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The purpose of this Critique is to Assess the Merits of the Arguments Manchild Ministries is proposing, regarding how Pentecost is not in June, but in August. One will be Assessing the various Points made in the Video, based on one’s similar Theory that Pentecost is indeed a Double Count of 45 Days + 50 Days subsequently added to that Equation to determine True Pentecost. However, most of the Points thereafter, one would not agree with. In numerating the 20 Points one has surmised, a General Rebuttal or Rhetorical Question will be made. Since the Teaching was made Publicly, the Critique is made Publicly in kind, with the best of intentions and not to disparage. 

The Critique is not intended to demean the Teacher, but only point out the Points that one either Agrees with or Disagrees with. This Critique was requested by 1 of the Watcher Women from the Revelation 12 Daily Blog named Carole. Thus, the following Assessment is based on one’s own personal Interpretation of the Bible and over 40 years of Prophetic Study. Not that Years prove Proficiency or Understanding but that one can only present the Critique with that in mind.

One had done a preliminary Break-Down of a similar Video by the same Teacher, Manchild Ministers earlier in the Blog’s Threads. But one does not mind rehashing the Break-Down as it warrants a Fresh Perspective as it is good to rehearse and be able to Teach and Explain one’s Perspective accordingly, in what is agreeable and what is not, and one would say is even absurd, but in a respectful way. In seeing the Video’s Opening Screenshot, ‘Pentecost is not in June’…Well, that sold the Viewer with that regard. But, although the Teacher makes some Good Points that one does agree on, the overall Premise in determining when a Year starts is off, by at least 1 Month.

As may know, if one has studied my Teachings, it is that one agrees with his Double Count of Pentecost. But then he goes further to not be 45+50 Days but stretches it to be the Feast of New Wine in August, only because of his calculation of when the Barley Harvest is ready to be harvested, etc. This reckoning of Time puts the His determining of the ‘Correct Calendar at being, 1 Month off. Also, in reading the Comments one is surprised at just how many other Watchers or Brethren actually do believe in the Pentecost Double Count Theory or more are ‘waking up’ to it, perhaps.

Black Box
Pentecost is not on the 3rd month. The feast of weeks, 50th day after the Passover, is THIS month (3rd month) = Feast of Weeks, June 15th on the Full Moon. The 15th day of the 3rd month is also ascension day, in which the angels told the disciples (paraphrasing) "The same Jesus as you've seen him go up will also return likewise". Again, this was on the 15th day of the 3rd month, which we're in.

Manchild Ministries
To find the 1st day of the festival of weeks you count 49 days 9 days from the 1st fruit barley wave offering the wave offering. (Duet 16:9). Jesus ascended on that day, not 40 days after. People fail to include the right days he was absent before re-appeared to his disciples. (John 20:26). we're looking at about July 10th.

Interestingly, if one has seen 1 of Brother Chooch’s Video, TOL: Thinking Out Loud YouTube Channel, Night Watch, he took a Poll because someone finally sent him a Study, based on Scripture about how it is 1952 when the 70 Year Countdown should start, not 1948. And the Majority rejected it. Go figure. This to say that one understands to a degree the level of Frustration one has that at times, the Body of Christ is rigid and not accepting of ‘Outside the Box’ sort of Information.

With that respect, it is incumbent on the Teachers to be Patient, that is actually a Commandment of Teacher. If not, then one should not be Teaching, etc. Why is this important to note? Further down in the Comments, the conversation is that People are so adamant about a June Rapture for 2022, that 1 Commenter stated they know of People putting their Pets down. It is that serious. But as to my personal assessment and Critique of the Teachings that Pentecost is in August? Here are 20 Reasons why Pentecost cannot be in August.  

1. One did find the Tone of his Teaching, a bit condescending, as some Commenters noted, that ‘He is Right’ and everyone else has been wrong. Well, one says the same thing, about the Pentecost Double Count but one tries to be Gentle and patient. It is not an issue of Salvation nor Fellowship. And if other Brethren do not see this Point about there being a Pentecost Double Count, one is not going around ‘Correcting’ everyone.

2. He is the one that one mentioned that there is no ‘Current Tetrad of Blood Moons’. There is a series of 4 Blood Moons but the 2nd Blood Moon was not Total, and that is what determines a Tetrad, by Definition. Then, the supposed Tetrad did not occur on the Feasts of Passover and Sukkot. He has ‘forced’ the Dates to Coincide with the Blood Moons, which, later down the Arguments one will show that it is a contradiction he is using despite castigating the Jews and ‘Babylonian’ Church tradition for keeping a Lunar Calendar, etc.  

