Understanding to be Given to the Last Generation

  • What is the 70th Week of Daniel and why has it not been fulfilled?
  • Can one know when this 70th Week of Years is to commence?
  • Is the 'Understanding' now being unveiled in this Last Generation?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘But of that Day and Hour no one knows, not even the Angels of Heaven, but My Father only. But as the Days of Noah were, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be. For as in the days before the Flood, they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the Ark, and did not know until the Flood came and took them all away, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be. Then 2 men will be in the field: 1 will be taken and the other left. 2 women will be grinding at the mill: 1 will be taken and the other left. Watch therefore, for you do not know what Hour your LORD is coming. But know this, that if the Master of the house had known what hour the Thief would come, he would have watched and not allowed his house to be broken into. Therefore you also be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an Hour you do not expect.’ -Matthew 24:36-51

The purpose of this study is to discuss and offer commentary on how one can best determine the timing of when the Tribulation Period is to begin, that of Daniel’s 70th Week of Years and the Rapture event preceding it. The main premise of this study is that if and when the last 7-year cycle of the Week of Years is to start, that it would have to start at the beginning of a 7-year cycle. The 7th-year in the cycles is called the Sabbatical Year and make-up the 7 cycles within a Jubilee Pattern of 49 years, 7 years x 7 cycles matrix. This study will argue that the idiom used for the ‘Day and Hour’ is not pertinent to the Rapture of the Bride of Christ as there will be more ‘Raptures’ during the Tribulation Period. So, can the start of the Tribulation and the Rapture event then be determined down to the Year, the Season, the Day and the Hour? Perhaps. But one thing is for sure, this Last Generation has been given amazing ‘Signs’ and understanding as never before seen or understood since the Church Age started.

A case will be made that it has been this present Last Generation that has needed to have been given such Signs and understanding because it has needed to know of such Signs to watch for. Why? It is because the Season of the Rapture event has arrived where the Bride of Christ is to meet Jesus, at last and to close-out the Church Age with. This will be the case as this study presents the evidence that based on the Sabbatical Cycles, the year 2022-2029 or 5783-5790 would very well constitute the 70th Week of Years per Daniel. And that then, the years 2021 in particular but up to 2022 would necessitate the Rapture event. And that more precisely, the Season would be that of Pentecost. However, that based on a subsequent double-count interpretation, it would be on the 100th-day but nonetheless a Pentecost Rapture. But this would precisely be the time, as in the Days of Noah when all was going along as ‘normal’ -up until that very last Year, Season, Day and Hour. This would assure that if it would be the case that pertaining to the Rapture itself, ‘No one knew the Day or Hour’, then this would fit the bill. Why? With a Pentecost double-count, no one would be expecting a 100-day count.

Mystery of the Rapture
This is of course, predicated on a pre-Tribulation timing scenario of the Rapture event. It would be pertaining to the Bride of Christ ‘departing’ from off the face of the Earth as promised. That the Bride of Christ would not suffer the Wrath that is to come upon the World, Israel and Lucifer, etc. However, the idiom, ‘No one knows the Day and the Hour’ has nonetheless come to be attributed to the Rapture of the Bride of Christ phenomenon in recent decades and especially in the west, and more specifically in the United States. This is Scripturally incorrect. This axiom or mantra now, is always used to justify how the Body of Christ will never know, can ever know when the Rapture is to occur nor the Tribulation Period for that matter. Is this what the verse in Matthew 24 is insinuating? No. Or is it a mis-interpretation based on a predisposed theological bias? Yes. This study will suggest that perhaps one can know the Season, Year and the ‘Day and the Hour’ of the Rapture and the start of the Tribulation Period.  

It has been true that with each passing year, more Signs and understanding has been revealed to the Body of Christ. This study will be referring to these various Signs as proofs and evidence to consider of the timing as they become clearer. This study will also be using some elementary deduction to piece together the puzzle of the timing of the Tribulation Period. And as noted, that will then necessitate when the timing of the Rapture event would or should occur. These assertions will be based solely on patterns and typologies of the Old and New Testament. From such glimpses, one can perhaps have a better understanding of the timing of Daniel’s 70th Week and the Rapture of the Bride of Christ. To this end, the passage from Matthew 24 will be examined to ascertain what is really being conveyed. So, to begin, this study is suggesting that the subject of what Jesus was discussing with His Disciples was not the Rapture event as that was not really in their theological frame of reference, revelation or understanding yet.

