A Rapture Rendezvous of the Redeemer

  • Is there a prophetic picture of Jesus and the Bride involved?
  • Is there a Biblical typology in the Pleiades and the Comet?
  • Is there a great transformation and change about to occur?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘When the waters become hard as stone and the surface of the deep is frozen? Can you bind the chains of the Pleiades or loosen the belt of Orion? Can you bring forth the constellations in their seasons or lead out the Bear and her cubs?’ -Job 38:30-32

The purpose if this study is to highlight the astronomical occurrence of the comet Atlas 2/2019 Y4 conjunction with the Pleiades on May 29, 2020. The study will be accompanied by a chart to illustrate the ‘arch’ that the comet will display as its trajectory rounds the Sun, which will be spectacular only because it accents the Pleiades in a most unique way. What is rather significant is that the date happens to coincide with the YHVH Feast of Pentecost and thus a type of the coming rendezvous of the Rapture. The conjunction will be at the approximate midpoint of the ‘arch’. The Sun, at this point will be in the constellation of Taurus. The study will suggest Biblical inferences to the Pleiades and how that is tied to the personification of the Church Body of Christ Jesus and how Jesus is the personification of Atlas, the mythical burden-bearer of the world.

This study will thus infer the Perihelion of the comet and conjunction to the Pleiades to several possible prophetic nuances and esoteric connotations. This is especially pertinent to the Biblical doctrine of the soon anticipated Resurrection and Rapture event that many believe is to occur at a Pentecost Feast harvest typology. A brief cosmological background will be provided for context based on the latest research as this comet has only recently been discovered, as of the winter of 2019. And some observers are correlating it to the outbreak of the COVID-19 Pandemic as an omen as that is what comets are known for. Comets have historically been seen as harbingers and/or omens of doom and of a time for drastic transition and/or change on Earth.

If one does study history, one can discover that at the major historical nexus points of the major transformations on Earth were seen to occur in tandem with a significant naked-eye comet. Although there are scores of comets in the Universe at any given time or specifically isolated within the Solar System where Earth resides, comets that approach Earth or those of the kind that can be seen by the naked eye are rather rare. In recent memory, the major comets that have come to mind have been Elenin, Siding Spring, Encke and ISON to name a few. As one can attest to the last decade, especially starting around 2008 has been a time of transformation, of change for the whole world. And now, especially with the COVID-19 planned Pandemic, it is rather interesting that the Atlas comet happened to be discovered around the same time that the Pandemic was first reported by China to the World Health Organization, the WHO.

A 6000-Year-Old Orbit
Since the comet was recently only discovered in late 2019, there is limited information and possible research provided other than the essential statistics. At this point, possible projections and expectations are changing by the day. According to research, however this comet is very unique in that it has already been dubbed ‘the Comet of the Generation’ and that it will have its Coma or ‘atmosphere’ as big as half the size of the Sun. Although initially many Astronomers put much anticipated stock on such a discovery, it often dwindles down in expectation. Case in point was the comet ISON. It was deemed the ‘Comet of the Century’ and that it would have been seen in the daytime as it would have been as bright as the Moon, etc. However, it broke apart and it did not materialize as ‘advertised’. Already, during the writing of this article, the comet Atlas was reported to have broken up at its core.

Thus, the expectation of a spectacular naked-eye observance may not be the case without assisted devices, etc. Comet Atlas C/2019 Y4 was discovered by the Asteroid Terrestrial-impact Last Alert System or ‘A.T.L.A.S’. on December 28, 2019 at the Hawaii's Asteroid Impact Detection Facility. According to research, the comet is traveling at 37km/s or 82,766 mph. The nucleus is made up of rock, dust and frozen gases that is believed to be around 6.3 miles in diameter. The size of a comet is defined by its atmosphere or Coma that is made up of gas and dust. The core is purported to be 5 times greater than that of planet Jupiter. Its Coma made up of a gaseous cloud said to then measure about half the size of the Sun, 447,387 miles in diameter or 720,000 kilometers. But as noted, the actual size of the icy rock is only a few miles or kilometers.

