Modern Demographics of the Promised Land  

  • Why is the State and People of Israel such a topic to consider?
  • What type of Prophetic involves Israel in the Last Days?
  • How will Israel play a central role in the coming End of Days?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘This is what the Sovereign Lord says: I will take the Israelites out of the Nations where they have gone. I will gather them from all around & bring them back into their own Land. I will make them one Nation in the land, on the mountains of Israel.’ -Ezekiel 37:21

The purpose of this study is to illustrate several occurrences that might be Prophetically related to the Modern State of Israel. For context, a ‘snap-shot’ will be given of the current Israeli Demographics in these Last Days. Some General Facts and Figures of this Modern Nation of the Earthly People of YHVH in the Promised Land will be listed. In the Bible, Israel is a key Prophetic Focal Point to the study of End Times or ‘Last Generation’ per Psalm 102. Many Biblical Scholars believe that when the Nation of Israel Declared its Independence on May 14, 1948, it started the Countdown of the ‘Last Generation’. The Nation of Israel did not get full UN Recognition of its Sovereignty until 1 Year later on May 11, 1949. Perhaps this ‘Last Generation’ will be the one to see the culmination of all the Prophecies that yet remain to be fulfilled; mainly the 3rd Temple and the return of the Messiah now that YHVH has returned Israel to the Promised Land.

The Basic Premise of this study is to point out that, based on the prior Tetrad Prophetic Dates of 1948-49 and 1967-68; a Pattern seems to correspond to the Year 2014-15, when applying the Mathematical phi ratio. One point in particular is that only since 1949 have there been 3 Tetrads in phi ratio Time Intervals. The Tetrads corresponding to 1949 and 1967 specifically have been accompanied by the Rebirth of Israel as Nation and the Recapture of the Old City of Jerusalem. What is unique about a Tetrad is that perhaps based on the phi ratio Pattern, what is next to be the Rebuilding of the 3rd Temple.  In the prior 2 Tetrads of 1949-50 and 1967-68, each occurred near the Season when Prophetically, Israel was Reborn, and Jerusalem was Recaptured.

If the Premise and Pattern is valid, perhaps something profoundly Prophetic happened as a result of the 2014-15 Tetrad regarding the Temple that is to be rebuilt. This 3rd Temple will be Rebuilt at the end of a 7-Year Sabbath that could very well initiate the start of the ‘Time of Jacob’s Trouble’ spoken by Daniel and in Revelation. To ascertain this possible connection in the Tetrad Pattern, a Timeline will also be presented to show that specific Modern Dates have been Key regarding Israel’s ‘Prophetic Destiny’. It appears that YHVH has seen it fit for Israel to have these Key Dates correspond with the Celestial ‘Signs of the End of the Age’. These are the Variables of what Jesus Christ spoke about regarding the End of the Age during the Olivet Discourse to His Jewish Disciples. The Jewish Messiah stated that these ‘Celestial Signs’ would be for the Nation of Israel in particular and to occur during the Last Generation before His Return.

Exiles in the World

Thus, Israel, Jerusalem and the Temple have to be in place before Jesus’ Return. To reiterate, the Dates and Times of Israel’s Destiny is based on this Blood Moon Tetrad Theory then. Something Prophetic did occur. How? It leaves 1 Sabbatical Cycle. The Mathematical Corresponding Year is also noted, 2018. That was the Year that the Reconstituted Altar of Sacrifice was Rededicated. What this means is that as an ‘Appendage’ to the Temple, it assures the Temple will follow. If this Logic and Pattern is valid, then the Year 2022 will be of the likes when Israel was Rebirthed in 1948 and when Old Jerusalem with its Temple Mount was Recaptured in 1967.

Thus, the Tetrad Sequence that corresponds to this next ‘Prophetic Event’ will lead Israel to its Destiny of Rebuilding YHVH’s Temple. What is Israel’s Prophetic Destiny? It is a ‘Rendezvous’; the eventual meeting between Israel and her true Messiah, Jesus Christ. Jesus stated that He would not come back to Jerusalem until she would say, ‘Blessed is He who comes in the Name of YHVH’. Many Biblical Scholars thus use these Dates to project-out the Plausible Count of what constitutes a ‘Biblical Generation’ from 1948 – 40, 52, 70, 80 Years?