To them, the ‘Mystery of the Rapture’ and that of the Body of Christ, the Church was not revealed to them until the Apostle Paul was chosen and appointed to preach to the Gentiles and reveal it. In fact, the first major Mystery revealed, and theological doctrine of the Church Age given to the Body of Christ was the Mystery of the Rapture by Paul. It was on the occasion of Paul’s first missionary journey and church planting in Thessalonica that Paul first penned-down the Doctrine of the Rapture. This negates the false claims and assertions proposed by the opponents of the Rapture Doctrine being a 19th century modern ‘heresy’ of the likes of Darby, etc.  

As to the Matthew 24 passage, the question has to be asked, what was the subject that was being discussed with the Apostles before verses starting in 36? It was not the timing of the Rapture or when Jesus was to return. The initial question of the Apostles was when would be the time Jesus would set up the Kingdom whereby Israel would then be the head of the Nations and no longer under the oppressive rule of the Gentiles, etc. At this point int time, the Apostles did not grasp the concept of Jesus leaving and then returned a 2nd time. Thus, the phrase, ‘No one knows the Day, nor the Hour was subject to when the New Heaven and the New Earth were to be re-created. After verse 36 there is then a similar, ‘No one knows the Hour’ of Jesus’ return. Essentially, Jesus answered their question by directing them to His 2nd coming. Why?

Sabbatical Cycle of Times
The Kingdom Age will be set up once Jesus is to return. But a Rapture of His Bride has to occur first. This is when Jesus then hinted at how that would look like of referencing how 1 would be take and the other left behind, etc. The So if Matthew 24 is not about the Rapture of the Bride of Christ, can one then know the Season, Year, Day and Hour of Jesus’ return? Well, what is known precisely are the day-counts given in the books of Daniel and Revelation. If one then reverse-engineers the timeline and superimposes it based on the Sabbatical Year Cycles of 7-years, then perhaps. This would involve a day-count factor of the set of 2, 1260-days. The question remains though, what would be the start date? Well, if one believes and is using the Sabbatical Cycle of years, then it would have to start at the beginning of one. And the next 7-year cycle starts in 2022.

This calculated inference then will determine everything and with an accurate calibration. This has been the challenge to ascertain since the Church Age began. Perhaps GOD the Holy Spirit has revealed this understanding only now in this last hour. But why did Jesus then say that ‘Therefore you also be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an Hour you do not expect.’ Notice that the ‘Day’ is not reiterated by Jesus after verse 36 in Matthew 24. Consider that the specific and more accurate day-counts were not yet given until the book of Revelation was written by John. In that instance, there is a precise day-count that one can know to calculate when Jesus will return, to the day. This precise day-count is predicated on when the 1st day of the Daily Sacrifices will commence. From this initial 1st day of the Daily Sacrifices, one can then calculate the days, 1260 for the 1st half of the Tribulation Period of 3.5 years or 42 months, etc.

One can precisely calculate then when the Abomination of Desolation is to occur also. This will be at the midpoint of the 7-year Tribulation Period. This is when the AntiChrist truly reveals his nature and intentions. This is where also the iconography of the Revelation 12 Sign occurs. It is at this midpoint that the Daily Sacrifices are terminated by the AntiChrist. And from thereafter, the AntiChrist will have total authority but for only 42 months or the subsequent 2nd half of the 1260 day-count. This will constitute the ‘Time of Jacob’s Trouble. It is at this midpoint also that the Remnant of believing Jews in Jesus will be ushered-out to Petra to be protected for that equal amount of time, 1260 days. It will be the remainder of the Jewish population and that of the world that will not be aware nor understand the timing of Jesus’ return, as it was in the Days of Noah.

So, to them, they will not be ready as they would not be expecting Jesus to literally return. It will be do different as the people that did not expect the Flood to come, even though Noah preached for years and the people saw the Sign of the Ark as a witness against them all. So too presently, the Body of Christ is as that Ark and witness of a pending judgment to come. So, when the Hour came for the Flood, all were caught by surprise. So too will it be with the entire world at that time when Jesus returns along with His Bride. Now Jesus made reference to the Days of Noah that it was not until the very day that the ‘Signs’ all converged, but it was too late for all the people. Thus, the admonition by Jesus to ‘keep watch’ always. Thus, to reiterate, the segment in Matthew 24 is being confused when the New Heavens and Earth will be established.

Prophetic Perspectives
This future event takes place at the end of the 1000-year Millennial Age. But it too is linked however to when the 2nd coming of Jesus is to occur. And it too is linked to another Rapture type event that will occur. One contends that this future Rapture is referring to the Revelation chapter 20 ‘Sickle Harvest’ of the last type of 7 ‘translations’ or Raptures seen in the book. This occurs just before Jesus returns. And this Rapture timing is the cause of the Post-Tribulation Rapture theory, by the way. The other clue is how Jesus is titled, ‘The Son of Man’. There is no inference to such a distinction inferred to Jesus connected to the Rapture that Paul taught. This title of, ‘The Son of Man’ was proclaimed by Jesus Himself, but to the Lost House of Israel, not the Church.   