The comet was originally forecasted for naked-eye observation towards the end of April or beginning of May. It now appears that the comet may not be as bright as thought due to an apparent fracturing of its nucleus as noted. At the time of its discovery, comet Atlas was nearly 3 Astronomical Units (AU) from the Sun. Its projected Perihelion will be 0.25 AU from the Sun. An AU is the distance from the Earth to the Sun given as the standard measure in cosmology. At the time of its discovery, the comet shone at magnitude 19.6 in the constellation Ursa Major as viewed from Earth. What is rather amazing and unique about Atlas C/2019 Y4 if true, is that based on the current measurements and calculus, this comet is indicating a 4,400-year Orbital Period.

Then, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory JPL Small-Body Database using an epoch of February 18, 2020, shows the comet with an Orbital Period of approximately 6,000 years. This is an estimation, as one has to account and adjust for perturbations while a comet is inside any planetary region. With this in mind, then a more useful barycentric solution before the comet entered the Solar System shows an Inbound Orbital Period of about 4,800 years. Then after leaving the Inner Solar System, the comet will have an Outbound Orbital Period of about 5,200 years. What is the point? The point is that this comet was last seen then when Creation occurred based on Genesis 1:2 where Adam and Eve were created in the Garden of Eden. In essence, this comet can be thus be deemed the ‘Creation Comet’. This supposition now paints a very prophetic picture if true. As noted, its conjunction with the Pleiades is on May 29, 2020, which coincides with Pentecost and then with its nearest point to the Sun on May 31, 2020.

A Matter of Timing
If one subscribes to the Gap Theory, then the Earth is young in the sense that Genesis 1:2 is actually a ‘re-creation’ and the Old Earth occurred in Genesis 1:1, etc. This overlap would thus accommodate both suppositions as being true and not mutually exclusive. Based on the time chronology of the creation of Adam, it is thus calculable to know that the date of around 4000 BC was Humanity was created. What is the point? The point is that this comet could be evidence of the theory of Dispensations, that indeed the typology of the Creation Week is valid. It then does become a prophetic template to have extended as the measure of time Humanity has been allotted for its redemption.

Then for Jesus to return to Earth to make all things right and new. Thus, there are a total of 7000 years to be fulfilled. This then means that the 6000-year maker is about to be achieved with the remaining 7-year Tribulation Period to close it out. The remaining 1000 years would then constitute the Millennial Reign of Christ on Earth to fulfill the Sabbatical typology, etc. This is what this particular comet Atlas is then possibly suggesting in terms of its orbit and timing with the conjunction of Pleiades as a possible ‘Rapture rendezvous’ typology. The following is the simplistic delineation of the segments or Dispensations of time for Humanity on Earth.

Comet Atlas C/2019 Y4                                 Comet Atlas C/2019 Y4

1          ------->             4000    ------>               2000    ----->    1000                = 7000 years
Adam                           Abraham                     Christ               Kingdom
-4000 BC                     -2000 BC                     0                      ~2000+ AD

Also consider that with this model of the Genesis 1:2 re-Creation, it is assumed and accepted by many that the Earth existed prior to Adam and Eve for it ‘became formless and void’. In this case it was a creation made out of something. Thus, a prior cosmology existed and that had a degree of chaos already present. This is largely believed to be attributed to the rebellion and fall of Lucifer. It is also believed by some that Lucifer had a prior dominion and/or presence on Earth as it is stated in Ezekiel that he even ‘walked in Eden’. Such a celestial rebellion could explain the chaos that is seen also in the Universe as it appears that the seemingly Order was disrupted and as a result, one of the evidences of this chaos is in the formation of comets. Comets are believed to come from particular regions of the asteroid belts that involve the environs of the Solar System and came about by way of collisions of either planetary objects or other types.

