Are there any American Christians Around Here?

  • How well was the American TV Series about the Rapture?
  • Did the show parallel the spiritual condition of the country?
  • Is there a possible prophetic overtone to this event as a Sign?

by Luis B. Vega
for PostScripts News (PSN) | www.PostScripts.org
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If the laws and order are destroyed, what can the Righteous Do? – Psalm 11:3

The purpose of this critique is to bring attention to the rather pessimistic view of the current issues facing America that are a symptom of its sickly spiritual pulse. The opening title is a rhetorical question as some of the points and conclusions presented will follow such a rhetorical question in this critique related to the current spiritual challenges facing the USA. Are there any American Christians around here? This question is asked in light of the continued shift of the fabric of American culture towards immorality and pending judgment. The term American is being used as an adjective; all-encompassing of those Bible-believing Christians regardless of race or national origin living in the USA. This critique will use the comparison of ancient Israel and some of its characters to make a point. For example, the plagues the LORD promised Israel would be kept from in the Land were conditional and based on the obedience to the LORD’s standard of right and wrong, good and evil and what is moral and immoral.

It was when Israel forsook the LORD’s commandments that the plagues and natural calamities were introduced into the Land. This is happening now to America like never before. America’s Christian witness and GOD’s People’s adherence to a morality and code of conduct set it apart from the rest of the nations as Israel was. This is not to say that Americans have been self-righteous or sinless but in the overall scope of the prophetic times this current generation of Americans and the Church find themselves having crossed a divine national judgment threshold. Some pressing issues that will be addressed will touch upon the anticipated economic meltdown, political corruption, social immorality and porous borders that, like the foundations of ancient Rome, are falling apart fast. In Rome, the fall was due to inevitable change that comes to society’s morality and culture but in Rome’s case the change was for the better.

The change in Rome was from the corruption, decadency and immorality of its society to Biblical Christianity that affected the Empire to the extent that the Roman Caesar Constantine declared it the official religion. This was the extent to which Christianity had an influence as it should in the culture. In the USA, its current change and fall is the opposite of Rome as it has turned its back on the same Christianity that had long enabled the stability of its society to thrive and flourish to levels unknown to any prior world superpowers and empires. Such a moral compass allowed for a vibrant middle class to exist among other benefits and contributions. The change for America has been from Biblical Christianity to the corruption, decadency and immorality of Rome.

Threshold of Divine Judgment

The main argument presented in this critique is that such a spiritual condition of America will affect its national course for the next generation, if it gets there that in effect will be without a strong Christian witness or influence anymore as the foundations are being destroyed in America, by design and fast. Like ancient Israel, the majority of Americans do not want to hear about the Christian witness of ‘Jesus’ anymore. The LORD is never without a witness regardless of the numbers or spiritual conditions of a nation but America like ancient Israel will not have it anymore and thus GOD’s divine hand of protection will totally be removed at some point as a result. Many are sensing that these conditions have reached a spiritual threshold that has been crossed and is now in effect in the USA with dire spiritual and social consequences.

In America, Christianity has been legislated out of the workplace, schools, universities, public meeting and in a prevailing spirit, out of the churches, i.e. Laodicea. Those with spiritual eyes see or release that Christ Jesus is trying to get America’s attention as GOD used nature to warn His People of ancient Israel. In this last decade, in the USA, there has been an unprecedented trend of record tornadoes, hurricanes, droughts, cold, heat, floods, crop failures, radiation from Fukushima, mass animal die-offs. These are just the natural calamities that skeptics refuse to admit are divine ‘acts of GOD’ and harbingers from GOD to get America’s attention that national judgment is at the door. What is scarier is that these same calamities are being experienced around the world and many are attributing these to the prophetic Biblical birth –pangs and rightly so. In part it has been because of the increased intolerance in America of Christianity and the abandonment and replacement of it with an anti-Christ morality.