So, with this Scriptural backdrop and context, the issue of the timing of the Rapture event should be in a whole different category to discuss, examine, critique and ascertain. Or in other words and point is that the idiom of, ‘No one knows the Day or the Hour’, does not pertain to the Rapture of the Bride of Christ. So, back to the question, can one know its Year, Season, Day and even Hour? This study will attempt to tackle this challenge. This is permissible to consider then and what this study will seek to examine and present. So, if it has been determined that the start of the Tribulation Period could very well be in 2022 based on the Sabbatical Cycle theory, then what year would the Rapture have to be? Consider the ‘Year’ factor. Realize that based on the revelation given to Daniel about the End Days, YHVH told Daniel to seal-up the understanding of the ‘Last Days’ until the Last Day’s Generation.

This is an important clue. Daniel was given amazing revelation of how ‘history’ would end, and Jesus is to return to Earth. It was revealed to Daniel pertaining to the occupation of the Holy Land by the Gentile Nations that were compared to ‘Beasts’ and ‘Metals’. And the key to determining this timeline would be pertinent on how long the Judgment of Israel was to last, 490 years, etc. The point is that since the Church Age started, there was not really a reason to have the Church Body preoccupied about the Rapture event aside from establishing it and obtaining clarification from Paul about it only at its beginning. Since the Church Age was to last approximately 2000 years, the topic of the start of the Tribulation and Rapture would naturally only concern its end or the Last Generation. And that to this Last Generation would be given that understanding to ascertain more correctly the timing, the Year, Season, Day and even Hour perhaps.

With the increase in technology and understanding, perhaps this is now the case. And then to consider that if in fact the Sabbatical Cycle theory of having the Tabulation Period start at the beginning of a 7-year cycle, it would make 2022 that start of it. Meaning? It is that close, and the Rapture is that much closer, perhaps in 2021. This would give enough time, about a year’s worth (66 weeks) to have the AntiChrist debut and set-up the Beast grid and build the 3rd Temple, etc. But also realize that there has been some confusion still as to the interpretation, especially in 2 Thessalonians 2 where the word ‘Apostasia’ is translated to mean a ‘Departure’, but a heretical one that of the Faith of Christ. It is understood that the translations before and to include the Geneva Bible rendered the Greek word to mean a Departure, as to leaving a place from where one had stood, but not in reference to a theological falling away or heresy. Why?

Last Generation

It was during this time of the Reformation where the Roman Catholic Church held power, persuasion and interpretation that the translation and interpretation suggested the ‘Apostasy’ to refer to a theological one. This is only because the Protestants were seen as heretics of the ‘Faith’ and against the Mother Church of Rome for leaving or ‘departing’ from it. Thus, this study suggests that due to the counter-Reformation, the emphasis on the word ‘Departure’ was interpreted as a heretical one. Why? consider that since the beginning of the Church, heresy was and always has been an issue. So, understanding a historical context, the ‘Departure is pertinent to the Bride of Christ. The other clue pertains to how, as to the type and timing of the Rapture event, one can see the characters of Elijah and Elisha at play. Elijah would represent the Church Age Believers that will be raptured.  

Elisha would then represent Israel that will remain but more pertinent, it would be then the 144,000 Jews from every tribe that would take-up the ‘Mantle’. And here again, if the Sabbatical Cycle theory is correct, it would stand to reason how the up-coming one starting in 2022 could very well be Daniel’s 70th Week of Years to conclude the 490 judgment, not of the Church Age, but for Israel’s discipline. The specific clue here is that the School of the Prophets from Jericho all knew of the Year, Season, the Day and the Hour that Elijah would be taken up in the Fiery Chariot of Israel. They all actually pulled-up a chair and watched from a distance. Thus, in similar typology, will this, can this be the case in the Last Generation as the world will be spectators of this Rapture event?  

Already, many have commented how for the past decade in particular, there has been a flurry of Predictive Programing in the movies of pending Tribulation, but especially of a Rapture event. It has been a priming for such a day. The next clue has to do with how Jesus did then reference His 2nd coming to that of the Days of Noah as discussed earlier. At no place and time, had the Church Age entered such a similar condition, until these last few years. The Days of Noah were characterized by the manipulation of the genome of Humanity. It was for this primary reason that YHVH decided to judge and wipe the genetic hybrids and all people from off the face of the Earth and to start over with Noah. One realizes now that when the Scriptures states that, ‘Noah was perfect in his gene-ration’, it was in reference to his genes. This is then an issue of genes in the Last Days, of a hybridization that is likewise occurring now. How so?

