Rapture Typology of Exodus and Promised Land

  • Was the LORD's Supper with Jesus still unfinished and why?
  • Is the Passover Meal a marriage contract that is still to be fulfilled?
  • How is the Passove and the Exodus a type of the Rapture to come?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘He who has an ear let him hear what the Spirit says to the Churches. To him who overcomes I will give some of the Hidden Manna to eat…’ -Revelation 2:17

The purpose of this study is to present a hypothesis about when the ‘season’ of the Rapture, if not the actual timing of it could take place. At the core of the hypothesis is that perhaps the Rapture of the Church could occur at a similar timing as a type and shadow of the LORD’s Supper that occurred on the Eve of the Passover. Perhaps the Rapture sequence may be in such a fashion as to mirror when the Israelites crossed into the Promised Land at the very precise time that the Passover occurred and thereafter the Manna stopped.

This assertion is purely based on a typological study that could be connected to when and why the Biblical phenomenon of Manna stopped. The Book of Joshua chapter 5:11 states that the daily provision of Manna stopped on the 3rd day after Israel entered the Promised Land. This occurred on the day after Israel celebrated the Passover for the 1st time in the Promised Land since the Exodus out of Egypt.

What is striking is that the Israelites left Egypt immediately after the Passover and came into the Promised Land at a Passover. It has been well researched that this Journey of the Israelites through the Wilderness is a picture or ‘type’ of the comprehensive and prophetic Redemption Plan of GOD. But it can also perhaps allude to the timing of when the Rapture will consummate the Glorification of the Believers in Jesus Christ.

This study will stipulate that the events of crossing over into the Promised Land through the River Jordan at the time of the Passover are possible clues for when the timing of the Rapture of the Church could possibly take place. This study will rely heavily on metaphors of past Biblical events. These events will primarily encompass the Exodus, the sojourn out of Egypt, the entrance to the Promise Land and the LORD’s Supper event to provide context.

This study is only an attempt to make comparisons, analogies, and correlations. This study is not intended to speculate on a specific year or feast, but that a particular sequence leading up to the feast of Passover might just fulfill the prophetic types and shadows of Israel’s sojourn through the Wilderness. The Bible does say that such types and shadows are given to instruct us of when the Church, in like manner will be led across the ‘Jordan River’ and into the Promised Land of Glory.

The Elements of the Covenant
If the Exodus from Egypt and entering into the Promised Land by the Israelites are a type and shadow of the ‘Journey of Faith’ and/or the Church Age, as many Bible researchers believe then perhaps it would mirror the timing of the Rapture as it could possibly occur before a given Passover celebration. Why? Because it was at a Passover season of timing that the Manna stopped. As it directly relates to the Church Age is that the ‘Manna’ has been the elements of the LORD’s Supper of bread and wine. These are the specific symbols of the Covenant of Jesus Christ; the New Covenant that defines the Church and Church Age, when they stop like the Manna for Israel it is because they arrived in the Promised Land.

As the Israelites were encircling Jericho, some of the grain was able to be harvested off the land in preparation for the Grain Wave Offering for the Feast of Unleavened Bread. The cessation of the Manna for Israel occurred after the 1st celebrated Passover in the Promised Land. Thereafter the Battle of Jericho ensued for 7 days. What you have here are 2 timelines overlapping each other. You have one 7-day period constituting the Passover Week while at the same time, the Battle for Jericho is occurring for 7 days. It can be seen as the LORD preparing a table and meal before the literal enemies that King David spoke about in Psalm 23. This would be echoed as Christ and His Disciples celebrated a meal in similar fashion for the Church Age full of enemies. The LORD’s Supper was that meal; a prepared table before the true enemies of the LORD and mankind right before Jesus, like Joshua assaulted the ‘Walls of Jericho’ at the Cross of Calvary.

The victory through the death, burial and resurrection of the LORD ensured that the ‘walls’ of sin, separation came down that separated mankind from the LORD. To reiterate, as the Manna stopped at or immediately after the 1st Passover once Israel entered the Promised Land perhaps likewise the LORD’s Supper that occurred immediately before the Passover is when the Church Age will perhaps stop. This window of time is thus when the Rapture must follow if the prophetic parallels are sound. The following are certain key sequences of events that could be possible prophetic parallels of events. These could allude to some possible clues as the timing or sequence of the Rapture –as types. There does appear that there are several events that will show some promise.