3. As noted, one does agree with the General Premise that Pentecost is a Double Count, but not ‘Exactly’ on the Feast of New Wine. This is an ‘Error’ in one’s estimation. There are 3 Summer Minor Feasts that the Jews kept, until the beginning of the Church Age.

One had mentioned that the work of Ken Johnson substantiates the finding of the Feasts of Grain, Wine and Oil. Pentecost is a separate ‘Animal’. If Pentecost occurred on the Feast of New Wine, then YHVH would have not delineated it. The Old Testament is clear on how the Israelite Men of War were to gather in Jerusalem on the 3 Harvest Feasts. First Fruits of their respective Season Harvests: Spring-Summer-Fall, etc. Pentecost is not the Feast of Wine.

4. In one’s opinion, one had commented that the Teacher believes that the New Year starts with the Barley Harvest and when that is ‘ready’. And not based on the Equinox. This goes contrary to all Ancient Methods and Understanding of how People ‘knew’ when to Plant and Harvest. It is not by mere ‘observation’ of when Man thinks the Barley Harvest might be ‘Ready’ and that constitutes the ‘New Year’? Totally off as mentioned before.

5. The 50 Days after the Wave Offering is when Moses came down with the Law Tablets and it was the occasion of the Golden Calf. Yes.

6. But it did not take 45 Days for Israel to get to Mount Sinai. The Bible teaches plainly, that it was on the 15th Day of the 3rd Month, Sivan. That is the 60th Day, and from that Time, the 40 Day Count commenced, thus the 99-100th Day.

7. Pentecost can never occur in June as there are no Grapes ripe enough to get Drunk off of. Agree.

8. The Teacher is assuming only 1 type of Wheat Harvest, the 2nd one that is harvested also starting in mid to late July and thereafter through all of August. In Modern Israel, the Early Wheat Harvest begins to be harvested 0n May 15, right after Israel’s Independence Anniversary, mind you.

9. The Grapes, the early ones, can and do begin to get harvested in late July. So, this is where Pentecost, based on the 99th Day Calculation, would begin to overlap with the Season of the Grape Harvest in late July, and then thereafter through all  of August, etc. But this does not mean Pentecost is thus, the Feast of New Wine. That is what the Teacher is insinuating. This is pure Conjecture.  

10. The Condescending Attitude comes-up in the Teacher’s rejection of what he calls, the ‘Babylonian Calendar’ that he accuses the Jews and Traditional Church are wrongly using. It is Half-Truth in one’s opinion. The reason being is that most Ancient Civilizations used a Lunar Moon Cycle. One of the Main Gods of the Ancient Middle East, was the Moon God or Goddess, Ishtar, the Queen of Heaven, the Red Dragon, aka, Allah.

Israel had both the Solar-Lunar Calendar to keep the Months, Weeks and Days Synchronized. Thus, they had to use the Solar Equinoxes and Solstices to adjust for the ‘Drift’ of the Moon’s Cycle being only used. This is the Rabbinical Calendar presently used by Israel. Jewish Diaspora, the Hillel Calendar was left as the only means of Time Observation. Why? The Temple was Destroyed and the Sanhedrin dispersed. .

11. As to the Barley First Fruit Wave Offering being Kernels only? It is interesting. This Harvest Type corresponded to the Order of Resurrections, wherein Jesus and those few that Resurrected with Him as tokens of the Gentile Harvest of Wheat to come. But if the samples of the Barley were purely the Gains or Kernels, or to include the Stocks…it is not clear and the Teacher is going now on Conjecture again. He might have a case, but in Scripture, Jesus did say that, if He, like a Kernel, did not fall to the Ground, be buried, and Die, there could be no Redemption, etc. And the Grain Type is that of Wheat. So, the Mystery ensues. John 12:24

12. The Teacher is basically surmising that since in Acts 2, the Apostles were accused of ‘Being Drunk on Wine’, that that Day must have been the Feast of New Wine. One can see the Deductive Logic, but he is again Conjecturing that ‘it is around Mid-August’. But again, only because the Teacher believes the Timing of the Feasts are 1 month off, for Pentecost then to be in August, not July. Who is to say that since the 99th Day, assuming the Pentecost Double Count to be in Mid-July, when Acts 2 occurred, the prevailing mindset of the time was that the Feast of New Wine was coming next. So, this could explain the direct connection to Pentecost with the Feast of New Wine.

