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Rapture Roulette

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The following are one’s Personal Thoughts about this whole Rapture ‘Frenzy’ of a September 15 or 19 or 23 Rapture for 2023. And that due to ‘Confirmation’ and Signs declared by Brethren based on 2 Particular Floating Rocks in Space, the Asteroid named ‘Child’ and the Comet, C/2023 P1 that is translated as ‘Exalted Man-Child’. In the Prior Articles that one has addressed this Rapture High Watch Time, it has been because others have asked of me to provide one’s Assessment. If it were not so, one would rather care less what other Brethren put all their Hopes and Expectations on a Rapture Date. It happens about every 3 Months or so of a Cycle in any given Year, that seems to feed the Rapture ‘Fix’.

In response to one’s Articles about how one Refutes such Claims based solely on Basic Astronomy and Biblical Hermeneutics, one has only received Negative Feedback. One expected a Degree of Discontent, as it was back in 2017 with the Original Revelation 12 Sign, that one was one of the 1st to introduce it, etc. One expected such a Response because of one’s Refuting the Notion, that the Rapture was going to happen ‘There and Then, etc. It has been the case now also, unfortunately for me again. One was glad that one was now anticipating going to engage about one’s Critique of those ‘Sounding the Rapture Alarm’, that the Rapture was to have taken place on Rosh HaShanah for 2023.

It was the case that the Rapture was going to occur on the Kabbalist Civil New Year of which they are in Rebellion against YHVH for not observing the true ‘Head of the Year’, that being Nisan, etc. Instead of the Brethren Critiquing one’s Responses to the Evidence provided or of one’s Basic Astronomy, Hermeneutics and Rationale, that was asked of me to do, it was not in such a Response. Rather the Responses one has received, became not of the Critiques one was asked to do, but it has been against one’s Character. It is not because one wholeheartedly Disagrees with these ‘GOD-Given’ Confirmations and that ‘GOD Told me So’ Absolute Declarations.

After one addressed each Point of their Asteroid Arguments, mainly pertaining to Brother Patrick at Hourly Watch, it was I who became the Problem, for pointing-out the Problems in his Rapture Proclamation for September of 2023. This was no Different with Scottie Clarke back when leading-up to the Original and True Rapture Revelation 12 Sign of 2017, one had said the same. It was that the Rapture was not occurring, Then and There. Why Not? The Sign is not the Event. And back then as now, one stated emphatically, that it was the Rapture Sign to the Church, but not the Rapture Event itself. Why not? There are still many Unfulfilled Prophetic Factors yet to be realized. And this especially pertains to the Modern Nation of Israel, etc.

Thus Said the LORD
So, for apparently just asking Questions, Challenging, ‘’Thus Saith the LORD’, one has been called Arrogant, Intentional, Presumptuous, needing to Change my Perspective, and one needs to be Open Minded, etc. So, Brother Patrick gets a ‘Free Pass’, but does not. One has been called far worse and one knew this was also going to happen. There is a Spirit behind this Revelation 12 Sign Phenomena. But when such Accusations are coming from fellow Brethren, it ‘Stings’ more, as they are the ‘Wounds of a Friend’, etc. Nonetheless, one is glad about the Resurgence of the Revelation 12 Sign. It has sparked a new Debate about it in relation to the Rapture.

And to stress that Brethren are entitled to their own Opinion and Interpretation. One should be allowed also. But it is that one has had from the Sign’s Inception, a Contrary Opinion and Interpretation. It is the Sign of the Rapture but not of the Rapture itself. For saying that then as now, one becomes Persona Non Grata. One does not claim ‘Exclusivity’ or Property of the Revelation 12 Sign. Nor has it been ‘Gifted to the Few’. Surely one is not in those Categories. Now what one is going to say will come across as perhaps Harsh and ‘Not Encouraging’. But in this Discussion for 2023, it is about the Rapture happening because, as one also Astronomical has called it, based on 2 Floating Rocks in Space? Has the Church lost its Mind?

One is taking the Time to Dispute that the Rapture is not going to occur as Believed because it does not even come close to the Depiction of the original Revelation 12 Sign. And this is despite Brother Patrick’s insistence, that it is and that in fact, it is the ‘Final’ Sign as the one back in 2017 was a ‘Lie’ and those propagating it were ‘Not Honest’. His Words. How can Christ Jesus Honor such Accusations against the Brethren? In this case, specifically because of. ‘Jesus Told Me’ by Brother Patrick, one is just saying, let us Reason together. Is that not what YHVH says of us? So, let us Examine it. Let us look at the Evidence and its Rapture Implications. No, the ‘Sign’ is not just for ‘Gullible Fools’, as that was 1 response to my Critiques. One is not insinuating that all are.

