Studies in the Meaning of the Celestial Motifs

  • Do Celestial Signs have an effect or Bible Prophecy?
  • What do Comets signify or what do they Mean for End Times?
  • How could the Timing of Comets relate to the Rapture event?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘Your Wolves have more Wit than your Maester, the Wildling Woman said. They know Truths the Grey Man has forgotten. The way she said it made him shiver, and when he asked what the Comet meant, she answered, Blood and Fire, Boy, and nothing Sweet’.
-George R.R. Martin, A Clash of Kings

The purpose of this study is to compile various prior studies of Comets that have come and gone as it pertains to the theme of being ‘Signs’ for these Last Days. Why it is important to reiterate such Comet studies is that apparently, some are still important and pertinent as it pertains to the closing-out of the Church Age, perhaps. And with that, the Poniente Event of the Resurrection-Rapture that is called the Rapture might be tied to such Celestial Harbingers. This is the event that will conclude the Age of Grace, etc.

The issue at hand is the latest study of Comet C/2021 O3 (PanSTARRS). The Comet originated in Cygnus, the Swan Celestial Motif or the Northern Cross and will terminate in the Star Vega that is in the Constellation of the Lyra, (The Lyre). The following information is derived from the Research and Study compiled by Sabine Vlaming of Sabine Shares. She has done a masterful work in interpreting the latest Trajectory of this Comet, which she calls, the ‘Swan Comet’. She highlights that, as of Passover 2022, the Comet was in the Mouth of the Sea Monster, Cetus as if ‘Breathing Fire’.

The next Depiction is that the Trajectory Line stretches from this Segment of the overall path of the Comet from Aquarius to the Pleiades. In so doing, the Comet’s Path produces a Celestial Motif of both the Shofar and the Silver Trumpet that Ends at the Pleiades. Thus, is it as if the Shofar is about to be blown to awaken the 7 Maidens of the Pleiades, which is another Motif for the Bride of Christ. It is called the ‘Congregation of the King’. And in the Book of Revelation, they are attributed as Stars in the Hand of Jesus, as the 7 Churches of Asia, etc. Due to the Trajectory of the Comet, it reached Perihelion with the Sun on April 20, 2022. But what is amazingly depicted is that the Trajectory conjoins the Comet with the Pleiades on May 1, 2022.

What do Celestial Signs, Comets and the Studies by Sabine and others have to do with the Bible or the Bride of Christ and the Timing of the Rapture? Many do object that this sort of Knowledge is ‘Astrology’. Astronomy is Jesus Centered. Astrology is Man Centered. Realize that it is YHVH who created the Sun, Moon and the Stars. And in Genesis, the Creator attributed such Bodies for Counting Time, for Feasts of YHVH and for Signs to be interested. Interpret what? Interpret the Divine Storyline of the Work of the Messiah. The Storyline discloses the Process Jesus used to Redeem Humanity.

Prophetic Inferences

Why one is bringing-up the subject of Comets is that such studies were made 2 Years ago of peculiar possible Prophetic Inferences as to the Timing of the Rapture. At that Time, it gave the Watcher Community a bit of Excitement. Why? Comets have long been attributed and believed to be Harbingers. In this case, based off of those studies in 2020, one attributed them with a possible linkage to when the Timing of the Rapture could have been and still can be. How could Comets possibly be alluding to this notion of when the Rapture is to happen?

Granted, it is only based on Conjecture and Correlations that are derived from the Names and the Trajectory of the Comets. A summary of the various illustrations will be noted in the End Notes of just how amazing the various Comet Conjunctions were then in 2020 and appear to still be. The studies by Sabine Vlaming suggest that there is still a ‘Picture’ to be told, apparently. And in Hind-Sight, it is clearer in what the Possible Interpretation would be or are for the Bride of Christ and the ‘Signaling’ of just how close the ‘Falling Away’ or Great Departure will be, i.e., the Rapture.

Back in 2020, it was only because of what the Comet Names were and where their Trajectory traveled in the Back-Drop of the Constellations and particular Stars. Thus, this study will be a Deep Dive in Comet Astronomy 101. There is only 1 Discrepancy that one wishes to point out in what Sabine has shared in her studies pertaining to what she is calling ‘Comet Swan’. But only those that would have a Deeper Understanding of the Astronomy going on, could perhaps distinguish. But it is no ‘Big Deal’.