1) The going out of Egypt on Passover to the entering of the Promised was on Passover.
2) The LORD’s Supper was actually a beginning of a Marital Contract, yet to be completed.
3) The Marital Contract will be consummated by the Rapture, at a Passover season.
4) Groom left Upper Room at Midnight to travail in prayer and battle, He shall return at Midnight.
5) Alignment of important mountains, Mt. Horeb to Mt. Nebo; 2 mountains Moses ascended.
6) Alignment of Mt. Nebo with Mt. Calvary; Moses was only allowed to see this from Jordan.
7) A contingent of LORD’s People that preferred to stay out of the Promised Land, left behind.
8) Passover lasts for 7 Days as was the circling of Jericho for 7 days
9) Passover was prepared in the presence of Jericho, a type of the ‘enemy’.
10) The LORD’s Supper was a prophetic ‘Prepared Table’ before the Cross.

Prophetic Parallels
To help in the illustration of this study the following are considered.

1) A Crucifixion Clock will show the approximate hours of events that transpired from the Preparation Day or LORD’s Supper to the death of the LORD. These events are taken from the Gospel accounts. The ‘clock’ will be multilayered as it will encompass the Jewish Watches of the Day, the Jewish reckoning of time that starts days at sunset, around 6pm.

2) A map will show the timeline with assumed dates of when Israel crossed the Jordan River. The timing shows when the Passover was celebrated. In-between that time and the assault on Jericho, a 7 day battle to the grain harvested –Barley from the Promised Land was for the first time cut and prepared for the Grain Offerings thereafter.

3) A 3D map of the Sinai peninsula will help illustrated the projected journey of Israel to the Promised Land. The accounts are taken from the Book of Genesis but with alternate interpretations of where the actual Red Sea crossing occurred and where the real Mt. Sinai or Mt. Horeb is at.

 4) A timeline of the Passion Week will present an alternative view of the timing of the historical sequence of events. The days are believed to be complete 24 hour day to night duration. The traditional understanding of ‘Sabbaths’ has contributed to a misunderstanding of when the LORD actually was crucified, buried and risen.

The timeline stipulates the Crucifixion on a Wednesday making the Resurrection on an afternoon right before the start of the Sabbath; as Jesus is LORD of the Sabbath. The actual date and timing of the Passion Week is in scholarly dispute. The traditional year is 33 AD although there are alternative views and explanations of when the crucifixion actually took place. The timeline presented for this study is assuming a literal 24-hour day count, nonetheless. This would make the traditional Friday crucifixion impossible as the Resurrection would coincide with a Monday afternoon despite arguments proposing that changes from the Julian to Gregorian calendars make it possible. This study holds to the fact that there were 3, 24-hour day counts after the death of the Messiah -at 3pm on Wednesday of that Passover week.

This happened to be called a High-Sabbath in itself. This means that Christ rose on Feast of Unleavened Bread in the afternoon ~3pm on the weekly Sabbath; from a Sabbath to a Sabbath. These 3 days and nights would amount to exactly 72 hours. The number 72 is also the number of years it takes for 1 degree of the Precession of the Equinox to occur. The Resurrection would coincide to the time the lambs were to be sacrificed but, in this case, this one came back to life. The death and burial of Jesus occurred before Passover was to begin –which was considered a special Sabbath in itself. Jesus becomes the literal fulfillment of the Afikomen; scourged but not broken, pierced by many holes, and hidden during this time. There are other assertions that incorporate eclipses during the Crucifixion. All Gospel accounts do state that at midday, the sky was totally darkened-for about 3 hours from 12pm to 3pm. A solar eclipse is impossible to have occurred as the maximum amount of time that solar eclipse last is 7-9 minutes on average.

