Prophetic Struggle for the Land and Birthright

  • Why do the Palestinians think Israel belongs to them?
  • West Bank is the heartland of Israel known as Judea and Samaria.
  • The Palestinians rejected the 2-State Solution by the UN in 1947.

by Luis B. Vega
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‘Goliath stood and shouted a taunt across to the Israelites. Why are you all coming out to fight? He called. I am the Philistine Champion, but you are only the Servants of Saul. Choose one man to come down here and fight me! If he kills me, then we will be your slaves. But if I kill him, you will be our slaves! I defy the Armies of Israel today! Send me a man who will fight me! When Saul and the Israelites heard this, they were terrified and deeply shaken’ -1 Samuel 17:8-11

The purpose of this study is to compare a timeless and Prophetic Template of one of the main themes that runs through the veins of the pages of Biblical Scripture, both the Old and New Testaments. This theme is that of the awaiting Anointed King and rightful Christ vanquishing the false usurper AntiChrist. The imagery will focus on one hand, the real life and historical account of David and Goliath. This study suggests that in the Last Days, a similar recurring prophetic showdown between the 2 ‘Christ’ types will culminate at Jesus’ return at the Battle of Armageddon.

It will also be the awaiting ‘Goliath’ to come, that being the AntiChrist that will take his stance in a similar valley against Christ Jesus and His People, Israel to include those coming to Jesus during the Tribulation. This study will compare theologically the construct of the prophetic ‘David and Goliath’ Geo-Political struggle for control and ultimate dominion of the Land and Birthright of Israel through another ‘Goliath’ imagery and prophetic typology, that of Nebuchadnezzar’s ‘Beast’ Statue of World Empires. There are certain theological axioms that will also attempt to be tied into to the ‘prophecy template’ of the ‘Stone’ not cut by human hands that will cut down this Geo-Political ‘Goliath’ like a ‘David’ and rule the world one day in true ‘Peace and Security’.

As alluded to, the reason why the Statue and the Stone with David and Goliath will be analyzed is for their metaphorical aspect that is going to reoccur at Jesus’ return and with His ‘Warrior Bride’ beside Him. In summary, there will be one last stance between the 2 competing Christs that will literally take place in the final chapters of the state of human affairs. It will be when the literal ‘Seed of the Woman’ will meet once more, face to face with the ‘Seed of the Serpent’ as it was with David and Goliath. It is riveting that the same prophetic template is to be played-out it seems.

The Statue of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream was, is and will be the timepiece, a stopwatch countdown to this ‘final stance’ of the Christs much like it was in the Elah Valley. To reiterate, the Statue can represent the embodiment to the ‘Goliath’ in terms of its Geo-Politics associated with the conclusion of Biblical prophecy that started in the Garden of Eden for the human race. The Statue represented diminishing value of metals but inversely more ferocious types of ‘Beast’ ruling systems. The ‘Beast’ Empires of Nebuchadnezzar’s ‘Goliath’ typology if you will, represented, currently represent and will represent the sinister and evil dealings of Lucifer and his Disciples through their ‘Invisible Hand’ against Israel and the Church Body.

Land and Birthright

This ‘Deep State’ as others call it has been in all aspects of human affairs since Nimrod with the Tower of Babel. This ‘Invisible Hand’ would consist of the Secret Societies, like the Masons, the Fake Jews of the Synagogue of Satan, etc. This same notion is what is attributed to the ‘Spirit of the AntiChrist’. These encrypted ruling World Empires had and have subjugated the nation of Israel or YHVH’s Earthly People, as well as YHVH’s spiritual People, the Bible-believing Followers of Jesus throughout the Church Age, etc. Thus, the Statue could, as much be a ‘Giant’ or ‘Goliath’ empire ‘Beast System’.

These ‘Goliath’ Kingdom Domains would foremost deal with the Nation and People of Israel, down to the last Tribe, Judah, thus the Jews and their Land and Birthright, etc. This ‘Goliath’ Beast System has always been against the tiny Nation of Israel, or miniscule Judah who can be metaphorically attributed to being the ‘David’ in the prophetic contention of the Christs, etc. This study thus suggests that in terms of the David and Goliath prophetic template, the physical descendant of both Christs’, that of David with Jesus and that of the coming AntiChrist as it was with Goliath, the Nephilim Bloodline of the ‘Serpent’ or Shining One will square-off once again in Israel at Jesus’ return.

