Daily Sacrifices for the Nations

  • What is Ezekiel's 4th Temple about and why is it needed?
  • Why a need for a Temple of YHVH during the Millennial Kingdom?
  • Why will there still be a need to have a Sacrificial Rite going on?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘In the 24th year of our exile, at the beginning of the year, on the 10 day of the month, in the 14 year after the City was struck down, on that very day, the hand of YHVH was upon me, and He brought me to the City. In visions of GOD He brought me to the land of Israel, and set me down on a very high mountain, on which was a structure like a City to the south. When he brought me there, behold, there was a man whose appearance was like bronze, with a linen cord and a measuring reed in his hand. And he was standing in the gateway. And the man said to me, Son of Man, look with your eyes, and hear with your ears, and set your heart upon all that I shall show you, for you were brought here in order that I might show it to you. Declare all that you see to the house of Israel.' -Ezekiel 40:1-4

The purpose of this study is to consider the Altar of Sacrifice during the Millennial period wherein the 4th Temple of Ezekiel and Altar of Sacrifice will be built by Jesus. What is the significance of such an Altar and any need for further Daily Sacrifices if it Jesus who will acutely be ruling and reigning from the Temple? According to research, Ezekiel was one of the Captives that was taken to Babylon after the destruction of the 1st Temple by Nebuchadnezzar. It is said that he came from a line of Priests so what occurred to him regarding the vision of the 4th Temple makes sense. This study still holds the theory that the true location of the Holy of Holies is marked by the Dome of the Tablets. An enormous platform will be made and will level most of what is now the Old City.

Realize that the earthquake that is to occur at the decent of Jesus will collapse the Kidron Valley. Thus, the Mount of Olives will be much closer to the Temple Mount than it is now perhaps. What is also unique in terms of numbers that are Biblical, is the coefficient of 144, as in the 144,000 Jewish that Jesus chooses, anoints and sends out to evangelize during Daniel’s 70th Week of Years. In this case, the coefficient in meters is 1440 squared for this coming massive platform. At the center of this massive platform will be the 4th Temple, another perfect square of 500 cubits. The platform will easily be accommodating millions of people as 1000s from each Nation will be sent. It will be a throwback to the days of Moses and the congregation in the wilderness.

There was the Tabernacle of Moses and about 3 million estimated people gathered around it with YHVH’s Divine Presence. What will be very interesting to know is how the Nations will be organized around the 4th Temple. Based on pure speculation and layout room, the contingencies of organized lineups and formations could be exactly as they were for Israel that could accommodate such numbers. Then one thinks about what the times will be like when there will be no Nations gathered. Will the platform be vacant? Will people be allowed to have access as it is now on the Temple Mount platform for example. Can people come up to the Temple and request to speak directly to Jesus?

A New City

Where will Jesus meet with His Apostles and those deemed worthy of His direct company and access? Nonetheless, this platform pattern and city layout is a precursor for the eventual and permanent and last New Jerusalem that is to come down from Heaven itself after the 1000 years. Although this coming New Jerusalem layout of Ezekiel will be 3 dimensional on Earth, the New Jerusalem that comes from Heaven will be beyond dimensions as it will fuse with that of Earth. It will be some spectacle to witness. On an aside note, it is curious and coincidence that in recent years, the type and variety of so-called UFOs have been ‘cubed’ in structure and linger in the clouds as if it is materializing and descending down to Earth? No doubt the masquerading Angels of Light are hard at work mimicking the real one to come. The Millennial Kingdom is when Jesus returns and sets it up for 1000 years. It is the ‘Sabbath’ Year or ‘7th Day’ in terms of Dispensations since Adam and Eve.