The only point where there might be cause for some confusion is about calling Comet C/2021 O3 (PanSTARRS), the Comet ‘Swan’, that is or could be confused with C/2020 F8 (SWAN). First of all, the Comet that is officially known as ‘Swan’ is because ‘SWAN’ is the Acronym of the Camera that discovered the Comet. So, that Name was and is attributed to the Comet. It was discovered in 2020 and that is when many in the Rev12Daily Blog Family, for example, took note of it. Why?

It was spectacular in that it originated in the ‘Clock’ Motif Constellation, literally spinning around the Hours Hands of the Clock in its Trajectory. But then it moved-out in 2020 to intersect through the Evil Eye of Medusa, called Algol. Why is this significant in terms of Celestial Signs and Comets? This Interaction is a Throw-Back to the prior Comet Intersection that occurred there, distinctively. This involved 2 Comets, Comet Hyakutake in April of 1996 and then Comet Hale-Bopp in April of 1997.

Both occurred in the Season of Passover and ‘Pierced’ the Evil Eye of the Head of Medusa. This Star is called by the Jews as HaSatan, Satan, etc. Back in 1996-97, there was a buzz about it in the End Times Watcher Community. How so? Those that were Watching the Celestial Signs to know ‘What Time, Prophetically it is’, came to understand some Amazing Insights about it. It was realized that the Jewish Sages also took note of this Celestial Intersection that was no ordinary one. They calculated that based solely on the Names of the Comets and relegating them to their Letter-to-Number correlation of the Hebrew Letters, it came back to mean, ‘The Season of Noah’.

Season of Noah

Or in other words, it is believed that these Appearances of the Comets, especially Hale Bopp was the Comet that might have very well appeared during the Time of Noah, and not since 1996-97 then. This means that the Days of Noah, of which Jesus warned about started then. This was especially poignant, as that Intersection of the 2 Comets struck the Evil Eye of Medusa. Consider then that it has been 26 Years since the Noah Omen began. Was it the start of a Countdown? And if the Rapture does indeed take place in 2022, like many are calculating or strongly suggesting, then if one adds the 7-Year Tribulation Period Time-Frame, that Calculus will complete a 33-Year Span of Time.

Season of Noah
Comet Hale-Bopp 1st appeared in 1996
1996 to 2022 = 26 Years
26 Years + 7-Year Tribulation Period =
33 Years

So, that is why there was a Stir of Hope for the Rapture back in 2020. Comet Swan intersected this HaSatan Star that Signaled the Doom of Satan being Cut-Down and Blinded. Thus, the One-Eye Motif of the Luciferians. But the Common Theme of all the Comets in Question involves the Pleiades. This now goes for the study Sabine has highlighted about the ‘Swan Comet’ that really is C/2021 O3 (PanSTARRS). What is amazing is the Depiction of its Trajectory. According to Sabine, the Trajectory construes a ‘Trumpet’ and Shofar Type of Motif. And?

It also ‘Ends’ at the Pleiades on a certain Date. This notion will be further developed into the study. But realize that Comet Swan, C/2020 F8 (SWAN), as mentioned, originated in the ‘Clock’ Constellation of Horalogium but then terminates at the Feet of Orion. This is an imagery of, ‘That it is Time for Satan to be Cut-Down has come and the Triumph of the Champion, the Redeemer Hero to manifest his Victory’. Will not the occasion of the Resurrection-Rapture event solidify the Triumph over Death? Is this event not what the Apostle Paul reiterated from the Old Testament, ‘Where Death is your Victory?

The Enemy has already been down-trodden under Jesus’ Foot’. This occurred singularly at the Cross of Calvary. The Victory over Satan, Death and Sin was secured at the Resurrection of Jesus, 3 Day after Passover. What is yet to follow is the Proper Order of the Resurrections. This is where the Confusion lies in the Watcher Community. The Body of Christ is next, this is understood. But specifically, the Rapture will be constituted by the Bride of Christ that will comprise those that have been ‘Made Ready’ and are eagerly expecting the Great Falling Away, as in a Military Term to ‘Retreat, etc.

This interpretation of ‘Who goes in the Rapture’ is not universally accepted though. One is of the belief that the next Order of the Resurrections, to include the Rapture of those Followers of Jesus still alive at the time of the Trumpet Call, will have to occur at the End of a Summer Wheat Harvest Season. And that it correlates to the True Count of Pentecost, that being the 99th Day from Passover, etc. For further study on this Double-Count Theory, links to such studies will be in the End Notes. The other Clue that occurred in 2020 had to do with another Comet that Intersected Comet Swan.