As Jesus before his Incarnation, and Lucifer before his coming one, such faced each other there and then in Eden at the fall of Adam and Eve. However, it would be their ‘Seed’ that would conclude the ‘stance’ as it began in Eden only now having infused themselves, literally into the very Bloodline and veins of Adam’s Humanity. Specifically, as to whom the Seed of the Woman would be, it would be ultimately through the ‘Son of David’, Jesus. Whom will it be for the Goliath’s and/or Lucifer’s, the false usurper ‘Anointed Christ Cherub’? That remains to be seen but many have speculated that the Seed of the Serpent will come from one of David’s alternative Royal Bloodlines, perhaps.

Contrary to much confusion, the present ‘AntiChrist’ world empire is still that of the Roman legacy, mainly now through the hospices of the Roman Catholic Monarchy, the Papacy and the Vatican, etc. Like the contention between David and Goliath, this ‘Beast’ System has taunted YHYH’s People, both true Bible-believing Jews and Christians throughout the Ages. These World Empires also had, have and will have a direct influence, impact and determination over YHVH’s Temples. The Spirit of AntiChrist and ‘Beast System’ on Earth have had an effect in both the destruction and rebuilding of the Temple of YHYH.

These Temples stood on the Temple Mount next to the present Islamic Dome of the Rock. In the same manner, the ‘Goliath’ and the Beast System have operated through fear, intimidation, inquisitions, exile and ultimately death. It would seem impossible at times to come-up against such a ‘Goliath’. However, this same prophetic template will be in place in the Last Days. In fact, the Beast System that has directly stood up to usurp the dominion over the Land and the Birthright given by YHVH’s to his People, both as an Earthly and Spiritual Inheritance will be achieved but for a short time.

In the Scriptural typology comparison, this same ‘Goliath’ Statue of Nebuchadnezzar was and will be taken down by a single ‘Stone’ much like in the way the lowly insignificant and awaiting ‘Anointed’ yet-to-be-King, David struck the mighty Goliath down with 1 Stone to the head. This coming ‘Stone’ is and will be Jesus at His 2nd coming where He will not come as a mere ‘Lowly Shepherd’, but a conquering Anointed King, ‘Son of David’ no less. This ‘Stone’ came from Heaven will strike the Statue at its foundation, the feet. This symbolizes its very end prophetically in terms of the countdown to the final ‘Stance of the Christs’.

Shout of the King

It will occur during the last Roman rendition of the mixing of the ‘Iron and Clay’ 10-Toe New World Order. David used a slingshot against Goliath that coincidentally, the Descendants of the Philistines, the modern-day ‘Palestinians’ use this same type to launch stones against the IDF. Spiritually speaking, David ‘threw‘ Jesus at Goliath. This is the solution to the AntiChrist or ‘Goliaths’ in one’s way. Jesus, the ‘Stone’ is the solution for the Jews, the Muslim, etc. Jesus, is the ‘Rejected Stone’, the ‘Rock’ on which the Church Body is founded and for its individual members as ‘Stones’ themselves, precious ones that are built up in Christ into a Spiritual House, etc. The Bible foretells a day when Jesus will come anew as the physical descendant of the former Anointed King in waiting, David.

This David was a King in waiting for Israel yet despised and last to be recognized and picked by his own household and brethren. Such was the case with Jesus. David was a Shepherd and was tested many times as he protected the Sheep from the Lion then bear, and ultimately Goliath. Of course, one is focusing on the Biblical template of YHVH’s plan of salvation as David later-on had many weaknesses and ultimately made many mistakes as King. However, David was the one that came on Israel’s behalf to vanquish the Goliath ‘Beast System’, the false Christ that sought the Land and Birthright from Israel that was given by YHVH.

What a lesion of not only bravery but of unabridged valor of this unsuspecting son of Israel that was overlooked. Such has been the sad history of the Jewish Nation and the ramification are felt to this day. This battle for Zion and war plan are still in play that mirrors the Spiritual one. There is a ‘round 2’ coming literally with the ultimate progenitors of the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar ‘Beast System’ and Goliath. Amazingly it will be also taking place physically in a similar valley, not that of Dura or Elah but Armageddon. In the many excellent studies of David and Goliath, there have been made many a magnificent portrayal of such an encounter despite some seeing it as a mere fable.