Passion Week Timing The only total solar eclipse occurred during that possible hour range from 12 Noon to 3pm was on March 19, 33 AD at 1:40pm but only lasted about 4min according to NASA. The traditional crucifixion date is said to be on April 3, 33 AD. If this date is used, this would make Jesus more than 33 years old as He was born in BC time and there is no 0 year. This date is therefore another popular date given for the crucifixion but highly unlikely as the darkness and/or eclipse lasted for 3 hours. But the Passover is determined by the 1st Full Moon after the Spring Equinox, so it had to be a full Moon. Passover always starts with a Full Moon, meaning no Solar Eclipses could possibly occur. This means that was virtually impossible to have had a solar eclipse as there had to be a full Moon to validate a Passover.

However lunar eclipses can and have occurred on a Passover timetable. There was a total lunar eclipse that perhaps might have compliment the actual timing of the symbology of crucifixion that tied it directly to the 1st Passover in Egypt. On April 25, AD 31 a Wednesday, a total lunar eclipse was rising above the Jerusalem horizon. This eclipse would fit or be in sync with the presented timeline because although Passover always starts on the 14th of the Jewish month, the dates do not match the Gregorian calendar. Again, this is only a speculative assertion. But this could not have been the actual date of the crucifixion as the Passover meal celebration was concluding, the eclipse would have occurred as if to ’punctuate’ this time. This eclipse does not account though for the 3 hours of Darkness as no eclipse lasts longer than 7-9 minutes as mentioned.

Perhaps as some have suggested that another heavenly body eclipsed the Sun. There is another date that is striking and satisfies all the criteria for possibly being the eclipse that accompanied the crucifixion of Jesus. According to Stellarium software, a Blood Moon occurred on the 14th of April, 32 AD starting just before midnight in the middle of Libra, the Scales. This would fit the timeline in so far as that the Jewish and Gregorian calendars were in sync. This is possible as in 2014 it was the case and both the 14-15th of the Jewish calendar matches the 14-15th of the Gregorian. What is astonishing about this April 14 date is that it was the date that the Tetrad of 2014-15 started. This does not happen for hundreds of years.

What is also spectacular to consider is that in the ancient rendition of the Mazzaroth, Libra was actually an altar as in a slab for a sacrifice. If the symbology and imagery is one for one, the as Jesus was the Lamb on the Altar of the Cross, sacrificed…then the Blood Moon typified this sacrifice right dead center of the slab or Altar of Libra. How befitting a color of blood red for the blood that Messiah shed on that Altar of the Cross, as the Lamb that takes the sin of the world away. Thus, based on this sole astronomical event; it is highly likely that this was the true date of the crucifixion. The following is a lunar eclipse from NASA showing the April 14, 32 AD total eclipse. No other year has one near Passover nor is a total eclipse event.

04900  0031 Apr 25  23:02:48  10221 -24350   51   P   -a   0.8386  1.2986  0.3395  272.2  123.0    -     12S   56E
04901  0031 Oct 19  06:03:52  10216 -24344   56   P   -t  -0.8698  1.2896  0.2349  297.6  111.1    -      9N   51W
04902  0032 Apr 14  11:56:36  10212 -24338   61   T+  pp   0.0997  2.6803  1.6697  345.1  222.7  100.6    9S  137W
04903  0032 Oct 07  15:38:15  10207 -24332   66   T-  pp  -0.1274  2.6220  1.6263  331.0  214.6   96.3    5N  165E
04904  0033 Apr 03  17:37:53  10202 -24326   71   P   t-  -0.6813  1.6399  0.5764  332.8  170.1    -      5S  139E

Marriage Supper of the Lamb
The times are given in military time and set to GMT or Universal Time. Jerusalem is 3 hours ahead making the April 14, 32 AD Blood Moon occur at 4 minutes before midnight which would have made it 4 minutes before 3am in Jerusalem, exactly 24 hours when Jesus died at the 4 minutes mark prior to the 3pm Passover sacrifice to be killed and prepared for the evening meal. The only problem with this on that it is hard to confirm if the day was a Wednesday. According to the U.S. Navy the April 14, 32 AD Blood Moon occurred on a Monday. The only dated, that the Passover 4th occurring on a Wednesday corresponds to the April 25, 31 AD. The problem with this is that there are no Blood Moons on that month.