Interesting Intersections

In 2020, there was also an amazing occurrence dealing with Comet Swan. As soon as it intersected with Algol, the Star of Satan, it then had the most amazing Conjunction with another Comet, Atlas C/2018 Y4. This occurred on May 20, 2020. This other Comet was called the Creation Comet by this Author, as it appeared out of nowhere and fast. And it was estimated that it was last seen. not since the very beginning of Creation. How all this is connected to the Pleiades, is that it was Comet Atlas that also Conjoined with the Star Cluster of the Pleiades. Where? At the Star named Atlas. What was significant about this Comet Swan, in one’s estimation, had to do with Pentecost again. This is how one has come to believe in the Double-Count Interpretation of how Pentecost is to be truly ascertained. That Shavuot, the Feasts of Weeks, that being 7 Weeks or 49 Days is not Pentecost.

#609: The Sinai Countdown https://www.postscripts.org/ps-news-609.html

Pentecost is then, not to count the ‘50th Day’ as that is not mentioned in the Scripture, but that it is a Day-Count of 50 Days thereafter. And thus, ‘When Pentecost had Fully Come’, etc. Comet Swan arrived at the Silver Gate above Orion on July 20, which in 2020 was what one had calculated was the True Date of Pentecost. Perhaps it was a Dry-Run. For 2022, one has calculated that True Pentecost will be on July 23, as many have known from prior posts and studies. What was amazing also about Comet Atlas, at the time in 2020, is that it was preceded by another Pleiades Conjunction on April 4, 2020. That was the Conjunction of the Planet Venus with the Shepherd Star, also called Atlas. It was then on May 29-30, 2020 that the Comet Atlas Conjoined the Pleiades.

#596: Rapture Year 2022? https://www.postscripts.org/ps-news-596.html

How is this significant? To reiterate, it also corresponded with the Star of the same Name, Atlas. As one can sense, this is why such Celestial Signs appeared significant. As to the Pleiades? They are a Prophetic Motif and one with a Biblical Interpretation. The Pleiades is also always in ‘Companionship’ or Direct Relationship with Orion and what happens in Orion. It is the Male-Female Divine Association and Attribute that remains a Mystery of the Creator. But what is revealed and understood, though limited, is that Orion is ‘Jesus’ and the Pleiades is the ‘Bride of Christ’, etc. The Pleiades Star Atlas is the ‘Shepherd’ that is guarding the 7 Stars or ‘Lights’ of the Sheep-Pin. Atlas is also known as the Father of the 7 Daughters. In the Pleiades there is Pleione, that is the ‘Guard Dog’ helping Atlas, etc. Also, to note that in 2020, concerning Venus, it made its Retrograde ‘up and down’ the Horns of Taurus, starting in April and ending in July.

This had not occurred since 2012, the Year of the Infamous End of the Mayan Calendar Hype. Now to the Discrepancy of how this New Comet C/2021 O3 (PanSTARRS) that Sabine is calling the Comet ‘Swan’? One can see how it has been attributed to that Name because it originates in the Eastern Side of the Constellation of Cygnus, called the Northern Cross. And the Comet has its Terminus in the Star Constellation of the Lyre. This is where the 3rd Brightest Star in the Visible Cosmos resides, that of Vega. Based on the inferences and Ancient Interpretation of it, it has a Connotation of Worship and Praise, of a Bright Light and Testimony, although seemingly small and insignificant.

Celestial Worship

One possible observation pertaining to this Inference of Worship is how the Comet C/2021 O3 starts to move very fast from the Pleiades and heads for Vega in the Lyra or the Lyre Constellation after 2022. It is there that it ‘Swirls’ for approximately 7 Year until it veers-off to the center of the Cygnus Cross Motif. It is though through the coming 7-Year of the Tribulation, as the Seal Judgments are being broken and administered as Judgment upon the World, the Bride of Christ will be Worshiping. Who? The once Crucified Christ, as the Slain Lamb of YHVH, but now sitting victorious upon the Throne in Heaven.

