In Time for Independence Day – Just Like the Movie

  • What is the 'Alien Disclosure' about and when is it going to occur?
  • Is the coming Rapture event going to be explained-away by it?
  • How will the Report by the U.S. Government be connect to July 4th?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘For the LORD Himself will Descend from Heaven with a Loud Command, with the Voice of an Archangel, and with the Trumpet of GOD, and the Dead in Christ will be the 1st to Rise. After that, we who are Alive and Remain will be Caught-Up together with them in the Clouds to meet the LORD in the Air. And so we will always be with the LORD. Therefore Encourage one another with these Words.’ -1 Thessalonians 4:16-18

The purpose of this study is to consider the peculiar Timing of the scheduled release of the U.S. Department of Defense’s Report about the Disclosure of UFO’s and Extra Terrestrial ‘Aliens’. One just finds it very interesting that in June-July, the Department of Defense Report on ‘Aliens’ will be released, as many may know. Could it be indicative of just how close the Rapture is as that is what will perhaps coincide to explain it away? Perhaps that is why the Governments of the world were instructed to not Disclose any UFO’s Existence until now; more so for a Full Effect. Why has this Provision been demanded of Congress now? The following is some Background as to the Disclosure ‘Clause’ that was wrapped within the COVID Relief Bill of December 2020 in the USA.

To start off with, the issue of ‘Alien Disclosure’ is not about UFO’s. This is the ‘Taboo’ Word that was conjured-up to be seen as only a Conspiracy Theory, thanks to the Intelligence Agencies of the CIA and FBI among others in the U.S. Military. What is now the ‘Politically Correct’ and the ‘Woke’ term to call UFO’s is, ‘Unidentified Aerial Phenomena’ (UAP’s). With this new term, the ‘Disclosure’ can thus have Full Credibility as it will be coming from the Top Levels of the U.S. Pentagon of all places. Such ‘Alien Crafts’ and/or Ships are also known as ‘Anomalous Aerial Vehicles’. It has gotten so bad that just about every other Day, one of these appears at the International Space Station and one almost crashes into the Space X Module on its way back to Earth.

With all the Cameras that are very good now on most Smartphones, the capturing of UAP Video is no longer the black-and-white grainy type of Photo Shopped prints of Project Blue Book. This is not to be confused with another one of their Disinformation projects called Project Blue Beam. This later one is how many believe the World Governments will make it appear as though when the Rapture event does take place, that it was the Aliens that ‘Beamed Them Up’ and took them Off-Planet. Perhaps the Intentional Leakage of UAP footage by the Military of ‘In Your Face’ Videos have made Congress and the American People in general, ready for the Disclosure. But also, it is because the Congressional Bill had the Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal 2021. And what was that for? Among many things, to keep spying on the American Public. The Provision gave the U.S. Intelligence Agencies 180 Days to ‘Disclose’ all they have.

Happy Independence Day!
The following is the Date Calculation that this study suggests Converges on the 3rd of July 2021 to be the more precise limit of when the Disclosure is to occur. But it will not. The Powers-That-Be are not going to ‘Disclose’ due to some clause to have the Department of Defense divulge its information regarding Aliens and UAF’s to the General Public. It is interesting because no specific date was given in June. This could be exactly calculated if it started with the Signature of when then President Trump signed the Bill into ‘Law’.

That was on Sunday, December 27, 2020. If one then adds the 180-Days from this date, the ‘Disclosure’ did occur on June of 2021. But as suspected, it was a ‘Nothing Burger’. However, here is the implementation of the ‘Additional Committee Comments’ Section that stipulated the Language of having the 180-Day Countdown included by Senator Rubio of Florida would actually start. This is how the alternate 180-day count is derived from. Here is the actual Language under the Advanced Aerial Threats Section.

‘By order of the Senate, the Bill includes language that directs the Director of National Intelligence … to submit a Report within 180 days of the Date of Enactment of the Act, to the Congressional Intelligence and Armed Services Committees on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.’ -Emphases added.