Many believe that in the USA, it has gotten to the spiritual tipping-point now in that America, in general, has become as a society intolerant and hostile against the Gospel witness of true Bible-believing Christians that remain either active or vocal. The times are as if it were when Israel ‘stoned the prophets’. Nowadays, open-air preachers are physically attacked or arrested for disturbing the peace. Preaching sin is now in some instances like in Europe a hate crime but Jihadist calling for the beheading of Christians and Jews are tolerated. In some cases, families can’t have a personal Bible Study at their own home for reasons of parking zone violations or home association rules used to block such endeavors. Christian businesses are being forced to cater to people living contrary to GOD’s moral laws, etc., and the list goes on and on.

Among many issues facing America, many in the Church are convinced that the issue of what defines a marriage is the last straw of YHVH’s patience, it is crossing the threshold of divine judgment of a nation that has sealed its doom. If this was not bad enough on the outside the Church, the Apostle Paul warned of such a coming generation in the Last Days of GOD’s People that would likewise be no different inside the Church. As the Laodicean Church age is the last dispensation of the prevalent morality of Christ’s Church on Earth, how sad it is to believe that the generation of GOD’s People in relation to this last Christian testimony on Earth that will witness the return of its LORD and Savior is not one that pleases the LORD and is in need of rebuke and correction.

The last Church testimony in America had a chance to make so much with what resources, i.e. talents it had been given by the LORD but instead it built large palaces and programs and ushered Jesus out the door. The LORD materialistically blessed America; perhaps it has also been its curse. Never before has such a Church period been bestowed with so many resources; with modern conveniences, comforts and technology to further the Gospel in amazing ways. Again, this is a generalization as there are many churches that have but there is a spiritual dichotomy occurring at the same time during this last Church period. While the western churches are materially blessed with wealth and prosperity in general the rest of the Church in the 3rd world, especially those of the Middle East, Africa and Asia are being slaughtered. This begs the question; will this condition come to America as well? It appears that everything else is being allowed in, unaccompanied minor immigrants across the border, plagues, drugs, why not a persecution? Are there any American Christians around here?

The point is that there has been a prevailing spirit within this last Church period, especially in America of such a self-aggrandizement. This church attitude has proclaimed to ‘see and have’ to the point that such believe they can do without the LORD. This is not to say that all the Christian churches are symptomatic of this condition. Albeit this same spirit existed shortly after the Christian Church Age began in the Upper Room during Pentecost. The Apostle Paul however is talking about the Church in the Last Days that within its ‘walls’ there would be a prevailing spirit of rebellion and apostasy as the love of Christ within Believers has grown cold and many depart from the Faith and desire to ‘walk with Jesus no more’.

This spirit is based on the original sin of Lucifer, pride…of GOD’s People being lovers of themselves, boastful, arrogant, glorying in their sin and shame and seeking to satiate physical appetites rather than being the light and salt to the world; lovers of GOD and righteousness the LORD has called His People to be and do. This is now the prevailing attitude and spirit of this generation in and out of the Church by some estimates. In general the Church of today in America finds its morality defined by the media and entertainment and not the Church any longer. Instead of the Church influencing the surrounding culture, the culture influences the Church. The Luciferians that have planned and orchestrated this ‘zombification’ start with the youth through the media, schools and even churches. It has resulted in many calling 911 for the mere fact of Facebook going down nowadays. Are there any American Christians around here?

In terms of what the definition of moral and good is now not what the Bible says is evil and what is good. This sad state of spiritual affairs is even prevalent and found in the mainline churches as sin is tolerated, immorality and divorce amongst professing Bible-believing Christians is no better than the statistics outside the Church. Yes the argument is that ‘we are all sinners and Christians should not be judging’. The statement begs the questions, is Biblical Christianity then of any value? Is there any difference? Do Christians really have any power over sin to change people to be different from the inside-out? The point is that the morals of American society has reached a point that what is good, right and moral and those who stand for such principles are seen as bad and standing in the way of ‘progressive’ change.