To reiterate, the aim of this study is to tie specifically the Old Testament account of when and why the Manna ceased that coincided with the Passover to the LORD’s Supper for determining a possible Rapture time sequence. Perhaps it is a type of how the Rapture could be inferred as the LORD’s Supper was not actually the Passover Meal that Jesus and His Disciples were celebrating. The correlation is such that the LORD’s Supper is an event yet to be concluded much like the cessation of the Manna but in reverse order. The LORD instituted the elements, the Manna for the Church during a spiritual battle and then 3 days later He rose from the dead. This mirrors how the element of the Manna stopped 3 days after Israel entered the Promised Land during a battle.

This study puts forth an assertion that the LORD’s Supper, that was celebrated with the Disciples on the eve of a Passover has yet to be completed perhaps at such a similar time in the future corresponding to an ‘eve of a Passover’ at some future date but at the same time. The hypothesis stipulates that the Marriage Supper of the Lamb is actually the conclusion of the LORD’s Supper in which Jesus Himself will complete with the consummation of the Bride in Glory. The LORD’s Supper on the Preparation Day can be seen as the ‘start’ of the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

This will not happen until the LORD’s Supper is completed at the summonsing of the Bride – as promised by the LORD Himself. Technically, the LORD’s Supper was not during the traditional time that the rest of the Jewish Nation celebrated the sacrificial lamb with families. The reason was that if sojourners had a long trek back home and it would be a hardship to stay, it was permitted to celebrate the meal early to get a head start on the traffic if you will.

These elements of the Church Age, reminiscent of Manna of the Israelites have been observed by the Bride of Christ, the Church for over 1980 years now. This has characterized the Church Age that is about to end very soon; the Church will be ‘Raptured’ out of the ‘wilderness’ and into the ‘Promised Land’. The Israelites were taken out of Egypt and into the ‘Promised Land’ by way of an Open Door. In terms of typology, a Believer in Christ is taken out of ‘Egypt’ or the world by the finished work of Christ at the Cross. This transaction or exchange is put into effect by the faith and trust one personally puts in Christ. There is yet a waiting period that Believers must go through before being taken into the Kingdom.

The LORD’s Supper
This evacuation and transference event will occur at that Resurrection/Rapture of the Dead and then living in Christ. The symbology of the LORD’s Supper that utilized Unleavened Bread and Wine will stop once the Church Age comes to an end and the Bride crosses over the Heavenly Jordan into the Celestial Promised Land. Again, this is only speculation and taken only from how Israel came out from Egypt and how the Manna stopped once Israel was in the Promised Land. As to what the Tribulation Saints and/or those that will be saved during the Tribulation Period will use or be instructed by Jesus remains to be understood and for another study. This study also strongly suggests that as Israel crossed over into the Promised Land, there was the Enemy still to content with.

So too must the Bride face her Accuser, Lucifer at which time the Risen Lamb of GOD, Jesus as the Judge will execute the Seal Judgments upon Lucifer and expel him from the Courts of Heaven once and for all. Perhaps the Elements of the Bread and Wine of the LORD’s Supper will continue to be observed but with application and enfaces referencing to the 2nd Coming and not the Rapture that the current Church Age Saints await. Also, as to whether the Rapture will be before or after a given Passover remains to be further studied. The hypothesis thus suggests that this cessation of the LORD’s Supper will stop with the Rapture’s Open Door to usher the Bride, from the Church Body to the banqueting Halls of Glory for the completion of the Meal.

Many understand that during the LORD’s Supper on the eve of Passover, the 4th Cup of Completion was not passed around and partaken of by Jesus or the Disciples. This was the Cup in which Christ promised not to take it until He would again do so in the Kingdom with His Disciples or ‘Bride’. This study only asserts that perhaps that the LORD’s Supper was indeed the beginning of the Marital Contract between the Groom, Christ, and the Disciples, as First Fruits of the Bride. This interpretation has already had many papers written about such future prophetic associations that perhaps the Marriage Supper of the Lamb spoken in Revelation is when this will take place. What this study seeks to emphasize, as far as the Rapture is concerned is that it would be at a similar timing or sequence; on the eve or association with a Passover season.

