As Seen in the Retrograde of Venus

  • Are the Christ Stars signaling a coming 'Birth' of a King?
  • Will the Christ Stars have a direct link to that of Jesus'?
  • When did the Magi arrive to see Jesus to themselves?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘As I was contemplating the Horns, another Horn, a Small One came-up between them, and 3 of the former Horns were torn out by the Roots to make room for it. This Horn had Eyes, Human Eyes and a Mouth speaking Arrogant Things.’ -Daniel 7:8

The purpose of this chapter is to present the illustration of the Venus Retrograde in Leo that occurred from mid-July to the start of September 2015. This Retrograde comes-off the Planetary Conjunction of Venus with Jupiter in Leo that has been deemed the ‘Bethlehem Star’. Leading-up to this Conjunction, many have been talking about the Star of the Christ as an impressive Conjunction not seen since the time around Jesus Christ’s Birth. Even the Secular Media had picked it up. This Conjunction in the Western Sky was a dazzling spectacle to behold and many nonetheless deemed it the ‘Bethlehem Star’ not been seen as reported since -3 BC.

Although the Venus and Jupiter Conjunctions are not rare, where they occur in certain Constellations can have added attributes especially Prophetic ones if it can be tied to the one before Anno Domini or AD. This study seeks to address a few misconceptions and errors about how this Planetary Conjunction was portrayed. This study will also suggest and point to possible End Time Innuendos only based on the various Celestial Patterns occurring like the Venus-Jupiter Conjunction of June 30/July 1, 2015, and the subsequent Venus Retrograde. What is true and unique is that this Venus-Jupiter Conjunction has not occurred in Leo since the perceived ‘Bethlehem Star’ during Christ’s Birth. There is no specific Retrograde table that catalogs this specific Conjunction in Leo since -3 BC because there are none, except for the year 2015.

This Venus-Jupiter Conjunction in 2015 was perhaps foretelling of the Antithesis of the true Christ then. Perhaps this Sign now is signaling the coming AntiChrist that is about to be ‘birthed’ per the interpretation of the conjunction, the retrograde and the Ominous Signs converging in YHVH’ new civil year of 5776. It is now a 7-Year Countdown then to 2022, perhaps. The Bible does forewarn that the coming and revealing of the AntiChrist is to also be accompanied by ‘Wonders and Signs’ like the true Christ had. The Stars of the Christs and perhaps a ‘birthing’ event itself. Lucifer always usurps the true Divine Types and Shadows to fool the World that perhaps such a ‘Christ Star’ is heralding his coming, not Jesus’. To this effect, even now some Orthodox Rabbis of Israel are receiving Visions and Code Searchers are heralding the coming of their Mashiach at the end of this 7-Year Sabbatical Cycle, but it will not be Jesus. As to the discrepancies, first of all the Venus-Jupitar Conjunction occurred in -3 BC not -2 BC.

Stars of the Christs
Most Planetary Software Models do not adjust for the Year 0 before 1 AD as it automatically goes to -1 BC. The Venus-Jupitar could not have been the ‘Bethlehem Star’ as only Venus proceeded to go into Retrograde and left Leo, Jupiter did not. Jupiter went into Retrograde later and stayed stationary in Virgo. A Retrograde is basically the illusion or appearance from Earth’s perspective of a Planet traversing the Ecliptic when it apparently then moves ‘Backwards’ for a period before moving Forward. The effect is generated based on the Orbits of the Planets and their Speed relative to Earth. This Optical Illusion would be like 2 vehicles on a Road where both are moving fast in a forward motion, but a faster vehicle overtakes the slower vehicle and as the faster vehicle passes the slower vehicle, it appears to move ‘backwards’.

The Venus-Jupiter Conjunction designated the ‘Union’ of the Planet of the Messiah, the Masculine with Venus, the Feminine in a Conception Commemoration. What is very interesting about the timing of this Venus-Jupiter Conjunction on June 30/July 1, 2015, was that in keeping with a Gestation Theme. If one added 9 Months from this Date, the End-Date was April 1, 2016. Was this some sort of April Fool’s Joke as in when the archetype of the ‘Joker’, Lucifer’s Messiah advancement in the agenda and timeline in some way? Thereafter it was Jupiter exclusively that took center stage in Virgo to announce the ‘Birth’ and who and where the King of the Jews had been born, the Mashiach; Immanuel which is ‘YHVH with us’. This study agrees with the theory that the actual ‘Bethlehem Star’ was none other than Jupiter.