This is where the lockdowns, the fearmongering and introduction of the COVID-19 shots comes into play. Many have come out to sound the alarm that this pandemic is really a ‘plandemic’. It is really about forcing all Humanity to receive the shots that are not about immunization or to fight-off what is essentially a bad flu, but to set up the Mark of the Beast grid system. The technology is now here to genetically alter the genome of a human. Why? This will ensure and facilitate the coming Mark of the Beast that will be introduced and administered, not by the AntiChrist, known in Scripture as the 1st Beast but by the religious system led by the False Prophet that will be in place after the Rapture event. It will be the 2nd Beast, the False Prophet that will push for all the world to then receive the Mark. This Mark will somehow ensure that, at the genetic level, the changes will be so drastic, that it will render a human, non-human anymore. The issue? 

Present Conditions

Jesus only came to die for a fully human being. The Scientific Technocracy is pressing hard to set-up this grid now. They will then implement the Mark to change humans into the ‘Image and Likeness’ of Lucifer. The current push to take the vaccines will set up this nano-technology with Luciferase and Hydrogel technology. It is designed to hotwire the entire body of a human, at the molecular level of every cell to be connected wirelessly to the internet, biometrically. It will eventually connect the body to the Block Chain that is coming that is to be set-up to have one have a Digital Wallet so with such an account, one will only then be able to, ‘Buy and Sell’. And eventually only those that will receive the coming Mark of the Beast will be able to live in such a ‘Brave New World’. The Bible says that the Last Generation will beg for such a technology and will ‘worship’ the Beast because of it. 

And this brings the study to the next clue. Why would the entire world be so beguiled to do so? It is because of the fallen human condition. It is a spiritual problem. Humanity has no ‘Shepherd’. As the saying goes, ‘If a person does not believe in something, they will fall for anything’. This is essentially true, especially in 1st World Nations. Repressive efforts are underway to break the will of its people to receive the shots. They have been the worst. This has been done through fear and propaganda. These are countries that were once strong in their Christian Faith and blessed. The reason also is that according to the Globalist’s rationale, these 1st World Nations are the ones that are the most consumer orientated and are ‘using-up the majority of Earth’s resources’. The so-called Luciferian Elites cannot have that happen as they need such resources for themselves.

So, these 1st World Nations have to be dismantled to the levels of a 3rd world Nations to control and enslaved to live barely sustainably. Hypocritically, it is the Elites that have and are destroying the Earth with their geo-engineering and how they have poisoned the air, water, food and environment with their chemicals. Then they use propaganda, hysteria as Global Warming and/or Climate Change to justify dictating draconian laws to essential curtail population. These are the ‘wolves’ that have ravaged Humanity because it has rejected the ‘Good Shepherd’, Jesus. It has been shown that it is not a matter of the Earth being ‘over-populated’ but over-crowded. All 8 billion people can fit in the state of Texas with 50 acres between each to live off of. What is at the core of the Luciferian Scientism is how they are deliberately going contrary to the command of YHVH since Creation of Humanity on Earth. Why?

It is Lucifer and his band of Fallen Angels and their genetically altered hybrid creations along with human collaborates on Earth that do not want the humans to inherit Earth. YHVH explicitly commanded Adam and Eve to ‘be fruitful and multiply and fill the whole Earth.’ Even if such Luciferians would kill-off all of Humanity from Earth, it would not stop Climate Change. You can have an empty planet and yet it will still be subject to the natural cycles of Climate Change affected by the cosmos for example. Such factors as Solar Flares, Planet Perturbations, Killer Asteroids and Pole Shifts have previously occurred that have catastrophically altered the sustainability of life on Earth. What has facilitated this Scientific Marital Law now is that in these 1st World Nations, no longer have a Biblical foundation nor a ‘Shepherd’ to retrain such evil intentions and plans.

Last Days Deceptions
The majority of such people in those key countries have just exchanged ‘Gospels and Faiths’. Such have abandoned following the Good Shepherd, Jesus and have followed the voice of another, Science. It is not that Science is ‘evil’ or anti-Christian in itself. Science, true Science seeks the truth or should and can only verify the wonders of the Creation of YHVH, at all levels. It is those that are using Science against Jesus and have become a Pseudo Religion of its own to include ‘Priests’ and a ‘ecclesiastical’ orthodoxy. Any other type of knowledge or evidence that will contradict the official ‘Scientific’ line now will not be tolerated. A Scientific Inquisition has descended upon Humanity. Such have now become the ‘Saviors’ of Humanity in lieu of Jesus Christ. So, the people long for an Authority Figure and solution to ‘save’ them from something that amounts to a severe flu, in this case of their latest bio-engineered ‘plandemics’.