13. The Feast of Weeks did not occur as they arrived on Mount Sinai. Wrong. One has proved that in the Article entitled ‘Sinai Pentecost’. See End-Notes. So, in one’s Research, the Teacher is not off on this Double Count, but is off in how he determines when the New Month starts. This is how then, in one’s opinion, he is off by 1 Month as he Teaches that Nissan in 2022 started on May 1-2 and thus ‘True Passover’ was on May 15-16. This would then shift all the subsequent Day Counts and that is why the Teacher surmises that Pentecost, although being a Double Count then occurs not in Mid-July but Mid-August. This is not correct..

14. The Jews totally discard the Typology of the Grains and Harvest Metaphors that pertain to Christ. Yes, I agree.

15. The Teacher is arguing that again, based on ‘Observed Ripening’ of the Barley, Passover does not, cannot occur in April. Wrong. First, the Growing Seasons 2000 Years ago in Israel were different from the Modern Era ones due to Climate Change. Just because the Barely ripens presently in May, does not mean Passover is not to be occurring in April.

This is why you need the Astronomical Calendar to sight the 1st New Moon after the Equinox, this is how, based on the work of Ken Johnson, the New Year was determined by Ancient Israel and particularly by the Essenes. There is Discrepancy here as to when the Astronomical New Month starts, but not by a whole Month as this Teacher purports. But he conveniently surmises that when Jesus Died, in April, it was one of the few times in how GOD ‘orchestrated it’. It is Faulty Logic in my opinion and not holding to his Arguments. Why? The Passover, regardless of ‘Perceived Ripping’ of Barley determined by Man, occurs always on a Fixed Date, the 14th Day of the 1st Month. And this is determined by the Astronomical Clock of the Spring Equinox. But he totally disagrees on this point and amazingly disregards. So, one would ‘Agree to Disagree’. Because his Day Calculations are thus off by 1 Month.

16. The Teacher does not comprehend that there is a difference now made, after the Exodus of there being a Civil New Year, based in the Fall Feast of Rosh HaShanah, the ‘Head of the Year’, and the Religious New Year, that being Nisan 1. Consider that the Month of Tishri is determined, traditionally by the Sighting of the Sliver of the Moon. There is no Command in the Old Testament that Passover was to be determined by the Sighting of the Sliver of the Moon.

But the Month of Nisan, is determined by the Spring Equinox. This is how YHVH and why GOD used both the Solar-Lunar Calendar, was and is to Synchronize the Times of Feast. Or else, as it happens now, the Jews, using only the Lunar ‘Babylonian’ Calendar will be off by 1 Month on my years, where for example. Rosh Hashanah occurs prior to the Fall Equinox and is technically still a Summer Feast then.

17. The Teacher states that ‘True Watchman on the Wall’, needs to believe as he does because he has ‘figured it out’. Yet, I find it ironic and a bit bewildering that he claims the current Calendars of the Jews and Traditional Church are ‘off’, yet he uses the Tetrads of Evidence of YHVH’s Handiwork and Precision of Time.

And this based on the Lunar Calendar of how the Feast have occurred on Passover and Sukkot. Go figure. Worse is that the Teacher has totally contrived the Chart of the Tetrad that is not a Tetrad nor occurred on Passover and Sukkot. It did in his Mind and Date Calculations but it is erroneous if not Deceiving at best. See Graphic Screenshot at End Notes. 

18. Based on the Teachers' reckoning of the Observational Ripening of the Barley Harvest, the 1s Month of Nisan occurred on May 1, 2022. This would then make May 15-16 Passover. Wrong. Totally absurd. Just because on the 15-16th, there was that Super Blood Moon. He is trying to fit Squares in Round Holes.

But if one does follow his Logic in how for 2022, the Feasts of YHVH are off by 1 Month, then this is why he would believe Pentecost is in mid-August, to coincide with the Feast of New Wine. But one would not disagree more. See Article for a more accurate rendering of the Sinai Day Count and when Pentecost occurred in relation to those Exodus Events.

# 609 ‘Mount Sinai Pentecost https://www.postscripts.org/ps-news-609.html

19. He makes an Argument that the Church will never come to the realization of how the Feasts of YHVH have been ‘Lost’ due to Church Tradition. In this Point, One would have to agree -to an extent, as one holds to the non-Traditional Double Count Theory of Pentecost. But he then uses a Tetrad Chart that shows, supposedly the ‘Tetrad’ for 2022 that occurred on Passover, and Sukkot but according to his Calculations. This is absurd.