This Planet of the Messiah came later through its Double Witness of a Triple Conjunction with Regulus in Leo and then became ‘stationary’ around the Fall of -2 BC in Virgo before going into its Retrograde thereafter. If this timing is valid, then on December 25 is when the Magi came to visit the young Jesus, already born, not a Newborn as portrayed on Christmas Cards, etc. Then based on one of many possible scenarios and timelines of Jesus’ Birth, the Venus-Jupiter Conjunction did not occur at Christ’s literal Birth nor was it the ‘Christ Star’ that traveled and then became ‘stationary’ over the town of Bethlehem that designated that for the Magi. What is unique about the Venus-Jupiter interaction is that Mercury ended its Retrograde as Venus began its Retrograde and ended around September 11, -3 BC.

To many in the Eschatological Community, this date is one of the many possible Dates of when Jesus was literally Born. It was that week that then Jupiter became stationary in Virgo and started it Retrograde in January of -1 BC after the Visitation of the Magi. To reiterate, this study suggests that foremost the Venus-Jupiter Conjunction implied a ‘Pregnancy’ or Conception and of a Birth to come. As the one in -3 BC foreshadowed the Conception, Pregnancy and Birth of the true Christ, Jesus perhaps this one in the Last Days is heralding the coming advent of the AntiChrist. For many centuries, the Church has desired to know the Signs of the Sun, Moon and the Stars related to the End Times. Such prior Generations did not have the convenience of the Microchip and Computers to catalog and Model the Heavens. Such knowledge was limited and vailed perhaps as Daniel was lectured about it.

Laodicean Age
There were great minds like Isaac Newton that sought to understand and only learned the information that was sought of the LORD but there was limited understanding. What this Last Generation has is not only the Information or Knowledge but the Understanding of it as it has come to be revealed by the Holy Spirit because it is for the Last Generation. It would appear that now, in these Last Days perhaps, YHVH has given His Church a glimpse of the Meaning of and Understanding of the various Cosmic Signs. The Church in some respects has neglected this study that the Esoterics and Luciferians are far more versed and skilled in.

For example, if mass Persecution and Purging occurs in America of Christians, it will be because the Pastors did not warn the Flocks of such possible pending Calamities. The verse will ring true in that the ‘People of YHVH Parish for Lack of Knowledge’. And ‘where there is No Vision, the People of YHVH parish’. Perhaps it was in keeping with Daniel to not have such Understanding but for the Last Days. A whole lot of People and Prominent Church Leaders are seeing sort of the same things and speaking about something happening due to the return of the Christ Stars. 

It is/will be a ‘Turning Point’ Prophetically. Even most Economic Experts are saying the same thing. What is also interesting is that Venus does a Retrograde now or a 'dance' from approximately 7-11 to 9-11, exactly 2 Months on the Eve of the Partial Solar Eclipse and the end of the Sabbatical Cycle on the Civil New Year of YHVH, September 13, 2015. Perhaps this was a type of the Bride doing her dance before the Groom? But this, in the subsequent 7-Year Cycle which would be 2022.

Others are attributing this Venus Retrograde that occurs in front of the Constellation Leo as a ‘Gate’. This would insinuate the ‘Lion’s Gate’ that perhaps could be an opportunity for the Rapture Period or not. It could also be a Time or Seasons that truly could be a Portal of sorts but in the Spiritual Realm that would and will affect the Earth directly perhaps. Nevertheless, the Ominous Signs abound as the World will be a much different place than before. In terms of schedules, the USA and the World have turned the Prophetic Corner and the present World Order is heading downhill very fast. America in the New World and the New Nation that was created in 1776 was designed along the lines of being the New Atlantis that the Luciferians once ruled.

The USA’s Declaration on the 4th of July for example is well documented to have been based on the Astronomical Alignments, such as with ISIS or Sirius and others. In the year 2015, Tammuz 17 occurred on July 4th.This is when the Tablets of the Law were broken or 'divided'. They were smashed by Moses as he went down the Mountain. As he had been 40 Days receiving the Law, the People of YHVH became restless and gave themselves over to the Spirit of the Golden Calf instead. This is much like the USA has done now as the Prophets of YHVH are to be summonsed up to the presence of the LORD, i.e., the Rapture very shortly it would appear. America has officially exchanged its ‘God’ for the Perverse Spirit of ISIS. It was a time that the Lust and Perversions where chosen instead as they cast-off the precepts of a Holy Creator, YHVH.