This chaos theoretically could not have happened if a perfect and synchronized Universe was initially created, reflecting the nature of the Creator. What would be so special about a -2000 BC time period then? Biblically speaking, it is calculated by some that around this period is when Abraham was born, more precisely in -1948 BC and on Pentecost. What is the correlation to the End Times? It so happens that using the Creation Calendar, the birth of the nation of Israel in 1948 also occurred on Pentecost. Thus, is this ‘Creation Comet’ to conjoin the Pleiades at Pentecost an omen of the pending doom or the conclusion of its ‘6000-year’ time expiration? Or, is it a harbinger of a coming time of change and transition? Has the time come to revert back to the nation of YHVH, Israel that it is to specifically finish-off the 6000-year prophetic clock?

Dispensational Dispositions
Such a time will culminate with the return of their true Messiah, Jesus. The theory and calculation of the creation of Humanity is based on the Ussher Chronology. It calculates that the creation of Earth, the ‘Young Earth Theory’ happened on 22/23 October -4004 BC. It is that specific and the work of James Ussher, who based the date on the lifespans of all those mentioned by years since Adam in the Old Testament of the Bible. What is rather interesting also to consider is that based on research, it is the 5th millennium before Christ that is considered by many to be the starting point for calendars and chronologies. This would suggest a beginning of ‘time’, then the Tower of Babel incident after the Flood of Noah that basically necessitated a ‘reset’ of time and thus all the adjusted calendars from then on, etc. In terms of time, is this comet possibly then a time marker of a great transition and change to occur on Earth?

If one would consider the world now due to the COVID-19 planned Pandemic, was it any coincidence that the comet happened to appear in tandem when the pandemic was first reported back in December of 2019? Eerily, both have a similar nomenclature, C/2019 Y4 and C-OVID 19, etc. Currently, comet Atlas C/2019 Y4 has a green or aqua color Coma that arises from the emissions of diatomic carbon. It is also not known if it will reach naked-eye visibility sometime in late April to May of 2020. It is believed that the comet has fragmented into at least 4 pieces. But due to the fragmentation as noted, it is unknown if the comet will continue to brighten. The fragmentation may be the result of out-gassing causing an increase in the centrifugal force of the comet. Interestingly, specific to the approach of comet Atlas C/2019 Y4 to the Pleiades, as mentioned, will coincide with the traditional 50th day of Pentecost on May 29, 2020.

It will be at its closest point to Earth on May 23, 2020 during a New Moon when the comet will be 17 degrees from the Sun. Its Perihelion or closest approach to the Sun will be on May 31, 2020, Pentecost in the Gregorian Calendar. What is significant is that no comet has come this close to earth since Hale-Bopp in 1997 on March 22 which happened to be Purim. As noted, comets are ‘Signs’ and omens of pending destruction. This has been especially believable as for example, Siding Spring had the plasma collision with Mar’s atmosphere. There was comet Lovejoy depicting an Islamic sword that correlated to the genocide of Christians in the Middle East, etc. In other studies, it has been noted that the 1997 comet of Hale-Bopp was deemed the ‘Comet of Noah’ as that apparently heralded the countdown to the end of the present dispensation also.

Interestingly, in 1996 comet Hyakutake and Hale-Bopp in 1997 crisscrossed the Star Algol, in the head of Medusa that is referred to HaSatan. In 2020, this Atlas C/2019 Y4 comet’s ‘arch’ conjoining the Pleiades will have the better part of the illuminated tail ‘blur-out’ the face of Medusa due to is path as it approaches the Pleiades. Is this another prophetic nuance of what Satan is to expect? As in, at the Rapture Rendezvous, the snatching of the ‘Pleiades’ will leave Satan ‘in the dust’. Speaking of comet omens and the end of Dispensations, according to the Ethiopian calendar it is the year 2012. Thus, there is then a possible ‘the end of the world’ complex at play again. Will it be of the end of the 6000-year Dispensation of time, as this cosmological ‘Sign’ is strongly suggesting and that is lining-up with the Biblical typologies?