Where did this little boy David get his valor and courage? Foremost at the root of the lesson spiritually is that David, as a Shepherd had the heart towards the Creator and knew the mind and will of YHVH. This is the key to such valor and resolve that sadly is lacking in the Last Days. The Church Body in part, but to a large decree is characterized by the ‘Laodicean Mindset’. It is void of Christ Himself who is relegated to the ‘outside of the camp’ or congregation. With such a game plan, there will be certain defeat. Jesus has to be in the ‘midst of the camp’ and the ‘Shout of a King’ has to be proclaimed so that the Enemies outside of it, like the false Balaam’s will hear it. Or else it is a body that is self-ordered by man-centered efforts and resolve that in terms of valor and resolve in these Last Days is disastrously lacking. In general, in ‘Churches’ today there is no ‘Shout of the King’. In other words, Jesus is ‘outside’ knocking.

The only glimpses of such valor and resolve among Jesus’ People –in comparison is found in the persecuted Church Bodies of the likes of Christians in Syria, North Africa, Iran, North Korea, etc. The other key to David’s valor and resolve against the Goliaths that come against YHVH’s People is that David was a man of vision and prophecy. David knew that the LORD had decreed and sanctioned Israel to drive out the natural inhabitants of the Land as a judgment against them. Israel failed to completely obey YHVH in this matter and the result was Goliath. This same spiritual law affects the modern Church Body and individuals in how in some cases one’s faith becomes ineffective and impotent like a Saul to combat the ‘Goliaths’ that will arise. A lack of total obedience to the LORD’s commands and prescriptions on how to live an overcoming life and have one’s ‘best life now’ is forfeited by this lack of resolve due to worldly compromise in one spiritual estimation.

Which Christ Champion?

It was not that YHVH was some mean-spirited bearded old man or is some angry blood-lusting GOD but that He was using the Israelites as a punishment for the wickedness of the Canaanites. Ironically, this same spiritual standard would be applied to Israel in how she became unfaithful and polluted the Land by her ‘Spiritual Adultery’. Thus, YHVH used other nations to expel even Israel from the Promised Land on 2 occasions even, how sad. This same spiritual principle is believed by some to also apply to the Church Body. Although this study takes the position that a genuine point of conversion is a salvation secured in Jesus that cannot be lost, the Birthright and Promised Land of the Kingdom of Heaven can be.

Per some interpretation, there will be those dwelling inside the city of the New Jerusalem come down from Heaven when it fuses its dimensions with Earth’s to those that will live outside. What is and will be the determining factors? The Bible is very clear; it is and will be willful and unrepentant sin, unbelief, a falling away, one’s preference of sex, etc. Furthermore, some evidently of the Philistines like the Tribe of Goliath were also Genetically corrupt. Such had the Genesis 6 infection of Fallen Angel mixing that produced the Goliaths in the first place that were not fully 100% human. The Tribe of Goliath were the tail-end of such genetic manipulations in an attempt to thwart the Land and Birthright be possessed by the Israelites, etc.

In 1 of the many studies about this confrontation between the 2 types of Christs is that David had not only just 1 stone for Goliath, but 5 in total. They represented the 5 major Philistine city strongholds. There was a stone for Goliath’s and for his 4 other brothers. This perception attained by a young David and the prophetic understanding at that age is marvelous. It speaks of the caliber of the other godly young men like a Samuel, Daniel and Joseph, etc. David’s valor and resolve put to shame Saul and the People of YHVH.

It was evident that the best of the Army of Israel did not share or perhaps did not know of such a depth of prophecy or the Promises of YHVH for them. However, by contrast it was David’s ‘Son’, Jesus that was promised, later came but was put to shame. However, unbeknown to the Jews, Jesus was taking their shame on the Cross of Calvary for Israel’s lack of faith, valor and resolve to be totally obedience to YHVH. On the other hand, Israel just acted in disbelief and/or were or chose to be ‘spiritually lethargic’. What this study suggests is that in essence, the little Shepherd Boy and the Giant Goliath were both ‘Christ’ types, David being the type of the true Christ come against Goliath, the type of the AntiChrist or the one wanting to take its place.

In the pure sense of the word, Christ just means ‘chosen’. Thus, was it not the case with Goliath? The Palestinians or the Philistinians at the time ‘chose’ Goliath, their ‘Champion’ to go against not only the People of YHVH but to mock YHVH Himself. This is not to say that everyone who is Palestinian is of Lucifer’s camp and/or evil. However, that such a People have willfully taken sides against YHVH’s People in open and hostile Rebellion and opposition. Such publicly seek outright the whole Land and Birthright of Israel. This, as the ‘Stance of Goliath’ embodied in this Spirit of AntiChrist and Beast System type in Israel’s history.

