The Sign of the Coming Tribulation Period

  • Does the re-dedication of the Altar signal the start of the 3rd Temple?
  • Is the Altar of Sacrifice a countdown to Daniel's 70th Week of Years?
  • Is there evidence for a pre-Tribulation Rapture based on this 'Event'?

by Luis B. Vega
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And when the 7th month was come, and the Children of Israel were in the cities, the people gathered themselves together as 1 man to Jerusalem. Then stood up Jeshua the son of Jozadak, and his brethren the Priests, and Zerubbabel the son of Shealtiel, and his brethren, and builded the Altar of the GOD of Israel, to offer burnt offerings thereon, as it is written in the Law of Moses the man of GOD.’ – Ezra 3:1

The purpose of this study is to present the possible Biblical implications of what the dedication of the Altar of Sacrifice or the Brazen Altar means. The Altar of Sacrifice was dedicated on December 10, 2018. This public spectacle took place at the foot of a segment of the Old City Wall of Jerusalem. There will be a synopsis presented of the event and whom are the many Jewish institutes and organization that have strived over the years to achieve this prophetic time marker. It has finally arrived. The aim of all such religious institutions, organizations and agencies has been to build YHVH a ‘House’.

It is part of the measured steps the religious Jews are taking, as a metaphor of sorts even as the Israelites ascended, step by step, up to the House of the YHVH in Biblical times. There had been many attempts since 70 AD to reconstitute the Daily Sacrificial Rites, but it has now occurred within this ‘Last Generation’. In the decades of studying Biblical Prophecy, one thought that one would not ever see the actual building of the 3rd Temple commence, primarily because of the Rapture having taking place prior. This is of course presuming a pre-Tribulation Rapture scenario and interpretation of the Biblical timeline and schedule. However, that scenario is no longer the case as the world has witnessed a prophetic milestone of Biblical proportions in this author’s estimation. In what sense? Seeing the dedication of the Altar was and is, in essence as if one is seeing the 3rd Temple begin to be rebuilt. How so? The mere act in the dedication of the Altar of Sacrifice is just that, as the Altar is an ‘appendage’ of the Temple itself.

It is analogous of an explorer or Conquistador planting a flag and claiming a certain territory, etc. This is just how important and significant this event was, is and is to become even more so. What is spectacular to consider is that there appears to a be a 70-year period of time that is paralleling the dedication of the same Altar of Sacrifice that Zerubbabel made and rededicated in his generation. This occurred right after the Decree of King Cyrus of Persia at the end of their 70-year Babylonian Captivity. What is astonishing to consider is that approximately 1 year after the dedication of the Altar of Sacrifice was made, the actual construction of the 2nd Temple began. Thus, could such a similar prophetic pattern be in play? Could there be a 1-year countdown to the actual construction of the 3rd Temple or subsequent ‘Event’ then? This will remain to be seen.

The Altar is a Sign
Moreover, this study will try to extol the notion that this Altar is the ‘Sign’ to the Jews per the coming and fulfillment of Daniel’s 70th Week of Years of what Christians call the Tribulation Period of 7 years. In what way? This Altar of Sacrifice ‘Sign’ is directly connected to the warning Jesus gave to Israel through His Disciples concerning the future Daily Sacrifices on this very Altar in the Last Days. The ‘Altar Sign’ will be that once the Daily Sacrifices are ceased by the then false Messiah Israel will accept, it will signal that the YHVH-fearing People of Israel ought to flee for their lives. Thus, this very Altar of Sacrifice that is now dedicated before the very eyes of the world will be the ‘Sign’ to the Jews that eventually their false Messiah they had put their total trust and faith in will double-cross them and will seek their total destruction.

It is also a ‘Sign’ to the Body of Christ of just how close the conclusion is of the Church Age and that the present Dispensation of Grace will be transferring over to complete Daniel’s last 70th Week of Years. Consider that the Altar of Sacrifice is an instrument of sacrifice, of death and thus its name. This study will thus also consider the details of such an instrument that was part of the Devine Blueprint given to Moses by YHVH on Mount Sinai. The Altar of Sacrifice was part of an economy of how Humanity would approach YHVH and what was required for an atonement or ‘covering’ of sin. In 2016, there was a public mock oblation ritual of the Altar of Sacrifice conducted by the Temple Institute. However, no actual elements were involved. In 2017, there was a Passover Lamb sacrificed within the precinct of the Old City.