This is of course if one subscribes to the notion that there have only been 6000 years since Adam of human history-based on the notion that Earth was ‘recreated’. Why the Millennial Kingdom is pertinent to the study of the Altar of Sacrifice is that one will exist and be operational during this time. One would be perplexed in that sense it has been taught that Jesus is the ‘final sacrifice’, why would the Daily Sacrifices continue during this time? This ordinance will serve a dual purpose. On one hand, it will remind the Remnant of those Jews protected for the latter 1260 days from the Revelation 12 scenario. Such will see their ecclesiastical ordnance since Moses validated by Jesus. On the other hand, the Daily Sacrifices will serve as an ‘object lesson’ to the Nations of what it means and what it cost King Jesus to atone for the sin of Humanity. What is also very interesting about the 4th Temple of Ezekiel is just how mathematical it is.

The Ezekiel blueprints of the 4th Temple appears to use the simplest of geometric configuration but produces a symmetrical layout. Also, some see a continuation of the anthropomorphic layout of the core of the Temple structure. The unique mathematical relationship exists in that the Holy of Holies is in approximate phi ratio to the Altar of Sacrifice. If one superimposes the phi ratio spiral over the top of the Ezekiel Temple layout, the fulcrum rested on the Holy of Holies where the Ark of the Covenant will be situated to the end of the Altar of Sacrifice. It cannot get any more obvious and mathematical of how even the future blueprint of the 4thTemple appears to validate that the current location of the Dome of the Tablets is where the exact spot is where the Holy of Holies had been and will be. This notion leads to another curious question.

Will Jesus sit in the Ark of the Covenant that was built by Moses? Will it be the one in which His blood ran down the rocks that were rent due to the ‘great earthquake’ that occurred at the time of His crucifixion. It is supposed that the blood fell to where the Ark of the Covenant was hidden from the Babylonians by Jeremiah. This hidden location turned out to be underneath the crucifixion site by the archeological excavations done by Ron Wyatt. Not all are in agreement with this supposition and theory. The same earthquake shook the led open and exposed the Mercy Seat, etc. Or, because Lucifer’s AntiChrist sat on it and defiled it will a new one be made? Will an entirely new design be made? Then there is the debate as to what role King David is to play during this time.

New Temple
Many believe that the ‘King David’ the Bible refers to is Jesus, Him being a direct blood relative and fulfillment of the prophecy given to Mary by the Angel Gabriel. Or, to others, the notion of a ‘Prince’ to rule Israel again will be the resurrected King David of the Old Testament, etc. What will also be unique during this time is that the temptation of the World and Lucifer will be voided. At this time, Lucifer will be bound in ‘prison’ and not to be released until the end of the 1000 years to try the all the people and the Nations that were alive during this time. As there will be still the notion of Free Will, Jesus must test the mind, hearts and souls of those born during this time. Sadly, the depiction of this end result will see throngs rebel still against King Jesus and side with Lucifer for that last Gog-Magog War 2. In contrast, during this 1000-year Dispensation, there was no war, no hunger, no crime, no natural and/or man-made disasters, etc.

One can only imagine the resources channeled to technology, science, exploration and knowledge of Jesus Christ and ‘GOD’. It will be an amazing time when Jesus will be King of not only Israel but the Nations of the world that He legally acquired from Lucifer at His resurrection. Moreover, the Title Deed to the Earth now ill belong to Jesus. Also, all of Jesus’s Followers will be existing in their glorified state, that is having a transformed body of pure light and energy. Such will be the Administers, Ministers and Ambassadors to the Nations and who knows what more, perhaps even beyond Earth. However, the focal point will be Earth and that in Jerusalem and more precisely the Altar of Sacrifice. How so? To reiterate, the book of Ezekiel stats that the 4th Temple of YHVH will be set up on the Temple Mount and that the platform will encase the Old City what is presently known as the Old City.

The enormity and size of the platform is required to have Jesus summons and request the representatives of the Nations during his Appointed Times. What will be the calling-card? It will be the Altar of Sacrifice that Jesus will use to deal with the Nations on one level. The Bible describes a circumstance that if when a Nation does not wish or want to send their delegation up to Jerusalem to have an audience with the King, rain will be withheld in that land until there is a change of heart. The Altar of Sacrifice during this time will be modest in size compared to the ones made prior. The smallest was that of Moses that was portable. Then during the time of Solomon, it was greatly enlarged.