These ‘Scientists’ are not wanting to save the human race but to kill-off at least 90% of it and then have the rest be incorporated into a hive controlling matrix to be subservient to Lucifer. And mind you, the world is now primed to receive the ‘Worthless Shepherd’, the Antichrist. What is also alarming though, is that roughly about more than half of all those that profess to be Followers of Jesus have fallen for the COVID-19 propaganda and are listening to the evil Doctors and Scientists that are in league with the Luciferian Eugenicists in dishing-out this poison on the people. This is far worse, to have the Good Shepherd but then not hear His voice pertinent to the Experimental shots. However, many Pastors, but not the majority as with some good Doctors and Scientists have and are sounding the alarm against the untested COVID-19 shots, but to little response. 

It is after all, the Last Generation also of the Church Age, that of Laodicea where Jesus has been expelled from the Church and is outside knocking, asking to be let back in. Sad. The next section will now consider how it has been this Last Generation that ‘Signs’ and ‘understanding’ of the times has been given to. Several aspects of these Signs, to include astronomical and geo-political ones will be considered. Many who study the End Times would agree that it has only been in the last decade, in particular that a convergence of amazing Signs have occurred, unprecedently, both astronomically and geo-politically. For example, there was the Christ Star in 2015 that returned, not appearing since -3 BC when Jesus was born. Realize that the Christ Star signaled that the last 7-year Sabbatical Cycle would start the countdown. To what? 

It is the countdown to the last 7-years of the Church Age, if the Sabbatical Cycle theory is true, 2015 + 7 years = 2022. Here again is evidence that 2021 has to be the last year for the Rapture then, if not 2022 as its limit. And that if and when the 7-year last Week of Years per Daniel is to start, that it has to start with a new Sabbatical Cycle. Thus, a timeline of 2022-2029 will be considered to ascertain the 7-year Tribulation Period and consequently, the Rapture timing beforehand. Then there was the Red Heifer ‘Sign’. Realize that the maximum year ‘Shelf Life’ for this factor is 4 years. Back in 2018, the 1st Red Heifer was ‘certified’. And consider that if 2018 is the 1st year, then 2022 would be the maximum timeframe for it to be sacrificed to procure the Ashes for a ceremonious cleansing. Such a ritual would be needed to make the whole Nation, the offering of the Jews acceptable, the Temple Mount, the 3rd Temple and the Altar of Sacrifice, ‘kosher’. 

Retro-Active Withdrawals
Such Signs would also be in sync with many other amazing things that occurred in 2018. It was the year that Israel reached 70 years, and the U.S. Embassy was dedicated on the very day of Israel’s ‘birth’ day. The Altar of Sacrifice was re-dedicated on the walls of Jerusalem. It was exactly as Ezra had done also 70 years from the return of the Captivity of Babylon. So what? This then led to the rebuilding of the 2nd Temple. The point is that ‘prophetic’ history is repeating itself in this Last Generation that has to close out the Church Age in order for the last 7-years of Daniel’s 70th Week of Years to conclude Israel’s disciple as mentioned. And this presupposes then the end of the Church Age to conclude with the Rapture event. Why? Many believe the order given by Jesus during the Olivet Discourse of a prophetic restoration of Israel is in play.

It really occurs since Ezekiel, with the departure of the Glory, leaving the Holy of Holies, then the Holies, then the Porch, the Outer Court, through the Golden Gate, up the Mount of Olives and ascended to Heaven. Then the Temple would be destroyed, followed by the City and then the Nation to be scattered. But then in that order, they would be all restored, just before the return of Jesus. Then Nation would be reborn, check. The city would be recaptured, check. Now the 3rd Temple is about to be built. In progress. At the 2nd coming, the literal embodiment of the GLORY of YHVH, Jesus will descend on the Mount of Olives and come down the Kidron Valley up through the Golden Gate. Then Jesus will go through the Outer Court, into the Porch, into the Holies and finally to sit as King on the Ark of the Covenant in the Holy of Holies.

Then after the Tribulation Period, this will be repeated when the 4th Temple of Ezekiel will be finished. This 1000-year Sabbatical Rest will occur during the Millennial Kingdom. And the Bride of Christ will get to be part of this restoration. However, consider that the ‘stopwatch’ may not have started from 1948 as most Bible Scholars believe but 1949. Why then? That is when Israel was officially inducted in to the family of Nations by the UN and the Decree to Rebuild Jerusalem was given by the Knesset. The point is that there is yet to be some fine-tuning of the timing of the Last Days to determine the most accurate assertion of when the Tribulation Period is to begin and then the Rapture event beforehand. So, to reiterate, these calculations are an approximation but essentially 2021 would be the 72nd year if 1949 is used. And in astronomical time-keeping, 72 is a complete unit/degree of time achieved.