Now, if one does not see it as one Does, No Problem. But as stressed, if the Church now Believes and puts its Hope and Trust on 2 Floating Space Rock that thus, ‘Confirms’ the Rapture is to take Place? By all means please go ahead, GOD Bless you. One does not need the Stress or Abuse of Debating one’s Points or Interpretation. One does not welcome the Abuse for just having a ‘Healthy Skepticism’, AS THAT IS ONE’S MAIN POINT AND TAKE-AWAY of this Article. Do not take the Word of any Brethren that Promises you the Rapture. Do not give him or her a ‘Free Pass’.

Question their Sources. Question their Spirit. Use that same Skepticism and Appreciation one is subjected to in presenting one’s Prophetic Prognosticates on them, just as much. Let there be no Double Standards, no Hypocrisy in the Church, etc. But as one was asked about the Revelation 12 Sign Iteration for 2023, because one does claim 1st Rights, sure one then engaged as any and all should. Yes, one does think Brethren believing this Nonsense any are Gullible. Fools? No for ‘Falling’ for this same Circumstance as it was back in 2017. And ‘No’, one does disagree that YHVH could have ‘stopped’ the Hype or Sensationalizing of it, if it was not ‘His Will, etc.

This is From GOD
Yes, one does call it a ‘Frenzy’ because it is All about the Revelation 12 Sign. And how based on Bad Astronomy and Bad Hermeneutics, the Sign was decreed to have been the ‘True Sign’ and therefore, the Rapture had to have occurred. If that is the case, and the Logic and Reason about it, then why would YHVH not also ‘Stop’ the actual Replacement Theory? Why would He not ‘Stop’ the False Doctrines of Demons that are so pervasive in the Church Pulpits in these Last Days? Why would YHVH not ‘Stop’, etc. The Point is that He is allowing Free Will, even within the Body of Christ. Remember that is a Spiritual Condition of precisely allowing for the Wheat and Tares to grow alongside, as will be for the Sheep and the Goats, only at the ‘End’ of the Summer White Wheat Wedding Harvest, etc.

This is to say, that one just pointed-out a lot of Mis-Information and Mis-Interpretation going on that deviated from Scripture, in regard to the Revelation 12 Sign. So, ‘No’, one does not accept that just because Scottie Clarke ‘Hijacked’ the Sign as one deems it, that YHVH has condoned his Sensationalizing of it because, ‘It woke-up a lot of Sleeping Saints’. Sure, but it also put some to ‘Sleep’ in how his Assertion then as now with Brother Patrick guaranteed that it was to be the Rapture Event. Why can one say this? As already stated, but will again. The Scriptures instruct the Body of Christ to Test the Spirit and the Fruit, especially of those that Declare, ‘I have Confirmation’, Jesus Told Me. This is it, the Rapture! In the case of Scotty Clarke, it has led to heresy.

So, is YHVH condoning this, to Means that he gets a Free Pass to justify the End or Outcome, which Apostasy? One does not agree that GOD, the Holy Spirit that leads all to the Truth, would lead all to Lies. One does not believe so. And with Brother Patrick? To then insinuate that the ‘Birthing’ of the ‘Child’ Asteroid in Virgo on the 1st Day of the Civil New Year will be the Rapture? It would be on a Day that the Kabbalists still observe, despite not adhering to YHVH’s Command to Moses and Israel to revert that to the Spring Clocking of when is the Head of the Year or Rosh HaShanah?

And to stake 100% that the Rapture of the Bride of Christ is contingent upon 2 Rocks in Space in the Constellation of Virgo? And then Brother Patrick shifts the Rapture because of a Comet that has connotations to the ‘Man-Child?. And which he then surmises is actually the ‘Red Dragon’, i.e., Lucifer because the Comet C/2023 Pt ‘Can’ change to a Color Red? And that Date of when it is to be Birthed, which does not fit the other Astronomical Motis is what the Church is to have ‘Birthed’. Please Brethren. One realizes that one is ‘Harping and Barking’ that the ‘Emperor has No Clothes’.