Or could it be another Start Year? Here below are some Generalized Equations, determined by what the possible meaning of a ‘Generation’ is equal to in Years. Note that most likely the Years would have to be in Jewish Years, meaning a 360 Solar Year Cycle. On May 14, 1948, the Nation of Israel was Reborn, but it was not an Independent and Sovereign State until May 11, 1949, formally. This was also the Year that it made most of the Armistice Treaties with the various Muslim Countries that had attacked Israel on May 15, 1948.  

Nation in Exile since AD 70 = AD 70 + 1948 Years = 2018

From Tetrad of 1949 - 1967 = 19 Years
From Tetrad of 1967 - 2015 = 48 Years

Based on the Year 1966 being a 7-Year Sabbatical Cycle term, it would coincide with the Blood Moon Tetrad of 2015, which was on Yom Kippur and a Super Blood Moon. If one then adds 7-Year or the next Sabbatical Cycle, the equation will follow.

2015 + 7-Year Sabbatical Cycle =

Could this then be the Year that the 3rd Temple is Rebuilt and Rededicated? Will this be the Year that the Daily Sacrifices are to commence? The Last Generation as it pertains to Israel will perhaps see all the fulfillment of all the remaining Promises of the YHVH come to fruition. Sadly, this Last Generation of Israel, that has not been that far removed from the Horrors of World War 2 and the Concentration Camps, will not realize the fulfillment without a last Severe Persecution. In part, it will be because Israel will seek a Covenant with the False Messiah instead. It is a Covenant with the Destroyer, one that the Bible describes as a pact with ‘Death’. Israel will seek ‘Peace and Security’ that the AntiChrist will promise to guarantee it.

Chosen Race?
As in so many other instances in Israel’s ‘Prophetic Past’, Israel will rather find a Political Solution than to put its Hope and Trust in the YHVH/Jesus Christ, the True Messiah. As to the Demographics of Modern Israel, in no other Time in History has the Jewish Population reached such numbers as in the Modern Era. It is estimated that worldwide, there are about 14 Million Jews. According to the latest Demographic Figures, 80% either live in Israel or the USA. Since the end of World War 2 and the Declaration of Independence by Israel, Israel has heavily relied on the USA for this ‘Peace and Security’.

About half of all Jews live in the USA, yet its Population, have wielded overwhelming Power, and Political Positioning over the USA has co-opted the Government at all major levels. The Israeli Political and Economic Lobby in the USA does leverage considerable Power over the U.S. Government. This favor will wax cold; sooner or later; the USA will withdraw its support for Israel altogether. At this point, Israel’s ‘Prophetic Mistake’ will once again reveal its Ancient-Old Weakness of seeking its ‘Peace and Safety’ by other means, with another World Power and Leader, that being the AntiChrist False Messiah eventually.

Perhaps, as many Biblical Scholars prognosticate, the USA will cease to be a World Power at this juncture that will be in line with Israel’s ‘Prophetic Destiny’. This might be due to the Rapture of the Bride of Christ, an Economic Implosion, a Nuclear Attack, a Social-Moral Collapse, and/or a combination of them all. If one were to think of a City that would represent all that the USA is about and stands for, what would that City be? Most would suggest New York to Metaphorically represent the USA. Perhaps New York will thus play a ‘Prophetic Card’ in this Last Generation.

The highest concentration of Jews outside of Tel-Aviv is New York with about 2 Million. If History were to repeat itself Metaphorically, New York would thus be the ‘Babylon’ of the New World as the Jews during the Times of Nebuchadnezzar. The Jews were Exiled there due to their Unfaithfulness to YHVH. This means that not only were YHVH’s People thus judged, but the Great City of Babylon was thereafter also judged. The Book of Revelation alludes to this Prophecy of a ‘Great and Might City Center of the World. It had Trade, Commerce, and the Sale of Human Souls even. Perhaps New York City, which has already seen a Prelude to Judgment with the Twin Tower Attacks, will succumb to the same fate as Babylon of old. In this last case though, it would not just be NYC, but the whole USA.