Then there was the Revelation 12 Sign that occurred in 2017. It is very interesting how many are talking again about the topic of the Revelation 12 Sign again. It is for sure because of that 1260-day count that occurs on 2021. That is what the Sign showed astronomically and teaches prophetically. The Astronomical Sign depicted the Revelation chapter 12 motifs. The Sign was specific in how it was decorated with the attributes of having the Moon, Sun and Crown in a certain configuration. The next clue has to do with the theory about 2021 being or having to have to be the Rapture year, if the Sabbatical Cycle theory is to be true. Meaning that if and when the Tribulation Period of the last Week of Years, (7 years) per Daniel has to start, it has to start at the beginning of one. So that means that 2022 would be it. (2001-2008-2015-2022…) And it would confirm other studies showing how 2022 as such a nexus of a time marker. 

Testing the Timelines
The issue is that if this coming 7-year cycle is ‘not it’, then one would have to wait 7 more years until the next Sabbatical Cycle in 2029. The problem? This would be well outside the range of the 1947-48-49 generation. Also consider though, that the Gregorian Year overlaps the Jewish Years. Meaning that the Tribulation Period will not start precisely on January 1, 2022, or Nissan 1, 5782 but that the Sabbatical Year would start, calendar wise on that Rosh Hashana date which would be in late 2022. And again… that the actual day-count of the Tribulation Period would start on an occasion whereby the 1st lamb would be sacrificed on the Altar of Sacrifices as being the commencement of the 2520-day count. What could this timeline possibly look like? Interestingly, there is a possible timeline scenario that would appear to fit. The following is the Sabbatical Year Cycle of 7’s that this study is suggesting will most probably be the outcome to when the Tribulation Period is to start. And thus, as the precursor, the Rapture event beforehand. 

                                                                                                                     WEEK OF YEARS
  2001/02                    2008/09                       2015/16                    
  2022/23                          2029/30
    5762                          5769                            5776                          
5783                               5790
                  2nd cycle                  3rd cycle                      4th cycle                       5th cycle
  7 YEARS                 7 YEARS                      7 YEARS                     7 YEARS

             1 Sabbatical Cycle           1 Sabbatical Cycle              1 Sabbatical Cycle               1 Sabbatical Cycle

The notion of the 7-year Sabbatical Cycle then is how YHVH clocks time and that of ‘Prophetic Time’. This is how the 2022-2029, 7-year timeline is predicated upon. To reiterate, the primary thesis of when the 70th Week of Years is to start is predicated on the notion that if and when the 7-year Tribulation Period is to start, it would have to start at the beginning of a 7-year Sabbatical Cycle. The timeline shown will be from 2001 to show the countdown of the Sabbatical Years for perspective. Realize that Christ Jesus is giving the pieces of the puzzle to His Church because the Bride of Christ is now in that generation that need to have them. As mentioned, no other generation would need to have known them as it was not pertinent to them as it is now. If this assertion of when the Tribulation Period starts is based on this Jubilee pattern, then the next Sabbatical Cycle that seems to ‘fit’ the pattern would be in 2022 or in the Jewish year of 5783.

Based on this pattern and years, there are 3 Feasts of YHVH that appear to ‘fit’ the exact timeline of 2 equal day-counts of 1260 days. The day-count starts with the October 18, 2022 Shemini Atzeret Feast. This would just be days after the actual start of the new Sabbatical Cycle of 7 years on Tishri 1, 5783. This would be the beginning of the 5th Sabbatical Cycle of the 70th Jubilee Pattern. This would then put the exact midpoint of the Tribulation Period at the 1260th day on April 1, 2016, being Passover. This would coincide with the AntiChrist stopping the Daily Sacrifices. If correct, such an occurrence would be April Fool’s Day. How appropriate as the AntiChrist is the ultimate Joker that will then take off his mask to reveal his true nature. Then 1260 days later, the concluding Feast would be September 11, 2029 or Tishri 1, 5790. This has been shown in prior studies that it could parallel the 1st and 2nd appearances of Jesus to Earth. 

Jubilee Pattern of Prophecy
The timeline also would presuppose the Rapture to be prior to this suggested timeline and the beginning of the 70th Week of Years Sabbatical Cycle. The Jubilee Sabbatical Cycle Pattern is derived from the works of Floyd Nolen Jones, Bishop Lloyd, Monsignor Toinard, William Whiston, Josephus and Ussher, etc. The calculation is based on the date of Israel crossing the Jordan River into the Promised Land with Joshua leading the’ Church in the Wilderness’. As a similar type, the Greater Joshua, Jesus will likewise lead His Church across the threshold into the Heavenly Promised Land at the Rapture. The year Israel crossed the Physical Promised Land is suggested to be have been -1451 BC. This was the year Moses died at the age of 120 years. Thus, the ‘Jubilee Clock’ started then on Nissan 1, -1443 BC. This started the count of the first 49 years or the 1st Jubilee at -1437/-1436 = Sabbath # 1.  