And thus, one contends that the Seals are Broken, only after the Rapture and the Judgement Seat of Christ. Thereafter, the Bride as the Metaphor of the 24 Elders take their Seats in the Judicial Hall Heaven. Why? Realize that the Bride of Christ has to face her Accuser. Lucifer will be there. It will be like a Trial in session. The Accuser demands a ‘Verdict’. But then to have Jesus come to take the Scroll and open it. It is from that Time forth, that the Seal Judgements are the ‘Verdict’ and the that will correspond with the Start to the Tribulation Period with the 4 Horseman of the Apocalypse, etc.

And at a later Time, corresponding to the Mid-Point of the Tribulation Period, as in Revelation 12, is when the Bride of Christ being Acquitted, Lucifer is forever Evicted from Heaven and is cast out. He will no longer to Accuse the Brethren. This will cause that Heavenly War as Lucifer makes a last ditch effort to retain this Throne. Back to the Comets. As to avoid the possible confusion with ‘Comet Swan’, the Comet C/2021 O3 (PanSTARRS) should be correctly referred to as PanSTARRS, coming out of Cygnus, the ‘Swan’. It is fine to call it the ‘Comet Swan’, but many People will be confusing it with Comet C/2020 F8 (SWAN). Just an observation.

Comet C/2020 F8
C/2020 F8 (SWAN), or Comet SWAN, is an Oort Cloud Comet that was discovered in images taken by the Solar Wind Anisotropies (SWAN) Camera on March 25, 2020, aboard the Solar Heliospheric Observer (SOHO) Spacecraft.

Comet C/2021 O3

C/2021 O3 (PanSTARRS) is an Oort Cloud Comet, discovered on July 26, 2021 by the Pan-STARRS Sky Survey. It came to Perihelion on April 21, 2022 at 0.287 AU (42.9 Million KM). from the Sun. The Panoramic Survey Telescope and Rapid Response System (Pan-STARRS1; obs. code: F51 and Pan-STARRS2 obs. code: F52) are located at the Haleakala Observatory in Hawaii, US. It consists of Astronomical Cameras, Telescopes and a Computing Facility that is surveying the Sky for Moving or Variable Objects, i.e., Comets and Asteroids, etc.

As to this Comet C/2021 O3 (PanSTARRS) that Sabine has expounded upon in her study about Cygnus? It is rather interesting how this Comet is coming from there that is seemingly also ‘Telling a Story’. About what? It is about the Coming of the AntiChrist. Just like Jesus had His ‘Star of Bethlehem’, so too will the AntiChrist, many believe. What is significant about this Swan Constellation? As Sabine rightly iterated, it is a Celestial Motif of the Northern Cross and now it dips-down the Horizon, as if into Death along with the Savior of the World who was hung on it.

It depicts the Death of the Messiah as foretold in Daniel 9. Her correlation of the Stars in Cygnus to the Giza Pyramids, also attributed to Orion, the Redeemer Champion is Stellar. What is significant about this possible ‘Sign of the AntiChrist’ in Cygnus pertaining to the Year 2022? It is that according to some Observations made by Astronomers from Calvin College back in 2019, they made a Public Statement attesting that a Super Nova was to explode in Cygnus. When? Sometime in 2022. This Explosion would create a Bright Light that would even appear during the Day. It remains to be seen though.

#362: Star of the AntiChrist https://www.postscripts.org/ps-news-362.html

But then, some Jewish Kabbalists in Israel also had taken note of this Super Nova that, to them, signals the Year that their Messiah is to debut. Interesting, no? Many End Times Watchers had hoped that the Resurrection-Rapture would have taken place during the Passover Season. It stands to reason as one could argue the Resurrection-Rapture would occur on the 3rd Day after a Passover, just like Jesus. However, based on one’s Understanding, up to this point, one would wish, but did not Jesus say or give a Clue as to the Timing Countdown? He stated, ‘Are there not 4 Months and then comes the Harvest’? It is believed Jesus said this just before Passover, within the 1st Month of Nisan. So, 4 Months from Passover would follow.

Months: 1=April, 2=May, 3=June, 4=July

Thus, a July Rapture Timing?