After Israel’s Declaration of Independence in 1948, it initially survived an onslaught of several Military Attacks by well-equipped Muslim Armies. Aside from the current Controversy and dispute about if the State of Israel is what the LORD of the Bible had in mind; the Nation of Israel was ‘Birthed’ in a Day as Isaiah foretold it. Most Biblical Scholars believe that in any event, this has been the most profound Prophetic Event in the Modern Era as far as Eschatology is concerned. Ever since the Babylonian Exile (~536 BC), the Jewish Nation had been a Vassal State of subsequent Empires as described in the Book of Daniel.

Israel had noted obtain Total Independence and had little or no Sovereignty of its own before 1948. To some degree, Israel or Judea were known as either a Province or Territory. Israel, as a Sovereign Nation did not exist until 1948.

‘Before she goes into Labor, She gives Birth; before the Pains come upon her, she delivers a Son. Who has ever heard of such a thing? Who has ever seen such things? Can a Country be born in a Day or a Nation be brought forth in a Moment? Yet no sooner is Zion in Labor than She gives birth to her Children.’ -Isaiah 66:7

A unique association with the Year 1948 is in the Prophecy of Ezekiel 4:3-6. It states the exact amount of Years, 1,948 YHVH’s People would not have sovereignty of the Land of Israel since 70 AD.

‘I will bring back my Exiled People Israel; they will rebuild the Ruined Cities and live in them. They will plant Vineyards and drink their Wine; they will make Gardens and eat their Fruit. I will plant Israel in their Own Land, never again to be uprooted from the Land I have given them, says the LORD your GOD.’ -Amos 9:14-15.

Following is a simplistic calculation of what it might come out to be. The Prophet Ezekiel speaks of a 430-Year Exile Punishment, laid-out that ironically also mirrors the Jewish Captivity and 430-Year Exile in Egypt. (Abraham included)

From 536 BC + 2,484 years = 1948

During the 6-Day War, the Temple Mount was recaptured and back under Jewish Control since 70 AD. The Jews had not been in control of the Temple Mount in the Promised Land since 70 AD when the 2nd Temple was leveled by the ‘The Prince’, Titus of Rome. Although from Italy, the Prince’s Family Lineage came from Hispania or Spain. Many speculate that the New King of Spain, Felipe could have some role in the acquisition of ‘Confirming the Covenant’ perhaps or at least play a role of some kind in it.

He does have the only Royal Title to include ‘King of Jerusalem’ by the way. If the ‘Prophetic Progression’ is to follow, then at some time in the near future, the Temple will be reconstructed. Thus, 1948 and 1967 are significant Time Pieces, Biblically speaking. These Dates have started the Countdown to several Biblical Prophecies that have yet to be fulfilled. The next Major Prophecy yet to occur is the Rapture of the Body of Christ; that is all the Believers that are in Christ are to be removed physically from the Earth.

After the Rapture, the disclosure of the Man of Perdition or the False Messiah-AntiChrist will be revealed. Most Christians believe that this false Messiah cannot be known until the Restrainer is taken out. After a short period of false Peace and Security guaranteed to Israel by this false Messiah, the time of an intense Tribulation Period in which the Seals of the Scroll of the Lamb, Jesus Christ are broken and the World, Lucifer and Israel are judged by them. This of course is the Evangelical Perspective.

A Prophetic Menorah
Lastly, there is the Battle of Armageddon and the Physical Return of Christ to occur at the end of the 7th and Last Week of Years per the Prophet Daniel. Another premise that this study seeks to point out is that given the order of major ‘Prophetic Progression’ for Israel in the past, such Prophetic Milestones are occurring or being ‘mirrored’ in Reverse Order in these Last Days in Israel. This is just a supposition but based in the ‘mirrored’ Menorah Pattern of how it has occurred Prophetically in Israel’s Past.

