A Study of the Ancient Pleiadian Pattern on Earth

  • What is the Cydonia Motif doing on Earth's financial centers?
  • Where Earth blood lines chosen to know this Mars connection?
  • Are such patterns a key to knowledge pf advanced technology?

by Luis B. Vega
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The purpose of this study is to suggest that the core area of the German city of Frankfurt is configured to mirror the Martian motif of the Cydonia, Mars pyramid complex. The Face of Mars corresponds to the Commerzbank Stadium and the Pentagon Fortress corresponds to a man-made built-up earthen mount. The Pleiadian Pyramid complex corresponds to the financial core of the old town upon the river called Main. This river also depicts the ‘Serpent’ that traverses through the hexagram that is constructed with the triangulation of the 3 motifs. This ‘Serpent’ is suggestive of the secret order called the Brotherhood of the Snake that is often associated with such a motif of the Luciferians.

This study suggests that the builders and designers of such a Maritain pattern incorporate it as a signature of the origins and allegiance of whom they are with, Lucifer. According to esoteric references, it is Lucifer that gives such places and people a financial stronghold foremost. It is the power base behind the family dynasties that controls the world primarily through finances, debt and central banks. In fact, it was in this city, Frankfurt am Main that the Rothschilds started the financial powerhouse of not only in Europe but that of the world. This Martian template superimposed upon Frankfurt from a top view thus has some approximate measurements. What is peculiar about this rendition at Frankfurt is that the hexagram approximates an equilateral triangle facing north. The following are said measurements taken from GoogleEarth coordinates and are the same for all of the 3 sides.

555 km
3.3 miles
6066 yards
(all 3 sides)

Another very peculiar measurement association is that from the core of the Pleiades rendition of the star cluster in Frankfurt to the birthplace of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem is exactly 3000 km and 322 km to Vienna. It was also in Vienna that 1 of the 5 sons of Meyer Bauer Rothschild sought to establish the domination of the world financial monopolies in Europe. The other cities corresponding to the sons also have this same Martian motif layout. The other cities are London, Paris, and Naples aside from Frankfurt in Europe. The Martian motif appears to be their ‘signature’ for all the modern world capitals have this same Pleiadian pattern encrypted into the topography and dimensions of the city layout in some form or fashion.

Wherever this Martian motif is construed, the same powers behind its financial, government and societal institutions are controlled by the same cadre of Luciferians at the very top. The core of the Pleiades star cluster pattern is usually associated with the financial hubs of the various Luciferian world capitals. In the case of Frankfurt, they even have the same design of placing their pyramids atop their financial towers of Babel or skyscrapers. The following are a suggestive association of the various building and towers that comprise the 7 star Pleiadian pyramid city, as it is on Mars. The following are an approximation of what is corresponding to the Frankfurt landmarks. The star Taygete corresponds to the Literaturahaus building. The star Celaena corresponds to the Burgenamt Zentrales building. The star Merope corresponds to the area of the Timmitus und Hyperakusis Center.

The star Alcyone corresponds to the Oper Frankfurt or the Opera House. The star Atlas corresponds to the Bearing-Point Consulting building and next to it is a circular building corresponding to the star Pleione. The Bearing-Point building is triangular in shape and it amazingly also corresponds to the triangular pyramid fortress design within the Pleiades Pyramid complex on Mars. This shows that the designers of this Frankfurt alignment knew and know the exact dimensions of such structures on Mars and to what degree and headings they are even set to. Such knowledge could not have come by normal observations from Earth but through the teachings, contact and alliance with interdimensional beings that this study suggests are the Fallen Angles of the Luciferian kind.

The Red Shield
In investigating the Martian connection of the Pleiadian pattern of Frankfurt, one cannot avoid to address the origins at least in the propagation of this motif in the modern era and in all the financial powerhouses of today’s World Financial Oder. This is in part the Pleiades conspiracy as this modern version of the ‘Pleiadian Conspiracy’ started here in Frankfurt with the Rothschild dynasty by Amschel Moses Bauer, 1743. This critique is not meant to placate all those of the said family or those that work in such financial structures or businesses and specifically not those in Frankfurt. However, the argument is that those behind the family apparatus are of a cabal that is connected to the allegiance of not the true GOD of the Universe, YHVH but to the false usurper Lucifer. It is Lucifer they worship and venerate as the ‘god of this world’ and is the God of Mammon according to Jesus’ assessment.