But still, it is a 70-Year Period Countdown since Israel was ‘Re-Born’. But the Count has to be from 1952, in one’s Understanding. It is not based on 1948. Why not? Prophetic Time, is Set and Synced with the Sabbath Cycles of Creation, as many know one harps-on about it. The Year 1952, is following the 4-Year Probation Pattern of the Unfaithful Fig Tree. The Birth Year 1948 was Year ‘0’. In 1949, Israel was still at war and only then signed the Armistice. In 1950, Israel was still absorbing Mass Immigration and only then situating the Farming Communal Kibbutzim. It was in 1951 that they Planted their 1st Crop. Thus in 1952, was the 1st Crop Harvested, in their Summer.  

1952 + 70 Year =

Consider this Math Factor also. From a Historical Reference Point in Israel’s Timeline, the last Passover Year that Israel performed on the Temple Mount was in 70 AD. As that is when the Temple and Altar were destroyed. No Official Daily Sacrifices have ever been made since. This will change, until the Daily Sacrifices will again be made. That is what will Initiate the 3rd Temple and start the 2520 Day Count. This is what starts the Tribulation Period Day Countdown. Consider that one is now, in Passover 2022 then.

2022 – 70AD =
1,952 Years-Out

It is from 1952
Interesting, how this Year Coefficient to 1952, appears to confirm this Countdown. Again, 1952 was a Shemitah Year in Israel, Prophetically although not officially of course. But one believes this is the 'Correct Count' regarding the Fig Tree Prophecy. And as mentioned before, the 70th Year Anniversary of Israel’s Independence occurred in 2018. This, by the way, was the Year that the Temple Altar was re-Dedicated, although many see it as being illegitimate, etc. Nonetheless, if one then also applies the Parable of the Unfaithful Fig Tree, there is that 4-Year Probationary Timeframe.

2018 + 4 Year Probation =

So, one shall see what comes of this July 2022 Window, at least based on one’s Assessments. Passover is a Time of Protection, Covering, Transformation to Liberation and New Paths. May it continue to be that for the Bride of Christ to the very Last Day when the Rapture Call comes. The Passover Meal will be completed in the Kingdom, for sure. But the Rapture is contingent upon the Orders of the Resurrection. That is why the Rapture, in one’s estimation cannot occur on a Passover. What has been unique about Passover 2022 though, is that there has been a Planetary Alignment in Aquarius.

Such a Planetary Alignment happening during a Passover in Recent Memory occurred 11 Years ago from 2022. One took note of it then as well. This Time around, there are actually 7 Planets in this Alignment. Planet Neptune is in the back, too faint to observe but behind the line-up. So, one could suggest there is a ‘Menorah’ Typology going-on this Time around. What that will all mean, remains to be seen. But one finds it interesting that 11 Years ago, was 20-11. Here is a possible Prophetic Correlation to a 11-11 Interpretation. The Number 11 is Symbolic of 2 Pillars that define a ‘Gate’ or Portal in Esoteric Inferences, for example.

In the Bible, the Promise of Jesus given to the Church of Philadelphia Types is precisely that of an Open Door. Many believe this is Evidence and Proof of a Pre-Tribulation Rapture Sequence. And, as it is known in the End Time Community, the Number 11, Biblically stands for Chaos, Rebellion and Judgment. Have not the Years since 2020 to 2022, been nothing but? The following is the Meaning of Numbers from BibleStudy.com. 

The Meaning of the Number 11 is important in that it can Symbolize Disorder, Chaos and Judgment. In the Bible, 11 is used 24 Times and 11th can be found 19 Times.  Coming after 10 (which represents Law and Responsibility), 11 represents the Opposite, which is the Irresponsibility of Breaking the Law, which brings Disorder and Judgment. In Genesis 11, Mankind Rebelled against GOD and built the Tower of Babel. He Judged them by confusing their Language, resulting in Chaos. Jehoiakim, one of the Last Kings over Judah, ruled for 11 Years (609 to 598 BC).

One will leave the Links to the prior Comet Studies of 2020, dealing with the Comets for References to look over. But a PDF of the Chart Illustrations will be compiled for a better visual of what one is talking about and is in Question. It does appear that the Celestial Tapestry of the Storyline of the coming Rescue of the 7 Maidens of the Pleiades is at Hand or about to come also to a ‘Conjunction’ with its Redeemer and Groom, Jesus. The Proverbial Question is always, ‘What Year’. If at least, this 3rd Comet that conjoins the Pleiades with a ‘Shofar Motif’ is perhaps just another Confirmation that the Storyline, Trajectory and Plan of Jesus to come Calling for His Bride to Awaken with the Blast is on Schedule.

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