A Civil War-fare

In America, in the last 2 decades, so long as the so-called ‘Christians’ got out of the way politically, socially, and religiously, the Enemies of the Cross were tolerant of keeping the Christian witness around. This is only because of the sheer numbers of professing real Christians who do stand for the LORD’s interest and morality. The Word states that the Darkness hates the Light, the Truth and that the Darkness will never nor can ever overcome the Light totally. Jesus Christ gave His Church and world the formula for defeating evil, by doing good. What is happening now in America is that the Enemies of the Cross are seeking to eradicate any vestiges of Christianity; case in point, the Middle East’s declaration of Jihad against Christians.

What the Muslims have been doing openly against the ancient Christian witness of the Middle East in their attempt to eradicate Christianity through direct physical confrontation, the Enemies of the Cross in sophisticated America have also been doing the same all along but through the schools, courts and government. The point is that this same Anti-Christ Spirit has worked up the same effect but in a more sophisticated fashion within the USA. The argument here is that there is a tipping point now that America has reached where immorality and decadence prevails at least as far as the moral fabric of American culture is concerned that has sought to replace the vacancy of a once strong and vibrant Christian witness in America. Are there any American Christians around here?

In America, the immorality and decadence that the Bible warns about that will destroy a society is now legislated as ‘good’ instead. All it takes is just but 1 light to dispel the whole darkness of a room. There is always a Remnant of GOD’s People at any given time like the 7000 in Jeremiah’s time that did not bow the knee to Lucifer or Ba’al or ‘kiss the ring’. Nonetheless, from lessons of history, it is when a nation and especially the so called People of GOD reach an immoral threshold is there nothing left but divine national judgment to come.

This was the case with the lands of Sodom. As Abraham haggled with the LORD for their sparring, the number required to stay-off a judgment was not attainable, the spiritual threshold had been crossed. Such is the case clearly now with the USA. The USA is not immune to the sins of the other nations but America was different, blessed despite its many sins. Which nation does not have sin? The point being is that the nation that was a beacon of life and hope because of the salt and light of its majority Christian makeup is reaping the consequences of relinquishing its moral influence through the Gospel.

To the elation of President Obama, he takes pride in declaring to the various world leaders any opportunity he gets to declare that America ‘is no longer a Christian nation’. Perhaps, sad as it is, it might be the case in general but 1 Christian is a majority with the LORD. Nonetheless, the USA has become just like the other godless nations in the world, much like Israel wanted to be like the other nations the LORD warned not to follow their evil practices and culture. Are there any American Christian around here?

One fact is certain; the American nation has never been more divided on so many issues at the same time. The enemies of the Cross of Christ have done their ‘Great Work’ of dividing and conquering America and it Christian witness. In essence, the USA is facing an identity crisis that is fast polarizing the nation to another level of national division as it did leading up to the Civil War almost 150 years ago. If the events will lead to an armed conflict that remains to be seen as the Obama administration is bent on confiscating weapons. The point is not that one should take up arms in an attempt to remedy the woes of a sick society, by that time it is too late. America and especially its Christian witness should have all along been taking up the spiritual arms of the LORD. And again, many have, but this critique is speaking in an overall general scope of the spiritual pulse of America. On the subject of arms, based on prior historical precedents of other countries that become polarized will militarize its police and take citizen’s arms.

In America, the day is fast approaching when the U.S. Federal government will confiscate all forms of weapons from its free citizenry at some opportune point in time. Its false flags with orchestrated school shootings and terror attacks have been used for just that purpose. If and when this confiscation occurs, it will be the case that the average law-abiding citizen already defeated by immoral laws will now be disarmed; it is only a matter of time. From history the consequences will be disastrous. Such was the case with the Christian Armenians in Muslim Turkey or the Jewish population in a Nazi Germany, their genocide was most certainly sealed; the process was gradual. First there were orchestrated ‘terror attacks’. Then the federal government required the registration of all guns.