The greatest size was reached during the time of King Herod’s renovation of Zerubbabel’s 2nd Temple, etc. Based on the description of Ezekiel, which is amazing, the Altar will rest atop a 3-teired stone pyramid. The foundation will be 1 cubit high and 18 cubits squared. Then the 2nd base will be 2 cubits high and 16 cubits squared in circumference. The 3rd base will be 4 cubits high and 14 cubits squared around. The actual Altar of Sacrifice will be also 4 cubits high and 12 cubits squared around. It is rather interesting that the 18-cubit squared base is a factor of 6-6-6. Also, what is unique about his Altar of Sacrifice is that the ramp has stairs. It was noted that all prior Altars were to not have stairs for the reason that per chance a priest might expose his nakedness either coming up or down. The book of Ezekiel is one of the most fascinating books regarding Biblical prophecy.

A New Altar

The book of Ezekiel contains the famous speculated War of Gog and Magog and compliments the book of Daniel and Revelations in how the end of human history will unfold. In this case, YHVH takes Ezekiel for a ride ‘back to the future’ in a sense as Ezekiel is transported back to Jerusalem but in a future time period, that of the Millennial Kingdom. It was during this dark time, spiritually in Israel that the ‘heart issue’ had to be dealt with. Ezekiel was the occasion of how YHVH shows him what really occurs in the Temple and Altar. Ezekiel was shown how the Priest sacrificed ‘Strange Fire’ and worshipped creatures and idols instead of the one and true living GOD, YHVH. Of course, this speaks of what one harbored in the inner most being of one’s essence and what one really worships. Because of this, the Glory of YHVH departed.

It speaks of one’s hypocrisy and double-mindedness of how one may ‘praise YHVH with the lips, but the heart is far from Him’. This is a serious spiritual issue for YHVH’s People to consider. It was for this very reason that the Glory of YHVH departed from the Temple. It was Ezekiel who was the Witness against Israel that the Divine Presence left in stages; from in-between the Cherub of the Ark of the Covenant to the Holies, then to the Door, then to the Outer Door, and then through the Golden Gate. It was from the Mount of Olives that it then went up to Heaven. However, in the books of Zechariah and Revelation, this Divine Presence is none other than Jesus manifested now in the flesh. It is in this same exact order but in reverse of how the Divine Glory will return to rest upon the 4th Temple of YHVH during the 1000 years of the Millennial Kingdom.

Even though the current efforts are to build the 3rd Temple and initiate the Daily Sacrifices as they have technically begun on December 2018 with the dedication of the Altar of Sacrifice, this study seeks to give perspective to the layout of the coming 4th Temple. Many who interpret Ezekiel envision the Temple Mount platform to be ‘north’ of the present boundary of the Old City of Jerusalem and that of the current delineation of the Temple Mount. However, this study suggests that based on the Word of YHVH, the Name set upon Mount Zion, that is Mount Moriah is where the Temple Holy of Holies was and will be for the 4th Temple. This Temple will be the Millennial Temple in which Jesus Christ will rule the Earth from. It is a ‘New Jerusalem’ that will be moved south as the Temple Platform will need to accommodate millions upon which King Jesus will require the Nations to assemble on the Feast Days for one.

There will be a ‘leveling’ of the platform that will be 1440 meters squared. The perfect ‘square’ is predicated on the assumption and what this study strongly suggests that the Dome of the Tablets is the correct site of the Holy of Holies. It is from this center point and fulcrum that the ‘Square’ is measured-out from. This massive platform encompasses the entirety of the current borders of the Old City from the northeast corner near the Dereche-Tor Shmuell Ben Aday Road near the BYU University, to the northwestern corner near the No’omi Kiss Street near the Palm Hotel and the crossroad being Min’eret ha-Tsankhahim. The southwestern corner will be near the Dormition Church or that of the Tomb of David area and the southeastern corner will be near the Derelch Yeriko Road leading up to the Mount of Olives. What is very interesting is that such a delineation almost follows the Armistice Agreement Lined of 1949.

