2025-2032 TIMELINE?

Speculation of a Possible Start Date

  • What is the Tribulation in the Bible all about?
  • Can the Timeline be determined based on Signs?
  • What is the Circumstantial Evidence?

by Luis B. Vega

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The purpose of this Chapter is to show the possible Timeline of the Beginning, Middle and End of the Biblical Tribulation Period of 7-years. The Chart accompanying the study will Highlight the various Lunar Months that pertain to the Key Times that involve the possible Tribulation Period Start Date Scenario. Every year one does a Projection based on several Suppositions that will be noted below.

The Month in which the Scenario starts is September of 2025. For that Year, the Feast of Yom Teruah occurs the Day after the Fall Equinox of September 22, 2025. Why is this noted? This Timing makes the ‘Fall Feasts of YHVH, truly to occur in the Fall. This means that the Rabbinical Lunar Calendar is Synchronized with the Fall Equinox or Solar Calendar.

From that Date and Marker, the following Day Count suggests that the Start of the 7 Year Tribulation would start on that Weekly Sabbath after all the Fall Feasts have concluded. One will try to explain that Reason why as well. Thus, this possible Tribulation Scenario would start on October 18, 2025. And to stress that this is pure Speculation and an Approximation.

There is much Evidence and Prophetic Typologies to suggest that the People of YHVH, of Jesus will ‘Know’ exactly the Day of the Rapture. For example, this Rapture Scenario is seen in the Elijah-Elisha Narrative. However, one, at this point in Time, does not know the Exact Day of the Rapture nor claims to Know. One is only applying a Template that one has used to ascertain a Possible Timeline based on one’s Understanding for Decades now.

Thus, for the Year 2023, and based on this Day Count present in the Timeline, the End of the 1st Segment of the 1260 Day Count would result on March 30, 2025. And? This Date happens to be Passover in both the Rabbinical and Torah Calendar. Then the end of the 2nd Day Count of 1260 Days would result in Rosh HaShanah or Yom Teruah on September 11, 2032. It occurs on a Sabbath.

Will this be Jesus’ Appearance as He is believed to have been born on September 11, -3 BC, at His 1st Advent?  Evidence that suggests 2025 could be the Start Year for Daniels’ Last Week of Years to finish Israel’s Discipline and the 2nd Advent of Jesus Christ. This Timeline is also based on one’s Notion that it is from 1952 that the 70 Year Start Date should be counted from.

This is because it was the Year that corresponded to the Land Sabbaths that got Israel Ejected from the Promised Land for not keeping the Land Sabbaths and letting it Rest, in the 1st Place. If this be the case, then following is very Interesting to consider.

1952 + 70 Years = 2022 + 3.5 =

And here is one’s Observation of where the 3.5 or 1260 Day Counts could be Accounted for. One is Entertaining the Thought the Daniel 9, dealing with the Coming of the Christ and AntiChrist, overlap each other. Meaning that there is a 3.5 or 42 Month or 1260 Day Discrepancy that still needs to be accounted for. This Notion would suggest that if Jesus started His Ministry in the Winter of 29 AD, the 1260th Day would correspond to precisely April 14, 32 AD. This would suggest that as Jesus started His Ministry on a Shemitah or Sabbath Year, that was ‘Cut in the Midst’, leaving the 2nd Part yet to be completed. Where would that be?

Then, there has been some Speculation also that why many Christians believe in a Mid-Tribulation Rapture is that they are ‘Hung-Up’ on the Phrase, ‘After the Tribulation of those Days’, etc. They do not realize the Context of whom Jesus was talking to in Matthew 24. That Audience was of the Jews and how Jesus related the Context precisely to Daniel. In that case, that is the Clue that the ‘Great Tribulation pertains to the Day of Jacob’s Trouble, not that of the Church.

Also, such that believe in the Mid-Tribulation and Post-Tribulation fail to see the Spiritual Dispensations and Economies of YHVH in how there are Tribulation Saints during this time, for sure, but the Present Church Age is unique, unlike any other Dispensation in the Past. Jesus spoke that the Church Age is tied to His Commission and a Commission has a Start and End Date. Thus, the Rapture Event will conclude this Royal Commission.