Then came the confiscation of the guns and finally the camps and genocide. This left a minority people group defenseless and vulnerable to the attempted genocide of them. What did such communities have in common? They were the People of GOD. They were the people that had the standards of the Bible. For the most part, there were no Christians who stood up as an Ester to counteract the immoral laws designed to do just that by the Enemies of the Cross. Again, there were those unsung heroes that did amazing work in their attempts to make the right choices despite personal harm, but at the national level, there was no Daniel or Esther to directly counteract the legislative laws passed against the Judeo-Christian witness by the Enemies of the Cross.

Case in point, Esther’s bequest of the King allowed a subsequent law to mandate the arming of all the Jews to protect themselves when the day came that the lots were cast against the Jew by the Enemies of the LORD and all that is moral and righteous. Have not GOD’s People learned? Are there any American Christians around here? This constant attack to erode the laws of the GOD of the Bible has been occurring since the Garden of Eden but for America, the Christian influence and witness on the various aspects of American culture started in the 1960 and is just about all completed now. It is one thing to have a separation of Church and State but Enemies of the Cross of Jesus Christ have used the laws and the gullibility of the American Christians to silence their witness.

Spiritual Parallels

In America, the cause of the Enemies of the Cross of Christ has not just been left to ‘tolerate’ or coexist alongside a Judeo-Christian morality but to replace it and this has been with the sad help of the so called liberal churches on one hand and on the other hand with the blind-sided movement of the emergent church movement on the other. The resources that the Church of America used instead were to build and bring the ‘mall inside the Church.’ This particular movement has derailed the energies, money and recourse of what the so called ‘evangelical’ Christian body of American Christians could have used to stay-off legislation for one that has legislated its efficacy away. It is understood that Christianity stands on its own and on the foundations of the Apostle, Prophets and Christ. The Church does not need to resort to laws to legislate righteousness in the land. The point is that when such a moral adjustment is needed in society though, it is because it is too late.

This sad state of spiritual affairs over the Land of America has been accomplished under the watch of the Laodicean Church period as the Enemies of the Cross of Christ that has been allowed to transform the Christian witness of America to an Eli, a Lot, although righteous before the LORD, have become ineffective to influence and lead the culture toward righteousness and holiness. Adding to the complexity, the Church has been divided by race, economic class and politics to its shame much like the society around it and the nations are. With the issue of the porous southern border of the USA, that will be addressed further down in this critique, for example, many of the transportation means provided to the unaccompanied immigrant minors have been provided by local church groups. Albeit there is a humanitarian crisis but the Church in America is treating the symptoms, not the cause.

Lot was a Judge of the City and sat the Gate of Sodom that could have had influence on the laws being passed and morality of the land, yet he was silent and perhaps fearful of sounding irrelevant, racist, or bigoted if he would have spoken out to address the prevalent culture of sodomy within the cities of the land. So long as Lot did not ‘judge’ or pass any Laws contrary to Sodom’s immorality and kept silent, he was ‘tolerated’. Moreover it was the immorality of the society that influenced his family instead. For example where did his 2 daughters get the idea of committing incest with their father from after they had escaped the divine wrath of GOD?

Many Christians do not realize that in the relegation of not teaching GOD’s morality and righteous standard, the State and reprobate Luciferian Enemies of the Cross will and have. The point is not that the Christian church in America has not been teaching morality or the Bible in general but that it has not taught ‘Jesus’. The issue and problem is this, just as Jesus Himself taught His Disciples the formula for catching men, ‘If I be lifted up, I will draw all men to Me.’ Period. But herein lies the failure of the Church, Jesus has not been lifted up. Instead, programs, social gatherings, good works…all which have it place have replaced the Gospel and Jesus. Why? It is because Jesus and the Gospel has to address sin. In part, the Laodicean spirit has been one that has avoided the topic of sin and reconciliation.