To this day, this same ‘Goliath Stance’ is replayed on a daily basis in Israel with real lives at stake and tragically too often end-up in murder on both sides. However, the stance of the Descendants of Goliath is not and will never be a 2-State Solution. This is a Muslim strategy and farce that plays on the Liberals of both Israel, the USA and Europe, etc. The 2-State Solution was the original solution drafted by the UN in 1947 in which the Palestinians would get most of the Land. The Palestinians refused. Why? It was a matter of the Land and the Birthright. It was to be ‘all or nothing’ and because of Islam. In what way?

Giant Obstacles

If a ‘resurrected’ and reborn Israel was to reemerge, it meant that the supposed ‘Successive’ Authority and Revelation given over from the Jews and then to the Christians and then to the Islamists would invalidate the claims of Mohammed and Islam itself. Islam declares that all prior theology within the Torah, the Prophets and the New Testament became ‘corrupt’ and is not the final ‘revelation’ or testimony, etc. Thus, to have YHVH, the Creator deal with Israel still, post-Islam means then that all of YHVH’s ‘Promises’ and ‘Covenants’ made with and for Israel are still valid and yet to be fully fulfilled.

This means then that the very Descendants of Goliath are to be one day eventually purged from the land as YHVH commanded Joshua. Thus, the modern-day Philistines take-up the ‘Stance of Goliath’ and his cause, which is the AntiChrist’s to come. The Romans exiled the Jews from Judea and Samaria, now called the West Back. However, not all the Jews were taken out. At all times, there were Jewish remnants still within the Land. Even though this was the time where many Descendants remaining of the Philistines occupied some of those lands, Rome did not create or ever recognize that there was ever a sovereign Palestine nation or state to be had.

Only the name of the region was changed by the Romans to that of ‘Palestine’ out of spite against the racial hatred for the Jews. Neither did the Muslim Arabs that swept with Mohammed’s murderous sword to force conversion ever set up a ‘Palestinian’ State’. Then when the Christian Crusaders came, they set up their own Roman Catholic kingdoms. They never recognized ‘Palestine’ as a formal Nation or People. Then when the Ottoman Turks eclipsed the Arabs in the region, neither did they as Muslims take the cause of a ‘Palestinian Homeland or State’. Why? Because ‘Palestinians’ as a sovereign nation never existed like Israel.

Such were always considered Arabs and Muslim for the most part that were absorbed into the Caliphates. When the British took over the Mandate of the Land, no Palestine ‘Homeland’ was created. The true opportunity and history to be made after World War II came when the UN planned the 2-State Solution, a State of Palestine and Israel. What did the ‘Palestinians say? No. All or nothing. It was more of ‘we will never allow a political and religious State of Israel to ever exist’. Why? It is because of the ‘Goliath Stance’, because it is about the Land and the Birthright. The Descendants of Goliath want it all, the Land and the Birthright. It is the ‘Battle over Zion’ and who possesses it.

As Israel agreed but had to go to war to obtain it against the odds, it was a fight much like David and Goliath. Then even when the false nation of Jordan that was carved out of the UN Partition Plan had total control of the West Back, that is the high county of Israel, Samaria and Judea, the King of Jordan did not establish a Palestinian State. Why not? To further layer the suggested Biblical template of David and Goliath, in the case of David, he was not ‘chosen’ by his Brethren.

In fact, David was chosen last, however ‘Anointed’ then as Judah’s once and future King. Jesus also was an ‘Anointed’ of GOD the Father yet without a Kingdom when He, like David confronting Goliath was to deal with the false Anointed Cherub of a ‘Goliath’, Lucifer. David’s time spent in the ‘wilderness’ tending sheep qualified and matured David to lead Israel in the future. It also prepared him to confront Goliath. This imagery of the Shepherd Boy David parallels Jesus on so many levels within the Prophetic Template alone. Jesus was and is considered the ‘Great Shepherd of the Sheep’. Jesus was tested with varying degrees of temptations in the Wilderness like with David’s ‘Lion’ and ‘Bear’ encounters, etc.

Which Kingdom Come
The life of Jesus prepared Him as a human to confront the ultimate ‘Goliath’, Lucifer at the Cross of Calvary. Although presently it may seem as though it was a defeat for Jesus and YHVH’s People, the campaign is not over yet. Sadly as with the Shepherd Boy David that was Anointed but yet without the Kingdom, Jesus nonetheless also fought for Adam’s fallen Race that became impotent like that of a Saul. Jesus had the same valor and resolve as David. Jesus also figuratively and prophetically speaking had and has those ‘5 Stones’. Jesus has within His arsenal all that it takes to entirely vanquish the Enemies, the ‘Goliaths’ that stand against His fold, etc. Who are the present-day ‘Goliaths’? Many argue that they are the very present-day Descendants of Goliath, the Palestinians. Are they really?