Technically this passing of the Bill occurred during the 116th Legislative Branch of the United States Federal Government, composed of the Senate and the House of Representatives. It convened in Washington, D.C., on January 3, 2019, and ended on January 3, 2021, S.3905 - 116th Congress (2019-2020), etc. The point is that the implementation of the Bill did not go into effect until January 4, 2021. Thus is just ‘Politics as Usual in Washington. But what is telling, if one uses this Start Date, the ‘Disclosure’ would occur no later than on July 4, 2021. But what this also means is that the ‘Disclosure’ can occur any day up to that End-Date. Even if the ‘Disclosure’ occurs before July 3, 2021, the end date is striking. Coincidence? Not likely.

January 4, 2021 COVID Relief Bill in effect + 180 Days
= July 3, 2021 (Eve of U.S. Independence Day.)

Amazingly, if one calculates the 180-Day Countdown to when the Trump COVID Relief Bill started to be implemented, it occurs on the eve of the 4th of July. Independence Day is very implicative then. Of what? Astronomically it is tagged to the Rising of the Dog Star Sirius or in other terms, ‘Columbia’. It is also a throwback to the UFO blockbuster movie of 1996, Independence Day. It was a movie about an ‘Alien Invasion’ and how the World united against this cause. If one is keen on Numerical Sequencing, Predictive Programming and the like, one recognizes the Fingerprints of Dates being set-up as Messaging. It is no mere Coincidence as Reality mirrors ‘Art’ or in this case, the ‘Movies’. How so? In the Movie, the Aliens came on the 3rd of July. Coincidence? The U.S. Military Agencies do have a lot of Data to Divulge. It will remain to be seen what actually will be Divulged to the Public in the Near Future, especially as the Rapture approaches. They say the USA and other Nations have had Secret Arrangements with these ‘Aliens’ operating in Underground Secret Bases.

Disclosure of What?
There has been a dramatic increase in TV and Movie type of Scenarios involving the Disclosure of ‘Aliens’ and a ‘Rapture’ event where ‘Millions Disappear’. But it is no E.T. type of Aliens the World will be dealing with. Many People have come forward, putting their Lives and Reputation on the Line to Expose Government Cover-Ups. But the Disclosure will be on the Alien’s terms, not the Public’s. The Congressional Showboating is a Façade to make it appear that the ‘People’ have the ‘Right to Know’. Such Whistleblowers attest that these Aliens, supposedly both ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’, perform Human Genetic Experiments and are the reason why so many Children, Adults and Animals go missing each Year. It is believed by many that there has been a ‘Treaty’ of sorts whereby Advanced ‘Alien’ Technology is being exchanged for Human Experimentations.

These ‘Alien’ Saviors are really only the ‘Usual Suspects’ of how the Bible discloses them as nothing more than Angels in Rebellion against the Creator, YHVH and Jesus Christ. They are in League with the Chief Rebel, Lucifer, who is in a quest to Modify the DNA, the Genome of Humanity, without much success since Genesis 6. So, to the question, why a possible Disclosure of Aliens and UAF’s by July 4th if not sooner? It is to prepare the Psyche of the World? Yes. It would make sense in terms of the Disclosure Timing. The Disclosure will help to explain-away the Rapture event. It would be a nice Coincidence and Convergence, just in time. It would serve to confirm the Legitimacy of the Rolled-Out Narrative they will be dishing-out to serve to the People of the World, no?

One Official Reason for the need to know about UAF’s now is that the People of Congress are ‘Concerned’ for the National Security of the USA. This is especially true when such ‘Alien’ Ships or Crafts are beyond the scope of being ‘identified’ and not able to be compromised. More so, it is about acquiring their Technology to have a Military Advantage over other Nations. The next Reason is that since the New Branch of the Military, that of the Space Force has been formed, there needs to be a centralized Agency to track and respond to such Alien ‘Threats’ to America’s ‘National Security’. In reality, many who have tracked the history of the Disclosure ‘Conspiracy’ argue that the USA has had a ‘Secret Space Program all along, especially since Roswell. The other Reason is that there has already been an ‘Alien Disclosure’ made by the Pentagon.

The U.S. Military has admitted on record that they possess Alien Material from downed Alien Ships. In some cases, Insiders attest to the fact that the USA has Reversed-Engineered some of these already. The Department of Defense has also released those Amazing Videos of Alien Crafts being tracked by Military Radar, etc. But realize that if it came from any other Non-Military and Defense Sources, they would be still deemed UFO's and still under the Cover of a ‘Conspiracy’. The other Reason for the planned Disclosure is that there has been an uptick in UAF’s in the last 10-15 Years, dramatically. It is as though something is coming down and there is a flurry of activity in their Domain or Dimension, perhaps. Enough so that the U.S. Military has had to update the Protocols on how Servicemen report Alien Ship Encounters. To this end, the U.S. Defense Department created the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force.