This has sadly been the mode of operation of the emergent church in America, feel good, don’t talk about sin, you are good. Thus with such a rationale of the prevailing spirit of the last Church age, then one does not need Jesus and this is why Jesus is knocking at the Laodicean Church age door to get back into the Church…or else. Many American Christians do fear speaking out because the laws now back the immoral lifestyles of the culture. Such teaching methods as Common Core have no accountability or of options for parents to have a say or opt out of. If you are not familiar with Common Core, you need to be as it comes from the pit of hell. As one who was a middle school teacher and has taught all the way to the university level, this program funded by Bill Gates is designed to sexualize the youth, more so than they already are with age-inappropriate reading content thanks to the gay agenda, sex-ed that starts at the kindergarten levels with techniques on how to masturbate for example and a math and science where there is no right answer.

Tell that to the astronauts that needed specific mathematical coordinates to land on the Moon or an airplane or launch space crafts, etc. This is the point, with such a curriculum that is not peer reviewed nor legislated by state assemblies nor school-parent meetings, has been the aim and design to circumvent the parents. The end-game plan is to dumb down the masses to the point that there is no morality, no right or ‘righteous’ standard as the State usurps the absolute and ultimate authority and power to educate the children with no option for parents to opt out. Even the curriculum for homeschool based instruction will have to conform to Common Core design. It is a dream come true of the Luciferian pedophiles who constructed such an evil curriculum. It is a scheme and based solely on a school district receiving federal aid that this string attached is going to be implemented.

To reiterate, such is the sad spiritual case with America as such social policies and practices are evident of the failure, in part of the lack of the Christian witness to take a stand against the immorality occurring in and out of the Churches and schools in general terms. Are there any American Christians around here?  The issue for the Laodicean Church of America in general is that in its mega-church comfort has made it lose its light and saltiness. Immorality in the Church is just as rampant as in the world. For the most part, in America the Christian witness has been relegated to the status of a Lot at the gate of Sodom; only a figure-head to be seen and not heard. The American Christian witness has become like the High Priest Eli of Israel with a generation of the sons that are immoral and reprobate because Eli did nothing about it.

The principal argument of this critique is that based on prior Biblical history, it is when a nation and GOD’s People reach such an immoral spiritual threshold that the only recourse is for the LORD to execute divine national judgment but not before evacuating His Righteous ones, then if need be by snatching them out, as was the case with Lot and Noah, i.e., a type of the Rapture. The recent advent of the HBO TV series, Leftovers is based on the supposition that a Rapture type event occurred. It is a global phenomenon that is unexplainable and the TV series delves in the aftermath of such an event. There are several facets of the series that do merit a consideration. After watching an episode at a family gathering, the personal assessment is that the series is very disturbing, sadistic and mocking still of Christ and ‘Christian’-like people.

A Rapture Scenario
This will occur even after the Rapture event occurs. It seems that the society continued with not that much of a national or global disruption. The story line is based on several people’s lives in a certain town as they try to cope with what has happened and why people were or not taken. The current events of the real life events on Earth presently appear to tie-in to several of the premises of the series. Foremost the date of the said Rapture event is to have taken place on October 14. As some have pointed out this is the end of Tabernacles and the eve of Shemini Eretz, or the 8th Day of Assembly. Most Rapture enthusiasts look for a Rosh HaShanah or Pentecost date but it is very intriguing.

Another very interesting correlation is the number of those that disappeared or got Raptured. Obviously the TV series subscribes to the notion that some will be ‘left behind’ for various reasons; this is the gist of the series at its core as the various main characters seek to discover the ‘why’ for the most part. Based on the narrative, only 2% of the total world’s population vanished or got Raptured. Based on a simple mathematical proportion, one numerical variable comes up from the Book of Revelation that is rather odd. Presuming that the Rapture occurred in 2014 based on the storyline, the current world population is at 7 billion people, estimated. For the sake of rounding off the figure, 2% of 7 billion people is 144,000.000 million.

This is in direct proportion to the 144,000 numerical value of the Anointed that will carry the mantle of the Testimony of Jesus or Gospel to the Nations after the Rapture of the Church. Can it be possible to entertain the notion that what if in actuality only such a quantity did get Raptured from all over the world? The size of this population is astonishingly small for the world and it would be sad if that were the case. Seeing just how the world is currently spinning into orchestrated chaos by the Luciferians, it is the number obtained that just might be Raptured after all. Such a population is equal to that of Mexico (110,000,000) and all of Central America (30,000,000) rounded off. A more precise calculation is as follows.