One’s Articles Negating this Revelation 12 Sign Iteration for 2023 was not to Discourage the Body of Christ. Rather, it is an Admonition to stick with the Scriptures and the Prophetic Context of the Revelation 12 Sign. It is a Sign to the Jews, at the Time and Place of the Mid-Tribulation Abomination of Desolation event. Now one does believe that when the Rapture Event does happen, that too, will be a Solid, Undeniable Sign to the Nation of Israel, that is Blind and Unrepentant. They will however, rather go to their False Messiah to ‘Save’ them, etc. But all that to say that the Rapture will occur on a Feast of YHVH.

It is a Confirmation

One just suggests strongly that a Summer White Wheat Wedding of the New Wine, per Acts 2 is a more suitable Feast than any other. This is one’s Running Theory, nothing more and one is surely not saying one is Right or that ‘This is It! GOD Told Me! I have the Confirmation!, etc. Yes, one may come-off as an Arrogant Academic, but it is because in one’s Honest Opinion, this Biblical Astronomy used to determine the Time and Place of the Rapture of the Bride of Christ is verging on Astrology now. One needs to reiterate that one does emphatically believes that the Revelation 12 Sign, with the Child Asteroid and the Comet Nishimura were, just that, Amazing Signs in the Constellation of Virgo for 2023.

Perhaps, it was the 1 Year Warning, that one can have accepted because of the Signs in Virgo at that Place and Time. But where in Scripture does it state or infer that the Rapture is to occur on a Jewish Civil New Year? Or that the Rapture has to occur in the Astronomical Sign of Virgo when the Sun is there with the Moon or a Comet or Asteroid? This is if one understood that right. This is one’s exact Point. That is all. But based on what has been Declared, Absolutely, one is just Questioning the Absolute Proof. Is that Fair?

But saying that the ‘Red Dragon’, as the 2nd Sign, coincided with that Comet C/2023 P1 is what the Church was Birthing, does not make sense. What happened to ‘Question Authority’? For example, if the Revelation 12 Sign that occurs right at the Mid-Point of the 7-Year Tribulation Period is a ‘Recap’ of the whole, and the Rapture of the Bride takes place in Chapter 4, what is being Raptured at the Mid-Point of the Tribulation Period?

The Point here is that Prophetically or as a Type, is that if it is the Bride of Christ, then that puts the Rapture of the Bride of Christ at precisely the Mid-Point of the Tribulation, to the delight of the Mid-Trib Brethren. One realizes, as back in 2017 that this very same Debate ensued and the same Outcome was surmised. One is not expecting one’s Perspective to be accepted. They were not then nor are they now. But one, beyond just having a Personal Conscience to be Cleared, in Warning the Church of this Nonsense, is also, on the Flip-Side needed to do so, prompted beyond one’s Conscience.

If you all or anyone Believe the Rapture is the Birthing of the Red Dragon ‘Bride’ due to a floating Rock in Space that is being insinuated is now the True Fulfillment of a Mid-Tribulation literal Event dealing with Israel, not one to Discourage you to continue Hoping in that. One is just saying, let us look at the Evidence and compare it to Scripture. Yet by merely doing that, one was labeled a ‘Debbie Downer’ and worse.

One has had to accept that as part of the 2-Way Debate concerning all things Prophetic pertain to the End of Days, that the Church is at its Near End. Let us dissect the Assertions, primarily now being Taught and Guaranteed by Brother Patrick at Hourly Watch that the Rapture will occur because ‘Jesus Told Me’ in September of 2023, from around 15 to the 23rd, etc. The following is the Revelation 12 Sign Matrix that actually asserts 3 possible Rapture Dates.

RAPTURE DATES: Affirmative, Negative (In Past Tense.)

1- September 15, 2023
On the Civil New Year of the Jews, did the Revelation Sign configure at this Place and Time, where the Sun was at Head-Shoulders, and Moon at Feet? No. Does it Configure a ‘Man-Child’ Motif as displayed in Scripture? No.

Per Brother Patrick’s own Definition, he excused Jupiter as not what Revelation Chapter 12 stated, was the Man-Child. He argued that Scripture says, initially a Child. True, but the Scripture then goes on to Define the Child as a Peculiar Type of Child, a ‘Man-Child’. So, since the Asteroid’s Name, ‘Child’ that he identified, specifically with the Rapture and the ‘True’ Revelation 12 Sign, is not the case entirely. Rather, it is the Comet, C/2013 P1 Nishimura that precisely means, ‘Man-Child’, Exalted that does occur in the Sign of Virgo but is not part of the ‘Birthing’ Typology, etc.