American Tragedy
This is just like the USA has given itself over now to the Comportment, Morals and Behavior that the Israelites engaged in, Sexuality and Deviancy. This is in reference to the Supreme Court decision to legitimize Homosexual Marriage, etc. Will the USA in some divine way be similarly 'smashed'...Divided as such? Yes. Astronomically, an Ominous Celestial Sign already suggests this. It occurs over America as an ‘X’ at the Heart of the Nation by 2 Solar Eclipse events. The 1st Sign of this coming Division occurs on August 21, 2017, as the Total Solar Eclipse reached its maximum over Nashville, Tennessee. It is ironically the place where the Temple of ISIS is situated. The next Eclipse occurs on April 8, 2024, and marks the ‘X’, dead center on the New Madrid Earthquake Fault Line.

It is though the Nation is being literally Divided as the August 21, 2017, Solar Eclipse’s Path streaked across the States from Portland to Charleston. The Dividing by the Total Solar Eclipses to occur in America that passes over Nashville speaks of ISIS or Sirius and of Egypt. It is ironic that the Ruler that is in power now in Egypt is named Sisi, an ISIS reversed.  Based on one interpretation all these Events and Signs, are also but a prelude to the coming Tribulation Period with the Pre-Tribulation Rapture in tandem with the ‘Great Escape’ of YHVH’s People as it was from Sodom and Gomorrah. Many Churches in America that refuse to teach Biblical Prophecy reason that they stay away from it to avoid discomfort, much like Sin. To others, it is Alarming and is kept from the Flock. Others site and track sensationalized claims that have thus far come to nothing.

The harm is that the Pendulum is swung to the side that excludes any form of having to keep the Command of Christ to ‘Watch and Pray’ as Watchman for His Return. The Watch is for the Blessed Hope of the Resurrection and Rapture of the Bride. In Metaphorical comparisons to Heterosexual Marriage, what is the key is that both Husband and Wife are on the same Spiritual and/or Eschatological frame of mind. The point is that presently, the Wife to be of Jesus, is not on the same page as is Jesus. Statistically and Prophetically, 50% will miss the ‘schedule’ entirely based on the Parable of the 10 Virgins. Will the Blessed Hope of the Groom’s Rescue of His Bride coincide with the National and Global Judgment that is coming that will Reset the New World Order?

If what is to come is Ominous, then the Blessed Hope happens just as it was for Noah, Lot, Jericho, a ‘Great Escape’, etc., just before Judgment of the World occurred. Then on the other up-swing, many Christians get 'Rapturitis'. This is the condition that Mentally and Spiritually, many are going from one Date to the next and also perhaps neglect other things. This is when the old saying goes, ‘are too Heavenly Minded to be any Earthly Good’ comes into play. Many have been burnt-out ‘waiting’ and or being so disappointed when the Rapture does not occur according to an anticipated or set-timing. This is the issue; YHVH’s Schedule is always on time and set. Nonetheless the Rapture will be the ‘Greatest Escape’ if the Patterns hold true and Judgment upon the World is to commence. Most Churches do not touch such issues, probably because they do not want to lose Congregants or Alarm the Flocks and get them in a frenzy or that they see Biblical Prophecy as divisive and based on False Predictions and Date-Setting.

Great Escape
The issue for the Church in this Last Hour is that in general, the Church is asleep. In part, there have been Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing making sure Biblical Prophecy is not touched upon. In other cases, many Churches are just Social Clubs for Fellowships and the Bible is not taken serious as YHVH’s Word. Most Congregation of Jesus are clueless to what is about to happen Prophetically and have neglected this Stewardship of the Command to Watch, that goes hand-in-hand with Prayer, this is the Key and what has been lost. Most do not realize that as Revelation 19:10 states, the reason for Biblical Prophecy to Testify or Witness about Jesus. Based solely on the Cosmic Signs and the events occurring on Earth, it would appear that 'time is up'.

It is not the end of the World but the Age or Order that Jesus alluded to that one day it would end. This specific Bible Scripture reference is in direct proportion to the task of the Church Age. Perhaps the return of the Christ Stars are the key by such Prophetic Estimation, when either the Bride of Christ will have to be taken out, moved out or taken Home. As the Church specifically in the Middle East is being allowed to be ravaged on the same level of Atrocities and Genocide committed by the Muslims as it was during the 1st Century in the Roman Arenas.