Nonetheless, such seek to physically usurp ‘Zion’, the Land of Israel promised to Abraham through Isaac, not Ishmael. It is the Palestinians that are ‘occupying’ the High Country of Israel as the Bible foretold would occur in the Last Days. Theologically, such are the lingering vestiges of the ‘Goliaths’ in the Land that speak of unbelief, moral failure and lack of valor and resolve. This is due in part by YHVH’s People either not knowing GOD’s Word through lack of study or not totally obeying His Will, etc. The other reason would be that although the will and plan of YHVH is known, one chooses willfully to not implement it, either corporately and/or individually. It is understandable that the Church Body is weary of the ‘Spiritual War’ and it is tired of what is a true relentless conflict.

However, the key was, is and will be, is Jesus ‘Anointed’ in one’s life foremost? Is Jesus King in one’s ‘camp’? Does one know Biblical Prophecy and all that YHVH has promised? The type of spiritual ‘arsenal’ or ‘Stones’ one maintains will determine to what degree the ‘Goliaths’ in one’s life will be struck down. The followers of Jesus must not have just with 1 ‘Stone’ and just 1 ‘Victory’ thus far. The People of the King, the Victor over Lucifer, Death and Hell must have the prophetic foresight to plan for the future ‘Goliaths’ that will certainly come, as mentioned in prior studies. In part, the typified AntiChrists throughout history, the ‘Beast System’ and Lucifer’s minions do seem ‘Gigantic’. For visual comparison and illustration of the actual size of Goliath as stated in the Bible was 6 cubits tall or about 162.5 cm.

In general, the regular ancient cubit was about 18 inches in length or ~46 cm. There is dispute as to what the actual cubit was as there are several and what measure of a man it was based on. For example, in the Ancient World, the average height of an ordinary man was about 5 foot 4 inches or about 162.5 cm. A shorter stature was due to less than ideal environmental and dietary limitations. Also, the average length of a lifespan was around 40 years. Thus, with such a context it is estimated that Goliath was about 9.5 feet tall or about 290 cm. He truly would have been a ‘Giant’ in comparison to the rest of the men from either camp. More so, David was smaller no doubt as an average teenager of an approximate age of 13 would have been even shorter.

Why is this comparison made? In part, there is a neat prophetic template as mentioned and discussed to a degree. The other reason is that the People of YHVH are still encountering ‘Goliaths’ in one’s life and in the Church Body. In the sad case of Israel, they will have to confront the ‘Goliath’ that is still to come, the final and false AntiChrist himself. However, Israel will also have a rendezvous with the ‘Son of David’ once more, Jesus come to strike down the ‘Accuser of the Brethren’. To reiterate, this ‘Stone’ to smash the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream is and will be Jesus that comes from Heaven. This is the ‘Burden’.

The ‘Rock’ was and is Jesus Christ as the New Testament reveals this theological concept. The Church Body to include every individual Believer in Jesus is now built upon this Rock. It is a true miracle and testimony of the Creator YHVH of how He takes those living in a defeated dung heaps and puts them within the Princes of His People.It is an open invitation even to the very Enemies of the Jews and the Church Body. Nonetheless, the current Beast System ‘Goliath’ seeks to usurp such a noted divine dominion. The valor and resolve of the true Church of Jesus on Earth has been, is and will be the key to such ‘Goliaths’ if only Jesus is not relegated like the ‘Shepherd’ David to the last choice and pick. One must decide of which ‘Champion’ or Christ one will choose. Like David at that time, he was yet to be installed as King even though he had been already ‘Anointed’.

Such is the case with Jesus and the Jews. However, one day like David, Jesus will be installed as ‘King of the Jews’. To Israel’s shame, Jesus’ only rule as King of Jews was but for 6 agonizing and torturous hours on the Cross of Calvary. This is where the true battle took place. It was at that place and time that Jesus take upon Israel’s shame, unbelief, disobedience and nakedness literally. Above all, Jesus took all the divine punishment for Adam’s sin and that of every human thereafter to be reconciled back to the Creator as a friend, not an enemy. In addition, Jesus wishes to bless Humanity in this amazing victory in the ‘Goliath Stance’ and share in the Spiritual Spoils obtained from it as Zion triumphs. Who and what is ‘Zion’ anyway?


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