Experience, the only issue is that if the Feast will be tied to the Rapture Event, what Year? This is only 1 of 2 Points that one does differ with Brother’s Tyler and Dr. Awe’s Assessment. The other Point is what is being used for the Start Date. Here, there is also some Discrepancy as to when it should occur.

There are basically 2 Opinions or Interpretations as to when the Feast of New Wine occurs. The 1st is that the Day Count starts on Nisan 15, the Day after Passover, as that is considered a ‘Sabbath’ Day. The other prevailing Day Count is from Day after the Weekly Sabbath. Regardless, the Difference in Days is just 4 Days. But Pentecost of Acts 2 occurring on the Feast of New Wine is now beyond any Reasonable Doubt. Both Tyler and Dr. Awe provided Scripture after Scripture, ‘Connecting the Dots’ or Typologies about a Rapture, Wine and a Harvest…the White Wheat Wedding kind. Their Discussion was really good and they hit on all the Major and Typological Aspects. They showed how the Pentecost of Acts 2 was on that New Wine Feast, the 2nd of 3, 50 Day Increments, and thus, the possible Rapture Timing Sequence.

They practically did an Exegesis of the whole Bible pertaining to this Pentecost New Wine Theory. That was Remarkable. But the main reason why one decided to Post a Response or Commentary on their Work, was that one’s Name was mentioned. However, it was not even Pertinent to the Topic of the Rapture at New Wine. It had to do with 1 of one’s other Theories, presented here before. It is that Prophetic Time is measured or occurs in a Phi Ratio manner. For example, one can see this in the 6000 Year Timeline of Humanity, World Wars, which by the way WW3 is Due NOW, this Year, based on WW1 and WW2 Pattern. Here are 2 Articles solely written about how the Phi Ratio is a Factor of how Prophecy is fulfilled, in one’s Assessment.

Why Prophetic Time is based on Phi Ratio 

Once in a Century Matching Pi Sign-to-Year Event

Then there is Israel’s Independence Day, in Phi Ratio Relation to the 3 Shavuots or Feasts of Grain, Wine and Oil, in question and so on. And most importantly how one surmised how the very Life Span of Jesus’ Years on Earth match, precisely this Phi Ratio Pattern as well. Amazing. But Tyler is correct in how he picked-up, that even the Tabernacle of Moses was and is set to a Year Timeline corresponding to Prophetic Events. One has actually done a Study about a similar Timeline of how one compared the Tabernacle to the Great Period of Giza and the 7 Churches. And?

Rapture Time
It showed when it Began and will End, presumably, etc. Also, the Tabernacle and the Temples are really a Model of the Human Body Form. It is that of Christ. See Chart at End, as an Example. But true, in terms of the General Premise, that the Acts 2 Pentecost is not the 1st Shavuot of the Jews and was and is on the Feast of New Wine, one all agrees. One just senses that it is possibly going, a bit like the Revelation 12 Sign. As more People took to it or ‘Handled it’, they came out with different Outcomes.

And you can start to sense it, at least one has in how in the Comment Section of the Video, there is already some Attitude, of ‘Who came-up with this Theory’. ‘Ricardo Garcia did’, and so on. Not to Critique, but he is insisting on going by the Sun Rising in Aries, 2000 Years Ago, which is proven not to be the case now due to Precession. He insists though that the Year is off by 1 Month because of this.

Now there is Drift in Calendars, but that is why the 2 Solstices and the 2 Equinoxes are fixed by YHVH to Recalibrate any Calendar Drift. You cannot have told Ancient Cultures who know this, as their Life Depended upon it for their Agricultural Plantings. The Spring Equinox was when they were to Plant, then 4 Months later, came the Harvest. Simple. It did not matter what Name of the Month it was or was off. So, if a Tribe of People waited 1 Month to Plant as he and many others are teaching, the Seeds would properly Germinate in the Ground.

And thus, they most likely would have Starved as no Substantial Harvest in the 4th Month would be had. Just pointing it out, to each their own. Even though he has acknowledged the 4 Astronomical Constants, he is still Adamant about everything being shifted 1 month forward. Anyway, does know that Dr. Awe has used one’s Charts before, so he must have also read one’s Position on this Pentecost New Wine Theory, perhaps. One is not saying one was and is the Originator of the Theory, but No One was writing about this before and it just did not come out of nowhere.