Perhaps this too is a ‘bookend’ even in that as the Church began, so too will it end with. Why? Signs have a Prophetic ‘shelf-life’. In the meanwhile, the Bride of Jesus needs to be at Peace and have the Peace of Jesus for what is coming to America because there will be a harsh change in reality. The Hope of the Church of Jesus Christ is not in the Rapture but the LORD of the Rapture. If the Great Escape, i.e., the Rapture does not occur in the very near future, based on the Signs of the Return of the Christ Stars, means that the End of the Church Age, Harvests, etc., is still yet in the future. The point is that the seemingly ‘End’ of the Church is like the Beginning of the Church; sort of a 'bookend'.

This mirrors the supposed ‘Star of the Christ’s like the Venus-Jupiter Conjunction, Prophetic ‘bookend’. To the Occult and Luciferian Minions, Venus as the Archetype of the true Bright and Morning Star Jesus is none other than ISIS and the Demonic Spirit of ISIS that has permeated the very core of America’s Heart. It is the Spirit of Sodomy and Perversion. What others have pointed out regarding the Venus-Jupiter Conjunction in Leo is that it occurred exactly at the midpoint of the 3rd and 4th Blood Moons of the Tetrad. The Constellation that the Conjunction occurred in was Leo. It is depicted as the King and at the Star Regulus is considered the ‘Star of the King’.

Can it possibly be that as the King was announced to be born then, the coming Prince that shall come has now been also signaled by the same Venus-Jupiter Conjunction? And again, it will be the False 'King', the False Mashiach the Jews are expecting and perhaps the Mahdi the Muslims are also waiting on. What is for sure as a ‘More sure Word of Prophecy’ is that there is a coming False King, the AntiChrist with his Kingdom per Daniel's Visions before the True King of Kings and LORD of LORDS, Jesus will come.

To reiterate, this study suggests that perhaps the Venus-Jupiter on June 30/July 1, 2015, was signaling the coming advent of the AntiChrist as it occurred for the True Christ in -3 BC. This Venus-Jupiter Conjunction is to be understood as an Archetype or Antithesis of the one with Jesus Christ. This could possibly be meaning that one is seeing a Sign of some Event or Person being mirrored other than Jesus; the literal advent in the flesh of the AntiChrist. The literal advent in the flesh of the AntiChrist very soon will coincide with the take down of the USA to birth the New World Order. If world events are any indication, the Old Order is getting down to the wire and as the Snowball Metaphor, the New World Order is picking-up speed and tempo.

It appears that this Conjunction of time is pegged to Sabbatical Cycles of Years. In the year 5777 will be the 50th year or a Jubilee Cycle of time converging since 1967. The year 2018 witnessed the 70th Year Cycle since 1948. How can this time not be pivotal in YHVH's Time Clock? As mentioned already, all major Religions are making incredible pronouncements about the coming of their Savior. According to the Christian Bible, one will be coming but it will be the 'One who will come in his own Name'. If this is the case, it demonstrates just how close the Blessed Hope is in which the LORD will remove His Bride in proximity to this his Disclosure.

The Pre-Tribulation Rapture Scenario is a Great Escape, not from Persecution or what troubles are to come; the Church has never escaped from such circumstances. What the Church will escape is the Wrath of the Lamb upon Proverbial Sodom and Gomorrah. The Church of Christ has always been through Bad Times and seen open Persecution but not what is to occur during the Tribulation which is Judgment specifically come down on the AntiChrist’s Babylon System in all its Political, Economic, Social and Religious renditions. When this Judgment occurs on ‘Sodom’ as promised through an Open Door, the Bride of Christ will be summonsed to Escape, perhaps through a ‘Lion’s Gate’ even.

It will be at that time, individually and thus collectively that the Bride had Jesus as the Bright Morning Star, Venus arise in her Heart and they are now, the Groom and Bride ‘eclipsed’ as one in Conjunction as Venus was with Jupiter. There is a coming New Dawn, it will be Jesus’ New World Order. A Venus-Jupiter Conjunction is to occur, at the Rapture, when the Bride of Christ as Venus comes up to conjoin Jesus, as a Jupiter in the air as if in Heaven. All this to suggest that if the Christ Star returned in 2015, that was the 7th Year of the Sabbatical Cycle 7-year. Thus, the next 7-year Sabbatical Cycle would be from 2022-29. Could this then be the ‘Countdown’ to the 70th Week of Years per the Prophet Daniel?

‘We have also a More Sure Word of Prophecy; whereunto ye do well that ye take heed, as unto a Light that shines in a Dark Place, until the Day Dawn, and the Day Star [Venus] arise in your Hearts.’ -2 Peter 1:19


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