Study in the Cosmic Connection with Mars

  • Are there Astronomical Correlations to Mars in Giza?
  • How does the Orion Stars Overlay look like at Giza?
  • What is the Significance of such Martian Motifs on Earth?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘Martha replied, I know that he will Rise Again in the Resurrection at the Last Day. Jesus said to her, I AM the Resurrection and the Life. He who believes in Me will Live, even though he Dies. And everyone who Lives and Believes in Me will never Die. Do you Believe this?’
– John 11:24-26

The purpose of this study is to illustrate that the Giza Pyramid complex of Egypt, on Earth not only Incorporates the Belt of Orion Star Constellation corresponding to the 3 Main Pyramids, but that the Pyramid Complex also has an Encrypted Pattern of the Pleiades in similar Parallel Proportion. The Giza Pyramids also has the Mars Motif of the Triangulated Pyramid Structures of Cydonia. The Key to linking both Pyramid Complexes is the Pentagon that is at the Core the 7-Pyramid ‘Pleiadian’ City.

There is a 1 for 1 match in orientation. Amazing, this Pleiades Pattern on Mars also approximates the Angles and Proportion on Earth. The Illustration will show the 2 Pyramid Cities and the Corresponding Ley-Lines for a visual match. Not surprisingly, the Giza Pyramid Complex just outside Cairo, that is corresponding to the Cydonia, Mars Pyramid Complex, has the Root Word Connotation to Mars. It is understood, that at the Time of the founding of the City of Cairo, the Rising of Mars was taking place. Some Unique Observations about the Mutual Correspondence involving the Pleiades Star Cluster and Orion Constellation are as follows.

The approximate Matching of the 2 Pyramid Complexes occurs when the Giza Pyramid Composition is Inverted Horizontally and flipped at a 90-Degree Angle. The Great Pyramid is aligned to True North. This is exactly how the Pyramid City of Cydonia, Mars is also Aligned to True North on Mars. Subsequently, the composition of the Giza Pyramids has the Orion Belt Star Arrangement that is part of more Sacred Mathematics found there.

The Orion Stars have the entire Orion constellation outline pegged to certain spots over the Giza region. In the Orion Orientation facing west, the reverse motif has the Solstitial Colure parallel that of the Nile River. In the 2nd Orientation that does match the Orion Belt Stars with the 3 Pyramids, the depiction facing South has the Celestial Equator ‘Cross’ the Nile River. This ‘Cross’ Concept is central to Orion in that it is the Celestial Rendition of the ‘Crucified One’. The Storyline of the Stars, the Mazzaroth is Depicting Orion as the ‘Christ Redeemer’ in this ‘Celestial Gospel’ written in the Stars. Ultimately, the fulfillment is found in the Work of Jesus Christ on the Cross.

Immortal Ones
It is he, Jesus, not the counterfeit Masonic Ala-Lu or Osiris in this case, that is the fulfiller of such Work done on the Cross of Calvary. Why? Jesus Died on the Cross of Calvary to Redeem the Lost Souls of all of Humanity, that is effective to all those that apply such a Payment, etc. As noted, unapparent to the Casual Observer, the Ley-Lines of the Giza Complex are pegged to form a Pentagram at the core of the 3 Pyramids, based on this Sacred Gematria and Astronomical Composition. When matched from the various Corners of the Pyramids and with the Sphinx, each Node or Land-Mark of this Geometric Pentagon correlates to the Pleiades.

The most Prominent ‘Node’ is the Sphinx that is next to the Osireion, which is the Temple dedicated to Osiris but in actuality it is a veiled Orion. The Sphinx has a Double Meaning also. It is the Fusion of the Mazzaroth, starting with Virgo and ending with Leo. It is also a correlation of Orion’s Phallus. There is also a Mars connection to Giza. Giza has the Cydonia, Martian Triangulation Motif. This is also a Cosmic Pattern that is found in most Ancient Sacred Places, such as in other parts of the world like in the Ruins in Peru and Baalbek and All Points in-between.

As noted, the 7-Pyramid City Structure of Cydonia matches the 7 Stars of the Pleiades and corresponds to the various ley-lines, corners of the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx among other Land-Markers in the Pyramid Complex. When the 3 Great Pyramid Outline of Giza is superimposed onto the Cydonia Pleiades Pyramid Complex, there is a 1 for 1 Match that is Astonishing. Evidently, the Builders of the Pyramids of Giza and Egypt had the same Knowledge of Surveying Ley-Lines, not only on Earth but those in Cydonia, Mars as well. Were they one in the same People perhaps?

Who are the Builders of these Pyramids in Mars and even in other Satellites such as the Moon as some purpose do exist? There is Picture Evidence, brought back by some Astronauts and by Satellite Pictures taken of the Surfaces, that ‘Pyramids’ and Towers have been found on Mars and the Moon. Also, several Pictures captured by the Rovers in Mars, have taken Images of Apparent Pyramids that seem to be beyond ‘Anomalies’.