~2% of 7 billion (7,000,000,000) = 144 million or
.0206 x 7 billion =

*Caveat. The 144x coefficient is derived also more along the lines like all those that left Egypt during the Exodus but only the able-bodied men were counted and not the wives, children, servants, etc., that could have been up to 3-4x greater. As one reader has pointed out, the Age of Accountability is 12 and the 2015 estimated children population being under the age of 15 is 1.9 billion alone. One could assume at least 1 billion are under the age of 12 years that would be Raptured along with the believing adult population, thus this factor should be taken into consideration on any Rapture estimates. Actually there might be more of a valid argument for 1billion 440 million (1,440,000,000) that works back to the 144,000 analogy.

A factor of ~1.9 billion + ~1.4 billion =
~3.3 billion (33).

Unexplained Disappearances
As the year and date of the Rapture is fast approaching in the timeline of YHVH’s prophetic schedule, many in and out of the Church are sensing that such an event is at the door and that perhaps this very generation that is alive will be the one that will witness the climax to the prophetic End of Days. To this end the Luciferians are in a way preparing the masses, the world for the mass disappearance of Christians. In what way? For one, perhaps the Malaysia airliner that disappeared without a trace; no wreckage, no bodies, etc., is but one ploy. It might as well have been sucked into a black hole as some sarcastically have suggested. Airplanes and ships in the air and at sea have always disappeared without a trace and the phenomena of the triangles like Bermuda add to the mystery that perhaps there are some vortexes or points on Earth where time and space converge to form a type of ‘gate’ to a different dimension.

What is different now though is that with highly sophisticated military satellites, any plane in flight can be tracked. For example with the downing of a 2nd Malaysian airliner by a missile over Ukraine, according to Secretary of State, Kerry, the US could determine the size of the missile, the speed, where it originated from, etc. How can the US intelligence know of one 5 foot long projectile at a particular point on Earth and not have a clue as to where an entire major aircraft disappeared to? The argument is that the USA has sophisticated spying technology that monitors the Russian military forces but so is the South China Sea and the periphery of the southern China border as US spy planes are always being intersected.

In fact, one of the first acts of President Bush when he took office was the negotiation of a captured US spy plane that was forced to land in China.
Such will be the headlines with the Rapture does take place, without a trace and no bodies to be found. As the true Rapture event, whenever that may be, it might just have to a certain degree a disruption and disturbance to the world that will recuperate and compensate very fast. Even though the Bible predicts that here will be escalating chaos as wars, famine, droughts, pestilences, and plagues will intensify as birth pangs and large segments of society will be displaced or affected, those in power will try to explain the Rapture away or minimize the effects as much as possible.

One benefit of the Rapture will be that to the extent that societies will collapse, it will give the world government's legitimacy to quarantine, migrate, and exterminate mass segments of the population it deems unnecessary. To this end, likewise the Luciferians have had a game plan as to how to mobilize and deal with mass migrations and dislocation of entire families. The recent incident on the southern US border with Mexico is such a case. In the light of the recent Ebola outbreaks, it stands to reason why the southern border of the USA should be secured, but it is not, by design. Is it any wonder why now there has been an outbreak of Ebola and when an experimental Ebola vaccine has been introduced? It has been noted by many in social media, Obama has signed an updated rendition of an Executive Order to be able to quarantine people on the mere suspicion of any respiratory symptoms. Such a measure would be seen as necessary but many fear that such a scare is only a ploy to have the New World Order mass quarantine the undesirables, force vaccinate the masses to either sterilize or infect people that will have to capitulate to the government.

Concentration Camps (Family Detention Centers)

Or they will be forced incarcerated in some FEMA ‘detention center’ indefinitely thanks to the Patriot Act. Such a measure would and could justify declaring Martial Law in America. Although such scenarios might sound and seem alarmist, it is because the alarm needs to go off and wake up the comfortable Americans out of their slumber. History is repeating itself. Is it any coincidence that 2014 is the 100th year anniversary of World War 1 and immediately after, the Influenza pandemic occurred?