2- September 19,  2023

It was on this very Day that the Revelation 12 Sign ‘Approximated’ the Astronomically Depiction in the Constellation of Virgo. Yes. Did the Sign, at this Place and Time depict a Factor or Element of a ‘Birthing’ going on? No.

One cannot have it both ways. For example, if Brother Patrick would have said, ‘Look, an Asteroid named ‘Child’ will be ‘Birthed’ out of the ‘Womb’ area of Virgo on the Jewish Civil New Year’! GOD Bless him. Why? There was no Biblical Association to the Revelation 12 Sign. Sure, the Rapture could occur at any Day and Time. But it cannot if ‘Prophecy is Pattern’, which it is. Brother Paterick directly associates the Event to the Rapture Sign, but to be ‘The Rapture Sign’. That is totally different as the Sign does not occur at that Time and Place, Astronomically.

3- September 23, 2023
This was the actual Anniversary Date of the Revelation 12 Sign that occurred back in 2017. Was the Sun in the Head/Shoulders with the Moon at Feet area and a ‘Birthing’ of a Celestial Type occurring at this Place and Time? No. And as noted prior, it is the 1st Day of Fall.

Now what is rather Interesting as noted, is on this very Day, it is the Planet Mars that ‘enters’ or Impregnates the Motif of the Woman, Virgo. Now, Brother Patrick and others thereafter believed that this is the real ‘Red Dragon’. This now a 3-Fold Possibly in case how September 15, and the 19th came and went. They surmised that Mars, coming into Virgo stood as the Red Dragon, ready to devour the Man-Child. Is this the case? No. To begin with, Mars is running Counterclockwise and is to the Side just above the Ecliptic Line. In Scripture, it is the Red Dragon that stands in front of the Man-Child to Devour it. Is this the Astronomical Depiction at this Point and Time precisely reflects the Scriptures of Revelation Chater 12? No.


There was no ‘Man-Child’ Astronomically being ‘Birthed’ out of Virgo’s Womb area on September 23, 2023. Now to be Fair, the Comet by the Name, Man-Child, C/2023 P1 Nishimura is coming behind Mars and drifting down out of the Sign of Virgo altogether. What it is depicting is a Triangulation of these 3 Celestial Objects, Mars, Comet and Star Spica. This will be interesting as one would rather suggest War is coming to Israel and tacitly to the Bride of Christ.

A Nothing Burger
This is why, as mentioned in prior Articles, one is one is of the Opinion that all this Revelation 12 Sign for 2023 Frenzy was a ‘Nothing Burger’. One is more inclined, Astronomically to believe that it will be Planet X with its 7 Planets that will comprise the actual Astronomical Fulfilment. And this only occurs with the Astronomical Resurgence of the Revelation 12 Sign, along with Jupiter in the year 2029. It is exactly at the Mid-Point of what one believes is a more accurate 7-Year Tribulation Timeline, 2025-2032.

Again, one is not saying this Timeline is ‘Right’. Now, one does also agree that the ‘Birth’ of the Modern State of Israel, although brought back in Unbelief is the Countdown to 70th Week of Daniel, she still owes YHVH for the Sabbaths of the Land, she did not keep, etc. And that with a possible and suggested Mathematical Year Count, one can ‘Approximate’ when that could occur. No Absolutes given. Here is the Timeline, perhaps.

1947 – Israel started to Sprout Leaves, per U.N. Partition Plan. Israel became a De Facto State.
1948 – Israel Declares Independence and Recognized as a Sovereign State by the USSR 1st. 
1952 – Israel marks the 1st Sabbath Count or Shemitah once back in the Promised Land.
1952 + 80 Years (If by Strength – Psalm 90) = 2032 – 7 Year Tribulation = 2025

Now, about the 6th Year of Work Theory pertaining to the Rapture Timing that had also come about due to the Rapture having to have taken place in 2023? And? Well, it would allow the 7th Year to be the Rest Year. Thus, the Rapture in the 6th Year. If so, consider the Following as a Suggestion. This Logic and Reasoning, as one Examines it would put the Year, 2022 as the 7th Year of the Prior Sabbath Cycle of Time, or Shemitah, etc. As many End Times Watchers expected, that would have been the Rapture Year and the Start of the 70th Week of Daniel.