To begin with, the 2nd Blood Moon was a Partial Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, about 94%, not a True and Total Blood Moon. So, from this notion, the Tetrad Argument is invalid and need not be a Prime Factor for proving an August Pentecost, etc. Why is this important? It is what constitutes the definition of a Tetrad: 4 Consecutive Total Blood Moons on Passover and Sukkot. But realize that the Teacher has changed the Feasts to correspond to the Blood Moons, regardless of their true occurrence.

20. The Teacher lastly corrects himself in stating that the Sighting of the Sliver of the Moon, occurred on May 2nd, based on ‘Witnesses’ in Jerusalem and using the Computer Software, Stellarium. It would then confirm, to his understanding, that Passover was on May 16. This is first assuming that Israel has a Religious Court, the Sanhedrin to declare such a Sighting as ‘Valid’ and Binding. However, the current Nascent Sanhedrin Court in Israel is not yet active as the Supreme Religious Authority, etc.

Basically, the Teacher is switching the Fall Rosh HaShanah Head of the New Civil Year Month of Tishri, with that of the Head of the New Religious Year of Nisan in the Spring. And again, is off by 1 Month because it is determined by the observational Ripening of the Barley Harvest. Which one is it? Is the Teacher going by the Ripening of the Barley Harvest? I so, then one would never need the ‘Babylonian’ Lunar Calendar to determine the Months. It cannot be both and why there are 20 Points counter arguing why Pentecost cannot occur in August.  


So, to reiterate and present the Take-Away. One still firmly believes that Pentecost is the 99th Day after Nisan 15.  That it does follow the Exodus Day Count. But not exactly on the Feast of New Wine. That the New Year to determine Nisan 1 is based on the Astronomical Calendar and not some ‘Direct Observation’ of when Man believes the Barley has ripened enough to call it the New Year’.

And that if the 99th Day is when Moses came down with the 2 Tablets of the Law, that could perhaps be correlated to the Rapture. Given, this is pure speculation on one's part just as much as the Teacher speculates on Nisan being on the 1-2nd of May in 2022. Bottom line is that all Theories, as that is what they are, will be Testing with Time.

Now, the only Discrepancy of one’s Hypothesis that the Rapture event might coincide with the 99Th Day, that being July 23-14 for 2022, it could be that it comes-and-goes as all the other speculated Rapture Dates. But only because it is an Inference one is imposing much like the Notion of the Barley Harvest having to be ripe before the Day Counts can begin, etc.

The Discrepancy is that the Rapture could very well also be considered to occur then at the end of the Barley and Wheat Harvest. Why? Again, one is only going off of Biblical/Scriptural Clues in how it states that Boaz and Ruth got Married ‘After the Barley and Wheat Harvest. This means that the Summer Wheat Harvest, although beginning in Mid-July does not end until Mid-August. And this time-frame would be convinced with the Feast of New Wine. Not a bad time to get Married.

But the point is that their Marriage was ‘Out of Season’ as most June Brides occur in late Spring at the start of Summer, traditionally speaking. So, there is still a chance of there being High Watch Days from that supposed 99th Pentecost Day, if GOD elects not to have the Resurrection-Rapture event take place there and then but rather in August, pertaining to the Feast of New Wine. But that the Feast of New Wine is NOT Pentecost, etc. Thus, if the Rapture does not Correspond to the 99th Day, of any given Year, then is open to the Notion that the Rapture event could occur on that Feast of New Wine, because of its Typology also.

Sabine from Sabine Shares Blog and YouTube Channel has done great Studies on the Prophetic Parallels of this Feast and how it is tied to the Tribe Benjamin as a Typology of the Rapture in that they ‘Snatched’ their Brides in White within the Vineyard’, etc. If the July 23/24, Date for this current Year is not when the Rapture happens, because it is Pentecost as one surmises, then one will still be Keeping Watching, Waiting and expecting the Blessed Hope in due Time .


Main Sources

No Pentecost Rapture in June. Moses' Pentecost is in August. 
Why isn't ours? Maybe we're wrong.
Manchild Ministries YoutTube Channel - Jun 5, 2022


# 609 ‘Mount Sinai Pentecost

Sabine Shares - YouTube Channel



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