The Restrainer
This is amazing. It is a Navy-led unit, to hunt down any pertinent encounters Service Members may have had with Aerial Objects that pose a ‘Threat to National Security’ in the USA. Of course, this is the Cover. There is really no threat to ‘National Security’. There is, however, a threat to all of Humanity. According to the Bible, these ‘Aliens’ are Fallen Angels and Demons Masquerading as ‘Angels of Light’ or Light Being maneuvering their Merkavah’s in a display that has up to this point in Time been ‘Restrained’.

This Retainer, to some is the Holy Spirit and that which Infuses and is Sealed in every Person that makes-up the Body of Christ on Earth presently. The issue? Once the Rapture event happens, the Bible teaches that the Body of Christ will be Removed, i.e., Raptured from Earth and the Restrainer will be set aside. This means that incredibly, all those Followers and Disciples of Jesus are to be ‘Caught-Up’ to Rendezvous with Jesus in the Air, in the Clouds. etc.

This will be the true Heavenly Air Force Convergence to extract from Planet Earth all those that have come to Faith in Jesus Christ since His Death, Burial and Resurrection. This Rapture event will be more profound than those depicted in the Blockbuster Movies. It is the stuff of Science Fiction and of Star Wars. But in this case, it will be real and the next Biblical Event in YHVH’s Prophetic Timeline. It could very well be the Rapture event that will threaten the entire World, its ‘AntiChrist System’ and Grid. From that point forward, the Chaos that will ensue will be incredible.

The Millions of People, all Followers of Jesus that will ‘Vanish’, will need an Explanation to be given to the World. Consider that all the movies and TV shows for the past 10-15 years have Predicted Programmed the whole World basically for the disappearance of these Millions that will be ‘Raptured’ from off the Planet. And the ‘Aliens’ are the ones that ‘will have done it’. However, it will truly be an ‘Independence Day’ for such Followers of Jesus as they will be detached from this Corrupt and Passing World. No ‘Spaceships’ needed, as Jesus promised that one’s Body would be Metamorphosed at the point of the Rapture.

The Timing could also be a Convergence with other Prophetic Events to occur. Perhaps it will also Synchronize with the major Middle East War that seems to be on the horizon. Perhaps as early as the Summer. As Israel has no functioning Government, what a Perfect Time for the AntiChrist to ‘step-in’ the Gap and Lead. But in this case, not only Israel but the whole World with a New ‘Reset’. The Rapture event will be so Traumatic, that the disclosed ‘Alien’ Narrative will come easily then for the People to Believe. It will be like COVID and how the intent was and is to have the whole World take the Shots.

And as these Fallen Angels and Demons Manifest themselves after the Rapture, they cannot wait to also ‘Spring’ their Angelic Compatriots from out of the Bottomless Pit. They along with the AntiChrist and False Prophet will appear first to be the ‘Saviors’ of the World. They will ‘Conquer the World through Peace’ as that is actually the 1st Seal of the Judgments opened by Jesus in Heaven.

As in the Days of Noah

And it will be the Bride at His side, seated in Court to witness this Hour of Judgement upon them all as taught in the book of Revelation. Who are those that the ‘Aliens’ will try to Break Free from their ‘Prison’? Those would be the 200 Angels that came down on Mount Hermon that conspired to do Evil and Mix their Genome with that of Man. This was Forbidden and the Celestial ‘Prime Directive’ was Compromised. These 200 Fallen Angels were then Condemned to Prison in the Innermost Bawls of the Earth, Tartarus. Yet they await a future Release. Why?

They will be used as ‘Instruments of Judgment’ upon a Rebellious World in the End of Time just before Jesus Returns. But not according to the dictates of the Fallen Angels and Lucifer on this side of the Prison. The Reason they want to Release them is to acquire a stronger Angelic Invading Force when the time comes for Lucifer and his Angles to attempt an All-Out Assault into Heaven. See Revelation 12 War. This will occur once Lucifer is to be Permanently Banished from having any more Access to the Judicial Court where he ‘Accuses the Brethren’, etc. This occurs at the halfway marker of Revelation 12 or the midpoint of the 7-year Tribulation Period.