The Rapture Rendezvous
The Ethiopian Calendar has 13 Months /12 Months /30 days/1 and 5 or 6 days depending on a Leap Year. So, could 2020 actually be the year ‘2012’ and ‘end of the world’? So, is the ‘Creation Comet’ of 6000 years to attest to this supposition? The following will be some possible nuances to such notions. There are alternative prophecies that a ‘Star’ is to come heralding the ‘end of the world’. According the Hopi Prophecies, a world transformation will be announced by a ‘Star’ called the Blue Star Kachina followed by the Red Star Kachina which should not be far behind. As this comet in 2020 has already been deemed ’the comet of a generation’ initially by some Astronomers, that remains to be seen, both literally, figuratively and prophetically. However, if the connection to Pentecost is no mere coincidence, then this comet is very significant as to be an End Times ‘Sign’. Sign of What? Of a Rapture Rendezvous.

Based on current worldwide events, many are seriously thinking that the Dispensation of the Age of Grace or the Church Age is about to conclude then. And that as the Church was ‘birthed’ on Pentecost, perhaps it will end at one with the Resurrection and Rapture event. Also consider that this author subscribes to a 100-day count for Pentecost from the ‘morrow after the Sabbath’. That is, a 50-day initial count from the Sabbath after Passover and then a mirrored 50-day count afterwards to coincide with what the Bible teaches in Leviticus 23:16 and how it is deemed ‘when Pentecost had fully come’. This timeframe would put the completion of the prophetic type of a Pentecost harvest, that is currently being fulfilled in a late July when the Wheat Harvest turns ‘white’. This would also be corroborated in the timeframe Jesus referenced from the Equinox in stating that ‘are there not 4 months left and then comes the harvest?’

The following are some cosmological attributes of comet Atlas C/2019 Y4 as it pertains prophetically to the typology of Atlas being the ‘Shepherd’ overseer of the Pleiades and how the Pleiades will be ‘arched’ by the comet’s trajectory as it streams to its Perihelion with the Sun. It is rather peculiar that the comet Atlas will conjoin with the Pleiades that has the Star Atlas as the ‘Shepherd’ of the Pleiades. Amazingly, the start of the illumination of the tail by the Sun starts on May 14, 2020. This coincides with Israel’s birth in 1948. Then as noted, the apex of this illumination of the conjoining point with the Pleiades is on May 29, 2020, which will be Pentecost. Is this a coincidence? Then the ‘arch’ pathway of the comet passes over the head of the constellation of Taurus where thereafter, the retrograde of Venus occurs, also interestingly on May 14, 2020.

Amazingly, it was Venus also that had its conjunction with the Pleiades in early April and then subsequently is to make its retrograde along the ‘Horns’ of Taurus. Then, the illumination of the comet’s tail will totally diminish as it enters Orion and proceeds to leave the Solar System. Thus, many who have eyes to see such cosmological things prophetically are attributing this conjunction and ‘arch’ of the ‘Creation Comet’ as depicting a sudden ‘snatching’ of the Pleiades. In what way? Could it be signaling that the ‘Greater Atlas’, Jesus who likewise bore the weight of the sins of the whole world upon Himself at the Cross of Calvary is about to rendezvous with His ‘Little Flock’, typified by the comet? For what purpose? For the purpose of fulfilling His promise to one day return to snatch His Bride to Heaven for the Marriage Super of the Lamb, etc. The apex of the comet arching over the Pleiades is as if the comet is ‘crowing’ this particular place in time out of the whole Universe. It is understood that the Pleiades are a metaphor for the 7 Churches of Asia and all-inclusive of the Bride of Christ. Jesus Christ is thus seen also as the High Priest tending to the Golden Menorah that is depicting in the book of Revelation ‘in the midst’ of the 7 ‘Lights’ or Testimonies, etc. And in further typology and overlay of prophetic types, the Pleiades can be likened to the Menorah itself with Atlas and Pleione as the kickstand and base. The Menorah type can also be seen as the almond tree that the design is made after and how Jesus became the Vine and His Disciples are the ‘Branches’. In human form, Jesus came as the ‘Greater Orion’ to take upon Himself the division between Humanity that cut-off the fellowship and life of the Creation of Adam and Eve about 6000 years ago due to sin.