Obviously since that Calculus did not occur, this is why one believes the 70th Week will not start at the Beginning of a 7th Year Count, but rather at an off-set of a 3.5 Year Timeframe. This is to Reiterate that if the Year and Day Counts are applied 'Equally' to the Revelation 12 Sign Iterations, the 6th year will encompass most of the Year 2024. It is not until September 23, 2024, that the 7th Year Starts. One can concede to this possible 6th Year Anniversary, but only because it does correlate to one's presumed Rapture Year of 2024, in the Summer New Wine Season, etc. Anyway, one is not asking to ‘Believe’ one’s Interpretation or Timelines. One just has as many shares as one sees.

Yes, it totally contradicts the Prevailing Rapture Narrative. One can live with that.  But one’s Disagreement or presumed Pharisaical Stance is not meant to cause Division or to Put others down. As noted, in fact, it is both Brother Patrick and even Scott Clarke that are putting the Brethren down. Patrick for stating that the Sign of 2017 was False and those propagating it were as well. Or that Scottie is disparaging Brother Patrick with accusing him of ‘Hyping it Up’, just as much as he did. If even Scottie Clarke is saying that about the Sign now? One wonders why?

Show me the Scriptures

So, all one is saying, let us consider as a Church, the ‘Confirmation’ and the ‘Jesus Told Me’ Declarations of the Rapture. Let us put the Evidence to the Test. When one does that, i.e., the Iteration of what Brother Patrick asserts and is convinced is the ‘True’ Revelation 12 Sign and thus the Rapture, one saw that it is not the case, Astronomically, at least. one will leave it as that. One has basically said all one has needed to say. One is not directing one’s Assessment to anyone in particular other than to Brother Parick specifically. One has attempted to Contact the Brother. One attempted to Post on his YouTube Channel but one’s Message was Deleted. One is not sure if it was Blocked or Deleted by YouTube, etc.

What one has provided in now a series of Critiques, all published online, had been about the General Observation related to the ‘Confirmations’ that the Rapture was to have taken place in September of 2023. To reiterate. The following is not to Mock but to put into a Sentence that hopefully the Church can ‘Snap-out’ of this ‘Spell’ to see it for what it is worth. All those that are believing that the Rapture was to have occurred on September 15 or the 19 or the 23 in 2023, because of 2 specific Rocks floating in Space in the Constellation of Virgo that turns-out to be none other than the Red Dragon?

If that is what the Church Body wanted to ‘Birth’ and Believe? One wants nothing to do with it. Here all this Time, one thought that one was ‘Humble’, Open Minded and Encouraging. But to be honest, one just senses a Double Standard here. How so? Seems like when Brethren like Patrick or others of similar Assertions make them of the Rapture, they get a ‘Free Pass’ and with ‘No Questions Asked’. And if and when one does Question his or other’s Assertions about their Rapture Declaration, that they themselves say is an Absolute or ‘This is it’, or ‘Jesus told me’, it is one that gets the 3rd Degree just for Critiquing their Claim and asking for Absolute Proof, etc.

And it is not one’s Critique that gets Criticized, but one’s Character as mentioned already. And when one makes my Assertions, just as wild in some cases, but never an Absolute nor Insistence that one is ‘Right’, but just shows the Evidence, one gets a ‘Nothing Burger’, a ‘No Pass’. It is what has occurred in presenting one’s Research, of the Originality of the Revelation 12 Sign, the Acts 2 Pentecost New Wine, the Crucifixion Year of 32 AD, and other Theories, like the Cydonia, Mars Triangulation Star Maps on Earth, etc., In one’s case, one only Apprehension, Doubt, Questions. And that is OK. And that is how it should be! This is exactly what one would rather see the Church endeavor to do with ‘Absolute Statements’, etc.

And that is all one is asking. If anything, it is for the Church to apply that same Healthy Skepticism of Such Claims coming from Brother Patrick, no matter how Sincere and Genuine he is. And he is. One does not doubt that. But he blocks any Comments Questioning his ‘Devine Assertions’ or Critique or even Questions challenging his Stance, etc. And sadly, that now, like back in 2017, the Topic has devolved into becoming a ‘Who Discovered the True Revelation Sign 1st?’… One Commentator said to Patrick in his YouTube Channel the following.

Frenzy Fanatics?
One is paraphrasing, ‘You should be ashamed of yourself for not giving Brenda Weltner the Credit she had already told us of all this for the past 3 Years’. This is where it has gotten to. But to say that if one come across as ‘Too Rigid, of ‘My Way or the Highway’? When has one ever said that? But on the contrary that, in almost every Article, one Qualifies it and Declares it, by exactly saying that is only presenting one’s Interpretation and/or Research of what could be. Yet, again, when others make a Statement that the Rapture, ‘Will be’ like with the latest ‘Frenzy’ over the Revelation 12 Sign, one cannot touch it to Criticize it, and that, after being asked to do so. One does not need this. This is exactly as one was treated and responded to back in 2017. It is Déjà Vu, all over again. It is a Frenzy. Here is the Definition of the Word.