This was another ‘stepping-stone’ as no Passover Lamb had ever been sacrificed within the Old City by a recognized Jewish religious institution since 70 AD. However, such a sacrifice was not placed on any Altar of Sacrifice, which is required. In practice, such events have been trial-runs that will eventually all to lead to the rebuilding of the ‘House of YHVH’ where the Daily Sacrifices will take place once again as the Bible teaches. What is most significant is that not since the destruction of the Temple and the Altar in 70 AD has there been a ‘Daily Sacrifice’ performed in Jerusalem and one much less on the actual Altar of Sacrifice that is to be used in the Daily Sacrifices to come on the 3rd Temple. What comes to mind when one thinks of the Altar of Sacrifice is the painting by Francesco Hayez entitled, ‘The Destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem’.

However, the painting depicts the Altar of Sacrifice in an over-scaled ratio to how big it actually was. It is romanticized, but the Altar’s encasing will most likely be embellished to enhance it appearance as being more grandiose as it should be. The dedication of the Altar of Sacrifice was also sanctioned by the City of Jerusalem officials, albeit secular in nature, yet approved. Although the actual ‘sacrifice’ was performed outside of Jerusalem, a hind-leg of that sacrifice was placed on the Altar, which by proxy is just as valid and technically fulfilled the Mosaic Law, etc. Many have argued and do that such a ‘dedication’ was archaic and not really ‘pristine’ in its execution, no pun intended. This argument might have been the case, but realize that such a sacrificial ordinance had not occurred since 70 AD. It can be likened to one having learned how to ride a bicycle since youth and now in middle age, then one attempts to ride the same bike again not since one’s youth. The ride will be ‘crude’ at best initially.

Prophetic Stepping-Stones
Pertaining to the various key ‘stepping-stones’, a list of accompanying events will be presented. This study suggests that such markers in Israel are synchronizing prophetically and have led-up to the dedication of the Altar of Sacrifice. Such ‘stepping-stone’s will be discussed and analyzed from a Christian and End Times perspective. As noted, such ‘stepping-stones’ appear to be amazingly synchronized that will then also lead-up to the coming fulfilment of Israel’s Restoration. This restoration of Israel is a progressive process to include the advent of the AntiChrist, the eventual rebuilding of the 3rd Temple and the fulfilment of Daniel’s 70th Week of Years. Various timelines will be presented throughout the exposé from prior studies that seem to be pieces in the greater ‘prophetic puzzle’ that will eventually lead to the return of Jesus Christ.

It is true that YHVH has given only glimpses and clues to those watching of what and how Biblical prophecy is to occur. However, with each passing year as prophetic time nears its fulfillment, those keen on the various Celestial and Earthly Signs can sense more accurate possible scenarios. Consider the following prophetic restoration markers that have occurred with respect to Israel since its ‘rebirth’ in 1948. These studies suggest that such markers have been prophetic and are leading-up to the eventual restoration of Israel per Daniel and other prophets of old. In 1948, Israel was ‘rebirthed’ out of the ashes of the Nazi Concentration Camps. It had no army, and yet with a rag-tag government. David Ben Gurion, a ‘little man’ as Israel led the Jews to proclaim ‘independence’ and fight for its very survival against Islam. Israel forged through its ‘birth canal’ to come out as a nation not ‘named’ among the Nations since 70 AD.

This is key in that it is the clue that determines that the coming Psalm 83 War is not yet completely fulfilled. In what sense? The aim of this coming war is ‘so that the Name of Israel be remembered no more. Not since 70 AD has the world, much less the enemies of Israel, the Muslims ‘remembered’ the ‘Name’ of Israel…because it did not exist. It has only been now, 70 years after Israel’s rebirth that several generations of displaced Muslim refugees in particular can and do ‘remember’ the ‘Name’ of Israel. The Muslims call their defeat by Israel, the ‘Nakba’ or the ‘Tragedy’. At the core of this Inner-Ring of Muslim nations is the quest to take the Birthright of Jacob, the Promised Land outright. This is in contract to the subsequent Ezekiel 38 War of the Outer-Ring of Muslim nations led by Russia that will then seek to take Israel’s wealth or ‘spoils’.