What is peculiar about this time sequence in the LORD’s Supper is that the Son of GOD and the Disciples departed the Supper around midnight for the Garden of Gethsemane to pray and battle against the strongholds of Satan’s kingdom – type of a ‘Jericho’. What this study postulates is that this is actually the possible Rapture timing of when the LORD will come back for His Disciples to complete the 4th Cup and complete the Marital Contract first begun at the LORD’s Supper in the Upper Room. This time sequence would have coincided when the Manna being stopped for Israel once in the Promised Land as Israel under Joshua (Jesus) battled the stronghold of Jericho. It would coincide with being the 3rd Day, a Tuesday and at a ‘midnight calling’. Again, this study only suggests that the season or even the timing for the Rapture is somehow associated with the timing of a future Passover when the Elements of the Church Age, like Manna for Israel will stop.

The LORD’s Provisions
To reiterate, perhaps these types and shadows from Israel’s Exodus –of going out and going in, giving, and stopping of Manna is how the LORD will deal with the evacuation and call for His Bride. As to the timing of the Rapture, the LORD’s Supper was and is a ‘Marital’ Contract to be completed. Perhaps it will be at a similar hour and date associated to a future Passover time. As YHVH starting the Church Age with such elements of His Blood and Body just before a Passover, represented by Unleavened Bread and Wine, might the Church Age be completed during such a similar season or time that will be initiated by the Rapture. Perhaps as the Elements were given to the corporate Body of Believers’, this need for the elements will be removed as the Church will be removed at the time of the Rapture from the world.

It will be as when the Manna stopped for Israel but only after coming into the Promised Land. The Church, collectively the Bride of Christ since the implementation of the LORD’s Supper has been on a ration much like the Israelites -of a sort with a Manna during this world’s ‘wonderings’. This Church Age ‘Manna’ would be the elements of the bread and wine symbolizing the LORD’s provision of this entire Body and Blood given for the redemption of Mankind at the Cross of Calvary. The Gospel of John clearly states that Jesus is the true Manna that came down from Heaven. This ‘Manna’ was precisely given at the meal as a commemoration by YHVH Himself before the Passover on the eve of the Jesus’s arrest, trials, beating, crucifixion, death and burial.

If the typology of the Manna that was provided by YHVH during the sojourning of the Israelites is likened to the elements of the LORD’s Supper elements, the completion of Christ’s Promise to conclude the ‘meal’ celebration of the Upper Room in the Kingdom or the Marriage Supper of the Lamb post Rapture correlated to the having the Rapture correspond to a pre-Passover eve time, at some point in time when and if the Rapture occurs. Until that time, the present condition for the Church has been a time period of trial and tribulation allowed by YHVH. The current Church Age has been time of testing for the Church to go through much like the Israelites experienced the 40 years of ‘trial’ in the wilderness before the next generation was allowed to go into the Promised Land.  The coming deliverance for the Church and entrance into Glory will not occur until the Captain of our Salvation, Joshua will Rapture the Church from earth.

It will be a type out from the ‘wilderness’ of the world and into the Promised Land where the Manna stopped right after celebrating Passover. Interestingly, after the Israelites came into the Promised Land and the Passover was observed the ‘judgment’ upon the people of Jericho ensued. What is coming ahead, in the prophetic clock or timetable of YHVH after the Rapture will likewise be the ‘judgment’ of the world, a type of ‘Jericho’. Jericho literally means ‘city of man, descending’. The following segments will highlight some Biblical spiritual lessons from Israel’s Exodus to provide historical context. Many students of the Bible clearly allude to the sequence of the Israelites leaving Egypt for the Promised Land as a spiritual journey or landscape of a Believer in Christ. It is a corporate measure, but it can be applied to an individual level as well. It tells a story of the comprehensive Redemptive Plan in Christ Jesus.

A Historical Context
If this is true, then the Rapture should be able to be seen or discerned likewise from the same lessons of the types and shadows of the Exodus. The going out of Egypt on Passover and the going into the Promised Land at a Passover can be seen as “DOORS’’; a door to go out from and a door to go in through. This sequence would correlate with the Rapture being the event or Door that takes the Church out of the ‘world’ and into Glory or the ‘Promised Land’. The 40 years of wondering was for the Israelites to complete their ‘testing’ in the wilderness, perhaps the Church will start eating of the food of the Promised Land’s grain/fruit after their 1980 plus year of testing. Perhaps it will be at the start of the year, in the Spring at a Passover time when the Rapture Door is to be opened as the Trumpet Call and Shout are given to cross over.