-A State of Mental Agitation or Wild Excitement.
-A Mania; a Craze.

Ironically, one keeps saying that you all have the Right to be Excited about Rocks in Space. Yet it is one that gets blamed for somehow ‘Stealing the Joy and Hope’ of the Rapture. No one has really Criticized one’s Critiques other than to comment on my Character for making General Metaphorical Correlations, like ‘It is a Contrived Frenzy, it is a Kool-Aid’, Sure. But it is the Body that is not taking the Time to use their Reason to look at what is being presented and said. My Goodness.

Again, all that one is saying is have that Healthy Skepticism to them, as you do to me. Have that Doubt or Apprehension, etc. That is what one could accept. And if I am found to be ‘Rigid’ or Arrogant, it is only because you better be that, more so in the Rigid portion in this Age of Deception, Doctrine of Demons and Clowns in the Pulpit Entering the Sheep. That is 1 of the main Problems of the Church in these Last Days, in one’s Assessment and Observation. Here is another Offensive Cliché….

‘If you do not Stand for Something, you will Fall for Anything’. One is saying this in General of the Church. Never have one said that of any Brethren. ‘You better Believe like me or else!’ All one has done and will continue to do is Argue from the Negative, provide the Counter Argument and Evidence or Rationale, Scripture and move on.

That is it, and all one can do. But yes, one better stand on one’s Convictions. And that is what I am trying to say, although it seems one has failed again in this Go-Around and Revelation 12 Sign Frenzy that was 2023. Again, consider this. Do you all believe that the Most Important Prophetic Event on the Near Horizon, i.e., the Rapture of the Bride of Christ is to be Predicated on 2 floating Rock in Space, because of their Names being ‘Child’ and Man-Child? And that the Rapture, therefore had to occur in Virgo on the Civil New Year of the Kabbalists who refuse to Honor YHVH”s Decrees to start the Year in Nisan? No Problem. But if I or others, say, ‘Fine’ but let us examine this Rationale? Seems that one cannot have that leeway.

Above All Else, See Understanding

One is only Assessing what, in this case, what Brother Patrick’s Claims and others as Rapture ‘Confirmations’. One takes that Serious as all you should too. One had just asked the Questions…What was he Saying? So, yes, one is being Rigid because one also has to be repeated and forewarned all the Time. I am Bias, Opinionated. I am a Skeptic. I Question Authority and Brethren’s Assertions. Yet one is being Castigated for doing so. To me, it is Serious. If a Brother or Sister says, ‘Jesus Told me so’. I have no Problem with it.

But when the Person who is presenting this as ‘GOD Told me’ and the Rapture is predicated on the Space Rock that Brother Patrick says is the Red Dragon? I am not letting that go. So, the Rapture Event, the Blessed Hope is not of the Bride but of ‘Birthing’ Lucifer? Sure, No Problem. Go ahead and be Excited about it. Call me Rigid and Arrogant, Intentional, for saying that one is of the Opinion that most likely, it ‘May’ not be the case? As mentioned, one is not taking anything Personal. Although one does claim ‘1st Rights’ of the Sign, it is not mine to Defend or Argue.

One does also sense that when the Sign Phenomena started to pick-up Traction, on all the major End Times Watchers that one Respects, one did have this Premonition that a coming Divide or Spirit of Division would be sitting in as it did back in 2017. This is 1 Proof of just how Important and Prophetic this Sign. One cannot explain it, other than one does surmise that it is Supernatural if anything can be said for certain of this Phenomena. Perhaps, our Groom, Jesus is about to do a ‘Shaking-Up’ of things, of one’s Faith? And do realize that that September 23rd Day itself is the Turning of the Season and the Jewish Civil Year.

That in itself speaks of the ‘Transition’ and Change that is about to occur in the Spiritual Realm perhaps, but also in the Earthly and Geo-Political Realm on Earth. In closing, one must maintain the Unity of the Spirit and Fellowship despite our Peculiarities of Personality and Expression of one another. One will nonetheless still keep the Disposition of being Critical as in asking Questions and Dissecting the Matrix that one presented in analyzing what is being said about this Year’s Revelation 12 Sign Iteration or any other Date that Brethren declare the Rapture is to take place on.



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