According to research and especially based on The 13 Bloodlines of the Illuminati by Springmeier, the current financial domination of the world began in Frankfurt with Mayer Amschel. They were of Jewish extract but adhere more toward the Kabbalistic, Zohar, and ancient Babylonian secret mystery religion initiated by Nimrod after the Flood of Noah. These are one in the same that were handed down and taught to wizards and witches by the Fallen Angels according to the book of Enoch. The Rothschild took their name from the German for the ‘Red Shield’ that was supposed placed outside the entrance to their first banking house. Some assert that it was a black Roman eagle but as this was the Jewish part of Frankfurt, the eagle to the Jews would be considered unclean and unapproachable to enter such a house.

Most likely the red shield would have been a black hexagram upon a red shield signifying a multilevel endendre of meanings. In one aspect the hexagram functions as an amulet to ward off undesired spirits of misfortune. In another aspect it serves as a ‘spiritual key’ as a hexagram in the occult initiates a portal or door for inter-dimensional beings to cross over. The conspiracy in part is that there is also an encrypted association with Kabbalistic Judaism that was unfortunately incorporated into Judaism when the Jews were led captive into Babylon. This element within Judaism is what Jesus called and calls the ‘Synagogue of Satan’. This was due to the same reasons that the Jews were judged as they relied not on the Promises of YHVH within the Torah alone but on the wizards and witches of ‘Endor’ as did King Saul. As part of the Pleiadian Conspiracy, the Hexagram is not the Star of David nor an original ‘Jewish’ motif.

The Rothschilds are also attributed to the establishment, at least in a political sense of the modern secular state of Israel that has this Luciferian motif. Such a cadre that started in Frankfurt were instrumental in the design of the Israeli flag. It incorporates such a hexagram but suggests an encrypted Rothschild signature as they funded the political Zionists movement among other movements around the world to further the Luciferian agenda. This is not to say that Israel is a ‘Luciferian’ nation but that YHVH allowed for the scenario to further His agenda. The conspiracy is just that, there is a competing agenda for Zion, for Israel, for Jerusalem, for the Temple. Both might appear the same but their endgame is to establish different ‘Christs’ upon the Throne of David. The hexagram goes far back to Babylon and perhaps even to a far more ancient time than that.

This Satanic symbol would be more in the lines of when Solomon delved into the dark mystery schools himself and it nearly meant his folly. Since that time, many have attributed this hexagram motif to being the ‘Sign or Keys of Solomon’ that was said that Solomon used to control demons. The hexagram or 2 inverted triangles in themselves have no power as they are but a geometric configuration. However, when such geometry is subjected to magic incantation such as spells and energies and at certain places and times on Earth, such becomes a powerful tool. This same principle is suggested by this study to be occurring within the greater motif of the Martian Pleiades pattern hexagram overlaid upon entire cities. This motif is amazingly encrypted and incorporated within the topography of the main financial, political and religious spots on Earth. Thus perhaps such a similar spiritual principle is at play.

The current Rothschild coat of arms is said to have been granted by the Emperor Francis I of Austria. As to the Rothschild ‘octopus’ monopoly of the world, it was done and is being done through their ‘Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion’. This manuscript is currently alleged to be a fraud and ‘debunked’ but it is not the case. The Protocols are in play and it was Meyer Rothschild who worked with such other families as the Oppenheimers to learn the trade and the trickeries of the manipulation of money or mammon. Such do not operate on the spiritual laws of the Kingdom of YHVH and of His true Christ. They are diametrically opposed to those of Lucifer, the usurper ‘Christ’ Cherub.

Jesus calls people to forsake all, to sell all, become poor and follow Jesus to be rich in the Kingdom to come. This goes contrary to the prideful and lustful heart of Lucifer and those greedy people that seek such a future only for themselves. The issue is that such a dynasty has used their wealth to subjugate, enslave and kill Humanity. Any philanthropy is self-serving and is required to ‘balance’ the atrocities they commit. As they control the world finances, most people in the West for example cannot marry or have families to adequately sustain themselves, educate or send off their sons or daughters to college. In the West, it takes nearly a whole lifespan to pay off a mortgage to ‘own’ a home. Then with property taxes, one does not really own the piece of land because if one cannot pay the taxes, the bank will repossess the homes. Such a cadre is hostile to the traditional family unit as they promote feminism and homosexuality, abortion and socialism. Has their labor or ‘Great Work’ benefited Humanity?