DATE:                    ~580BC  >>>>>>>  70AD  >>>>>>>>> ~70AD  >>>>>>>        ~183AD
ELEMENT:            PRESENCE           TEMPLE*              JERUSALEM                 NATION
Glory Departs    Temple Destroyed       City Sacked                     Exiled

(Mirrored Order): An approximation of the same sequence of events.

DATE:                    1948                        1967/68                   2015/16                          2022?
ELEMENT:            NATION >>>>>   JERUSALEM >>>>>   TEMPLE* >>>>>>    TRIBULATION
Birthed                   Captured                    Event?                       Returned

The next ‘Prophetic Progression’ Season of Time will thus correspond to an ‘Event’ that will line-up with the rebuilding of the 3rd Temple. This is based on the Tetrad Sequence of 1949-50, 1967-68, 2014-15 that have marked a significant Biblical fulfillment regarding National Israel and Jerusalem. What is Prophetic about these 3 Tetrads is that they are in approximate phi ratio. Thus, it made them more Prophetically Significant as a Countdown to 2022. Why 2022? This starts the next 7-Year Sabbatical Cycle.

Coat of Arms

The Israeli Coat of Arms is the depiction of the classic Hebrew Menorah of 7 Candlesticks with a Base. It is flanked by a Symmetrical Stem of Laurel Branches. The following is a suggested Mathematical Interpretation of its Numerical Association.

13 Leaves (left side) + 7 Branch Menorah + 13 Leaves (right side) = 33
Menorah Lamps total = 7 and Branches total = 7

Stand (5 degrees) + 1 Center Stem + 1 Lamp = 7
7 Branch Menorah + 5-degree Stand

= 7 + 5 = 12 (As in the 12 Tribes of Israel)
13+13+13 = (1+3)(1+3)(1+3) = 4 + 4 + 4 = 12 

12 (Tribes)
(12 Nodes on each side within 13 Branches)

After Israel obtained its Independence in 1948, there has been in this Generation, a Miraculous Regathering of Jews to the Promised Land from the 4 Corners of the Globe. YHVH has kept His Word to gather the Jews in the Last Days. To aid this process, the State of Israel in 1950 passed the Law of Return called Aliyah. This Decree promises Immediate Citizenship to any Jew who moves to Israel. Aliyah (עלייה) means ‘To Ascend’ or to ‘Go Up’ as in when Jews ‘went-up’ to Jerusalem to Worship at the Temple, primarily during Passover, Shavuot and Sukkot. It is also attributed to some of the Psalms that the Jews would sing as they went-up to the House of YHVH from Mount Zion.

What is unique about the Jewish Diaspora is that Jews come from a variety of Ethnic Mixes and Cultures from a majority of the Nations they ended-up in. Currently, in this present Modern Era, no other place on Earth has harbored a significant number of the Jewish Race outside of Israel than the USA. It appears that the USA has played a vital role in the harboring of the bulk of the Jewish Population in these Last Days. This is how the USA has been ‘unseen’ in the Bible but fulfilling Bible Prophecy. What the USA will look like remains to be seen, but the continued Support and Aid will not be there of Israel.

Capital:                       Jerusalem
Coordinates:            31 46 N, 35 14 E
Life expectancy:         81 Years (Psalm 90)
Exchange rates:         New Israeli Shekels (ILS)
Growth rate:                1.5%
Independence:            May 14, 1948
GDP:                           $242.9 Billion
Growth rate:                4.7%

Jewish Racial Heritage
Sephardic (Spanish) Iberian, North African, Middle East

Ashkenazi (German) European, North, Central, Eastern

10%   Russian
05%   Ethiopian
05%   Other

Israel has Daylight Saving Time: +1hr in April, it ends the first Sunday between Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur.