Thus, the Pleiades are represented as being ‘captured’ by the fierce judgment of the Bull, that Taurus represents. It is this Beast or in actuality, Lucifer that is depicted by the constellation of Taurus that is in-between Orion and the Pleiades. Jesus as the Judge of the Universe became human to cross that division of separation and amazingly take on the ‘fierce judgment’ upon Himself -required by the law broken by Adam and Eve 6000 years ago that required blood to atone. Jesus, having paid for sin at the Cross of Calvary by His blood will one day crossover such an expanse again, but this time to transform and glorify His Followers and usher them into Heaven. And this cosmological ‘Sign’ of the Creation Comet is depicting just that. Specific to the Pleiades, it is consisting of 7 Stars: Merope, Electra, Alcyone, Celaene, Taygete, Maia and Asterope.

It is Atlas with the ‘Attendant’, Pleione that shepherds the ‘Little Flock’ or as in other renditions, the ‘Congregation of the King’ according to the research and interpretation of E.W. Bullinger. Thus, is this cosmological occurrence an End Times ‘Sign’ that Jesus is about to come for His Bride? Is the Resurrection and Rapture then to occur on a Pentecost as that is when the comet ‘arch’ conjoins with the Pleiades? Perhaps and hopefully so but most likely, as ‘Signs’ go, they are just and not the event itself. Although it would be signaling that the promise of the ‘Blessed Hope’, or the Rapture of Bride of Christ as the ‘Pleiades’, the ‘Greater Atlas’ will be coming and at a specific Feast of YHVH, that is tied then to a Pentecost harvest. Why this author does not believe the Rapture will take place on or around May 28-31st of 2020 Pentecost though is for the precise reason as stated above.

In an alternative interpretation of Leviticus 13:16, Pentecost is actually a 100-day count to be ‘fully come’ or completed or concluded during the late ‘white’ Wheat Harvest of a given year. This also then has to be stated that it does not have to be in 2020 that the Rapture occurs. Although, there is presently an abrupt worldwide transition and change due to the COVID-19 planned Pandemic to usher in the New World Order. It is very terrifying but exciting at the same time to be expectant as the calculus can only exhaust certain coefficients of time and ‘Signs’. In what way? Israel has reached its 72nd year since 1948 and that coefficient signals a cosmic completion of a time. There has been now nearly 2000 years since Jesus and that would factor into the 6000-year Dispensation equation, etc. Then the present worldwide forced lock-down will set the stage for the coming New World Order that will be Orwellian and the ‘Brave New World’.

It will be a world of forced vaccinations with tracer nano tattoos that will lead to the eventual Mark of the Beast. Already the peoples of the world are being conditioned slowly to not congregate and stripped of livelihoods. It is going to be a Police State as criminals are being let out of prison while Pastors are being arrested. All the while, the ‘conspiracy’ theories that many had been clamoring about over for the past decades are now a reality. And the decades of the Laodicean type of church teachings will reap what they have sown in this last stage of the 7-fold Church Age. Yet there is plausible deniability and cognitive dissonance.

One cannot and does not blame such a reaction as what is coming will pale in comparison to the human atrocities of Communist Mao, Pol Pot, Stalin and National Socialist Hitler. In effect, the ‘church’ as a whole has been rendered powerless, but it has come to fruition as it was warned that in the Last Days the general spiritual state would be ‘having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof.’ This is not to say that Jesus does not have a Remnant, but usually as Remnants go, they are as the Pleiades, a ‘Little Flock’.

And with the increasing backlash and protests of the worldwide lock-downs that are not being shown on the propaganda airwaves, it will be at some point the excuse to initiate a full-on military Martial Law existence in the New World Order. Nonetheless, the time approaches for the present Dispensation to close-out the Great Commission of the ‘Little Flock’. The true Followers of Christ have always been those ‘in the know’ of what is to befall the future of the world, and very soon. And that such are the ones that have been given to see what is ahead to take courage and have peace as one awaits in anticipation for the Rapture Rendezvous of the ‘Greater Atlas’, Jesus and perhaps at some Pentecostal time of harvest.

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