The Federal agencies are in essence practicing on how to round-up and detain whole family units and deal with the need to migrate, move or displace a community of peoples on a mass scale. This human catastrophe at the US southern border has served the Luciferians with a facet of benefits to their plan. It has served to practice on this immigrant population how to deal with entire people groups as such agencies cannot justify this type of round-ups on the average US citizenry. To this end the borders have been opened up and families with children specifically have been encouraged to ‘cross over’. In an apocalyptic scenario it would most likely be women and children, teenagers that that the ruling governments will seek to handle and exploit much like in Nazi Germany with the Jews and other undesirables.

The men were either outright liquidated or sent to be forced labor in munitions factories. The Federal government has readied military bases, abandoned schools, community centers and has rolled out their prize possession, family detention centers. This has been planned all along. FEMA camps are not a conspiracy theory, they existed during World War 2 as US Citizens of Japanese ancestry were detained in what amounted to concentration camps, American style. The justification was that it was necessary for their protection and for a need to have surveillance. If this was the case of mere suspicion, why was this not also done to all the US Citizens of German ancestry as well?

FEMA in the pretext of ‘securing the homeland’, what a joke as citizens get patted down and asked to take off their clothes and raise their hands as they enter a chamber. This was the condition in Nazi Germany; the Jews and other displaced people groups were asked to take off their clothes, raise their hands and enter a chamber. It’s a travesty as the naked body scanners radiate the millions of Americans citizens and others while making former FEMA Directors Chertoff who owns the company that makes the scanners millions in dollars all the while using federal agencies to help usher in the immigrants with free bus and airline tickets. Are there any American Christians around here?

As it has also been documented with the UN, US and NATO forces and independent contractors during the Kosovo UN observation and Iraqi occupation were engaged in child kidnapping and prostitution rings operating with the full knowledge of various governments associated with such agencies. This issue did even get brought up at Congressional hearings when D. Rumsfeld was the Secretary of War but brushed it off by stating that they just were given ‘a time out’. The sheer number of unaccompanied immigrant minors has been a bonanza for the Luciferian pedophiles that have supposedly transferred underage children with no form of accountability.

Human Slavery

The breakdown of the US southern border is a failure on both sides as the children, teenage boys and girls have been robbed, raped and killed in some instances all along the way from Central America. To have a family send their children unaccompanied just shows the blunt desperation of people in the 3rd world wanting to flee an immoral and reprobate society. Is it any different now in the USA? In part, the wave of immigration has served those that are the Enemies of the Cross to destroy the foundations of the USA. It serves a multi-faceted agenda to destabilize and straighten the resources of local counties, and change the course of religious, racial and political landscape of the USA.

In part, large US corporations seek such cheap labor for mere profits. It would be one thing if immigrants came to contribute a skill, knowledge or expertise but how can a nation that has over 50 million on food stamps, 11 million or so on disability, with a real unemployment at 22% as some honest economists calculate able to absorb such an immigrant population that for the most part is unskilled and will need public assistance to get by as a minimum wage is not enough to sustain a family?

This is the plan, to get everyone dependent on the government for their food, medicine, educational indoctrination and political alliance. These points are not made lightly coming from an immigrant, oneself as there is an ‘onion’ of factors and variables that contribute to this immigration dilemma. Immigration has always occurred in the USA. Moreover, the southwest has had a history of native and Spanish-speaking peoples since the 1500s with New Spain, Mexico and un-glorified waves of immigrants from Latin America in comparison to mainly European immigration at Ellis Island.

Another reason why the large influx of immigrants have been allowed to go unchecked and in some cases aided by the very US Federal government is that it seeks to replenish the unskilled labor under class that can be easily exploited as they for the most part remain in the shadows of society for fear of deportation. Such an element of immigrants will fill the registration of ObamaCare as the number of registrants has fallen short of the expected numbers required. Why there is actually a ‘need’ for sustained immigration in the US is because of abortion. Since the 1960s, over 50 million unborn children, humans have been murdered on the altar of Baal worship of pleasure and sin.