Jewish Ethnicities

76.4%                         Jewish
23.6%                         Non-Jewish
67.1%                         Israel-born
22.6%                         Europe/America-born
05.9%                         Africa-born
04.2%                         Asia-born

Magic Carpet              Yemen            1949-50
Ezra                            Iraq                1951
Nehemiah                    Iraq                1951
ELIJAH                       Ethiopia           1979-83
MOSES                      Ethiopia           1985-86
SOLOMON                 Ethiopia           1991
PERESTROIKA          USSR              1991

Jewish                         75.6%,
Muslim                        16.9%,
Christian                     02.0%,
Druze              01.7%,
Other                           03.8%

0-14 Years:                 27.6%
15-64 Years:               62.2%
65 Years & over:      10.1%

Since 1948, major Jewish Immigration by Country

Poland                        3.3%
Ethiopia                       3.6%
Iraq                             3.6%
Americas                     4.0%
Romania                     5.7%
Morocco                      8.1%

According to Biblical Prophecy, the USA will not be available to help Israel in any meaningful way in the near future. Why not? The USA will be taken over most likely by a People and Government that will not be sympathetic to Israel. Also, as the End of the Republic ensues, the USA will not have the Military Power nor Economic Strength to assist anymore. Nonetheless, Rescue Missions called Operations have occurred in which Jews residing outside of Israel have been brought back to Israel since 1948. In most cases, those countries in which a significant Jewish Population existed became hostile towards Israel, especially after the Declaration of Independence in 1948.

Below is a list of the largest core Jewish Populations in the World by country. Most notably the USA and Israel in Modern Times accounts for most of where the Jews currently reside in. The top 10 countries are ranked. There is a grouping based on the approximate number in the Population for a comparison, from country-to-country. Since 1948, many Jews however have decided not to Immigrate to Israel. Of those that have, most of the initial Immigration has been from Europe and from Arab-Muslim held Lands.

Cities in World with a large core Jewish Population.

RANK  AREA                         COUNTRY      POPULATION

1        Tel Aviv                         Israel               2,979,000
2.       New York                      USA                2,007,850
3.       Jerusalem                     Israel              703,600
4.       Los Angeles                  USA               684,950
5.       Haifa                             Israel              671,400
7.       Be’er Sheva                  Israel              485.850
8.       San Francisco              USA               345,700
9.       Paris                             France           284,000
10.     Chicago                        USA               270,500
11.     Philadelphia                  USA                263,800
12.     Boston                          USA                229,100
13.     Washington                  DC                  215,600
14.     London                         UK                   195,000
15.     Toronto                         Canada           180,000
16.     Buenos Aires                Argentina        165,000
17.     Atlanta                          USA                119,800
18.     Moscow                        Russia             95,000
19.     Baltimore                      USA               91,400
20.     San Diego                    USA                89,000

World City Jewish Population
1. Israel                       5,703,700
2. United States          5,275,000
3. France                    483,500
4. Canada                   375,000
5. UK                          292,000
6. Russia                    205,000
7. Argentina                182,000
8. Germany                 119,000
9. Australia                 107,500
10. Brazil                    95,600

Ukraine                       71,500
S. Africa                      70,800
Hungary                      48,600
Mexico                        45,000
Belgium                      30,300
Netherlands                30.000
Italy                             28,400
Chile                           20,500

It appears that the Blood Moon Tetrad Pattern to correlate to the Prophetic Events of Israel being ‘birthed’ anew in 1947-49 and Jerusalem being recaptured in 1967-68 made 2014-15 a very Prophetic Year. This 3rd Event did lead into the Year of Light (5776) in which many Jews are expecting their Messiah to appear and enable them to rebuild the 3rd Temple. Thus, the Tetrads Sequence indeed initiate some possible Countdown to Biblical Prophecy. This study strongly suggests that from 2015 with the last Blood Moon Tetrad passing, started the last 7-Year Sabbatical Cycle that will commence thereafter the 7-Year Week of Years.