Moses, a type of Messiah or Christ was chosen to lead YHVH’s People out of the Land of Bondage, Egypt…..Moses was of the royal house within Egypt itself but ended up becoming a shepherd. YHVH had to pry open the hands of Pharaoh to release Israel from his clutches through the 10 Plagues and ultimately the death of the 1st Born at Passover to let Israel leave Egypt. God provided a shield from the judgment of Egypt by ‘passing’ over the homes of those that had ‘the Blood of the Lamb’ applied to their doorways. That very night after the meal, all of Israel moved out as they had eaten the Passover Meal in haste. Jesus Christ prophetically fulfilled this type. Christ on the Cross ‘passed’ over Humanity as the Judgment for sin was totally absorbed by Christ, the 1st Born or Only Begotten SON of GOD in his body.

Moses, as the Type of Christ led the Israelites out to the desert to worship the LORD. Thereafter he led the Israelites to the edge of the Red Sea. By the Hand of the LORD, the waters parted to allow the Israelites to cross over out of Egypt on dry ground. This was the first ‘gate’ or door if you will.  It was a ‘gate’ or door of death for the world i.e., the drowned Egyptians but life and liberty for the Israelites, as they had to go down and through it. It was a type of the Baptism as well. There are several types of Baptism mentioned in the Bible, 7 to be exact; this one involved water but the people were kept dry. Nonetheless it was symbolic of how a believer, once accepting Christ, the Holy Sprit emerges a Believer into Christ in association into the death, burial, and resurrection of the LORD’s body itself.

This is where the ‘New Nature’ is acquired. There is a debate about whether a Believer has 1 New Nature, or the Old and New both in operation; suffice to say that for the purpose of this study, they are 2. This can be seen in with the multitude of company that was a mix of the 12 Tribes of Israel. The ‘congregation’ had a mix of ‘wheat’ and ‘tares’; it included those that like Ruth followed the GOD of Israel but also others that just tagged along the way for selfish benefits. Not just Israel but a Gentile Non-Jewish accompaniment like it is now with the Church Age, of the New Man in Christ both Jews and Gentiles also characterizes the present Church Age. Although the Israelites were elated that they had been ‘set free’ from the ‘bondage of Egypt’, most if not all were subject to the conditioning of the ‘old man’ or the ways of the world. This is what the Apostle Paul declared that there is a carnal Man, a Soulish Man, and a Spiritual Man. The 2nd stage of the typology of the Israelite Exodus features a time of testing.

Bondage in Egypt
Take not that Jesus, as the LORD Himself had to be tested in the wilderness for 40 days. At one point, the murmuring of the Israelites got to the point that the LORD sent in snakes to inflict death on those bitten. Moses had to create a Bronze Snake and place it on a pole in the midst of the Congregation. Those that by faith and would see the snake as directed would be cured. This type and shadow are one in particular that Christ Himself spoke to Nicodemus about, a Teacher of Israel had to occur by Jesus’ crucifixion. It is interesting that where Moses was buried on Mt. Nebo, on the East side of the Jordan today is the prominent replica of the Bronze Snake that is directly in line with Mt. Calvary.

Sadly, the entire Congregation failed the testing. All but Joshua and Caleb of the original generation were found worthy to enter the Promised Land, included Moses and Aaron themselves. The main issue or issues was the heart condition. Most had ‘left their heart back in Egypt. There was much complaint and times of doubt, fear and contention….just like the state a Soulish Believer may find himself in. This typology can easy be seen as when a Believer individually or in the corporate sense of the present Church Age is being tested like the Israelites. Sadly, 2 tribes wanted to stay on the East side and not go were the LORD’s people and Captain was leading them, YHVH allowed for this. I am not alluding that some Christians will be left behind but that given just the typology of this study; perhaps that may be the case for the Church Age as well. 