Then in 1967, during the 6-Day War, Israel recaptured the Old City of Jerusalem and for the first time since 70 AD the Jews were able to pray at the Temple Mount where the Temple once stood; not down in the City of David. The point is that such prophetic events were ‘stepping-stones’ that were also seen as ‘archaic’, crude and less than the ideal in their execution. What this study attempts to parallel prophetically is the dedication of the Altar of Sacrifice in 2018 and that it has taken place on the 70th year as it was then after their 70th-year time marker. This modern rededication of the Altar was perhaps ‘crude’ but as ‘crude’ as it was when Zerubbabel constructed and dedication the Altar of Sacrifice after the 70 years of the Babylonian Captivity no less. Is it not amazing that then, the Persian King, Cyrus at that time made such a decree despite opposition to allow the Jews to return and rebuilt the Temple? No different now.

The Contention for Worship
These studies suggest that there is contention against the Jews wanting to build the Altar and the 3rd Temple. It was in the case of Ezra and Zerubbabel’s day as the Jews ‘carried a sword in one hand and a trawl in the other’. Why? It is because the issue at stake is ‘who will be getting the worship?’ Consider that then, the first work performed in the endeavor to build a ‘House to YHVH’ was the Altar of Sacrifice. The aim of why YHVH sanctioned a Temple was so that ‘He could meet with His People’. Yet a blood sacrifice was required for sin. Such a ‘House’ was YHVH’ desire to have all the Nations come to Jerusalem to pray and worship there. Presently, such an endeavor is repeating itself prophetically. And no less ‘Arabs’ as well as other usurpers of the Promised Land were the ones then that sought to slow down and/or hinder the building of the 2nd Temple as it is even so today. It is striking that the same people now are also at the center of wanting to destroy Israel as the Haman’s of the world did then in Esther’s day.

In this last historical chapter before Daniel’s 70th Week of Years is to be fulfilled, the Muslims, Globalists and Luciferians do not want the worship of the Nations going to YHVH. However, Lucifer will eventually use the 3rd Temple to unite the Nations but only then to divert the worship of the Nations to himself by way of the Altar, the Temple and the Ark of the Covenant. It will be on that ‘Throne’ or Mercy Seat that Lucifer by proxy of the AntiChrist, in the flesh will sit in the Holy of Holies. The Bible teaches that this Son of Perdition will proclaim this ‘Abomination’, that he alone is to be ‘worshipped’ or else face capital punishment. In the meanwhile, the first ‘stepping-stones’ to achieve this end was the rededication of the Altar of Sacrifice in this author’s opinion.

As it relates to the Decree of Cyrus, there are those that are adamantly convinced that President Donald Trump has played and is playing a ‘Cyrus’ role in prophecy concerning Israel’s restoration and eventual destiny. Interestingly, it is the same group of religious Jews that constructed the Altar of Sacrifices that even minted the coins to commemorate Trumps ‘Decree’ in recognizing Jerusalem as the ‘Eternal Capital’ of Israel and for moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem. Amazingly, such religious Jews also believe that Trump in some way has facilitated or will, in the building the coming 3rd Temple. They are seriously persuaded of this more than anyone else. Why do they believe this? These studies suggest that the time markers of the Trump Decree and the dedication of the Altar of Sacrifice are very prophetic. This is not to mention also other events that have taken place. Consider the timing. Such recognize that the ‘Decree’ from Trump occurred on the 70th year of the anniversary of Israel’s rebirth.

The subsequent studies presented here after will also deal with the number 70 that is vital and key in understanding the prophetic language of YHVH. It is amazing to consider such a variable that is interwoven since the book of Genesis and will end with the last book of the Bible, Revelation. The aim of these studies incorporated into this exposé, as either primary or secondary in evidence is to present such observations to 3 main bodies of audiences. The audiences are the Christians, the Jews, and the World. Foremost, this study is presented to those Followers of Jesus Christ who believe He is the true Messiah of Israel, that came and will come again. These studies are intended to strengthen the commitment of those Watchers within the composite Body of Christ to continue ‘watching’ and not grow faint of heart in well-doing as ‘the Day approaches’, etc.

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