 Although the ones in this side have tried to bust through to them with CERN, for example, they have not been able and will not be successful. Their last Attempt broke all the Magnets, although they did pierce the Portal a bit from what one has Researched. Those in the Bottomless Pit, in Tartarus are a Different Class of Fallen Angels. These are the ones that dealt with Enoch before the Flood. These Fallen Angels bound in Tartarus will be lost but by the command of Jesus Christ during the Tribulation Period. And they are not too happy for being Confined for all these Millennia. Look out World. So, will the Rapture occur during a Summer Time Pentecost Season that coincides with the Alien Disclosure? Yes. It could happen, as it is a possibility.

The Church Age is at its last Days. Nonetheless, one will have to continue Watching and Recalibrating Jesus’ Disclosure Rapture Season and possible Year. But one sure hopes the Signs and Events, such as with the world Believing the Lie of taking of the COVID-19 Shots, Mask Mandates and Lockdowns was a Wake-Up Call. Not likely as the World instead has been Conditioned to accept the Official State Narratives. They have now Traumatized the World into believing anything. But everything is Converging Biblically, as entire Economies have been essentially Dismantled. It seems something is about to be ‘Birthed’. The Contractions are getting Shorter and more Frequent and Intense.

This is certainly happening with each Passing Year. And all this, at least from one’s perspective if the Sabbatical Cycle Theory is correct and the Rapture is/will be tied to a Summer Wheat Harvest. And then now how the Alien Disclosure could help explain-away the Rapture event that will put it in Perspective and Acceptance. The main Reason one sees the Rapture event would be in the Summer, is that there needs to be just enough Time to have the ‘Aliens’, the AntiChrist and the False Prophet come on the Scene to sell their ‘Pitch’. They need to then Rally the World around the ‘Reset’ and their New World Order. The COVID Shots, given-out to all the Peoples of the World has been to Prepare the People for the eventual Mark.

All the new Digital Currencies would have to be Implemented and Synced to one’s Body Biometrics, by that Tome, etc. This is thanks to the Nano-Technology given in the COVID Shots, even now. All that will take a bit of Time, fast for sure. And then the 3rd Temple has to be built and so on. All these Measures can be taken fairly quickly. But to reiterate, it is no Coincidence by some estimates, that the ‘Alien’ Disclosure Report is to come out like in the movie, when the Aliens showed-up on an American ‘Independence Day’. This ‘Alien Disclosure’ will play a Significant Role in explaining-away the Rapture Event. It is exciting if the Rapture Event then happens anytime in the next few Years.

Consider if the interpretation of the Scripture is true, the Bride of Christ cannot see who these ‘Aliens, AntiChrist and False Prophet Entities will be when Officially Debuted. And say the Rapture does happen during the Summer after the Alien Disclosure, then there will be approximately just about 1 Years’ worth of Time for the AntiChrist’s ‘Preparations’ to be implemented thereafter to finalize their ‘Reset’. Consider how ‘Fast’, all the COVID Virus ‘Scare’ got the People of the World to take their Poison Death Shots. It took just about 1 Year to do so in the 1st World Industrialized Nations. So, this can give one a sense of the Pace of what is needed in terms of a possible Timing for the rest of the World regarding the Alien Explanation after the actual Rapture Event does occur.

Until then, it means that one just has to continue Watching for the Signs and Timing. Regardless, just to be Rapture Ready. But things are getting Ready to be very Difficult. It is already very DIFFICULT for many now. Remember that for their Reset to occur, they have to induce a ‘Chaos’ so that their New ‘Order’ can Rise-Out of its Ashes, like the Phoenix Esoteric Motif. It all has to come Burning Down for them. Many believe the actual Rapture Event will help cause this to a large extent. But 1st the Bride of Jesus is to be ‘Birthed’ like that Man-Child of Revelation 12 and then ‘Caught-Up’. Then after that will their New World Order also be ‘Birthed’ too. It will be a very memorable ‘Independence Day’ when the Rapture event will cause such to be ‘Independent’ from this World. 


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