The Israelites eventually got to the point where they encompassed the east side of the River Jordan. This is the 2nd ‘gate’ or door of emersion that a Believer has to go through -and the corporate body i.e., the Church for that matter. When the unbelieving generation passed, the new ones were ready, willing, and able to press on into the Promised Land of Canaan led by Joshua. As the Israelites all had to go down into the Red Sea symbolizing a death to the world and coming up on the other side as a re-birth to new life in Christ, the Jordan River provided the other supernatural event in YHVH’s comprehensive plan of man’s redemption, the Rapture of the Church. It will be through the Golden Gate that it is said the Church will be led through once the trumpet is sounded. The waters of the Jordan parted when the Israelites by faith, stepped into the water led by the Priests carrying the Ark of the Covenant.

Aside from this, YHVH is faithful to know the condition and needs of the Church and how to provide for them. He is leading His Church as with a Moses, Aaron and Joshua….a befitting type of the Father, the Holy Spirit and the ‘Captain of our Salvation’, Jesus. Because the Church is currently in enemy territory, the daily provisions of Manna can be seen as the MRI’s Meals Ready that an army is allotted during combat and field movement. It is the bare essential but provides the nutrition needed to sustain the level of energy required to complete the task, the mission and tour of duty. Student of Bible prophecy understand that the next event on the prophetic horizon is the Rapture Call to enter the ‘Door’ into Glory. At that time, Jesus Himself as promised would be completing at the Meal first commenced at the LORD’s Supper right before a Passover. The completion of the Upper Room Passover celebration that has yet to be completed by Christ himself could perhaps correspond to the Rapture.

The Promised Land
As to the timing, the Rapture of the Bride of Christ could then be fulfilled in a similar Passover time sequence. Why? Jesus stated that He would not conclude the celebration and of the sequence of the cups until it would be done so in Glory. There are questions still to be answered like will the Lord’s Supper still be commemorated during the Tribulation Period? It might be self-evident but with the mass persecution of Christians on a world scale, such public displays of devotion could be detrimental. When YHVH said, ‘do this in remembrance of me until I come’, is that referring to the time of the Rapture or 2nd coming?

Matrix of Event Associations
Israel ‘Bondage’ Egypt           The Church Age                     the Kingdom Millennial
A type of the Rapture              40 Year Testing                      Possibly the Rapture
An Open Door                         An Open Door                         An Open Door
Going Out                               Going Through                        Going In

Was Saved                             Is being Saved                        Will be Saved
Past                                         Present                                   Future
Dead to Satan ‘Pharaoh’        Dead to World                         Dead to Self
Prophet(s)                               Priest(s)                                   King(s)
The Carnal Man                      The Soulish Man                     The Spiritual Man
10 Plagues                              10 Prophetic Days                  10 Plagues

Israel in Promised Land
Nisan 7-9                    Camps at Jordan River 3 days
Nisan 10                      Crosses Jordan River
Nisan 11-13                Circumcision of all males at Gilgal
Nisan14 (sunset)         Passover
Nisan 15                      Battle of Jericho (day)/Grain Wave Offering (evening)

Crucifixion Clock - Christ and His Disciples
Nisan 14
- 09:00pm Preparation Meal (LORD’s Supper)
- 12:00pm at Gethsemane
- 01:00am betrayal & arrest

5 Trials (7 altogether)
- 03:00am Annas
- 04:00am Caiaphas,
- 05:00am Herod,
- 06:00am Sanhedrin
- 07:00am Pilate

- 09:00am Crucified on cross
- 12:00pm Darkness descends
- 03:00pm Death of Messiah
- 04:00pm Burial of Christ
- 06:00pm Beginning of Sabbath

Nisan 15
- 06:00 Passover Seder begins

This could possibly mean that the Rapture of the Bride of Christ does indeed not fall on any particular Jewish –YHVH’s feast. However, having the Rapture occur on the eve of such a feast associated to Passover would be a time no one could or would expect. Again, this is pure speculation based on the typology of the sequence coming out of the type and show of the Exodus to the Promised Land with the key element of Manna as being the clue that at its cessation leads to the transition into the Kingdom, the real Promised Land of YHVH beginning with the Rapture.

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