1) 1949-50 The Nation being ‘Birthed’.
2) 1967-68 Old Jerusalem and the Temple Mount recaptured.
3) 2014-15 Countdown to Sabbatical Cycle in

This study starts off the ‘Prophetic Progression’ of events and compares it with the departure of the ‘Glory’ of YHVH that left the Temple. This is described in detail in the Book of Ezekiel chapter 10. No sooner than the Temple was constructed that YHVH’s People departed from YHVH’s Commandments due to their Sins of Stubbornness, Independence, Pride, and Greed. Thus, Ezekiel describes the start of this Prophetic Progression of the Presence of YHVH’s Glory departing off the Ark of the Covenant in Stages. This strongly suggests that the same ‘Glory’ which is the Glory of Jesus Christ will, in Stages, is being reinstated in the Last Days according to this interpretation.

After the Glory departed from the Holy of Holies, then there was the ‘Prophetic Progression’ that led-up to the actual destruction of YHVH’s Temple. This Pattern of Events actually happened twice and on the same Day, the 9th of Av. The destruction of the 2nd Temple was done by the Romans. In 70 AD, the Romans controlled and ruled the Known World. Under the command of Titus, the Prince came and leveled the Temple. Amazingly, in 2018, it was exactly 1948 Years since 70 AD had passed. Since this Time, the Jews as a Sovereign Nation have not had Control and Administration of even the very Land or Temple Mount until 1967. Presently, the Temple Mount is technically under Jewish Sovereignty. However the Administration was ceded to the King of Jordan.

Several Jewish Temple Organizations, nonetheless, have all that is needed currently to operate the Temple Sacrificial Orders of Services. All that remains is the Ark of the Covenant to be revealed. After the 2nd Temple was destroyed, there was also the ‘Prophetic Progression’ that led-up to the actual destruction of YHVH’s City; the City of the King, Zion. Although the 2nd Temple was destroyed, Jerusalem kept a significant Resistance against the Romans. This Agitation got to the point that Rome leveled Jerusalem. At certain times, the City was barred of any significant Jewish Population. The Temple Mount was made a Roman Temple and later on, it even became a place to dump Trash. It was not until recently that, not only the Temple Mount but the sector of Old Jerusalem was re-captured in the 6-Day War of 1967. It was not until recently that a Unified and Undivided Jerusalem was declared to be Israel’s Capital once again; before then, all Jews would toast, ‘Next Year in Jerusalem’ since 70 AD.

After Jerusalem was destroyed, the next ‘Prophetic Progression’ led-up to an Exile or Diaspora. From around ~70-180 AD, Rome permanently Exiled the Jewish Nation to the 4 Corners of the World. This Diaspora has lasted up to the Modern Era; it started to end in 1948. The 1st Diaspora is ascribed to Abraham, then with Joseph in Egypt. The Diaspora, at a National Level first occurred with the 10 Northern Tribes (Israel) that were Exiled by Assyria. The next National Diaspora was by the Babylonians in which most of Judea was taken to Babylon as Captives.

YHVH did return the Captives by way of Ezra and Nehemiah through the workings of King Cyrus of Persia, Modern Day Iran. YHVH also promised to do the same, one last time in the Last Days. To this Day, one can statistically count the effects of this Final Diaspora of Jewry around the World since 70 AD. Since then, Jews have ‘wondered’ throughout many Nations of the World and have been expelled many times by others, in Spain for example in 1492. Christians believe that the last Diaspora was due to Israel, as a whole rejecting Jesus of Nazareth as Messiah.

‘I will pour out on the House of David and on the Inhabitants of Jerusalem, the Spirit of Grace and of Supplication, so that they will look on Me whom they have Pierced; and they will mourn for Him, as one mourns for an only Son, and they will weep bitterly over Him like the bitter weeping over a First Born.’ –Zechariah 12:10

It appears then that a ‘Prophetic Clock; has been set in motion. Prophetically, the Nation of Israel was rebirthed, it recaptured the Temple Mount; it is now ready to rebuild the 3rd Temple and then meet their Messiah in an amazing Rendezvous as depicted by the Prophet Zechariah. Thus, Modern Israel seems to have a scheduled ‘Rendezvous’ with Jesus as it was foretold by the Prophets Daniel and John. This Reunion with Jesus will not occur until the Battle of Armageddon to conclude the ‘Time of Jacob’s Trouble’.

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JewishDataBank.org (2011)



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