Today, a whole generation has been eliminated that would have sustained, among many matters, the social security apparatus, the work force needed to drive certain facets of the service economy and beyond. To this end the Luciferians have obliged with the porous border policy of looking the other way as big business has also had their hands dirtied in their vested interest for cheap manual labor. In essence, these waves of immigrants, from toddlers to teenagers, are replacing the American Aborted. The sin of America has come to collect. The Luciferians seek to weaken the once strong and dominate white Christian testimony and political landscape of the Nation. Immigrants have always contributed to the fabric of America; America is a nation of immigrants but the tipping point has come to the USA in that the majority of immigrants are going to be beholding to Obama for amnesty.

The Aborted
In return, the State will be looking for political loyalty that even may end up being part of that ‘Civil Defense Army’ Obama campaigned on that would be as strong or stronger than the US Army. Why? It is because the US Army is largely made up of loyal and Constitutionalist citizens that are seeing the Fall of the Republic. To this end the Luciferians, with the support of the Commander in Chief, labeled such returning Veterans as Enemies of the State along with Christians that hold Bible meetings in their homes or their children are homeschooled.

The Army has gone so far as to suspend military base Vacation Bible Schools and has barred the personally witnessing of Christian soldiers from sharing their faith in passing conversations. It is the silencing of the Gospel in America because Christians are just too comfortable in the US and the persecution has not yet reached the Islamic barbarous level of ISIS for example in Syria and Iraq, which amounts to genocide and war crimes.

As the events of the world seem to be fast coming to a head, some very peculiar circumstances are to be considered that are contributing to the End Game of producing the necessary ‘Chaos’ to usher in the Luciferian’s New World Order with redefined institutions, i.e., marriage, family, borders, sovereignty, constitution, health care, etc. The following is a summary of what has been alluded to.

1. Percentage equal to that of the end time witnesses after the Rapture, 2%. The coefficient of 144 is in direct proportion to what the Bible declares will be those from the literal Tribes of Israel that will take the mantle of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world after the Rapture.

2. Devolution of the southern US Border encourages specifically toddlers and families to cross over to further erode the traditional power base of Middle America with unskilled labor force that will forever be subservient to society, its community and the Federal government.

3. Detention centers specifically designed to contain family units are being rendered operative and are being used as practice dry runs for what will be coming to every family in America perhaps after a Rapture type event.

4. The Malaysian airline disappearance phenomenon is at best an orchestrated psyop operation to condition the world to unexplained phenomena of humans disappearing without a trace.

5. The immigrant influx of young people’s represents the need to replace those Americans murdered by Abortions as a generation of 50 million plus is unaccounted for. With a new generation, there is a need for a new teaching standard, thus Common Core for example.

6. The migrant population will be more apt to be submissive and supportive of ObamaCare and leaders like Obama that perhaps may even one day make up his Brown-Shirts to squelch the resistance by ordinary US citizens and even portions of loyal US Army command and that of former US Army Veterans as they are in effect being ‘killed’ in VA hospitals by being avoided or left to die while state of the art ‘detention’ centers for ‘families’ are being activated.

 All these variables have been stepping stones so that when the inevitable comes, if by a Rapture event or a dollar crash affecting the world wide economy, the chaos precisely designed will force the world to capitulate all sovereignty of the coming world ruler. As those that understand the times the world is living in, it is not to be despondent and in despair although things might look bleak and the heart aches for the fellow Christians around the world, especially beset by the Satanic onslaught of Islamic Jihad; Jesus will avenge His Bride.

To reiterate, there are several disturbing factors playing currently in the breakdown of American society. From an eschatological point of view as far as America is concerned in the immediate notion based on recent development, both in fiction and fact, there are several variables that are transpiring, perhaps unaware by most too distracted to notice or care. Are there any American Christians around here?


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