 It is then from this countdown that the subsequent Sabbatical Cycles of 7-years are derived from, right down to 2022. These 7-year Sabbatical Cycles can then be calculated, down to the Last Generation and the end of the Church Age to conclude with the Resurrection-Rapture event. This Jubilee Pattern of Sabbatical Cycles does also appear to thus synchronize with the public reading of Isaiah’s Jubilee portion of Scripture that Jesus read in the Synagogue of Nazareth that would correspond to 28 AD. Thus, this study is only suggesting an approximation of the timeline of when the 70th Week of Years is to possibly commence based on such deductive reasoning. The following timeline is thus based on this Jubilee Pattern of Sabbatical Cycles.

Tribulation Period ?
Shemini Atzerets |                                                                           | 2nd Appearing on Earth
        Daily Sacrifices Begin? |                                  70th                         |
Yom Teruah
                        Oct 18, 2022 |                        
  WEEK OF YEARS                  | SEP 11, 2029
                                                                            April 1, 2026
2022   2023   2024  2025  2026  2027  2028   2029   2030 
  5783                   (Abomination of Desolations)                     5790
                                                                               REV 12 SIGN
1260 DAYS                   1260 DAYS
                                                             3.5 Years                      3.5 Years
                                                                                            (Great Tribulation)
                                                                                             MARK OF THE BEAST

                         Yom Teruah |                                5th cycle                              | as
1st Appearing on Earth
                      SEP 25, 2022 |                               
                           | at a Yom Teruah
                 New Cycle Starts |                          1 Sabbatical Cycle                    | on SEP 11, -3 BC

Some Observations
1. Currently within 70th Jubilee since Israel entered Promised Land.
2. The 70th Week of Years would correspond to the 5th Sabbatical Cycle of the 7 in a Jubilee.
3. And just as book of Enoch foretold Messiah would come on 70th Generation and did
4. Jesus will also be returning within 70th Jubilee Count.
5. In 2018, Israel reached 70th year since Nation born in 1948.
6. Had been 1,948 years since Temple destroyed in 70 AD.
7. In 2018, the Altar of Sacrifice was re-dedicated, as Ezra 70 years after coming from Babylon.

The following is a list, not comprehensive but of the significant highlights of astronomical and geo-political Signs that have occurred leading up to the 70th Week of Years timeframe that is being suggested will be the actual scenario of when the Tribulation Period is to commence and the end of the Church Age with its concluding Rapture.

Astronomical                                          Article
Christ Star Reappears                                     https://www.postscripts.org/ps-news-126.html
JUL 1, 2015

Tetrad Blood Moons                                        https://www.postscripts.org/ps-news-194.html
SEP 28, 2015

Conception Comet                                           https://www.postscripts.org/ps-news-254.html
NOV 17, 2016

Great American Eclipse                                   https://www.postscripts.org/ps-news-250.html
AUG 21, 2017

Revelation 12 Sign                                           https://www.postscripts.org/ps-news-251.html
SEP 23, 2017

Black Hole Messier 87 in Rev 12 Sign            https://www.postscripts.org/ps-news-361.html
APR 2019

Grand Conjunction Jupiter-Saturn                 https://www.postscripts.org/ps-news-375.html
DEC 21, 2020

Jerusalem as Capital                                       https://www.postscripts.org/ps-news-288.html          
U.S. Trump recognition of
DEC 6, 2017

Nation-State Law                                             https://www.postscripts.org/ps-news-311.html
Israel Knesset passes
JUL 19, 2018

10th Red Heifer                                                https://www.postscripts.org/ps-news-322.html
Birthed –Certified
AUG 26, 2018

Organization of 70 Nations                            https://www.postscripts.org/ps-news-321.html
Sanhedrin 7 Noahide Laws
SEP 4, 2018

Altar of Sacrifice                                             https://www.postscripts.org/ps-news---318.html
DEC 10, 2018

Golan Heights                                                 https://www.postscripts.org/ps-news-328.html
Sovereignty recognized by USA
MAR 25, 2019

Abraham Accords                                          https://www.postscripts.org/ps-news-402.html
Prelude to Daniel 9:27
AUG 23, 2019