Some believe that the Peoples that lived in the Pre-Flood World of Noah had a Great Capacity for such Knowledge, Technology, to do Space Travel. And perhaps even had Colonized Parts of the Moon, Mars and beyond. Or is it the other way around? According to the Bible and the Book of Enoch for example, the Fallen Angels were very actively ‘Traveling’ to and from the Earth. Why? It is stated that 1 Purpose was to conduct Gene-Altering of  the human DNA along with other Species.

Others Speculate that this Ancient and Lost Building Technology was of the Atlantean Type, whose Continent sank in a Catechism that could not have been caused by the Flood of Noah but a far earlier Galactic War perhaps. It was from that Time forth that Humanity had to relearn everything anew, yet only the few Elite Priestly Classes have hoarded such Secret  Knowledge and Technology, to this Day. It is the case now with the so-called ‘Secret Societies’ that are said to hold these Lost Secrets of the Universe. Such Knowledge is now ‘Codified’ and Hinted at in the Modern Renditions of such Sacred Geometry found incorporated in the Layouts of Modern Centers of Power.

Chambers of Immortality

It could have been the case that with the Assistance of such Highly Spiritually Intelligent ‘Beings’, such Forbidden Knowledge was Conveyed and Taught to mankind as Enoch attests to, was occurring. It could also be the case that at some Point in Time, either during the Pre-Flood Stages on Earth or before Genesis 1:1, there were Stations of Angelic ‘Sentinels’ Commissioned throughout the Universe. The Theme of the Book of Enoch does stipulate that the ‘Watchers’ sent by YHVH to ‘Guard’ over and ‘Help’ Humanity. But they instead chose to Abandon their Posts and ‘left their 1st Estate’ to Mate with Human Women. 

An example of this, is the Band of 200 Angels that came down during the Days of Enoch at Mount Hermon. Is it any wonder why the Pyramids at Giza or any other Sacred Sites on Earth were situated at those precise part? They feed and feed off of the Earth’s Natural Energy Lines that are as a Grid, that is configured by the Earth’s Magnetic Field. Why? Such places on Earth tap into this Energy Grid using Precise Geometric and Mathematical Calculation in relation to the various Ley-Lines. This holds True to the Triangulation mentioned that existed with the Structures associated with the Pentagon, the Pyramid City of the Pleiades and the Face on Cydonia, Mars.

This Triangulation Motif is thus also replicated in the Geometry seen in the Giza Pyramids. And how is it Pertinent or useful? This same Geometric Configuration points to the Precise Location to the Tomb of Osiris. It is in-between the Middle Pyramid and the Sphinx just off to the side of the Causeway. Not until recently was the Water-Well that was thought to be just that, was thoroughly Excavated and the Water pumped out. What has immersed is a Wonder of Chambers and 8 Sarcophagi. In the Lowest Chamber was the Sarcophagus surrounded by a Mote and 4 Pillars.

This exact Location at Giza, corresponds to the same exact center of the Pentagram Motif of the Pleiades Pyramid City on Cydonia, Mars. What is also very interesting is that the Covering Slabs of the Sarcophagus is Reminiscent of the Face of Mars, looking from a Top View. So, what happened to Earth’s Direct Contact with Mars? Perhaps the Images taken the various Mars Rovers of the Mars Waste Land is Evidence of Surface Bombardments. Such are also seen across the Solar System. What happened? It could speak of the Luciferian Angelic War that scared the Planet Mars, for example. Since the Flood of Noah, these same Fallen Angel Entities have been waiting for Humanity to catch-up to the Technology, so they can pick up where they left off, sort of speak.

It has only been in the last few Decades that the Technological Sophistication now exists to do what was done as in the Days of Noah. The prominent characteristic of the Days of Noah was Trans-Humanism. The Fallen Angels sought to Genetically Cross the Species of all Living Things and with Mankind. Such sought and still seek to Unlock the Secrets of YHVH’s DNA within Creation and Mankind. It is especially the case since it is the only portion of Creation that was Designed and Made in the ‘Image and Likeness’ of the Creator Himself. No other Living Species or kinds can claim this. This Concept is even seen in Sacred Geometry. For example, the Pentagram is the only Geometric Motif that can ‘Reproduce’ itself, endlessly Mathematically.

This construct signifies Resurrection and Immortality. This is why the Pharaoh Headdress was configured to an Inverted Pentagram. And in the Center-Piece was the Human Face, which id the Motif or Image of that Person’s Essence, outwardly. One very interesting connection with Immortality has to do with where Osiris is purported to be buried, within a ‘Pentagram’ Geometric Configuration at the Heart of the Giza Pyramid Complex.

Osiris is associated then with Ala-lu that was banished from Earth to Mars and later-on Died. His Countenance was Memorialized in a ‘Face-Mausoleum’ that is what is commonly referred now as the Face of Mars. Perhaps his Cadre of fellow Fallen Angels wanted to and want Resurrect him. Thus, they have embarked on this Never-Ending Quest or Great Work to Genetically crack YHVH’s Genetic ‘Magic Code’. 

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