The Temple Platform

One mathematical factor about this massive platform is that it is square and the current delineation at the north-south edge of the Eastern Wall and Golden Gate sections-off the Golden Ratio. According to the details given to Ezekiel, the Temple Platform itself will be at the center of the 25,000 x 25,000 cubits great square that is sectioned-off within the land to be portioned-out to the ‘Prince’. It is the southern portion in which the ‘New Jerusalem’ on Earth will be situated for the 1000 years at 25,000 cubits long x 5000 cubits wide. The New Jerusalem will also be a perfect square at the center piece of this lower portion. This portion of land will be from ‘Sea to Sea’, interestingly. It will be from the Dead Sea to the Mediterranean Sea. The portion to the north of the City District will be called the Holy District that is to be given-out to the Priest that will tend to the Daily Sacrifices.

Animal Sacrifices will be performed at the Temple as a memorial because Jesus has already died for the sins of Humanity. The upper portion of the land delineation will be sectioned-off to the Levites where they will live and also administer the affairs related to the Temple service, etc. It will be at this time that the 12 Tribes of Israel will be allotted their true territorial divisions. It will be the Nation of Israel that will be the ‘Head of the Nations’ with King Jesus as not only the ‘Head’ of Israel but that of the Nations, the Earth, the Universe, etc. Now where the Saints and the Bride of Christ Believers will be housed and stationed, that remains to be seen and understood. What will be astonishing is that the Church Age Believers of Jesus that will have returned with Jesus at the Battle of Armageddon will have their Glorified Bodies as mentioned. It will be an indestructible body of light, yet of flesh and bones.

The level of sophistication, ability, brain power will be amazing to consider how such a state will looking like. One perhaps will have the ability to tap into the ‘Mind of Christ’ instantaneously. Perhaps also travel to and from the Throne of YHVH in Heaven will be granted and who knows what administration roles King Jesus will distribute to include the oversight of other planets within the Solar System and beyond. Then there will be the question of how will the interaction with the Angelic Hosts be like? Yet, what is astonishing is that the human race will have a 1st hand experience to see and witness the ‘Glorification’ of the Saints and the power and authority King Jesus will have bestowed and how a true just and hobble King should rule.

Such will see the majesty of the King in His power of righteousness and true justice. It will be a time of no war, disease or hunger, etc. Given that Lucifer will be bound for this 1000 years, the factor of having the temptation of Satan removed and that of the world will enable Humanity at this stage to experience new levels of ‘consciousness’ and understanding of YHVH that could have been attained since Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Humanity will know YHVH’s plans and purpose like at no other time before. Yes, despite all this being as a ‘Restored Garden of Eden’, the sinful nature of those un-regenerated humans at the end of the 1000 years will join the rebellion of Lucifer in the Gog-Magog World War II. The sad deposition of such people will echo the true sentiments of how the religious leaders of Israel explained to Pontius Pilate, ‘We have no King but Caesar!’ and ‘We will not have this Man rule over us!’

What a sad state of affairs as that is the case now as millions are unconvinced and take Jesus at His words. However, to those then that will see and understand yet deny and reject Jesus is beyond words. What the religious Jews now of the Temple Institute or that of the Mikdash Educational Center and the Nascent Sanhedrin desire, long for and aspire to make the 3rd Temple the center piece of the coming New World Order, will be eventually what only Jesus and the 4th Temple will accomplish. Only under the rulership, authority and dominion of the risen Savior of Humanity, that being only Jesus can and will the coming true ‘New World Order’ and Temple unite the Nations around the worship of the rightful King and Creator of all, Jesus.

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