Countdown to Courtship
Thus, it would appear that the timeline presented, 2022-2029 would then be in sync with the 70th Jubilee Cycle that would be and is pertaining to the Last Generation. And perhaps how the 70th Week of Years per Daniel would constitute the 5th of the 7 Sabbatical Cycles within this 70th Jubilee Pattern. Even if the idiom of, ‘No one knows the Day or the Hour’ would be correct, consider that if one does believe that there is a 2nd counting of 50-days to be added to the traditional 49th-day from the, Morrow after the Sheave Wave Offering’ is made, it would be an hour not expected…why? The 2nd count of 50-days will come then as a ‘thief in the night’, unexpected as most if not all in the Church would not be considering this 99th-day as the time, ‘When Pentecost fully had come’. And if this would be the day that the Rapture Event was and is to take place, then one can know the day then. Thus, from July 12, 2021 the speculative Rapture date to October 18, 2022 which will be Shemini Atzerets, will have a 66-week gap time.

Then, one can even then suggest the time or hour of the day. This is predicated on how the account of the New Testament puts the Disciples at the Temple precinct, not at the Upper Room. How there were throngs of the multitude present from every corner of the world who heard the Gospel in their mother tongue, etc. Based on the hour given, the Holy Spirit came down on the 1st watch, that is from 6am to 9am as that was just before 9am when Peter was preaching, open air and addressed the crowds of what just happened. So, as many suggest, that the Holy Spirit goes up with the Bride as it came down on the same day, that being Pentecost, but at the 99th-day, and unexpected as no one would be expecting that day for a Rapture event. Being Jerusalem local time, one can then calculate the hour relative to the different world time zones.

But again, this timeline and scenario of when the Tribulation Period is to start and preceded by the Rapture event, is only suggestive. And if not in the Year 2021 around the Season of Pentecost, Day 12th of July, during the Hour of the 1st Watch, then one looks to the subsequent year and so on. One can only obey the explicit command of Jesus to ‘Watch’. Until the Blessed Hope, the Wise Virgins need to continue watching and receiving more information as the day approaches and becomes even more clearer. The goal is to not be caught unawares and have Jesus come then, ‘As a Thief in the Night’. But hat the Wise Virgins would now, will know perhaps the very Year, Season, Day and even Hour.

For 2022, that day calculation would but the Rapture Zone around the 12th of July to the have only 4 months of a gap difference. However, this is where 4 months is 120 days and that could in itself be a countdown then. Thus, to say that 2021 and 2022 will be extremely important years to watch for the Rapture of the Bride of Christ. And in 2022, to see the start of Daniel’s 70th Week of Years, being the start of a new Sabbatical Year Cycle and thus when the Tribulation Period would have to begin, if this theory is correct.  

The following a resource on the topic presented identifying 2022 as the key year.

Mystery of Inequity
Amazon Books

This book chronicles the past decade of Signs that specifically point to the year 2022 as being very significant prophetically. Does it point to the convergence of Signs suggesting and confirming that indeed, 2022 is the start of the 70th Week of Years per Daniel (2022-2029) and the advent of the AntiChrist? And this to presuppose that the Rapture event is to then take place, either in 2021 or for sure in 2022. But that it has to before the new Sabbatical Cycle beings on Yom Teruah or the Jewish New Year. If you cannot afford the purchase of the book due to financial hardship, please download the PDF versions for free. May YHVH provide all your needs according to His riches in Christ Jesus. As one has been given so freely and abundantly, so one is to give freely and abundantly to all who will receive it.

Download Book: PDF

Table of Contents
Prologue………………………………………...….....    11
3rd Temple Countdown………………………..……..    21
10th Red Heifer……………………..…….…………..    33
33rd Sabbatical Countdown…………………..……..    45
AntiChrist Year…………………………………..……   75
Astronomical Rapture…………………………..……    119
Atlantean Capital……………………………………..    135
Building the Bride……………………………….……    151
Church Commission……………………………..…..    173
Hampton Court Pyramid…………..…………….…..    197
Generation of 70…………………………..……….…   209
Giza Pyramid Clock...…..…………………..………..   213
Jerusalem Jubilee……………………………….……   221
Jubilee Sabbaticals……..….…………………...……   235
Jubilee War………………………………...……..…..    261
Paris a la Pleiades………………………….………..    281
Pluto’ Retrogrades……….………….….…..…..……    295
Pyramids of Zion………………………………..…....    317
Rapture Comet…………………………………….…    329
Sinai Blueprints………………………..………….….    341
Star of the AntiChrist………...….……….……..……    373
Super Blood Moon…………………………………..     387
Temples Center of Phi….……….……………….….    399
Taurus Tribulation.…………………………………...    411
Venus Retrogrades….…...……………….…….…...    425
Window of Time………………………..……….……    455




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