It was from Frankfurt that the 5 sons were shot as ‘arrows’ form the Rothschild quiver to the various strategic energy points in Europe to start their world domination; from London, Paris, Vienna and Naples, etc. As noted, wherever such elements of this family in concert with others in various cities have gone to, so has this hexagram Martian motif been encrypted in the topography of the cities. They slowly take over a nation and its people through the finances first. They fund both sides of wars, they are in the arms trade. With the finances, they buy-off the governments, religions, media and educational institutions, etc. For example, they funded the Russian revolution. The Bolsheviks were mostly secular and/or Kabbalistic Jews that specifically sought to irradiate Christianity in Russia and the Ukraine as a tool of Lucifer’s agenda and war against Jesus Christ and His Church on Earth.

They funded the English to curb the American Revolution. They supported Alexander Hamilton in creating a Central Bank that Andrew Jackson had to fight to abolish in an attempt by the Rothschilds prompting the British to recapture the American colonies in the War of 1812.They funded the South during the American Civil War in an attempt to destroy the U.S. Republic that had abolished the Rothschild’s Central Bank. They started World War 1 and 2 and will soon start World War 3. They control the world money supply and trade. They control the engineering of advanced weaponry and the production of nuclear weapons. They force a central bank to lend money to governments which in essence enslaves and obligates the citizens to perpetual debt and taxes. Has their labor or ‘Great Work’ benefited Humanity?

They supported Weishaupt in created the Bavarian and Columbian branches of the Illuminati in which they believed to be the possessors of the Light of Lucifer. More diabolical is that such a financial octopus will be what the Beast system will have in place as at some point in time. They will initiate a cashless society that will be implemented and a grid system where no one can ‘buy or sell’ unless they opt in by the ‘Mark.’ Such are behind chem-trailing, GMO, transhumanism, forced vaccinations, virus outbreaks, endless wars, etc. These are the very ones that in the darker side are involved with pedophilia, bestiality, child Satanic sacrificial rings, child kidnaping rings, the drug trade and the laundering of billions of their ill-gotten gain.

They control the opium trade, the white sex trade and so on. Has their labor or ‘Great Work’ benefited Humanity? How they continue to battle the Church of Christ in Europe and the West now is through the mass Muslim immigration crisis, political correction to stifle Christianity. Millions of innocent Christians have been slaughtered at their hands and are systematically in the Middle East. As they flood Europe with Muslims they exclude real Christian refugees that are persecuted by the Muslims. And what does their Obama do? He visits a Mosque to appease the Muslims instead. It is one thing to have and own a business and to make honest money but such a cabal make laws to legally steal from the helpless and defenseless. They need to be stopped.

They are of the Money Changers in the very Temple of YHVH since the days of Jesus that used usury and deception to seal from the people; this was the conspiracy then as it is still now. It was such that Jesus drove out for making the House of Prayer to have been for all the nations into a house of thieves. This is one reason why such Jews who call themselves ‘Jews’ are not as Jesus stated in the book of Revelation. Although they claim a bloodline from Abraham, they do not as Abraham did. This is the charge Jesus had against such a cadre of the Brotherhood of the Snake. In fact, Jesus called them this very name, a ‘brood of vipers’ who have a different ‘Father’. The viper is the most venomous snake known on Earth. Jesus exposed such to the light that they did as their father does, only to ‘steal, kill and destroy’. This same blood and spiritual lineage exists today because their ‘Caesar’ is King, Lucifer and not Jesus Christ.

Prophetically, the Bible does foretell a day when these ‘Builders’ will install their false Christ in the Temple of Light in Jerusalem and trick most importantly the Jews of Israel to accept a man that will confirm the Covenant with the ‘Many’ and broker a false sense of ‘Peace and Security’ for Israel. It will be a trap to ensure the true remnant of YHVH’s people that they use as a ‘human shield’ to propagate their false Christ’s agenda, not Jesus’. As Jesus exposed them then, Jesus will come again come back to expose them for the last time as will the 2 Witnesses during the Tribulation or the Time of Jacob’s Trouble. Jesus will issue their place where they belong, alongside their ‘Serpent’ Lucifer that will be thrown into the Lake of Fire. Has their labor or ‘Great Work’ benefited Humanity?

Main Sources
The Protocols of Zion



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