If one does a Google Search: ‘Is Pentecost on the Feast of New Wine’, 2 of one’s Articles will be the 3rd and 5th Listed of about 1 Million Results, after all the Sponsored Ads. And all prior Links are just all about how Pentecost is Shavuot. But none have Connected the True Feast with the Possible Rapture Timing. One does agree though, that as they rightly stated, the Holy Spirit is Unlocking, Unsealing such New Perspectives of what has always been there. It would be very interesting to know where Brother Tyler and Dr. Awe got their Source about it.

But as one has mentioned before, if one has not ‘Published it’ on YouTube, then it has not been ‘Official’, etc. Not that one is seeking Glory, but back 5-6 Years Ago, when one 1st started to really delve into this New Understanding and Interpretation of Leviticus 23 and Exodus, there were like only 2 Articles that one Researched in 2019 online, of such a Possibility of a Double Count. So, this initial 49 Days + 50 Day Double Count Concept is not really New. What is, is the triple 50 Day Count pertaining to the 3 Minor Feasts of First Fruits of the Grain, Wine and Oil. The Rabbinical Rulers, deliberately Obfuscated the 3 Feasts, as to not Attribute the Descent of the GOD the Holy Spirit to Acts 2. Why?

What Year?
Too many Jews were being ‘Converted’, and by the 1000s, as it was the case in Acts 2. What is and one brought to the Table is that the Pentecost of Acts 2, not being the 1s Shavuot 50 Day Count, was on a Feast of New Wine, and thus could be the Rapture Timing. This Notion of a New Wine Pentecost was later Validated by the Work of Ken Johnson in how the Dead Sea Scrolls attested to there being 3 Minor Feast, Grain, Wine and Oil, etc.

One just then connected the Dots and presume that the Highest Watch Season of any given Year is during a July Summer Wheat Harvest Time. But as you said right, ‘What Year? Well, one is Conjecturing here, but based on one's Learning Curve, the Evidence one is seeing, is pointing to 2024. But not like January 1, 2024, in the Gregorian Count. More so, on that Feast of New Wine in July. It is for the Following Reasons and just based on Patterns. One just sees 2024 as being more Compelling for the 4 Major Data Points listed below in Brief.


= 7 Year Countdown Warning, 1 Shemitah Cycle? = 2024
Just about 1 Years’ worth of a Gap Time to have the Luciferian Reset be implemented.

= I see it as a clear Countdown to the USA being Judged = 2024.
So, after April of 2024, but still hold the July Summer Pentecost Rapture, that Year.

Not 1948 with the 80 Years, based on Psalm 90 Maximum. This means 2032 - 7 Year Tribulation = 2025.
This is the Year, in the Fall that one Surmises will be it, and it matches the Essence’s Math.

By adding Peter’s and Isaiah’s 1 Day = 1000 Year Template = 2032
This would be then the Return of Jesus and minus the 7-Year Tribulation = 2025

Dedicated by the Jews outside the Wall in 2018, 70th Year Anniversary of Israel.
Matched the Year, the 70th Israel was allowed back and did the same.
+ 1 Sabbath Cycle of Time Countdown to the Real one where the Daily Sacrifices will initiate the 1st Day of the 2520 Day Tribulation Period = 2025.


Perhaps all wishful thinking. But as for Tyler’s and Dr. Awe’s 9th of Av? It is just a matter of about a 1 Week’s Difference from one’s Calculations. One does not agree with this Date. It just depends where one is Counting from. The Feast of New Wine cannot be both an Av 9 Pentecost. In a sense, one is glad one was just a ‘Foot Note’ in their Discussion. Because when the 9th of Av will come and go, one will not get the Mocking Emails. Or at least, one hopes not to.

One just does not see how the Day that the 10 Commandments were brought down by Moses, which was the Feast of New Wine, can also be or was the 9th of Av. If one does Research on the 2 Prior Distribution of YHVH’s Temples, they attribute the Timing to the Dates occurred in August. That is really the only issue of a Difference one has with their Version of the Theory, and one has discussed that with Tyler, and Dr. Awe. The only Concern or ‘Scratching My Head’ moment was how Dr. Awe ended by saying that if it ‘Comes and Goes for this 9th of Av Date, we look towards Rosh HaShanah’. Wait, what?

After 2 hours of nearly Proving the Rapture is to be on a New Wine Feast White Ruth Wedding Time? What gives? One would just say, ‘Stick to your Guns, Mr. Bones’. But one is in General Agreement, and Watching and Waiting with them And one is not saying, ‘I am Right’. It is not a matter of being ‘Right’, just Reporting and Interpreting what one is seeing from this Corner of the Wall.




Sample of Sacred Pattern, on Earth, as it is in Heaven.



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