This when then allow the Last Week of Daniel, the 70th Week to pick-up where Jesus was ‘Cut-Off’ in a sense. This would make the Great Tribulation, that 2nd Portion of the 1260th Day Count the 2nd Half of the Shemitah that both the Christ and AntiChrist appear to share, based on this Overlapping Prophetic Double Entendre, perhaps. So, one would know when the 2nd Half or the 3.5 Years, or 42 Months or 1260 Days would occur. But since they have to Dove-Tail each other, where or when is the 2nd Portion of Jesus Christ’s 2nd 3.5 Years or 42 Months or 1260 Days to be found?

One suggests, based on the 70th Year Shemitah since 1952 that it has been since 2022 when Israel reached that Land Sabbath Rest, in the Fall of 2022. One cannot Prove this beyond mere Logic and Reason though. One is just providing one’s Thoughts and Observations based on this Year Count and possible Tribulation Scenario that, nonetheless, has to be a full 7 Years. That is what ‘Binds’ both Christ and AntiChrist of the Daniel Prophecy, pertaining to their Respective Advents, etc.  Thus, this 3.5 Year ‘Gap’ of Time since the Fall of 2022, would then lead to sometime, well into 2025.

Circumstantial Evidence?
So, the Question is, will Fall of 2025 be the Start of the Tribulation Period? One is not saying one is right but consider that this 2025 Start Year would then have 2032, when the Tribulation Period Ends with Jesus’ Return. It would also Corroborate with the 32 AD Year as being the more Accurate Calculation of Jesus’ Death and the Start of the Church Age. The Year 2032 would also corroborate the Sacred Measurement of the Great Pyramid, making it a Prophetic Clock.

So, why the Year 2025 is perhaps Significant is that it is derived from Subtracting the 7 Years from the Year 2032. Why? One is convince that the Key Year as to why one is convinced that a 32 AD Crucifixion Year is the more accurate one. It is because that Year is linked with the -3 BC September 11 Birth Day of Jesus. The Year 32 AD is also Synchronized with the Shemitah Cycles. This is why when the ‘2 Day or 2000 Year Prophetic Template’, is applied then from 32 AD, one arrives at an ‘End Date’ or Year of 2032.

This 32 AD Year would then suggest when the Church Age is to ‘End’, minus the 7-Year ‘Time of Testing’ that is to come on Earth from 2032. And that Year, then points to 2025. This is why one is, at this Point in Time, more Convinced of a 32 AD Crucifixion. Consider that aside from the Creation of Adam, the Flood of Noah, the Calling of Abraham, the Exodus of Moses, the Sun Standing Still for Joshua, the most Important Day regrading Humanity was the Death of the Son of GOD.

This Day changed the Eternal Destiny of Humanity. Jesus Rescued Mankind from its Predicament of being Eternally Damned with Lucifer for committing Willful Sin. Thus, this Day, is no mere Day or Ordinary Day, as some suggest, ‘It does not matter what Day Jesus Died, but that He Died for our Sins’. Fair enough but one is not seeing the Forest from the Trees as the Cliché goes. Meaning that one has to get this Right and why Lucifer has intentionally Confused the Date in History.

Because of this Day in April 14, 32 AD, there will be some future Events that will likewise continue to Marvel the People of Jesus. There was the Out-Pouring and Indwelling of GOD the Holy Spirit within People after the Resurrection of Jesus. There is the Order of the Resurrection and Rapture that will conclude the Church Age Commission. Then once that occurs, the Advent of the AntiChrist will commence the 7-Year Week of Daniel. Thus, here are the Key Factors as to why 2025?

The 1st 1260 Days will Pale in comparison to the Horrors that will await Humanity and the Jews in Particular. But this Time will be as in the Days of Moses and Elijah, as the Tribulation will be marked by Signs and Wonders…Magic, as some would see it, even. And that will come from both the AntiChrist and his False Prophet and the 2 Witnesses, for example. Now the following Segment will attempt to explain why one Supposes that the Tribulation could start on that 1st Sabbath Day after the Fall Feasts of YHVH are concluded. For the Year 2025 the Fall Feasts of YHVH occur on the following Dates.
Clear of YHVH’s Feasts

If one uses this Time Marker, that Year Converges on 28 AD, that one argues is when Jesus started His Ministry and Declared the Jubilee of Isaiah 61, making 32 AD the Crucifixion Year.

Their Calculation taught that the Messiah was to come to Die for the Sins of Humanity in 32 AD. No less from the Dead Sea Scrolls themselves. And that the Last Sabbath Cycle was to Commence in 2025.

He attested to the Fact, that there was recorded, a Total Blackout and Earthquake, not only in Jerusalem, but in other parts beyond Judaea in 32 AD. This was recorded about 20 Years after the Crucifixion, so that would be around ~52 AD.

He worked for Scotland Yard, no less, presented his Mathematically Calculated Day Count wherein, Jesus’ Triumphal Entry occurred in 32 AD.

MONTH: 7 (Civil New Year)

FEAST                        MEANING                   DATE
Yom Teruah                Trumpets                     September 23, 2025

NOTE: Observe how the Date is exactly 8 Years from the Revelation 12 Sign of September 23, 2017. The Number 8 signifies ‘New Beginnings’. The Sign also occurred 1 Day after the Fall Equinox.

Yom Kippur                 Holiest Day                  October 02, 2025
Sukkot                         Tabernacles                 October 07, 2025
Shemini Atzeret          The 8th Day                 October 14, 2025
Simchat Torah             Reading of Torah        October 14, 2025
Weekly Sabbath        Daily Sacrifices?       October 18, 2025?         Beginning?
Passover                   Lamb of THVH            March 30, 2029              Mid-Point?
Yom Teruah              Trumpets                    September 11*, 2032      End?  *Rosh HaShanah is on September 6.

Based on this Day Count, Passover matches for 2029 and Rosh HaShanah in 2032, exactly 2000 Years from 32 AD. Here is the Rationale as to why one supposes that the coming AntiChrist will wait until all the Feasts of YHVH are concluded to then Start the Daily Sacrifices on that subsequent Weekly Sabbath. For one, by doing so, all the other Dates of Passover and Rosh HaShanah match. So, yes, one is ‘Massaging’ the Dates.

The other possible Reason is that the AntiChrist would want to stay clear of any Association with the Feasts of YHVH as his ‘New World Religion’ will corroborate what the Bible teaches that he will ‘Change and Day sand Laws’. As presented in prior Year’s studies of possible Timelines, one has stuck to the Notion that the AntiChrist will be like a Solomon 2.0. And that the Day for the 1st Day of the Tribulation to begin is to be then Inaugurated by the Dedication of the 1st Daily Sacrifice. Why? This has to do with the Day Count in that, once the Daily Sacrifice begins, that starts the Count-Down.

It is the Count-Down to the Mid-Point of the Tribulation, which is the 1260th Day. That is when it is understood by most that it is then that the AntiChrist stops them. And it is from that Day that the Great Tribulation begins, the Reign of Terror, etc. How this possible Day or Weekly Sabbath could then be like that of Solomon is the fact of how Solomon, Dedicated the Temple and the Daily Sacrifice after the Fall Feasts of YHVH. It was after the 8th Day and on Simchat Torah, it was Solomon who Read from the Law and basically Committed Israel to the Covenant. In a sense, Solomon ‘Confirmed the Covenant’, etc.

And it was at that Time and Place, on the Temple Mount that Fire came down from Heaven, as a Sign from YHVH of accepting the Daily Sacrifice and how any and All Prayers made here in earnest would be heard and answered. This is why the 3rdd Temple will be as the ‘Tower of Babel’. The 3rd Temple, along with the Dome of the Rock for the Muslims and the Al Aqsa Mosque that was a Crusader Church will be given over to the Apostate Church that remains.

This 3-Houses of Prayer will be modeled after the current Abraham Houses of Prayer that opened-up in Abu Dhabi in 2023. This New World Order Religious Configuration will Rally the entire World into a Blend of the 3 Main Monotheist Religions that encompasses over 90% of the People on Earth. But it will be used as a Ruse to Deceive Israel primarily and the World as it will be Lucifer’s Religion.

And that will be in Tandem with the Resurrection-Rapture Event. A Delivery of the ‘Man-Child’ but Sudden Destruction upon those, like the Red Dragon that sought to Devour it as soon as it was ‘Born’. This Critical Mass is being reaching, not only in the USA but the entire World, it is unprecedented. One was just thinking. If one just considers the Western Hemisphere. Almost every Nation is on the Edge of Anarchy or has On-Going Protests, Civil Unrest presently.

-El Salvador

Regardless, the Rapture has to occur soon. Events, Circumstances, and Conditions are fast Deteriorating on Earth. But all by Design. It is the Plan of the Luciferians that Run the World. Why? Remember, it is 'Order out of their Chaos'. They have to induce a Threshold of a Level of Chaos that only a Super-Devine Being come to Save the World will be required. Until then, the World is reaching a Critical Mass. A ‘Birthing’ and a Time of Tribulation for the World and Trouble for Jacob.


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